Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I pulled this from my website because it seemed important for now. I wrote it year ago.


Dear One, I AM IlliaEm, Elohim of Arcturus, come into your consciousness again to communicate with you.

Take a moment of meditation before you receive my message. It is necessary to open yourself up to your highest potential before receiving my communication so that your ego does not interfere with my transmission. Remember, My One, fear is your only enemy. It is the vibration of fear that lowers your consciousness. However, fear is also the inner warning signal that your consciousness is in danger of lowering in resonance. Therefore, do not totally eliminate fear as it is a powerful tool. In the third and fourth dimensional worlds fear can be your friend, as it tells you when it is time to go inside and re-calibrate your energy patterns when you’re in danger of losing your harmony.

I have come today to tell you of your inter-dimensional vehicle. This vehicle is called your merkaba. Merkaba   means “chariot” in ancient Hebrew. The merkaba is comprised of two light pyramids, one facing out into the higher dimensions of space and one facing down towards the core of your earth. The two pyramids overlap in the middle creating what looks like the Star of David. The top pyramid represents your masculine/spirit polarity and the bottom pyramid represents your feminine/matter polarity. These two pyramids united, yet spinning in opposite directions, signify Spirit grounded in Matter.
18th Dynasty Egypt, first defined the merkaba as,
“mer” representing two counter rotating fields of light.
“ka” representing the Spirit of the individual.
“ba” representing the body or physical reality of the human.
(In realities beyond the physical plane, where spirits don’t have bodies, “ba” represents the spirits’ chosen form.)
The counter-rotating fields of Light within the same space affect the spirit and body simultaneously to create a vehicle which can take both body and spirit from one dimension to another. Once the merkaba field has been activated, it will create a disk which looks much like a flying saucer that extends 55 ft. out from the base of the spine.
Once in the merkaba, EVERY thought and feeling is amplified 1000%, and the reality is created that perfectly matches those thoughts and feelings. Luckily, only Unconditional Love can activate your merkaba. This activation is then held steady by your “Breath of Spirit.” Since Unconditional Love and Breath of Spirit is the fuel necessary to maintain activation of your merkaba, if you take a breath in fear and/or lose your emanation of Unconditional Love, your merkaba “runs out of gas” and your inter-dimensional journey ends. Do you see why it is important to practice calibrating your consciousness?
The merkaba is an energy field that exists around every living thing in the Universe. While your merkaba is activated, you are in a state of complete protection. Before the fall of Atlantis everyone’s merkaba was activated. However, since Atlantis’s fall, humanity has forgotten how to activate this living field.
Gaia and her inhabitants are now coming into a consciousness where all can open their Heart enough to remember the glow of Unconditional Love. This Unconditional Love is usually first experienced when you communicate and commune with a higher dimensional portion of your SELF. Once you begin to download these fifth dimensional SELVES into your third dimensional ego, it is more natural for you to feel,   and express, Unconditional Love.
Human love, unfortunately, is not unconditional as it usually holds an element of fear. Humans are often afraid that they will be abandoned, hurt, or made to feel foolish by the one whom they love. Unconditional Love, on the other hand, holds NO fear. This means that in order to feel and express Unconditional Love, you must learn mastery over your fear.
This mastery over fear is very difficult for most humans. Even for the most spiritually awakened, freedom from fear is usually fleeting. Therefore, you have what you humans call a “catch 22.” In order to activate your merkaba you must feel Unconditional Love with NO fear, but the protection from fear and the assurance of Unconditional Love comes only when your merkaba has been activated.
How do you solve this paradox? You solve it with patience. The path to illumination is paved with patience. When you learned to walk, talk, or ride a bike, you had many false starts before you mastered each skill. Consequently, you begin to feel Unconditional Love by allowing yourself Unconditional Forgiveness and Unconditional Acceptance for every part of your process. In that manner, you can allow your human ego “time” to remember its SELF.
As you continue your communications with your fifth dimensional SELVES and their eventual download into your human consciousness, your Soul will take the Captain’s chair. Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness and Unconditional Acceptance are natural qualities of your fifth dimensional Soul. Each time you “practice” these fifth dimensional emotions, you expand your ability to activate your merkaba. In the meantime, if you surrender your physical body to your Soul, you will allow these higher aspects to enter into your being and calibrate your consciousness. In other words, if your ego can surrender the Captain’s Chair to your Soul, it will activate your merkaba.
Take a moment now, and I will assist you in calibrating your consciousness:
First, go into the core of your brain, the area just below the crown chakra and behind the third eye.
Feel   the Light of Spirit flowing into your Crown like the sunlight coming through the sunroof of your vehicle.
In front of you is your third eye, your mind screen.
Settle your consciousness into this area of your physical form.
Now send a root down your spine directly into the heart of Lady Gaia.
This root will allow you to stay grounded enough to accept the assistance of Gaia.
Now that your “launching pad” is activated, allow your Soul to carry your consciousness to the threshold of the fifth dimension.
Experience your Divine Complement embracing you as the two of you become ONE again.
Together, my dears call upon me, IlliaEm, Elohim of Arcturus.
See the Portal before you.
See how the spin of it increases as you approach.
Feel your Higher Guidance as it leads you to the Doorway to the Portal.
Raise your hands to imprint your vibrational signature upon the Door, and feel the rush of euphoria as you do so.
You are in the Portal now.
Feel how your form has become formless.
You are Pure Light, a Star Being.
“Feel” yourself now as a Star Being.
You are coming Home now, dear.
Home to a place that you have never left,
but have only forgotten that you were “there” as well as “here.”
Long, long ago, in the distant future, you bi-located
and went to Venus in preparation for your visit to third dimensional earth.
Now you are returning to your SELF, to the person you have always been.
See your Soul Family before you.
The other star beings in your Family are also arriving.
There is a beautiful reunion.
You meet again in a giant star burst of light.
Do you feel us ALL about you now?
Now feel also your physical form sitting at the computer. This is your physical YOU. Extend your consciousness to that “you” now. There are many changes going on in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. You can’t keep up with all the new information and genetic encoding that is occurring. As you move into the new, the old is dying. This can be very frightening to you. You do not know why you are so frightened, so you revert to your old reason for fear of: “I am alone on the third dimension, and I will not survive.”
You are correct. Your third dimensional self will not survive because it is being transmuted into a higher vibration. All the defense mechanisms and guardians of that plane are alerted to great danger. You, the total YOU, must reassure the physical you that this is a normal transmutation. You, the total YOU, must remind yourself that your physical form was something that you took on as an assignment. It is merely a coat that has become too small for you. You are uncomfortable in it now, and it causes you to have many confusing thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. Assure yourself that you ARE on the Path. You are doing all that is meant for you to do at this moment. You are undergoing great transformation at this moment. Therefore, be still and allow the changes to take place within you.
Dearest One, do not judge yourself or condemn yourself for feeling that you are not doing more for the planetary transition. You are still in training. When you have remembered your multidimensional SELF, and have been able to incorporate it into your Earth form, you will be called upon to be of great service. For now, continue with what you are doing. You are touching people much more than you give yourself credit for. Release all competition and comparison. Love yourself for exactly the way you are NOW.
Journey back, now, into your Soul-Mind. Feel your Soul Family about you still. Feel the deep sense of Unity. Is there any competition or comparison here? No, my dear, we are all ONE. We are like individual emanations from the same star. We have all emerged from the same light and we all live within it as ONE. Feel the light now as it weaves each member of your Family together into a beautiful tapestry of light. Feel the pattern that is formed by your collective selves, and be aware of how you are the whole as well as the individual.
Experience how this is also true upon your Earth. There are many low vibrations upon Dear Lady Gaia at this time. Realize that She must feel them, always. Do you see how She needs you? Do you see how you can assist Her by simply remembering who you are? When you ground your multidimensional consciousness within the core of Her bosom, you assist Her greatly in Her transition. Feel all the other Light workers. Unite with them just as you united with the members of your Soul Family.
This union creates a giant merkaba with the top half in the Mother’s atmosphere and the bottom half embedded in Her planet. See that there are many of these merkaba joined together all around Earth. Within each merkaba is a Soul Family of like-minded beings who have released all competition and comparison to serve Lady Gaia in Her hour of need. This is the reason why all of you volunteered, yes volunteered, to be incarnate upon Earth at this moment. This moment is a wonderful cosmic opportunity for which you have prepared for millennia.
Your consciousness is expanding, you feel radiant, and then suddenly, you become afraid. As you raise your essence into the higher planes, your physical world appears to be falling apart. When that happens, your “fear of survival” is activated, and your consciousness drops. You are where your attention is. If you wish to consciously make this transition into the fifth dimension, you will have to release anything that loses form in your life as your consciousness rises. Remember you will not “Die” in any way. Every part of you that seems to disappear is actually absorbed into your higher vibration. Everyone on the third dimension has the same challenge. Facing FEAR! The forms of fear change with each person, but the lesson is the same. Keep your consciousness above fear and in Love!
Join me as I assist you again to journey to the place in the center of your brain so that you may send your essence down once more to completely ground yourself in the heart of the Mother. Feel the pulse of the Great Mother as it rises up from her Heart and enters your physical form. Commune with the Mother and become ONE with Her. See Her Nature around you. Listen to her creatures and the wind through Her   trees. Smell the fresh grass and feel it beneath your body. The warm Sun and the cool breeze caress your face. You can hear the ocean as its waves break upon the shore.
Stay grounded on the Earth while I surround your consciousness. I AM with you. I AM You. WE ARE ONE! Do not be afraid, my one, when your illusions begin to shatter and you are left only with the TRUTH! Embrace that Truth now. Embrace the journey, and release each “loss” as a blessing. Be thankful that there is now one less thing in your mind to distract you from your highest purpose. You will have to take absolute responsibility for each and every one of your creations. Anything and anyone that is in your life is there because you have created it . Therefore, find the lesson in each challenge and release it to me, IlliaEm.   In the fifth dimension, every thought and emotion will instantly manifest. You are learning that to be a resident of that plane you must be aware of, and be master over, every thought and emotion that you allow into your consciousness.
When you experience fear, it is a natural safety mechanism to lower your consciousness back down into the fourth or third dimension where manifestation takes “longer.” Do not judge your fear. It is your friend. It is the brakes on your merkaba. Whenever you begin to go too fast and begin to feel “out of control,” you experience fear. Then the “brakes” go on to slow or stop your progress. Your lesson at this time is to learn to push the fear peddle slowly so that you do not slam on the brakes and go into a tailspin. Do not be worried about the challenges ahead; they are merely an indication of your progression into the Light.
Feel my Unconditional Love about you. Feel how we are ONE. Feel my hands upon your hands. Soon you will be able to completely release these hands to the hands of your higher SELF. Then you will also be ready to release your heart to your Higher Heart. Your feet shall walk the Path of SELF and your mind shall surround you with the cosmic hum of the Universe.
You are ready now—ALL OF YOU. Anyone who can hear the “Call” will actively and consciously participate in this process of transformation. There are also many beautiful Light Beings who chose to allow their higher consciousness to slumber while they do the “Work” in their physical bodies. Some of these dear Souls may even appear to be of the darkness, but do not judge. Each one has their assignment. Those who have chosen to display the dissonance so that it can be healed are indeed brave. In their Higher SELF they, too, are aware of the process of transformation. Send Love to these beings, as they have chosen a difficult path. They have chosen to embody darkness so that it can be healed.
FEEL the Unity of Purpose with the Divine Plan.
BE the Unity of Purpose with the Divine Plan.
With KNOWLEDGE comes responsibility.
REMEMBER who you are!!!!
I AM Illia Em


  1. That was beautiful. Thank you Suzanne. See you Thursday.



  3. One of the most loving and powerful messages I've ever read.
    Thanks once again!

  4. So well explained and with such love,we need to get into that zero point field total unconditional love free of judgement,we need to truly love ourselves and remember who we are,I have found that others fears of ego is what has stopped me from shinning as I should in the past,I know my task, it has been made more then clear to me,however I have had to not concern myself with what others think and keep speaking up,we need to unite and speak about what is happening to us to others,this is not ego,this is speaking your truth and it is up to others to feel if it is their truth or not,but the more we speak up the more others will awaken or not their choice.
    I had a dream that I was ridding a white pony with the wind in my hair no helmet on,I wasn’t afraid as the pony was sure footed and fearless,we jumped into the water,I felt the water rush over me,the he lunged out,I turn to look and others were watching and they choose to follow. blessings Kerrie