Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Dear Sue:
In your recent post on your blog “Opening Portals” something caught my attention, “Dying to your reality means that everything, every person, every place, every situation to which you have been attached in the reality that you are leaving must be totally and utterly released.“, This is something I know we must do, and I´m willing to do it, still something inside me keeps wondering if I´m being irresponsible?, I´m a mother of two little children (4 and 6 years old), when my process began I knew that I mustn’t worry about them because they have come with a different program that will be automatically activated when the time is right, but now that time is arriving and things are starting to happened I still wonder if I must do something for them?
Trust you instincts. You were blessed with these children because they chose you. The chose you, on a Soul level, because they knew then what this life would involve and they knew that YOU would be the parent who would know how to help them. They trusted that you would do what they needed. So now you must trust yourself. I know that is a big challenge for this generation of parents of young children.
If in this process of opening the inner portals I´ve to take them with me in the picture I will “save to” in my High Heart?
I think you already did that when they were born. You just don't remember because you were "busy" at the moment.
Is it possible that with this we´ll pass together?
It is my opinion that we will ONLY gain and not loose anything. What ever we leave behind, it will be because it is no long a part of our life. If it is a person, then that person may need to be on their own for a while to find their way, just as we have found our way. However, i do not believe that the bond between parent and child will be broken, unless there was a pre-birth contract that was made by both of you. If that is the case, then it will be beautiful and in the plan from the beginning.
I´m feeling that even if we surrender and detach from everything and everybody we have known here on 3d, love bonds would remain and we´ll be together anyway at the New Earth.
I TOTALLY agree with you.
But trying to understand this in a practical way I would like to have a clearer picture of how this process would be for my children and for all children in general.
When we move from our house and go to another house, do we leave our children behind? They may have to let go of a few of their friend, some toys and maybe even a pet, but the kids stay with the loving parents. Unconditional love is the strongest bonding force in the Universe. When we love our children unconditionally, we are bonded to them no matter what. However, please remember that time and space are very different in the fifth dimensional world of HERE and NOW. Therefore, it may appear to a third dimensional perception that there is some kind of separation, but how can there be separation in the ONE. In other words, we have to hold our loved ones tight to our hearts while we trust that that bond will be even stronger in a reality based on unconditional love, multidimensional light and unity with all life.
Do you have any clue or vision about this?
I think it is important that each parent create their own vision of how they want to remain in connection with their family and loved ones. We are creating our ascension, so we need to see what we LOVED above all else
Much love and blessings

I think everyone would love to hear from other parents about:
How to Tell Your Child About Ascension.

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and i will post it on the blog. If enough people participate, i will make it into a newsletter.
thank you in advance.


  1. I let my 7 year old know that we will go fly with the fairies or go to the dolphin world and talk to dolphins. So she says that she is coming with me because she wants to fly again. And I tell my 13 year old like it is, and the more we discuss it, the more he sees it like it is. Blessings to all.

  2. I am a mother of two boys .
    They are very attached to me .
    Iam just starting to think how to talk about Ascension with them so if you can help me with your ideas and suggestions please do ..
    I am alone in this because my husband does not belive me or he is not ready to open himself .

    Love and light to all

  3. I talk daily with my 10 y.o. son about aligning with love and living from the heart. today we chatted about being influenced by denser energies via tv and video games and how it feels powerful but not loving to engage in certain activities...we also talked about being in the vortex of love when moved to tears watching Dolphin Tale or cuddling with our kitties and how that is 5d and what ascension is about. my son is ready for a whole new way of life that is more in balance with Gaia but he is also enjoying savoring all the luxuries & 3D technologies we have :)

  4. Hello to all,
    I am the mother of 2 girls a 9 yr and 14 yr old. I have started to talk to them about Ascension and 5D for sometime now... I know deep inside that we are attached and that they chose me as their mother for this exact reason. I explain to them how 5D will be about the amazing schooling and all the beautiful powers that we have there... Eventhough they are attached to 3D world they know deep inside that we are all visitors here on Gaia and we all deserve including Mother Gaia the best. Thank you Sue for bringing up this important subject.