Tuesday, August 23, 2022


Dear Arcturians, Before I ask my questions about the different frequencies of reality, I wish to thank you for staying by my side to assist me in discovering these frequencies.

I have often had the experience of a higher dimensional reality. As a child, I began to believe there are higher dimensions. At first, I had no idea that my imagination would also bring me to the Arcturians. And I began to have many dreams and different thoughts also, along with the dreams…
Then the Arcturians came into my awareness and began to tell me that it was an Arcturians, but I did not tell anyone about my meetings. I thought they were in my mind only. Then the Arcturians came into my awareness and began telling me that they were Arcturians. 

These Arcturians told me that they were from a planet called Arcturus. Please remember that at that time I was a very imaginative child, who talked to my dog and my cats as well as trees and flowers. In fact, as long as I was talking to animals that other people could see, it was just cute. Many people talk to their pets, but I also talked to trees and flowers. 

It was natural for me to talk to my pets, but then I heard the voices that told me they were Arcturians. The Arcturians told me that they were higher-dimensional beings.

At first, I didn’t have a clear concept of what that meant. Then they told me about portals to Our Higher Self.

What is a portal? In this case, the portal was in my imagination, I thought. - But in this case, a portal was much like a hole in Space through which I could travel from one area to another portal (in my imagination). In other words, just like they were different areas of cold and hot water in the ocean, there were different frequencies. Or could it be other dimensions of space? 

What would be hotter or colder in the ocean or the sky would instead be higher or lower in any given dimension. 

As humanity becomes increasingly interested and able to stay in outer space, they will see the reality by the frequency rate of that environment. If humanity takes better care of their planet, many things will change. 

On the other hand, if humans do not learn and remember how to take care of their planetary needs long before it’s too late, Earth may cease to be a planet where humanity can live. 

Third-dimensional humans will need to be able to protect their planet and keep it safe.


Suzanne Lie, PhD 

Saturday, August 6, 2022



You ARE Your Higher Cosmic Self:


Suzanne Lie, PhD