Saturday, October 22, 2011


Parenting and Ascension

 My name is Sandra . I come from Croatia , town Split .

I know all about what is happening soon starting 11.11.2011.

Please, I am a mother of two boys 11 and 6 years old so if You could help me with one question which is only thing troubling me: What about my kids??  How will they ascend?


Love and light


Dear Olga, Dear Suzanne,
Since two days I have opened the YouTube channel and web site of Suzanne and immediately I have been completely involved in all information and meditation that I can reed and follow. Dear, dear Suzanne, your massages have turned my life. I was consciousness about Ascension and busy to prepare me for 11.11.11. but it was at completely substandard level. Dear Suzanne, I know that all your information is absolutely fantastic true, 5 years ago I have already made such travel as you describes in your Trial Run through Stargate 11.11.11. But since that time I have had a lot of troubles in my earth life.

It is miracle for me to read the letter of Olga because her situation is very like of mine. I am Russian, but I leave for almost 11 years in Belgium, I work in Netherlands and I have a boyfriend hoe is the father of mine two beautiful sons: Valentin is now 2,9 years and Alexander 1,4 years. For my two boys I have a lot of worry’s regarding how we will pass together through the Stargate. I am so afraid to lose them of to lose myself. I would be very grateful if I can get a contact with Olga, of course if she that really wants. because we have a lot of common, also with kids and a bad private relationships, we can help each other, we can talk with each other, may be even Russian?
Ones more a lot of love, gratitude and light, light, light.

Sincerely yours,
Oksana & kids:)

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  1. I understand the deep concern Mothers who are incarnate now in order to prepare for ascension. My son, Jesse, passed away of cancer in 2010 at 33 yrs old. In a way I feel relief because he's already ascended. But I WAS worried before his passing. Now I feel I will see him soon. However,I want to simply remind mothers that their children were born to them 'knowing' this was the time of ascension, and the childrens' paths were decided before incarnating, to be your child. Fully trust their True Selves/I Am Presence will guide them as yours will guide you to exactly the correct senario for each one's highest good and chosen path. Surrender your worries to God.