Wednesday, October 5, 2011



Eventually, I could no longer remain conscious within the Indigo Light and I returned to the physical world with a jolt with the message of, “Dividing of the Worlds” in my mind. At that time, I had no idea what those words meant until I showered, ate and stepped outside. Again, I could hardly maintain consciousness for everywhere I looked I saw two, or more, versions of reality.

I blinked my eyes again and again, but these were not the eyes I was looking through. I was looking at the world through my forehead. I later learned that I was looking through my Third Eye, which is exactly what it felt like. To make matters even more confusing, if I were still, I could see things through the side of my head and even through the back of my head. Therefore, at first, I did NOT remain still. I tried to busy my self with myriad mundane tasks to ignore this new experience.

At the time, I had no way of knowing that this “new experience” was actually a great gift. This gift was much like getting a new car when I did not know to drive. Whenever I allowed my consciousness to rise above mundane tasks, I began to see two, or three, or even more realities intermingled into one. Then, I would crash into things, knock things over, and stumble around. I had to call in sick to work and isolate myself from my friends. How could I explain this “condition” to anyone?

Finally, I learned that if I closed my physical eyes, I could see through only my Third Eye. That is when it started to be amazing. I could look out my window and see two or three energy fields merging into one or pulling apart from each other. I didn’t know at the time that those energy fields were possible realities, at least not at first. Then, gradually, I began to realize that if I stared into only one of these energy fields, with my physical eyes closed, shapes, pictures and activities would gradually take form. That is when I could see that the landings were beginning.

The “landings” meant the landing of the Space Ships. Of course, they didn’t exactly land. They hovered then suddenly they would take off in a flash in an impossible angle of turn. Or, they would just disappear. The Ship was there, and then it wasn’t. At first, everyone ran out and filmed the Ships with their phones and posted them on you tube. But, eventually, the Ships became normal, like clouds.

Some days there was a lot of Ships. In fact, they would practically fill the sky. Then, on other days, or even weeks, there would be no Ships at all. It was then that we began to realize that we actually missed them when they were gone too long. In fact, we would get depressed or angry or lonely. It took us a while to figure it out, but the Ships gave us something.

When the Ships were in the sky we felt protected, which was very important. By that time, the entire world was turning up side down. It seemed that everything that had once been important was now obsolete. Also, people stopped caring about doing all their mundane tasks. Money was so was unreliable that we didn’t fret over paying bills. Jobs were so scarce those that were unemployed stopped looking, and, some of us that had a mundane job going nowhere, like me, simply quite.

How could I quite my job when work was so hard to find. It had to do with the Ships. We all started having dreams about being on the Ships, working on the Ships and being instructed about how to operate the Ship. It was so fascinating that we all hurried off home to go to bed so we could have another dream.

Then we began to dream that the Ships were actually landing, and, sure enough, shortly after that they started to land. We were not surprised at all, as we had been warned in our “sleep.” However, one of the first things they told us when we were awake was that we were never dreaming. Instead, we had been visiting them on our higher frequency astral body. We had NO idea what that meant.

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  1. Monday(10/3)my boyfriend had a dream that ships were descending. They were not just lights but actual ships. He described one as a small ship with fairy looking light beings. FYI my boyfriend, in the 6 years I have known him, has never remembered any of his dreams. I am usually the dreamer. But before his eyes were open he began to tell me he saw ships descending.