Thursday, October 27, 2011

Men and Women



I am from Holland.
I have a question about so many people, especially men, can’t take it anymore.
Like my husband he and many other men, are so depressed and scared.
I can talk about ascension because he thinks it is stupid.

He and other men I know are all taking anti depressing pills like Lexapro etc.

Can you please write something about that?
What can we do?

I would love to hear from you,


Dear Susan,

I am looking trough the messages on your bloc, but I can’t find the answer to my question.
Perhaps you did not answer yet, that could be.

I would love to hear from you.

By the way your messages are beautiful and I recognize myself. Thank you!!!!

With love


Dear Reader,

I wanted to answer this question in person because I have talked to MANY men who are SO awakened and if didn't want to offend them. The thing is that the men are really staying undercover. However, I have many, many men on my mailing list from the Netherlands. In fact, the Netherlands is one of my main fans. My suggestion to you is to be open about your awakening. I KNOW that you will find some wonderful men who want to talk about what is happening, but don't know where to do it, except via the Internet.

My suggestion to you, and basically to ALL women, is to look into a man's eyes and aura of a man to see if he is awakening. Then, in the way that women in a happy relationship have learned to talk to a man, start a conversation about the "possibility" of living in a higher frequency of reality. My husband and teenaged grandson, who live with us sometimes, feel there is more to "achieve" in the 3D, and are not open to ascension conversations. My husband used to ask for my reference when I talked about my spirituality. Then one day I said in a VERY firm manner, "I have a PhD in psychology and am an avid researcher. I research everything I say and do. Do I ask you for the resources of what you see on the TV News or read what the 3D scientists say?" He has not asked that question since.

The third dimension has been a patriarchal age, but the fifth dimension is beyond polarities and is androgynous in its ruling. We the women of this period of great change need to find, live and use our Power Within to create the much-needed balance of masculine and feminine so that we can smoothly make the transition/transmutation into fifth dimensional New Earth. We can create this balance by embracing our own masculine energy and making it safe for the men around us to embrace their own feminine energy.

In the third dimension men held the power, women held the love and wisdom was largely non-existent. We can see in our changing world how women are becoming more openly powerful and men are becoming more openly loving. As we transmute into the our Multidimensional SELF, we all, men and women, can connect with our highest expressions of our own, innate Wisdom, Power and Unconditional Love.

We are going HOME and Home is where we have always been for Home is a not a place. Home is a frequency of reality!



  1. There are many men into this indeed. I consider myself in a group of 20-30 aged men in america that have come to the ideas of ascension through large music festivals, "the visionary art scene", and psychedelia

  2. Sue, I was wandering how you were going to answer this one...and you did it beautifully. Not from the male perspective,....I am referring to the help perspective that is. Love your ideas and thoughts Thank you....From reference-less Eugene lol priceless

    P>S Thank you for your continued devotion to this ultimate cause.

  3. Hello,

    I,m from Holland too.
    And my husband was scared and depressed once too.
    But the last year I became a Pranic Healer and gave him many healings.Further when the man is not as "far" as the woman in marriage, I learned not to talk about spiritualty to much , only what the man can handle...
    And now he is so fine, I let him be, he is more free..
    Maybee to clean the aura from the husband , let him do several salt baths a week , with a lot of salt....

    Contact me so you can find a Pranic Healer in your town.

    I hope you can do something with this comment.

    Love and blessings to you all

    Esse-Riekje Agter

  4. Love your post! I am lucky to live with an awakened man...but my advice is to clean the aura and energy off the man (with permission from his higher self), and clean and update his guides, reconnect him with his sense of truth and safety, and help him connect his sense of manliness in this, bring in special guides to help him adjust.

    Many guides are not really fluent with how to help stuck people during this time..they are also unable to interfere with stuckness, unless a loved ones prayers give them jurisdiction in this kind of assistance.

    After getting permission to work in a person's field..I often bring in an ascension specialist and instruct them to stay current on what the person needs to make the next step.

    I have done this for other people's husbands..and they report that the person feels much better right away, however a conscious embodied person needs to check shamanically on the situation from time to make adjustments..

    Love this post!

  5. Oh I wanted to Ask Sue...are you on Twitter? Would love to follow if you are..I am including your blog on an appreciation thread that I am hosting on my FB share great blogs with my FB followers..

  6. I have accomplished inner peace by deciding not to fight or struggle, and therefor created more peace and happiness for those in my life. That is what was most important to me. Everything I needed and fought for came to me on its own when I decided to go with the flow. If something is putting up resistance to you, then maybe it is not what is meant for you.

    But regardless, you are free to have a differing opinion. However it is not good to push your opinion on others. Your heart is in the right place but your efforts have the appearance of an attack. No one will listen to you that way.

    I felt this ascension coming even before I ever found sites like this. I understood it on my own with a lot of soul searching and dreams. Now is not the time to fight. It is time for us to go with the flow and learn how to just "be".

  7. The above comment was in response to a deleted post, if anyone wonders.

  8. There is no gender separation on any of the other dimensions, (and although it can appear painful to not share in a similar space with your partner, your experiences of awakening and ascension,) remember it is only 3D illusionary separation you are experiencing.

    In the fledgling early aspects of awakening there is often a stronger emotional feeling of isolation, and aloneness...the f.e.a.r. based 3D ego function rearing it's ugly little control-based head.

    As an intrinsic part of the All, there is no separation, energetically, your vibration is rising as you awaken....your partner chooses to remain on a lower vibrationary field is all.

    Your desire to connect with others is very real, and the suggestions made in the other blog entries are what you need to do, to continue the accelerating open, be comfortable with your changing vibrational field, and others will be drawn to you.