Thursday, October 6, 2011


Dear Sue,
I read about the Saturday download.  It was the day after my son’s surgery and I was sooo tired.  I told my husband I was sorry, but I fell back asleep and had a bunch of weird dreams again that day.  I can’t remember them because I was too busy taking care of my son once I got out of bed around 1pm!  All I know is that I have felt extremely depressed lately.  It’s not sad.  I don’t even feel sad about anything, so it’s weird.  It feels completely biological and I keep thinking “why am I so damn depressed?”
You don't even want to know what i have been through since i did the 11.11.11 trial run through the stargate!!

I really need to start writing and sharing.  I guess I just haven’t felt important enough to really follow through with it, and I get a little scared about how I’ll feel about things once the words are out there.  Writing about my awakening always brings up feelings that I feel guilty about since I’m still struggling to accept the reality I’m experiencing right now.  I’m not disappointed any more, but everything still feels off, like I’m only tolerating the relationship and life because I feel it’s only temporary or something.
i feel the same way and i love my husband very much.

It’s like I’ll accept anything for now as long as someday, hopefully soon, I get to experience that feeling I had when I was with Michael.  

we are ready to go Home

  I don’t know what will happen if this process ends up taking 20 or 30 years.  I mean to get to New Earth or any 5th dimensional reality.
All the channeler are saying NOW Now Now

  I’m afraid I will spend the next 20 or 30 years in bed wasting away in the 3rd dimension and missing out on enjoying this life because all I care about is starting over or remembering something better, however it works.  My life really isn’t that bad here, so it makes me feel guilty that I’m so anxious to get the hell out of this life.  I feel like a bad mother because I’m not sure if my kids will be in that reality or not, even if I hope they are.  It seems uncaring to be so anxious and be so ready to just throw in the towel and run for the first opportunity to get out of here.
We are NOT throwing in the towel. we are creating a new earth.

Did the arcturians say what we can do about this depression and complete lack of energy?  I’m going to start some writing again today.  I’m also ordering a new juicer.  I HAVE to do something to get some more energy.  My house is an absolute mess, and I just want to crawl back in bed to find out where my dreams will take me next. 
go for it,
got to go, talk soon,

Dear Miranda,
Do you mind if I post this email conversation on the blog?

Sure, you can use anything you want that I have told you or written.  I had not read the portal article until after you wrote me that email yesterday.  I think my house may be a portal as well.  About 9 months ago my son would not sleep in his bedroom because he said that alien commanders were running down the hallway then through his bedroom and out the wall.  I can’t remember if I told you about that or not.  He was so scared, so I asked him to ask why they were here and he began having conversations with a commander named Ryal who said he was from Jupiter.


  1. Thank you for posting this...I have been feeling the same way. Sometimes I will feel lighter, as if a great weight has been lifted. Other times, like today I feel great sadness(or heavy) and depressed. I am that I am...and I am ready to Ascend Now.

  2. HI Sue; I have calmed down about mag pole shifts and realize I can help others better if I am not frantic and maybe even come back from the other side to help loved ones etc cross. There is nothing like having someone who did it to hold you hand..! :)

    Bless Everyone's Heart


  3. Recently have been aligning my Chakras with earths and all beings on the planet to send light and unconditional love to Gaia and everyone. Feel like I am here to help in the transition to new earth and the 5th dimension. Sometimes have doubts and fear, but it has become less and less over the last few months, as I release those doubts and fears to Gaia for transformation into unconditional loveand light. Feeling a lot of energy these days around me and transmitting to all that I meet. Thank You for your inspiring blog, it is moving extremely quickly now and can get very overwhelming, but yoga and meditation helps me a lot. Nolushka

  4. thanks for posting...I can totally relate to the feeling that I am done is so boring here ...want to move on...READY!!!!