Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Above is a video I did with Evita Ochel at EBTV on ‪http://evolvingbeings.com

presents Earth Changes - a look at present day shifts on our planet and within us. In this episode, host Evita Ochel speaks with Dr. Suzanne Lie, author, psychotherapist and channel, about Ascension, the Arcturian race, channelling, 11-11-11, portals, Mayan Calendar, human evolution, transformation and more.

I don't know how to embed the video, so if anyone does and wants to do that for me,
thank you,


  1. You are so beautiful! Both of you! I really see who you are! and thank you for the concise presentation...great teaching!

  2. Really nice to see you and listen to the volumes of knowledge that you possess and impart unconditionally. We are truely blessed to have your light among us at this momentous time for Gaia and her inhabitants, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe. Excellent discussion.

  3. Hello Dr. Lie, I am just going through your material as I am Georgi's too. I'm so relieved I can't describe it. I wanted to describe how to 'embed'. Go to the video, beneath it click on 'share', then click on 'embed', then click on the text in the embed box, it should turn blue, then right click to 'copy', then go to page where you want to embed, left click on spot, right click to copy, then save. It should show up.

  4. Beautiful indeed :)
    Thank you!