Thursday, March 3, 2022

Long Ago but In the Future


March 3rd

                                                  Long Ago, but in the Future                                                  

The world that we have known so far seems to be growing more and more from the small tree of years ago into the HUGE true that seems to continue to grow and grow and grow!

This tree began as a small bush, but as we move more and more into the future this small tree is becoming bigger and bigger! 

Of course, there are many part of our daily life that once seemed to be just a quick moment, grown larger and larger, just like the above tree.

If you look at the tree very deeply, you may see that there is something that looks like a person. However the tree is so far away that it is difficult to see it has a person by the tree, or is it just an illusion.

As we all move higher and higher into the higher frequencies of reality, there will be more and more confusion about "is it real" or is it just my imagination.

There is also the moment when we suddenly decide to look into the sky and it appears that we are seeing something that is only seen from far away and high above.

In fact, more and more people who look up into the night sky may see something that looks like some kind a "Star Ship!"

But a Star Ship is not real, we may say to ourselves. In fact, when we look away, the Star Ship may seem to move beyond our vision.  

But did this "vision" move beyond our vision, or did it move beyond our personal imagination. But, maybe, you find that you want to have this "vision" again because it makes you have a feeling within your most inner self that you have never felt before.

Since you have never felt that feeling before, you may likely just push it away from your imagination and from your third dimensional vision.

However, what if we then discover that we have a forgotten memory that we have seen before. However, that vision was filled with a sense of love and light that we have never had before.

What does this mean? We ask our self. However, our third dimensional self does not answer. But, if we are quiet and still for a while, we may FEEL that which we could not see.

Can we "not see" it because we did not really see it, or were we unable to believe in such a thing as a "Inter Galactic Starship?"

Yes, once we could allow ourselves to think that we say a Starship in the sky, we knew that there was something that was coming into our lives that we never thought of before,

Can we have the courage to allow ourselves to believe it is a Starship, or will it just remain as something that we decided to think that it looked like a Starship.

But, we ask our self, what does a Starship look like? 

It is then that you hear a voice that is deep within and hight above us that says, "What do YOU want it to be?"

It is then that you know that you are about to have the quantum leap that has been quietly waiting deep inside you "imagination," which is really your own Higher Self!

But don't worry, as that experience is likely "in your future!"