Friday, October 14, 2011


Dear Suzan,

I recently read your September Newsletter and I was thrilled with the experiences you have described with regard to the 5th dimensional part of yourself on the starship Athena and the coming together of the parts of yourself.

A couple of years ago I came to be aware of a hand overlaying mine and drawing my consciousness to merge with a man sitting in front of a control panel on a ship i knew was a little out from Earth.
Initially I didn't know what this meant and i thought it was a very awake imagining. He would keep drawing my attention to himself and his surroundings. Over time he introduced himself to me and showed me what he did on the ship.

He showed me, in a higher awareness of mental pictures and feeling, that we are one - initially I didn't quite understand this but of late I have come to realize that we ARE the same soul - he is a higher aspect of us.
Reading your story and the similarity of mine gave me such relief and comfort - it gives me joy to know that something wonderful is happening; and something is about to happen that will change everything.

I just want to thank you for sharing your experiences - your desire to share these has invaluably helped me... This is a story that resonates with me too, a member of a ship that cares deeply for the Earth
and its people... It has taken some of the strangeness I have been feeling about this away - I feel quite relieved that all these experiences are not my imagining. They feel unusual, but quite real...

Recently I was made aware that when we merge our earthly and ship persona's and KNOW we are one - there is a choice for some to go to the 7th dimension - I was asked by a panel of beings, like a council, on the ship
if I would like to stay in 5d after this is over, or would I like to ascend to 7D and play a role in a higher galactic council - overseers in helping other civilizations from a higher level.
Suzanne you talked a bit about this - I'm not quite sure about a lot of it, or the whys in some cases - I just know going up involves being more loving and responsible... I know you are becoming more and more aware of all of this and I'm now eagerly awaiting
your insights and journeys in your newsletter as I feel deep camaraderie with you...

Many thanks


Dear Craig,
It is wonderful to meet a fellow member of the great Armada of Starships around our planet. Do you think that you are Arcturian, as well? Regarding your question, you can do both. We are ALL magnificent multidimensional beings. Therefore, once we return to the fifth dimension we can consciously experience myriad realities within the same moment of the NOW.
I am posting your email to my blog. If you want me to add your email, i can do so later.

Thank you for your message,

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