Sunday, October 30, 2011


Another message from my past, 
        As the Past become the Present and 
                The Present becomes the NOW

Transformation is a process of stepping up ones resonant frequency.   The actual spin of the electrons around the nucleus  of the cell body will speed up.  This step up of resonance will effect a transformation as broad as from the DNA within the nucleus to the actual structure of the entire planet.  A new cognitive format and world view or collective reality will be causal as well as the end process.

            As the electron spins more and more quickly around the nucleus of the cell, the neutrons begin a transformation in order to "keep up" with the increased spin of the electrons.  As the neutrons transform, the cell nucleus responds by activating latent messages with in the DNA pattern.  The double helix is no longer adequate to collect the information that is necessary for cell division.  This is because the increased spin of the electron creates a warble with in any portion of the cell body which is inadequate to the task of increased resonance.  In order for the cell to survive as a cohesive unit, it must call upon latent potentials which have lain dormant with in its system for eons. 

            The double helix can no longer document all the information that is consistent with the increased resonant pattern of the cell and sends its messengers into the mitochondria outside of the nucleus to break the egg of limitation and release of dormant pattern of helix that is not double but actually twelve fold.  When these new helixes are hooked up with the old model of double helix, they reject them and send their messengers back into the mitochondria to find their appropriate twelve strand mates.  In this way, the double strand helix is transformed into the twelve strand helix. 

            As the DNA is transformed, a new kind of cell body is created with in the physical structure.  The unit [or body] is then put into a state of stasis as portions of the cellular structure are of the old model, while other portions of the cell body are of the new model.  During this period, the "body" is somewhat confused about its reality.  It has glimpses of the old perceptions of limitation as well as glimpses of the new perceptions of the new structure.

            Just as the snake must be still as it sheds its old skin, the person must be still as it sheds its "old skin". The harmonic resonance of a double strand entity creates a body with a lower vibration than that of a twelve strand entity.  This lower vibratory body creates an envelope [or skin] with the same harmonic pattern as the cell body.  As the harmonic resonance of the cell body increases in vibration, than the envelope [or skin] must also step up its vibratory rate.  As the resonant frequency of the entity increases, the density of the form decreases.  As an example, the density of water decreases to the density of a cloud.  And, just as the water being transformed into a cloud raises, so does the entire entity of the human form.  Now since the human is used to seeing the "ground" directly beneath its feet and not far below as from a cloud perspective, he holds the expectation of the ground directly beneath its feet. Therefore, in unity with other transforming hu-mans, it creates a collective reality of a higher vibrataion.  In this way, we all shall rise to the frequency of the new world which awaits our habitation. 

            However, as fewer and fewer agree to the old "collective reality”, the patterns of the old world will begin to break up.  Resources which are created by the collective expectation of the inhabitants will begin to dry up.  The envelope or skin of the planet will begin to de-stabilize as fewer and fewer inhabitants hold that frequency with in their own form.  Disease will set in as the fear level of those who are resistant to change increases.  And, there will be fewer and fewer births at that level of vibration as Nature responds to a poor environment by creating sterility or lack of sex drive.

            Gradually the transition will take place.  However, "gradually" will take on a different meaning as the perception of time and space alter.  The cosmic energies are now all directed to the new world and to those who are able to inhabit it.  There are helpers from other star systems who will assist in the process of transformation.  Those who are willing to embrace the new vibration will be communicated with.  Initially this communication will occur during sleep, then during meditation and then consciously. 

            Those who are unwilling or unable to embrace the process of transformation will mercifully be released from the pattern through what has been labeled "death".  Some will be more and more frightened by the pattern of transformation of their environment.  This fear will lower their vibration, their consciousness, their ability to communicate with the helpers, and their immune systems. Therefore, it is vital that all stay free of fear, as it is truly the ONLY enemy.  Uncontrolled fear will lead to anger which will cause more and more destruction of old concepts due to death etc.  An inability to release old cognitive formats such as possession will create sadness which will also lower the vibrator rate and hinder the process of transformation.

            A consciousness of hope, faith, and detachment will best serve the total transformation  of the individual, society, nation, and the planet.  All old concepts of separatism, pride, and prejudice must be released as they will limit ones ability to embrace the new world.

            As consciousness raises, memories of "past lives" [which are  truly only other realities} will surface and the hu-man can recognize and release lives-long patterns of limitation.  This release will allow the body deva to be free of old karmic scars so that the frequency increase of the cells and DNA can take place.

It is time for you to integrate all the portions of yourself into THE ONE. 

Begin with yourself. 

Not the self that is in the future
            the past,
                        on another dimension,
                                    or another planet. 

Not the self that is deep inside your imagination.         
            This self is real,
                        but it is no longer a place for you to run to. 
                                    It is no longer a place for you to hide. 

Y O U are the hiding places that you have created.
Y O U are the beings that you have imagined.
                 A N D
Y O U are the one that walks the third dimensional world. 

Before you can become
            who you wish you could be 
                        you must learn to accept
                                    the person that you are!
This act of acceptance
            allows you to love yourself

Feel the vibration of this Unconditional Love. 
Feel how it tugs at your opening Heart. 
Feel how it beckons you to enter into the part of you
            that lives in complete freedom --
                        freedom from fear,
                        freedom from desire,
                        freedom from pain and
                        freedom from longing. 

Freedom to be exactly who you are now and
            Freedom to love yourself completely. 

Oh Yes, there are many within you that complain.
            The task is too difficult. 
            I will love myself once
                        I have made more money or
                                    lost more weight
                                                or written my first successful novel. 


First I have to work.   
First I have to struggle
            and try 
            and need
            and cry. 

Turn now to the sound of that voice. 

It is your darkness. 
            Perhaps it is not a gambler
                        or a deserter
                                    or a Priestess of Set. 
It is simply FEAR. 

Your darkness needs you to embrace it with your light. 
It needs you to love it unconditionally NOW. 
            Not when it is positive
                        or courageous
                                    or faithful. 

NO! NO!  Your darkness needs your Unconditional Love NOW.

Can you do it? 
Can you love yourself unconditionally exactly the way you are? 

Take a long time to answer that question. 
Your vibration will be your answer.  

YES! You are indeed ready. 
Know that you are ready. 
Feel that you are ready. 
Love that you are ready. 

Slowly the radiation of Love rises from your Heart
            like the first rays of the Sun at dawn. 
Slowly the rays of Love open your Heart more and more
            with the force of their light. 

The light of your love has Power. 
The light of your love has Wisdom. 

Power to heal and
            Wisdom to accept. 

Wisdom to accept your darkness.
Power to heal your darkness with your light. 

See the light of your love as it encompasses every corner of your    
                        and Mind
                                    and Body. 

As your darkness realizes that it deserves love
            it begins to peak out from its many hiding places
                        and as it does so
                                    the light is instantly there to love and accept it. 

And now, with your darkness lovingly embraced by your light,
            you are ready to begin.

"What am I ready to begin," you ask. 
            "I don't know," I say, "But YOU Do!"


  1. this is so beautiful ...
    thank you Suzanne ...

    lovingly embracing ..

    blessings filled with gratitude


  2. Dear Suzanne,
    Thanks a lot, this is absolutely great, I am smelting with these words

  3. Thank you Suzanne, this is beautifull....Beautifull people..