Monday, December 27, 2010

My Birthday Question

Today, on my birthday, I awoke with the message:
“Release the third dimensional…”

It wasn’t release the third dimension, which left me with the question of:
“Release the third dimensional WHAT?”

I have thought of the Third Dimensional Operating System.
I am ready to release that!

There is also the third dimensional polarity of separation and limitation.
I am ready to release that!

Then again, there is third dimensional emotions of fear, anger and sorrow.
I am ready to release that!

However, with releasing the third dimensional “whatever” it leads me to the question of, “What about the third dimension do I want to keep?”

Interestingly enough, that question is more difficult to answer than the question about what I am ready to release. What to keep, what to keep?

I would like keep human love, but the negative polarity of being hurt can definitely be released.

Third dimensional mothering is wonderful, so I would like to keep that, but that has it downsides too.

In other words, I think I would like to keep the third dimensional highs and release the third dimensional lows.

It has been said that if we didn’t have the lows then we could not recognize the highs. That could be true in a third dimensional reality, but isn’t the highs with out the lows what the third dimension is about?

Steve Rother in his message from The Group said, “Dear ones, this is the greatest cosmic reality show throughout the universe. Human beings are evolving to the next level without leaving their bodies and physical structure. This has never happened before. It would be easy to see how you had planned this, for planet Earth was supposed to end between the years 2000 and 2012. It would have taken you roughly 12 years to finish this game and to close the door, and hopefully the last person out would remember to turn out the lights. That process was well underway.

“This would have created the energy that you were looking in a totally different manner. What would have happened is that mankind, as you know it would have ceased on planet Earth and your spirits would have formed a new game. That is what you have done over and over before, as it is what typically happens in games throughout the universe. But you have chosen to stay here in the physical body while you shine the light. This is underway now."

In other words, we humans have broken, or re-written, the rules of the 3D Game. We don’t want to die to the third dimension. We only want to release the lows and take the highs with us into our fifth dimensional Earth. The awakened ones can remember the experience of dying over myriad lifetimes, and we don’t need to repeat it. On the other hand, some Souls do want to die, so that they can go first into the fifth dimension and prepare a space for others.

They have likely made that choice because they have had enough of the third dimensional challenges. They may be that they no longer have the physical, emotional and/or mental strength to go through what the Planetary Ascension Team will need to DO and BE. It may also their Birth Contract to cross over at this time. When we all see them in the fifth dimension, we will know that there is no such thing as death.

We will bring Gaia with us when we meet them in the fifth dimension. OR, maybe Gaia will bring us. Of course, there will be no difference then, as we will exist in the total unity of the fifth dimension. Those of us who are staying to work with Gaia want the experience of the transmutation from a third dimensional body into a fifth dimensional body.

I guess another third dimensional thing we will need to release is our attachment to our physical form. In fact, maybe the answer to my initial question of “third dimensional what?” is that it is time to release ALL our third dimensional attachments.

Maybe once we release our attachments to the third dimension, and focus on the fifth dimension, the third dimensional highs will naturally fall into line. Therefore, when we release our attachments to our third dimensional body, all the many addictions we have gathered because our third dimensional emotions were too painful to confront, will simply “slip silently into the night.”

Then we can focus on all the wonderful parts of having a third dimensional body, such as: creative expression, making love, having a baby, finding our purpose, being deeply in love, good food, laughing with friends etc. etc. etc. We will place these experiences into our High Heart and take them with us into our fifth dimensional reality.

We can take (actually re-create) our beloved home, our profession, and our friendly neighborhood. Of course, we won’t forget the wonderful nature experiences we have had with Gaia. ALL of the above, and much, much more, we will pack in our Hearts and SAVE them with our unconditional love.

How will we do this Planetary Ascension thing that according to the Group has never been done before? The answer is,
“We don’t know, but if we want to find out,
we will have to talk to each other—a LOT!”

We will need to talk to our mates, our children, our friends, the people at work, our pets, our yard, the trees, the birds, the whales. They are all creating this adventure with us!

We will need to talk on the Internet to everyone to everyone we know, Facebook, Twitter, emails, newsletters, and/or youtube. Talk in song, pictures, dances, activities, words, but no matter how we do it, we will DO IT!

Right NOW, we are in the process of Planetary Ascension! Because of this, we need to “come out” to our TRUE SELF and share our experiences of awakening, our symptoms of transformation, and our dreams with anyone who is willing to listen.

One Being cannot ascend a planet.
Therefore, we need to ascend the planet united as

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Message from Gaia

Dear Readers,
I want to take a moment to thank you all for your wonderful support and wish you a wonderful Holiday Season. I know that with the Solstice and the Eclipse, the energies have been VERY intense. I know that i have had a difficult time staying awake to the 3D, as i have have wanted to only be AWAKE to the fifth dimensional reality that i have found, created and share. This 5D version of life on planet Earth surrounds and guides me through the challenges of the great transformation that we are creating/experiencing.

When my consciousness is high enough, i can wear this 5D reality like a warm coat on a cold day. However, over 3D time the comfort of my "warm coat" erodes away, and i gradually, or suddenly, fall out of the NOW of our 5D reality . It is then that i need to reach inside to return to the growing familiarity of OUR expanding fifth dimensional reality. If i have prepared myself in the morning, i can more easily recover that 5D FEEL, but if i am in the midst of the 3D flurry, especially the shopping mania, i just need to hold on until i can be alone and go inside my SELF.When i go inside, i can find the light and unconditional love the the fifth dimension.

What has assisted me lately is a message that i got from Gaia on the last day of my vacation. I awoke with the words, "Dear Children of my Land," in my mind and instantly recognized the unconditional love of Gaia. I immediately went to my computer to "take dictation." What She said was a surprise to me, and it has been a constant anchor to keep me centered during this busy, busy, busy time. This message will close my New Years Eve radio show and go out as a special New Years Day bulletin. However, i wanted to share it with you all now, so that it may be an anchor to you, as well. As usual, i love to hear your comments, though i know you all me too busy to write them at this time.

Again i want to wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. I think that 2011 will be a transformational year!! Below is Gaia's message:

Dear Children of my Land,

I am Gaia, your Earth Mother. I wish to speak with you this evening on the last day of my year 2010 to tell you that I AM so Proud to be YOU. Yes, I AM YOU, for dear humans, we are ONE.

You have come onto my body for myriad lives, during myriad civilizations, and NOW you have come to me to live your final physical incarnation. Dear Children, you have done so much to assist me in this, your closing incarnation, so that we may travel Home to our fifth dimensional expression as ONE Being.

We, you and I, have suffered many assaults at the hands of those who could not see the Light, but these assaults are coming to an end, for we have remembered. You, dear ones have remembered, as have I; we have remembered that the “time” has come to “end the game.”

We have come to the completion of the lessons of this frequency and desire to return to our true, fifth dimensional resonance. We long to be within the Oness from which we were born and to live within the unconditional love and multidimensional light of that reality.

Those who have feared the concept of that return have forgotten that they too are magnificent beings of light. Therefore, in these final times of illusionary life, I ask of each of you, my brave warriors, to ease your fist and open your heart.

Fear and fight will feed the dark, whereas love and light will awaken a spark within the ATMA of their hearts.

There is NO ONE who does not have an inner ATMA, a Three Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love, as it is that which allows a human to maintain a body. Therefore, my brave children, I, your mother, ask that—instead of fear and anger—send to these lost ones the Wisdom, Power and Love that resides within your OWN Three Fold Flame.

As you have learned, that which you send out into my world, will return to you, and me, three fold. Because of this Law, which I know you remember, the best way to assist me now is to Forgive those who have harmed US.

Use your mighty Wisdom, Power and Love to send unconditional love and forgiveness to the ones who have forgotten and cannot remember. As you bless them see my true beauty. Envision my mighty oceans, rivers and streams, my beautiful mountains, vast prairies, lush forest and courageous deserts. See my many life forms of plants and animals as they bask within your unconditional love.

As your forgive these lost ones, please tell them that I, Gaia, hold no remorse for my choices, nor should they. Each of my beings has chosen to play a role in the drama of “Life in the Third Dimension.” Those who cannot awaken are merely those who cannot remember their true SELF. As these lost ones awaken, they shall contribute so much to our planetary ascension, that, at last, they will understand why they have chosen to play the role of the villain.

As we come to the final act of this great drama, we remember the last words of a beloved, yet widely misquoted hero. With his dying breath, he sent forth forgiveness as he said,


Soon “they” will know what they are doing and these ones who have chosen to incarnate, as the villain will need your unconditional love to heal. The higher the climb—the steeper the fall, also reads as, the steeper the fall—the higher the climb.

My dear, dedicated children, I ask in this final turn of illusion that you choose love, for it is only through the power of unconditional love that forgiveness can be sincere.

Let we, Person and Planet, hold these words within our heart and mind,
“Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

With these words we use the power of our unconditional love and forgiveness for ALL LIFE to merge the polarities of our third dimensional expression and ascend into the fifth dimensional Unity of the ONE.

The ONE awaits us NOW. Our Return is imminent!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hello from Big Sur. Thank you for all your comments about awakening.

It is important that we share our experiences with others because our expanded consciousness manifests our thoughts and feelings almost instantly now. Therefore, if think we are having an illness or anxiety, then that is our reality. On the other hand, if we think we are having symptoms of awakening, then that is our reality. There are, of course, times when we are sick or injured. Those times come when there is some old emotions or memories that need to be purged. Therefore, we create a certain scenario in which we have to be still and center our attention on our SELF, so that we can complete this purge.

My first thought about coming into Nature was that i felt i had something to release. However, what i needed first was to get grounded. Therefore, not a lot of meditation, except i have been meditating on our walks, but a lot of walking and being still in the quiet and beauty of Nature. I posted some pictures and a short video on my Facebook to share some of what i have been seeing. I have been attracted to rivers, creeks, and ocean views, which there are many of here. I know now that i had this attraction so that Nature could teach me how to live in the Flow during the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Yesterday, i did get in connection with a deep, deep fear from my childhood that it is time to release. Again, i hope i don't offend anyone by my admission, but it is my Truth, and i vowed to only speak my truth here. Also, i know that i am not the only one who has had these experience. Perhaps i can offer them a place to talk about their experience as well. If you have been reading my newsletters or listening to my radio show, you know that i have been talking about our Space Family. I, also, shared one time, with a great response, that i had a meditation where i was taken aboard a Space Ship.

However, i know that i can have an awake experience of visiting a Space Ship, but i feel a submerged fear whenever i think of it. Well, here is my story. I was abducted as a child and when i was older. I found myself realizing that that fear was actually implanted into me by the Zeta's so that i would not tell anyone about my experience. Well, telling people was not an issue, as i couldn't even tell people about my dreams or psychic experiences. In fact, it took soooo much courage for me to first write my website and "come out" as my self, that i had to use my pen name, Suzan Caroll.

Well, thanks to all the wonderful support i have gotten from my readers, i now have the courage to talk about my abduction. There is not a lot i can say about it, as i have still to recover the details. However, my dream last night told me that my wounded child needed my attention, and i had to heal her before i could go onto the next level of my awakening. I am healing her by telling my friends what happened to her/me, so that she can release her shame and fear of discovery. In my dream last night i felt the terror of my disconnection from my sleeping physical self and my desperation to return to her. I woke up knowing that i had to talk about this in a public manner.

It was this issue, my wounded, abducted child/teen, that i knew i had to address and KNEW i had to go into Nature to get grounded enough to look at it. I will share what i remember, which isn't too much. I clearly remember being on the cold metal table with their faces looking down at me. I remember sharp things, too many sharp things. I am almost 64 years old and i have NEVER had any surgery at all. I also HATE going to the dentist. I also know exactly where my implant is, and i can feel a fear right now as i share this. The Arcturians told me this morning that the implant leaves an embedded message to never share what has happened.

There is a bit more, but this is enough for now. I was told this morning that the best way to heal my abducted child is to tell my story, just as i have about the other realities that i have shared in my books and newsletters. If anyone has been abducted, i would love to hear from you. You can be anonymous if you wish. I have only met one person who also knows she was abducted. I think talking to her has given me the courage to face this straight on. I KNOW i want to visit the Arcturians on their ship in my fully conscious mind. I also believe that disclosure of our governments interaction with the ETs is very immanent. I want to clear ALL of my fear so that i can contribute my full love and light to this planetary awakening into truth!

Blessings to you all,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cone of Light

Dear Blog.
I am sorry that i have not written anything for a while. I have been in input status and have had very little output energy. The cycle of downloading the Light and feeling disconnected to 3D, spacey, tired, euphoric and scattered is an important part of our process of ascension. Fortunately, i get to go to the redwoods for ten day in just a few more days, which is why i am downloading in earnest. I have been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping and i am still tired. I know that this process is part of my Lightbody transition. In fact, my feet are so cold. Actually, i have been cold, and i always run hot. I think i am experiencing these polarities in my body to find the center.

This needs to be a quick touch in as i MUST go walk on the beach to get grounded. The Light that has been coming into my body is stronger than i can ever remember. I have been having a vision, experience, image of my self as being a flash of light coming out of a cone, like an ice cream cone that looks like it is made of white paper. First, just my head was out, then when i made the opening the Third Eye meditation/youtube (which will be in the December newsletter), i came out the cone all the way down to my solar plexus.

At the same time, life is "business as usual." So i am really in two realities. One reality is becoming and the other feels like it is ending. However, not all of it is ending, for some of it is actually part of the reality that is becoming. Are you totally confused now?? I am sure that others of you are having similar experiences, and i would LOVE to hear from you if you are. I think it is vital now that those of us that are in the act of transformation be open about our process to make it safe for others to talk about their experiences. In that way we make transition NORMAL, and assure that it is NOT an illness--it is an improvement and return to our SELF.

I know that all of us have past life memories of the horrible things that happened to us in when we spoke the truth. Look at the wiki whatever (forgot the name) who is speaking the truth. Boy, the "power people" of the 3D are more frightened of the Truth than anything. Can you imagine having power over the entire world by telling lies and frightening others into submission, then having the face the TRUTH. Wow, we think we have problems. Because we are ascending, it is our responsibility to send these people unconditional love. I know that feels a bit like stepping on hot coals, but that action is also an initiation too.

Right now our greatest initiation of all is to live in unconditional love. This task is not easy, but the good news is that in order to send it out, we have to hold it in our bodies. It is the holding of unconditional love in our bodies that allows our Lightbody to emerge and the sending out of the unconditional love that is our Mission as members of Gaia's Planetary Ascension Team.

Well, i guess this is not too short. I have to keep my promise with my self now and take that walk before i get ready for work. Have a great day everyone. I am being told to blog about my experience in Nature. It feels like it will be important. No internet there unless we drive to a certain place where they have wi-phi. Cool, a bit like the old days when we could pretend we were separate.

NOW we KNOW we are ALL ONE.