Sunday, October 17, 2021

Message with Danny and Sue Lie

October 17, 2021

Message from Danny and Sue Lie

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Blessings and have a great day

Thursday, October 14, 2021

My Latest meeting with Danny Sue Lie

Hi Sue Lie here

Below is my latest meeting with Dany

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What is an Ascension Portal?

 October 14, 2021

What is an Ascension Portal?

An Ascension Portal is a name for the transition from the third dimension and into the higher dimensions. The Arcturians, who are unknown to many third dimensional humans, are one of the "Guardians of the Ascension Portals."

Fortunately, more and more third dimensional humans are beginning to awaken to the "possible reality" that humans can ascend. However, what does an ascension mean? 

When one ascends, their third dimensional being begins to transmute into higher and higher frequencies. As the human, or other being, begins the Ascension Process, they can more and more see the Light around all that they perceive. 

On the other hand, if that person, place, situation, or even thing, lowers the frequency of Light, their aura does not cast out the Light around that person, place, situation, or thing.

If there is no light to be seen, then it is likely that the one who experiences that person, place, situation, or thing may not be able to believe that they can perceive that frequency of light, OR the Light is either too high for that person to be able to perceive. 

If one is prepared to go through an Ascension Portal they must first be able to perceive it. An Ascension Portal resonates to a very high frequency which is too high for most third dimensional humans, and or other beings.

It is for that reason that many beings who have seemed to ascend are first surrounded by an intense light. Of course, there are not many humans who are prepared to even think about, much less even know, what an Ascension is.

An ascension is very complex, but to give it a more simple explanation, an ascension is when a beings frequency of vibration becomes so high that those with the usual human third dimensional vibration will not even see that Ascended Being.

Then, since they cannot see the Ascending Being, they do not know that the Ascension process is even happening. 

It is for this reason that, "Ascended Masters" often seem to disappear to those who's consciousness is not high enough to be able to perceive the transition from at third dimensional person, place, situation or thing, to a higher dimensional person, place, situation or thing.

There are also stories of Ascending Beings disappearing, however those beings are still there, but they are now resonating to such a high frequency of light that only those who resonate to that frequency will be able to perceive what is really happening.

Of course, most people have not heard much about ascension and therefore they do not think about it. However, sometimes a human has an experience that awakens their innate ability to perceive higher frequencies of light.

These are the "Awakening Ascended Masters," that we may hear about. One must resonate to a very high frequency of light in order to be an Ascended Master, but there has been these Masters throughout our human history.

Quite often, Ascended Masters, only stay on third dimensional Earth for a shorter time than third dimensional humans. This is often because they have come to "teach" and not just give a way. 

In fact, Ascended Masters do not tend to stay in their third dimensional form for until they have completed the reason why they have chosen to come to Gaia's Earth to assist the people, and very importantly, the Planet, to move through a difficult time of transmutation into a higher frequency of Love and Light.

Therefore, many of the Ascended Masters come to Gaia's assistance when the humans have been doing too much damage to Gaia's Planetary SELF.

When these Ascended Masters have completed their reason for taking a third dimensional body, they Ascend back into their innate Higher Dimensional frequency of SELF.

The third dimensional humans usually think that that being "died," but in reality it has likely just gone Home to their Higher Dimensional planet and/or reality.

Then, the third dimensional beings usually think that that Being has died, when in fact, that being has finished its job for Gaia and is going home for a rest.
The Arcturians are one of those Higher Dimensional Beings who come to Earth when it is necessary and then return Home, which may look like they "died," when in reality they have ascended back to their Higher Dimensional Home world.
Dear Higher Dimensional Beings, thank you so for your assistance!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

In between where you are and where we are going?

October 13, 2021 

In between where you

And where you are going

Have we been feeling in between where we are 
Where we are going?  

If this is so, then we are not alone. In fact, it is likely that many others are feeling  the same way because some of these  actions are creating changes that are occurring too fast for us to keep track of. 

On the other hand, some of these changes are NOT occurring as fast as we need them to be, or even feel they should be, whereas other changes are NOT very good and maybe need to be avoided.

So how do we keep track of all these different parts of our life? The first part is that we focus on keeping track of our own thoughts and feelings.

Keeping track of our thoughts and feelings is more difficult than we may think. In fact, if we don't keep track of the own thoughts and feelings, then who is "running our life?" 

It takes a lot of thoughts, as well as inner communication with our OWN self, therefore we are able to stop and think, "Who is driving the bus?"

If it takes you us long to answer that question, then it is time to decide on the "time" that we can put aside to have a chat with our Self, as well as a good "very private place" where we can feel comfortable enough to truly have a chat with our Self.

It is also very helpful if we chose a certain time and place that we go to at  a regular time. It is also very helpful to build a certain action that goes with that time and that place. 

For example, if we choose a certain place in your home, or even in our yard, where we feel very save and very comfortable. Then we can take as long as we need to enjoy that time and that place. Then, likely that  place will often be call "Our Spot!"

It is our SPOT because we create the time, the place, the reason and even the dimension of the frequency of our Spot.

Sometimes the most difficult part is to know that we have chosen, and we DESERVE  the frequency of the US who have created this "spot." 

It is important that we remember that we have chosen this "spot" so that we can feel safe enough to go deep into your own 

                                Third dimensional SELF.

When we have proven to our SELF that we are the creator of this energy field, then we can begin to notice what our Energy Field is as we walk through our daily life. 

This Energy Field that is created is OUR choice of Place, Time, and Reason for setting a deep connection between our third dimensional self and our  

                               Fourth Dimensional SELF.

Then we will feel good enough about our SELF to call on our

                              Fifth Dimensional SELF.  

                   It is our Fifth Dimensional SELF that is our 

                                  "GALACTIC  SELF" 

It is important that we be sure to relax into this experience so that our Third Dimensional Self does not lower our consciousness by thinking about: 

                                  "Am I good enough?" 
                                      "I am better than!" 

If either one of those thoughts invade our meditation,
It is a good time to stop our meditation and

Have a conversation with our  own 
Higher Dimensional SELF About

"Am I in between where I am and 
Where I am going?"


Monday, October 11, 2021

Trusting our Inner Guidance

October 11, 2021

Trusting Our Inner Guidance

Trusting our "Inner Guidance" is like trusting our own Inner SELF.
In fact, trusting our Inner Guidance is what allows us, and reminds us, that we are NOT alone. We have our third dimensional daily self that guides us through our daily live. 

And we also have a Higher SELF that assists us to more fully awaken our own Inner Higher SELF. This Inner, Higher Self is a part of us that was, and is, able to guide us through our many challenges of daily life.

Also, our Inner SELF can be, and often is, our Higher SELF. Our Higher SELF resonates to the higher frequencies of reality. These Higher frequencies of Reality assist us to remember that our third dimensional self  is our daily life self.  

However, we all have a Higher Frequency of our SELF. 

This Higher Frequency of SELF is the component of our self that stayed in the higher frequencies so that it can assist us to move through our daily third dimensional reality.

Within the same NOW of that time  and space, there is Higher and Higher frequencies of reality. When we find that  we are able to have a moment of deep clarity, we can often think about something that is of a higher frequency than our daily life.

It is often an "Aha" that can awaken us to be aware of this higher dimensional component of our Self. If we can take a moment to "fall into this experience," we open our self to actually be aware of and follow these Higher Dimensional Communications.

The next step is to accept that it is possible that we just may have the ability to attend to and ponder these unseen, higher dimensional energy fields that are always around us more than we may think!

In fact, these possible realities can, and often are, just before us, but we do not recognize them because we are so busy with the daily challenges of our third dimensional life. 

If we can allow our self to be aware of these "Aha" moments we can better understand who we are in this now, as well as who we were before we took this third dimensional human self.

Unfortunately, many humans do not recognize when they have a moment in which this "Aha" reminds them that something bigger, better, and more evolved has come into their awareness.

This "aha" is often a moment when we can connect with our own Higher Frequency of Self, and or the Higher Dimensional Frequency of other persons, places, situations, or things, that come into our awareness.

Hopefully, we can be aware of these higher frequencies, as it is then that their daily life reveals a component of their own Higher Dimensional SELF.

Then this Higher Dimensional SELF--who we all have, wither or not we know it will assist us to discover and/or remember how we can perceive our Planet Earth as a living being, and all the beings on Earth are a component of that living planet.

If we can allow our self to recognize that inner message, or maybe remember a dream or an important meditation, it is best to document that experience so that you can remember to share that moment with others.

However, in order to do the above, we need to TRUST OUR INNER GUIDANCE! Too often we may push away these Higher Dimensional messages because we are too busy to recognize and there for they may"push away a higher dimensional moment because we are too busy doing some third dimensional task.

On the other hand, if we have one of these special moments when we are able to feel something higher and bigger than our daily life and we  choose to trust what we think was a higher dimensional feeling...

THEN we have been able to push aside our 3D daily life long enough to  investigate, and feel, what is happening in our higher dimensional consciousness, as well as in  our daily life.

It is by taking a moment of our 3D life to recognize our Higher Dimensional Life, that we can begin to fully ...


Friday, October 8, 2021

Outer Space is entering our Inner Life

 Oct 8, 2021



Take a few minute to look up all the YouTube stories  and online "Star Trek like shows" about outer space now that seems to be communicating more and more with our INNER LIFE

By Inner Life, we mean how humanity is dreaming about, watching shows or movies, or even having personal experiences about observing, researching and having more and more interest in the "possibility" that the Higher Dimensional Beings who are real and the many different forms of Starships are being seen more and more each day.

If you go on the Internet you will see many shows or movies about real pictures of Starships in the sky, more movies and  speakers are opening up more and more to the "possibility" that there are beings from other Dimensions of Reality that are now visiting what was in the past--only a third dimensional planet called "Earth."

In Fact, Outer Space is entering our Inner Life. Take a few minutes to look up all the Outer Space movies, shows, and real life experiences of seeing, and/or interacting with our third dimensional world.

Wonderfully, there seems to be more and more people who are interested in shows, movies, and personal stories about Outer Space. In fact, Outer space is becoming more and more a component of our "Inner Life."

There are more, and more shows and movies, and conversations about some, or many, components of "Outer Space." In fact, more and more Outer Space is entering our Inner Life.

Look up all the YouTubes about Outer Space, and you will find that there are more and more shows about "outer space." These shows include pictures of more and more sightings, conversations, and people talking about their personal experiences of allowing that which was always "outer space" to begin go mingle with their "Inner Life."

There are more and more shows and movies that are entering our inner life. Why our "secret inner life" and not just our daily outer life?

Part of the answer is that there are more and more thoughts, movies, sightings, etc becoming part of our Inner Life? Part of it may be that our "Inner Life" is needing to change in order to merge that which was always a part of their higher life but they forgot!

In fact, often an unseen something that was always "just a cool story," may be more and more of a truth that they could be more of a remembrance than their imagination.    

Also, their Outer Life influence can be from a movie or a show. However, the new thoughts and feelings about that "show" or "personal sighting" will need to be incorporated into our Daily Life.

If the "Star Ships" are a part of our daily life, we will learn to "get used to it!" And, we can only "get used to it" if we can accept that this new part of our life is NOT dangerous to ourselves and to our realty.

This is where the "inner life" comes in. Yes, we can NOT stop that which has already started. But we can accept that WE are up to this change and are learning to understand it more and more. In fact, it is the "running away from" and not learning to "understand what is really happening" that guides to a "new inner life."

There are more and more shows and you tubes about outer space, which make it easier to look the "SOMETHING NEW" in the face and make it a part of you Inner Life.

It is our Inner life that is so important as we may be more and more exposed to new events happening in our lives. The main change it our ability to accept this new reality into your inner self who is able to remember all the other changes in your life.

How did you move through challenging experiences, or even unchanging, but very different experiences.  Fortuately, you Inner Life has stored all that you have learned about adapting that that which cannot be changed  AND changing that which we cannot adapt to.

It is our "Inner Life" that is showing us how to see, and adapt to the changes that you cannot change. One think that you likely cannot change is "Outer Space is Entering your INNER life!!  

This is something that we can adapt to by talking with friends, watching shows to get more information about what is occuring, and then sharing what you have learned in your Inner Self with your outer friends.

Also, there are more and more shows in movies, on television and in movies about Outer Space and how it is coming into our Inner Life.  We can look at the past to see how we were able to accept and become interested in the things that are new and different in your life.

Talking with your friends about these changes will make you know that you are not alone. There have been many changes lately, some of them good and some of them not good, and there are other changes which are so new that your Inner Self will have to become familiar with that which is very different.

This is where you own inner self is very important to communicate with. If one feels over whelmed, it is good to go back to a time or situation in which your "Inner Self" felt in control. 

If you meditate, or do something that you love to do, or be with people that you love to be with, the energy of LOVE will greatly assist you to accept the changes that we ALL are facing.

It is the facing and the accepting that allows one to relax. Also, more and more about OUTER SPACE will be entering your Inner Life. You can look in your computer, with your friends, and meditate inside your Inner SELF.

It is our Inner Life that can guide us into that which we wished to repeat and make stronger, and it is our Inner Life that will remind us of what did NOT work for us and we need to release it from our possible ways to find our BEST ways of being in Constant Connection with our Inner Life as we move into the Higher Dimensions of both our Inner and Outer SELF.

We will return to discuss:   

What, and Who, is our Higher Dimensional SELF?

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

How I Met The Arcturians

 Oct. 2021   

How did I meet my Arcturian Friends?


It is difficult to answer the above question, so I will go back in time for a bit to when I met my first computer, which was in the early 1980's. 

I had always believed in Higher Beings, but I never thought I would actually communicate with one. Then, in the early 1980's I got my first communication from the Arcturians.

Of course, I, as well as about  everyone I knew, had never heard of a "Website" and they definitely had no idea what an "Arcturian" was.

Of course, I also had no idea what an "Arcturan" was until the word, actually the name, Arcturians, began to come into my consciousness over and over again! 

However, since I had had "visions of Higher Beings" for as long as I could remember, I was not frightened by another Higher Dimensional Being. Therefore,  I began to receive messages from an unseen being, who felt VERY loving and VERY kind. 

This being told me that it was an Arcturians who had come from the Far Beyond to communicate with me, as well as with others who were ready to accept the Arcturians invitation to open our Hearts and Minds to the "love and wisdom that the Arcturians sent to us.

For as long as I could remember, so I just figured it was my "imagination" and tried to "not wonder"if I was a bit crazy to have communications with an unseen being.

I talked to all my dolls or pets as if they could understand my every word. I also talked to my pet chicken, who all had human names, and most of all, I pretended that there was another reality that was called "Arcturus" which seemed to be talking to me on a regular basis.

Later, much later, I was told by the Arcturians that there were many  "other realities," which I imagined as being somewhere in another world. I was still too young to even think about outer space and other realities on other worlds.

I guessed it was not "just my imagination, as Star Ships from other worlds are actually around us during this NOW--just check out the Internet for all the information about Star Ships that are being seen by many people.

Of course, back then in the early 1980's, I could not even imagine that my "imaginations" were REAL!!

Fortunately, many, many years later, I am still in contact with the Arcturians, but now I can believe that they are real!

Dear Readers,
If any of you would like to share any meeting you have experienced with the Galactic Beings, you can write them down and send them to me at : 



Shining Out our Inner Light

6, 2021

Shining Out Our Inner Light

We all have Inner Light, even if we are not aware of it. Sometimes, someone may have told us that we were not "good enough" and because of that comment we may have dimmed our inner light.  

However, what someone else tells us cannot harm our "inner light," as our inner light lives within us, and enters us through our chakras. 

Each of our chakras are portals that can open to accept and to share our own "inner light" with others. 

Also, the more we send out our "inner light" to others, the more  inner light we can recognize and share our inner light with others. 

In fact, each of our Chakras have a different frequency of Inner Light, and each frequency of  Inner Light will go to different parts of our mind and body.

As each area of our works with all the other areas of our body, our body works as one being because all of the many parts of our body, mind, thoughts, desires, memories, dreams and more continue to work as ONE person. 

In fact, this "one person" is like a town or a city. If all the components of the city are in communication with all the other beings in the "city" then the city or town will be able to function with the many people working together are ONE.

And that ONE begins with the many who cooperate as ONE!

                               THANK YOU TO THE MANY, 

                   WHO CAN LIFE TOGETHER AS  THE ONE!



Saturday, October 2, 2021

Have you checked out all the sightings of Star Ships?

 Oct 2,201

Have you checked out all the sightings of Star Ships?

You Might want to check out the Internet to see all the shows that are about Starships that are seen by people. Are we ready to actually see a Starship? That is of course something that each person will need to find out for themselves. 

Whether people are aware of it or not, the Starships are being talked about, and even seen and put on cameras by more and more people. 

You might want to check out the information that is coming into our lives about Higher Dimensional beings visiting Earth.

These beings are often called, "The Galactics because they are actually Galactic Beings who resonate to the frequency of the higher fourth and fifth dimensions.

Therefore, these beings are more evolved than third dimensional humans, and have come to Earth in this NOW to awaken the humans who are ready to, and even excited to, see real higher dimensional Starships that are run by higher dimensional beings.

The "higher dimensional" component is important so that the third dimensional humans do not become frightened by the Star Ships. 

Also, the Star Ships are able to determine if the people and/or situations are evolved enough to observe this new version of reality. 

Indeed, the humans of this NOW will be in the position to decide if they can observe these new experiences without fear and/or anger. 

In fact, if a groups of people are fearful or angry, the Galactics will NOT show themselves, as there are visiting us to assist and NOT  to frighten!

 Hopefully it will become easier and easier for more and more people to believe in the Higher Dimensional Beings who are now visiting Earth. 

These visits are ONLY to assist and educate the humans who have chosen to be among the ones who have seen the Ships. Of course, most of them are likely NOT aware that they have made that chosen this experience. 

However, over more and more "time" humans will be able to understand that there are Higher Dimensional Realities and Higher Dimensional Beings that are coming to Earth, but not too often yet so as to NOT frighten any Third Dimensional Humans.

You might want to check out your computer or Television to see some of the many shows that are now centering on the increasing members of the Third Dimension who are awakening enough to wonder wither or not what  saw was indeed a higher dimensional Starship.

You might want to check out the many shows, some based on humans experiences, and some shows may "just be just a show that was meant to assist people to begin to wonder if there is more than just our Third Dimensional SELF.  

Either way, humanity is awakening to the fact that there are Higher Dimensional Being who have come to Gaia's Earth to prepare the humans for their next evolutionary step into our true Higher Dimensional SELF.



Friday, October 1, 2021

The Arcturians are Back - But of course they NEVER left

October 1, 2021                       




The Arcturians are of course, always with us, but there are times in our lives when we, including myself, become involved with some things and seem to become further away from those with whom they have be very close. 

Of course, I Suzanne Lie, have always held the Arcturians in my heart and soul, but other times I may not remember to remember to connect with them again in a direct fashion. 

The Arcturians, have always been close to me since I first met them many years ago. When I first met them, of course they were within my consciousness, rather than my eyes or ears. 

This is  because we, the third dimensional humans, need to learn to trust their inner and higher instincts before we can have a relationship with a fifth dimensional family of Light!

It is not easy for a third dimensional human to "remember" that they ALL, are more, in fact, much more, than they ever were before. Why do we say that? 

We the Arcturians say that it is the NOW because there are certain time lines that are created long, long before you even thought that you might be a human.

Not many humans ever think about the fact that once that did not have a third dimensional body. 

In fact, most of you were once higher dimensional beings who chose to take a third dimensional form to better assist Gaia with the great transition that they will experience.

Of course, not every one will experience Gaia as a living being that needs to be protected and cared for, in the same manner that you might protect and care for your own children.

You will use this NOW to teach your self how to protect your Planet Gaia before you think about protecting your own self !

Please Love your Planet Now Because



Tuesday, September 28, 2021


 SEPT. 28 2021


  The way our lives will go?


The way we might be?


The questions not asked?


The life that's not passed?


IF we must see 


Or ask a tree


Who we ask


In our Past


The way our life will go


What our future might show


Just where we would go


to that which is  dear


What we though we would see


The future of ME? 


Was far in the future


WAS Deep in the past


Can I live in the Past?


How long would it last? 


But how long CAN it last?



IS really our past?

WE very different, but also much the same!

 September 27,

We are very different,  yet very much alike!

We are not only different from others, but we are also different from our self at different times and in different places. Some places allow us to be our most daring Self, but other places, or maybe other times, we are different for who we were before. 

How do we decide which version of our self we wish to be? 
What if we pick a certain version OF and then change our SELF and find that that you does not fit into that situation

First, you allow your self to be yourself in an honest manner. If we feel good about our self, we will not feel a need to be like someone else because we have proven to our self that we are doing the best we can do within each moment and each situation.

Also if we speak poorly about others, we will think that others are also feeling poorly about us.  The rule of "energy out is energy back" is very often the way that life works.

Also, if we do NOT judge ourselves, we will be far less likely to judge others. Judgement of others is actually a sign that that person has poor personal thoughts and words about others 

Therefore, be good to your self and then you will learn how to be good to others. You would not want to give your self something that you did not want. Therefore, do not give anything to your own self that you do not want.

Also, just like the above picture, we all have different versions that we have a different times and in different places. However, if we have a good relationship with our own SELF, we will much more inclined to have good relationships with others.

Basically, we cannot not give away what we do not have. Therefore, if we have only a small amount of love for our self, then how could we have enough love to give away?

On the other hand, if we respect and love our own self, we will we realize the others can feel that way about you as well. 

In other words, those who give away their love, feel good enough themselves or they would not believe that another person would want what they have to give.

In other words, ENERGY OUT, IS ENERGY BACK and




Monday, September 27, 2021

Gaia Calls for Assistance

 September 27, 2021


Becoming ONE with People and our Planet

How can we, the members of Gaia's Earth, become ONE with the the planet, as well as become ONE with the other humans who have chosen Gaia's Earth to be their Home?

Or actually, how can the humans who chose to take an earth vessel on Gaia's Planet Earth, remember the reasons why they chose to assist, as well as live on, the planet Earth?

 How many humans have remembered, to remember, the vow that they took to protect and honor the planet who is now also known as Gaia?

How many humans who live on Gaia's wonderful planet can remember (and promise never to forget) that Gaia's Earth body is a living being. 

Furthermore, that Humans who have chosen, long, long ago, to answer Gaia's call for assistance, are now being asked to answer the call that Gaia is sending the humans?

These calls from Gaia are not heard by the humans, but if the humans can walk among and even ask Gaia how they can help Gaia, Gaia will answer that question.

Of course the human will not even be able to hear Gaia's call until they remember that Planet Gaia's Earth is a living being. Also, this living being called Earth needs the assistance of humans.

You may wonder why Gaia may need assistance from the humans? The answer is that humans have been VERY hard on their home world Gaia, and too often ask as if they do not consider their planetary home to be a living being.

Of course those same humans usually do not think of as even being an alive being. Actually, most people do not think of Gaia as a living being. 

However, more and more humans are beginning to awaken to a deep, higher dimensional memory, that only the awakened humans can experience and also believe!

Unfortunately, too many humans have forgotten that they were once able to remember that they came to Gaia's Earth body to protect Her from the many sleeping humans who did not care about their Mother Planet. 

Fortunately, there are now more and more humans who live on Gaia's Earth, as well as Gaia hear Gaia's call for assistance. Also, there are even humans who are  answering Gaia from the humans. 

The question has been asked for many years and in many ways is, "Will the humans assist Gaia soon enough and often enough to make sure that Gais will be able to be the beautiful and loving planetary being that she has always been?

                  What would your answer to Gaia be?

Saturday, September 25, 2021

What is Under the Bridge


What is under the bridge                                                                               


And, or, what is ready to reveal itself?

There are so many new things that are showing themselves in

the midst of all the changes that are happing through 

Gaia's Earth within this NOW!

There are more and more shows on the Internet and Television about a possible reality in which the third dimensional humans are beginning to have dreams, memories, and or conversations about "seeing Star Ships" There are also those who have had "dreams" or maybe even real experiences,  of visiting another world." 

Why is this change happening now? Yes, there are still many things that have been happing for a very long time. However, there is more and more talk about Galactics that are on the Internet, in more and more shows, and in people's minds and regular communications.

One thing that is happening, is that the "fear issue" seems to be very small. This is very important as the Galactics, who are actually the fifth dimensional beings who have been Gaia's guardian for more time than any one knows.

Whereas, before, if any one even mentioned Higher Dimensional Beings, they would run for their homes and lock the doors. However, more and more people are beginning to go past the fear and go into the wondering about the possibility of higher dimensional beings visiting planet Earth.

What is so very important is that the fear factor for these visits is very low.  In fact, many people are beginning to wonder if it could possibly be true that there are "Galactic Beings visiting Gaia's Earth."

Actually, it was the Galactics who were the first to "visit our planet" as the Galactics have been caring for and protecting beloved planet Earth long before anyone could imagine that there were "Star Ships" and "Star People."  

Part of the reason why so many humans were not talking about their experiences is their fear of being judged by others. They were also  protecting their thoughts because more and more humans are beginning to feel the real Being Gaia, who is the Guardian for Planet Earth. 

Therefore, the ones who were having the "dreams," "memories" were actually "seeing Star Ships, or even being on a Star Ship"

More and more people are thinking about being on a Star Ship as a great honor, or they may even remember that the Star Ship was their home before they came to Earth.

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Blessings and Enjoy your expanded thoughts and visions.

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Friday, September 24, 2021

 September 24, 2021

Our Star Family










Thursday, September 23, 2021

Being the Master of OUR Show!

September 23,21 


The guilt that once did rule our life

Filled up all with fear and strife

But! What if we knew 

What could come true

In the Now of Here

That would have NO fear

And the guilt that once

Was all we knew

Finally learned that 

It was now through!

"The Guilt has past!"

We hear our shout

As now we know what

it's all about

We need to listen to our SELF!

As to be the Master of our Life 

we must be the Master

of our strife

Then, as we release our fear

The Light comes near

As now we know

Where we are called to go!

We thought that fear 

would drive us on, 

But instead it made us

Loose our song

The inner Song said "YES we could"

But our outer voice said

"NOW we should!"

But now the fear is gone at last

And we feel it as memories from our past.

 We even learned to "just let go"

And observe our life

Like we're at a show

We heard the shouts

As now we know

What it's all about

Was just a SHOW

Fear within and Fear above

Makes us fear, that we can't have love


BUT, what could come true

Since Now we knew

That it all depends on 

How we "let it grow."

So, release the fear

No fear at last

We all will shout

As now we know




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Dr. Suzanne Lie books 


SEPTEMBER 22, 2021



On the other hand, our world may seem to be in a deep process of change. Sometimes things need to be seen from a very different perspective before we are able to "turn our thoughts and emotions around a bit" before we can get a different perspective of our present reality.

We say our current reality, because our individual, and even our or groups perspectives of reality are changing more and more quickly. This quicker change in reality is because of our expanding ability to see more and more versions of any person, place, situation, or even our concept of time.

Long ago time was often measured by how long it took to get from one place to another. Now, how long it takes to move from one place to another, mostly depends on which of the many means of travel we have chosen.

Then our life, which once took a very long time to travel to another place, may now not take very long at all. In this case, the speed of travel depends on what car, plane, boat etc. we choose to take.  Not as far back as we may think, the main travel was via horses and horse buggies.

Now we travel on the water via huge ships and/or in the air via huge Airplanes. As we look at our life today, or as we might have looked at our live before planes, trains and automobiles, the world likely seemed smaller in that people did not usually travel any great distances. Therefore, the life that they lived seemed smaller.

But now, we can travel all over the world via our trains, planes and automobiles which can all travel quick quickly. But, if we  were put back into the past, we would have very different thinking about travel. 

Now, we can think about  "traveling around the world." In fact, humans have even traveled into outer space. Hence, more and more we will be able to travel greater and greater distances in shorter and shorter times.

What will it be like to travel on a Star Ship? I can only guess from watching my Star Trek movies, and TV shows which I have been doing since they first came on the television. For what ever reason, I personally have always has a curiosity about being in "outer space."

Perhaps someday flying in outer space will be a common as taking a car, train, or automobile! Maybe when we are able to travel in outer space, I can get a ticket to travel into outer space. 




Dr. Suzanne Lie books 

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Fifth Dimensional Threshold

 September 21, 2021

      The Threshold to the Fifth Dimension


Are we standing at the edge of the threshold into the fifth dimension?
Or, have we already crossed that threshold? The problem is that many times, if not most of the times, when we cross the Threshold, we may be asleep or in deep meditation.

The reason for this is that our third dimensional brain and Third  Dimensional beliefs may not believe in the Fifth dimension at all. Therefore, why would we try to cross a threshold that we do not believe in?

On the other hand, one may believe in a threshold, such as "the threshold as they move through a door, or even the "threshold" when they tell themselves that they are ready to move into a better, and/or higher frequency of the manner in which they decide to live their life.

On the other hand, sometimes that moment may seem beyond their direct control, but they have decided to allow something new, and hopefully better, to enter into your lives.

There is often a "taking vows," such as giving their word that they will promise to fulfill the "vows" that they have taken. Of course, keeping that vow alive in their heart and mind can often seem to be their greatest challenge.

Also, keeping their vow can also be a difficult task for them to keep. Therefore, the  two way event of both of the giving their vow and keeping their vow depends on whether or not they decide to mutually agree on how they will live their lives.

The one who has given the promise and the one who is accepting that promise, has actually become ONE person. But before, as well as once they have  their promises, both need to go deep inside themselves to make sure that they also make that promise with themselves.

In other words, the promise that is given away, must also be the promise that they both vow to keep. Also, will both people be able to  honor the vows that they have taken. 

These "vows" are not just for a marriage or even a couple, as keeping of the vows that we have made  WITH our selves, can also be quite a challenge. 

The communication between you and YOU can be as difficult as the  promises that two different people have made with the other person. There are two parties of your self inside your self. One inner party may be angry or hurt, while another inner party of your self is feeling fine.

This means nothing if both parties of your self are not willing to be honest in what that other version of your self. When your self and your self cannot get along, it is a good time to find an understanding third person.

In fact, being Loving and HONEST with your own self, is the best way to remember to be loving and honest with others. Honesty is a choice of how you wish to think. So if you are thinking about your self or about another, you will need to be honest. 

In fact, if one cannot be honest with themselves, how could they be really hones with others? Most likely the two most important gifts that the we can give is to each other is what we have honestly discovered inside of our self.

 Then, when we feel, or IF we feel, that communication between our selves and another if things are not  doing well, is if they  go inside themselves and into the highest frequency of themselves that they can love and believe, to have a good, hones, talk with our SELF!

Then the "couple" of YOU and yourself can choose both to work together as the COUPLE  you--your Every Day Self and You --your higher dimensional SELF!

In this manner you can live as ONE. That is ONE with your own Higher SELF and ONE with your own everyday--3D self. In this manner, your ever--day self can also connect with your Higher SELF and your Higher SELF can connect with the third dimensional Human that you also ARE!

As you are able to fulfill the above combination of the two versions of your self: Which are:

 Your Higher Dimensional Galactic SELF and your Third 

Dimensional Human self living a loving life together, will allow and 
guide you BOTH to find your Fifth Dimensional life  TOGETHER!