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Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension, Book One and Two available as ebooks at:


Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension Book IV

Life Within New Earth Part I

Mother Gaia

When we were told to go into our core something was triggered inside of us. Spontaneously, without even an intention on our part, the two components of Mytria/Sandy and Mytre/Jason blended into the one being that we heard was called Mytrian. We had barely become accustomed to the merging of Sandy/ Mytria and Jason/Mytre when we suddenly transmuted into Mytrian.

Mytre and Mytria had a similar experience when we/they were flowing with the Arcturian as swirls of light. They also merged into their Divine Complement. But, the addition of the Jason and Sandy consciousness made this merging unique. We heard within that many shifts and alteration occurred whenever a new expression of our beingness merged back into the ONE of our Multidimensional SELF.

Our merging into Mytrian was unique to even Mytre and Mytria because it occurred without with the guidance of the Arcturian or within the safety of the Violet Temple. Also, we were formless when our merging into greater Oneness occurred. Fortunately, even though we were without form, we instantly felt the transition.

Before, we were two beings of pure consciousness that swirled and interlaced with each other. Now, we were one state of pure consciousness with a vast awareness of myriad multidimensional expressions of SELF. Each of these expressions interlaced and swirled through each other while also maintaining a distinct access code.

This access code was a frequency of light through which that expression could be entered and experienced. We realized that each of these myriad realities of SELF remained “online” in infinity with an infinite possible number of “body/forms” which we could slip into to experience that particular reality. All of these realities, as well as many that we had not yet identified, existed within the flow of the ONE much like drops of water exist within an ocean.

These realities were identifiable by a certain “feel.” We instinctively knew that that feeling/emotion would identify the light code/thought. Then, when we joined the feeling and the thought we would enter that reality. We were tempted to visit some of these myriad realities, but we realized that the infant Gaia needed to be found.

Entering our core was more conceivable when we held ONE consciousness. However, we were still without form, so we needed to find the core of our consciousness. We knew that this core had something to do with our merging into Mytrian and our new awareness of light codes.

If each reality had a light code, then Mytrian must also have a light code. Perhaps we could recognize the light code for Mytrian, as well as for the emerging reality that was as formless as us. Maybe it would be easier to feel of that code first. We focused on our feelings; we found a strange mix of illumination and confusion.

Yes, the confusion would be Jason and Sandy’s contribution. We realized that we needed to send our newest arrivals to our Multidimensional SELF unconditional love. Fortunately, our Arcturian essence instantly responded by welcoming Jason and Sandy with a rush of unconditional love. This unconditional love fully bonded Sandy and Jason to our SELF and created an immense amplification of our multidimensional emanation.

What we once observed as a small glowing light as our only “form,” was now a huge light that was so intermingled with this new reality that our core and the core of this emerging world were ONE. At this point our new expressions of Jason and Sandy became very helpful. They still remembered the experience of “being” a form. Hence, they could remind us to “turn our attention around to look inside.”

This change of attitude provided us with the feeling of centeredness and the thought of “finding the core.” Instantly, we were within what appeared to be a huge crystal. Actually, we were the huge crystal, and heard that this crystal was the Seed of Gaia.

We had not considered that a crystal could be a seed, but as we felt it growing and changing around us, we completely understood the concept. Just as a seed first puts down it roots then, eventually, sends up two small spouts, this crystal was merged into the physical format of Gaia’s earth body.

We looked up to find the crystal sprouts and saw toddler Gaia climbing up the huge crystal in preparation for her birth into fifth dimensional Earth. We could see the toddler within the crystal, hear her giggling and feel Mother Gaia’s strong protective energy. But where was this Mother, we wondered?

“I am within you,” spoke Mother Gaia. “Since you are within my crystal core, you are me as well. Furthermore, within my core is the core of the New Earth that has always resonated to the timeless worlds. Many of my humanoids have difficulty understanding how New Earth can be birthing within the same NOW that it has always existed.

“Fortunately, my plant and animal kingdom are free of time and separation. Thus, they can easily grasp that the multidimensional energy fields of ALL reality combine and blend with that which is still attached to the time-bound 3D Matrix.”

We observed as toddler Gaia slid down the core of the seed crystal and into the embrace of Mother Gaia.

“Dear human ones,” Mother Gaia continued. “I ask you to protect and care for my child. I, Mother Earth, have held a planetary form for longer than you could imagine and long for my expression as a Sun. Yes, just as you have a higher from of a lightbody, I have a higher form of a Sun.

“Sol, the Sun of our solar system which has been my home for millions of years, is yearning to return to its form as a central Sun. Then our Central Sun in the Pleiadian System will burst forth into a Great Central Sun.

"You see dear humans, you are not the only beings who wish to expand your expression of SELF. In fact, there will be a Now in which you will desire to express yourselves as a planet. In fact, the New Earth which you are creating (as well as returning to) is a greater expression of your SELF.

"These are the reasons why I have created an infant version of myself. I, Mother Gaia, was meant to provide a reality in which the time-bound format of separation and polarity could be experienced. On the other hand, my child will provide a reality based on the timeless format of unity and oneness.

"This fifth-dimensional experience of unity with all life within the NOW of the ONE includes not only my offspring, but all the humanoid and non-humanoid galactics and celestials who will share the adventure of ‘being a planet.’”

With Mother Gaia’s words, baby Gaia, sprang from her mother’s lap and scurried up the huge seed crystal.

“Follow her,” cried Mother Gaia. “Please protect and help her to embody her Divine Concept. I must remain here within the core to hold my transmuting planet in form for as long as is necessary for my inhabitants to merge into their higher expressions.”

As we looked up to see Mother Gaia’s child swiftly traveling up the seed crystal, we felt a great fatigue within the Mother.  Instead of following the young Gaia, we blended our consciousness into the Mother.

“Dear Mother,” we said, “We perceive that you are in need of assistance as well. We know how poorly your humans have treated you.”

Mother Gaia waved us off and said, “No, I am fine. Just as my plants, animals and humans are having difficulty integrating the higher light from our Galactic Core, I too suffer from great fatigue. I cannot follow my child into the next reality, as I must heal my wounding just as my humans must heal theirs. Follow my child and care for her as if she was your self. For, indeed, she is.”

With Gaia’s final words, we found that her exhaustion was partially because she had provided us with a form. We were not physical, but we were not yet fully lightbody. Hence, we resonated to the higher fourth dimension. Then, with a burst of unconditional love and multidimensional light Mother Gaia shot us free of the seed crystal and into a huge cavern filled with light.

We knew that we were still within the body of Earth, but Gaia’s love and light had accelerated our form into the threshold frequency of the fifth dimension. Our form of light, for we were still within our united presence of Mytrian, was slowly adapting to the higher frequencies of perception.

At first, the cavern was an empty cave filled with light and a huge body of water. However, as we calibrated our perceptions to the fifth dimension we could see many humanoid beings encircling us and sending us healing love. These beings were humanoid in that they had two arms, two legs, a torso and a head.

However, in every other way they appear very different from the humans that our Sandy/Jason self had known on third-dimensional Earth. For one thing, they were very tall, perhaps ten to twelve feet tall. But, to our surprise, when they realized that their height was a bit alarming to us, they instantly adjusted themselves to match their height with ours.

Another thing was that we could see through them, yet they also appeared to be solid. Also, their heads were much larger than those of the humans we had known. We instantly realized that the larger skull was necessary to house a much larger brain. In fact, their brain seemed to flow beyond their skull and flow from their heads like a cloud of light.

We noticed that when they communed with each other in a telepathic manner, their minds sent forth visible energy fields connecting everyone in the group. Even though they wore separate forms, their minds and auras interfaced with each other.

When a being we knew must be a leader as of his/her huge aura, resonance of pure power, vast wisdom and unconditional love suddenly flashed before us, they all returned to their larger forms. However, the “leader” seemed to be the hub of the energy field of communication that circled throughout the group.

“Welcome,” the leader said into our heart. “We see you have come from the Core of the Mother. Please join us as we share our world.”

With the assurance that we would accept the offer, the leader turned and flowed, as there was no walking, across the vast body of water. We followed the leader and the rest of the group flowed behind us.

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We Will All Become ONE


We All Become ONE

For New Earth Has Begun

Poem and art work by Suzanne Lie
Music by Nick Donnelly

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Pleiadian Perspective Book Four -- Where We Left Off

Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension, Book One and Two available as ebooks at:

Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension Book IV
Life on New Earth

Where We Left off

Jason and Sandy had finally found the “twelfth floor,” on which the Inter-Galactic Light Convention was gathering within the NOW of the higher worlds. They were welcomed by the inter-galactic members, who created a path directing them toward the vortex at the far side of the room. Jason and Sandy looked through the vortex to see an infant world. This world was the infant Gaia, the ray of hope for the beings who had used Earth as their “schoolroom for ascension.”
From their timeless state of consciousness they understood how that new reality was beginning, ending, shifting and remaining still. The Arcturian then flashed before them. Looking deep into Jason and Sandy’s eyes, It sent them the image of Jason and Sandy joined as Divine Complements within the Divine Complements of Mytre and Mytria.
But wait, Jason and Sandy thought, if we are versions of Mytre and Mytria, and Mytre and Mytria are a component of the Arcturian, then WE too are expressions of the Arcturian. With that thought the vision ended, and the Arcturian placed the infant Gaia in their arms and It lovingly said, “As you go down there with Gaia, remember that you also remain here within us.”
As the vortex swept Jason and Sandy into its spin, they clutched the infant Gaia against their united hearts and said in one voice, “We WILL remember!”

As Sandy/Mytria and I flowed and swirled within the glittering light of the vortex with baby Gaia held warmly between us, I felt my beingness of Jason morph into Mytre. I could also see/feel that Sandy was morphing into Mytria. It appeared quite normal that this transition into our higher expression of SELF should occur during our return to a version of Earth that was also transitioning to its higher expression.

During our transmutation within the vortex, we were aware of our higher frequency expressions of Mytre and Mytria, as well as our deep connection with the Arcturian. We were also aware of our lower frequency versions of Jason and Sandy on 3D Earth. We were coming into a greater understanding of bi-location. Or, was bi-location just another word for inter-dimensional travel?

Our expressions of Sandy and Jason on 3D Earth still existed in that timeline. Our higher expressions of Mytria and Mytre were with the Arcturian on the fifth dimension and beyond, and our current expressions of SELF were traveling within a timeless corridor of light. All of these realities were, and are, occurring within the same NOW of the ONE.

In fact, Sandy was blending her physical expression with her multidimensional expression of Mytria, and I was merging my 3D expression of Jason with my multidimensional expression of Mytre. Furthermore, we were two beings of light morphing from one form to another.

Hence, our expressions of human, Pleiadian, and even flashes of Arcturian were spinning within a vortex that we are coming to understand was the Arcturian Corridor. We had heard of the Corridor, so we knew that it flows in and out of manifestation and is activated by a single or group desire to return Home to higher or lower frequencies of form. 

The term “Home” was used to mean the frequency to which our consciousness was calibrated. Thus, the Arcturian Corridor is actually a calibrating mechanism that shifts the frequency of consciousness of those who open and enter it.

As Sandy continued to morph into the consciousness/frequency of Mytria and I shifted into the consciousness/frequency of Mytre, we were beginning to understand the Arcturian’s words, “You are also within us.”

As we traveled through the Corridor we, Sandy/Mytria and Jason/Mytre, were becoming one being of light. Every person, place and thing within the Corridor is ONE with every other person, place and thing. I had heard of this form of unity consciousness before, but I never understood it as I do now.

However, in order to discuss this concept I need to describe how this experience makes me feel. Flowing within the Corridor FEELS like unconditional love entering every cell of that which I once considered a form. My ever-morphing collective form has as many aspects of my SELF as my ever-shifting consciousness can accept.

I/we can no longer differentiate between who we were, who we are becoming or who we will become. Those concepts are trapped in the illusion of time and only exist in the thinking of the clay vessel I once thought of as myself.

In fact, my self is an obsolete term to be replaced by our selves, or the self who is the current expression of my/our infinite consciousness.” I feel the remnants of my third dimensional thinking constricting in confusion, so I send unconditional love and understanding to those frequencies of me who will never be the same.

I also feel the infant Gaia who sleeps within us. Mytria and I wonder at what point of transmutation we will find ascending Earth when we exit the Corridor.

I FEEL a deep birth within me that flows into and from the infant Gaia. However, since we entered this Corridor, I realize that the Gaia we hold between us is no longer an infant. In fact, she no longer has a form. Instead, Gaia has become pure consciousness which is alive and resonating to our every thought and emotion.

Was Earth this sensitive to our every thought and feeling when we lived there? If so, how could Gaia have tolerated the fear and negativity that filled our physical world? No wonder the planet must begin again as a small infant.

Will Jason/Mytre and I be infants too? Will we arrive at whatever is our destination as new seedlings free of the encumbrance of our past realities? Or, will we arrive at our unknown destination with the full remembrance of all that we have experienced?

As I look within I find that I have no attachment to either situation. In fact, I have no attachment to anything except the FEEL of unconditional love. In my reality as Sandy I only experienced unconditional love with Jason and in the higher worlds. Fortunately, in my reality as Mytria I experience much more unconditional love, but not on Earth.

“Why is unconditional love so foreign?” the consciousness of Gaia asks within my heart. My only response is a flash of sorrow. I cannot answer that question as only within this NOW have I learned to ask it. In all my life on Earth the planet was a thing. Earth was dirt, sunlight, sky and water. We did not think of these “things” as alive. They were wallpaper that surrounded our hollow lives.

Now, as we float, flow through a reality of mist, swirling clouds and glistening light I finally realize that our third dimensional world was not our wallpaper. Now I know that we created our third dimensional world with our every thought and emotion.

With that knowing, the swirling vortex begins to slow. The mist begins to clear and beaming rays of light part the clouds. Have we arrived? I look down and see that the consciousness of Gaia has taken the form of a toddler anxious to practice walking. Mytre and I look for some kind of surface on which we can land.

With our intention of landing the clouds part further and the mist settles onto what appears to be a surface. “Can we land here?” I ask Mytre. Mytre laughs and says, “Have you looked at yourself lately?”

I look at myself, and to my surprise, I realized that I have so blended into the scenery (the wallpaper) that I have not considered whether or not I am wearing a form. Actually, I have not considered that we, toddler Gaia and I, were wearing NO form.

“But how can I think, feel and perceive this reality without a form?” I ask Mytre.

“Are you thinking like Sandy or thinking like Mytria?” he answered

Of course that is the answer. As Mytria I have had many experiences of pure consciousness. I just have not updated my memory files to include my higher expression.

“You are so right,” I say to Mytre. “I remember now when we floated as pure consciousness with the Arcturian. I also remember when we visited a formless world. Yes, it appeared much like this one.”

At that moment, baby Gaia escaped our grasp and was instantly engulfed by the mist. Mytre and I urgently searched for her, but she so blended into the ever-shifting landscape that we could not find her.

“Where can she be?” Mytre and I both said. “How could we have lost track of her? We were supposed to protect and take care of her, but now we can’t even find her.”

“She is everywhere,” resonated the FEEL of the Arcturian within our core.

Yes, Mytre and I simultaneously thought. To find her we must go into the core of the planet.

“But, we cannot even find the surface of this world. How can we find the core?” Mytre and I asked as one person.

“Go into the core of your SELF,” We heard inside our formless consciousness.