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I am a mother of two boys.
They are very attached to me.
I am just starting to think how to talk about Ascension with them so if you can help me with your ideas and suggestions please do.
I am alone in this because my husband does not believe me or he is not ready to open himself.
Love and light to all

My first spiritual teacher told me that “water on a rock” is the best way to affect change in our loved ones, especially our husband. What she meant by that was that patient, loving and kind repetition of the same information, in slightly different ways, is the best way to change some ones point of view. With our husbands we have to be ESPECIALLY patient and loving.


As a child I was raised Christian so many scriptures were emphasized to me by spirit. One of them was Psalms 84:10; Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.
Now I understand why...I am a doorkeeper and I have been holding the door of spirit for all of my life. Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you for sharing that realization. I was also raised Christian, but mostly I had a very personal relationship with Jesus. The things that I remember the most are:
“Why take the splinter out of your brother’s eye when you have a log in your own.”
And “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.”
I think that these two messages, whether or not one has a Christian history, these two statements are especially important during our time of ascension.


Sue, when they say that some will hold open the door and some will go through the door, do they mean that some of us will leave our physical bodies? (ie, die on this world and appear in the other one?)

Dear Barbara,
If any one actually dies to their physical body it will be their choice. What the Arcturians meant is die as in completely release attachment to that which holds us back or causes fear-based thoughts and feelings. They have said many times that will NOT loose any thing that we love, for unconditional love is the bonding force of the Universe. On the other hand, human love can be very conditional and tainted with fear. Therefore, there is the challenge in that, is the love or the fear stronger for that part of our life. Remember, on New Earth, we can create our reality. Therefore, any thing we love in this world, we can create there. I believe that our unconditional love will pull our loved ones with us, especially children, as they are not ready to make that decision for themselves.  Below, I write what I had said to someone else.

I don't expect to leave here after 11.11.11. I think that I, as will the lives and state of consciousness of others who take this journey, will be changed. However, our work on Gaia is far from done.

I think that because WE have changed, our perceptions will have changed. And, just as I was saying on my last interview, how can so many people, all over the globe take the same moment and have the same thought of ascension and not make a huge difference?

Already, the world changes more each minute. I don't think that I will  come back to a greatly changed world after 11.11.11, but I do think that the  changes in our reality will accelerate exponentially.

I think that the disclosure of the Galactics and their landings will make the greatest difference because millions of people that do not follow the 11.11.11 movement, will not be able to avoid that information and experience.

At that time, millions of people will be having the same experience of the Galactics at the same moment. THAT will really change our reality. Perhaps the 11.11.11 is the preparation for the disclosure and landings.


Dear sue
Surrendering sounds really difficult and really easy (letting go of all of it) at the same time. It sounds like the most important thing, which is why I am scared (and others too) that I can't do it. Maybe I should just relax and BE, or should I try to force myself, which doesn't even sound right. Wow this is such a middle path! Still keeping the vibration high.

The Middle Path is, indeed, the answer. If we can find the Core inside our SELF, which will guide throughout our entire process. Remember, millions of people will not even know about 11.11.11.  Therefore, we need to trust our inner experiences, for there will not be much, if any validation, of our experience in our 3D world. Our experience of the Portal and moving through it, will be inside our SELF. If we are with another person or with a group, we will meet each other INSIDE our Self.


carissi ,cara Susanne,io scrivo in italiano-io sono un opening e wayshower e un compito stupendo e multidimensione e' la coscienza nuova che essere sintesi e conoscenza immediata di realta'.grazie.amore incondizionato sempre.fiamma violetta.

Can anyone read this language and translate it?

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  1. Carissi ,dear Susanne,i write in italian - i am a opening and wayshower is a stupendous task and multidimensione is the new awareness that be summary and immediate knowledge of reality .grazie.amore unconditional sempre.fiamma violet.

    Babylon 9