Saturday, October 15, 2011


Dear Sue,
I need to read through your website--you have a ton of info that I am not familiar with.  I am aware that these dimensions exist (still trying fathom what they all are). I think I understand the principles of how we might be able to see all of them simultaneously.  Here's a quick take:

Think of each dimension as a "frequency band."  For those asleep (or even for those who are awake but cannot see all the Dimensions simultaneously  [like most of us now]), we have to use our mind to switch between dimensions.  We can perceive 1D, 2D, and 3D space.  Most of us are pretty good at doing this simultaneously (but not perfectly--2D is much easier to interpret than 3D--I can elaborate more on that later). Our brain/mind gives us the 4th or time-dimension.  Trying to incorporate 4D becomes increasing more difficult (more complex).  Think of it like chewing your gum, patting your stomach, combing your hair, counting backwards by seven, etc. etc. all at the same time. 

As you add complexity, it becomes nearly impossible to do them simultaneously, but practice can make it happen!  At the same time, you can reduce the dimensions (say just do two of them simultaneously) and it suddenly it becomes a lot easier, back to space and time. Meditation is a form of reaching out to other dimensions by turning off physical space and time.  But this is just practice!  We should in theory be able to do this simultaneously, and I think we will. 

Why does "turning off" your brain help in meditation?   As an analogy, the typical rainbow requires us to look away from the sun.  However, we are actually looking at 2nd and 3rd order rainbows as we look AWAY from the sun. There should actually be a BRIGHTER rainbow when a sheet of rain falls in the direction of the sun and we look in that direction.  Why can't we see that rainbow normally?  Glare from the sun obscures the rainbow.  When we meditate, we are turning of the  "glare from the sun." However, with proper filters, you still might be able to pick up that rainbow.  After all, we see all kinds of things in space as we look in the direction of the sun, WHEN we place a blotting disk in the telescope, for example, to remove the sun's glare.  How can multiple dimensions be perceived simultaneously? Here's one possibility.  Think of each dimension as a frequency band (like a station on the radio--although it doesn't have to be RF--it could be light, sound etc.). 

Sure, you can tune into different channels on the radio and hear different messages.  But what if you played all the stations at once? Well, the sounds and voices would get all mingled together, so it would be REALLY confusing.  HOWEVER, if your brain could process the carrier frequencies directly (not the sound), then your brain could also potentially distinguish each station on the radio by its carrier frequency.  All the information would be encoded and the brain could simultaneously detect the messages.  Instead of a much of garbled sound, what if each channel was playing a different musical instrument (violin, trumpet, drums etc. etc.).  It would sound like a beautiful orchestra.  Your sound system can easily recognize multiple sounds simultaneously when they come from "semi-coherent sources."  So, THE OLD WAY: we tune in and out of different stations and listen to the world from that or those dimensions; THE NEW WAY: we tune into and out of AS MANY dimensions as we want (in theory infinite, but in practice, there may be limitations in bandwidth, detection, etc.). The brain can process all the info at will (the sound can do this already; when all colors of light are combined simultaneously, we see only white--so we need filters/prisms etc. to still see the colors that are omnipresent. 

Simultaneous perception of multiple dimensions using your brain comes about from 1) practice and 2) detoxing and cleaning the mind/body/soul from all the garbage and illusion we have had to live with. Now the current time it takes to SWITCH between channels is also TIME.  If we could experience all the dimensions simultaneously, time would have a different meaning, I think. This is coming to me as I write. Am I making SENSE?  We use very similar principals discussed above in ultrasound, light and microwave detection/imaging. Most scientists don't really understand these principals, unless they work directly with the masters in these areas.

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