Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Dear Sue,

I have been reading your site and books, as well as the Arcturian trilogy (Songs of the Arcturians), etc.   I am resonating with Arcturians messages,  As I study and read about arcturians i am having vivid, lucid dreams..
You must be Arcturian. (responses by sue in bold)

The latest one was i met the most unbelievably beautiful horse on two legs (half horse half man)  the horse was almost like a yellow or vanilla color with black main and had an arcturian symbol on his chest.  He was very tall and lean but muscular.  In my dream i was astonished that he wasn't a horse and laughed, but the horse/man just looked confused and maybe a little hurt at me laughing.  I know this sounds goofy but this is what I got and when I googled horse headed man i read some people think arcturians are horse looking beings.  I of course would love to think this as i am a horse lover:)   anyway, i get a lot of communications in my dream state.  the horse being had what appeared to be an arcturian sign on his chest.  i studied the sign in my dream then later googled it...
I have heard that the Arcturians looked like that, but i have not seen them in that fashion. However, i usually don't see them except as flashes of light. To me they are usually a Group Mind with no form. I too love horses, and i am Arcturian. What does the Arcturian sign look like?

Another question, i am seeing a kalidoscope of color in my third eye followed by a tunnel that looks very inviting..
Your personal Portal, Corridor, is opening.
there are billions of stars in my third eye and am told this is some sort of coding system within (or DNA light filaments... )
That sounds right
  is it safe to go thru that inner third eye tunnel.
You are going inside your SELF so the only enemy you could find would be YOU,
  i don't believe in fear based stuff.. and trusting that if i see it, it is safe to explore but my guides tell me that when you die (which i know death is an illusion) you go out of the body thru that tunnel... so just wondering if you have any ideas on this  third eye tunnel.
Ascension feel like death in that you totally have to surrender to the "tunnel" in death and ascension. However, I can tell that  you know the difference by the way you are talking. It is just that we have to release the habit of that feeling of surrender as being a death of our self. It is a death to one reality and a birth into a higher frequency reality,
I have asked many teachers and not sure they know what i'm talking about... maybe i'm crazy:)  ha!!!  kidding!!!
You are not crazy, you are just AWAKE. You are no longer bound by third dimensional thought and are beginning to think in a multidimensional manner. This is frightening to people that are afraid of the unknown. Therefore, they call you crazy to make sure they are not crazy themselves. Just send them unconditional love, which will assist them greatly in their awakening.


Peace! J.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.
--William Shakespeare


  1. Dear Sue
    May I join this discussion? Previously my normal meditations, the spectrum of colours as seen from 3rd eye is flowing like curves. However, during my "encounters" & subsequent inviting Arcturians to mediate together with me, the spectrum of colours were more vivid & shaped like geometry (e.g. like pieces of trianglar sheets/planes) It didnt occurred to me its DNA coding until I read your discussion above. Thanks!


  2. dear sue
    surrendering sounds really difficult and really easy (letting go of all of it) at the same time. It sounds like the most important thing, which is why I am scared (and others too) that I can't do it...or maybe I should just relax and be....or should I try to force myself, which doesn't even sound this is such a middle path! still keeping the vibration high,

  3. Thanks for the great reply to my question. I have never blogged before so just checking out how this all works:) Namaste my friends:)