Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hi Sue,

Thanks again for all that you've been doing to support everyone during these interesting times!  Boy, what a ride it has been.

I really enjoyed your latest post from the Arcturians.  I particularly enjoy reading the posts that are more encouraging and uplifting.  The ones about "wishing to have done more" just breaks my heart and makes me think I fall into that category.  It's been difficult for me to share any of my experiences with my family (my husband thinks I'm teetering on the edge of insanity,) and none of my friends are aware of what's going on.  I have been trying to slowly lead my friends/family (on Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on the path I've been down the past two years.  That way, I won't shock them all at once, and I'm also educating them on how to ride the wave themselves!  

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  I told you a bit about the subject matter I've been receiving through my dream-time communications/visions/transmissions/downloads.  So, here's a bit more detail:

In July of this year, I started receiving information about the seeding of a new root race, and I have received subsequent messages about the "template" nearing completion.  I received a message from a female voice that "my DNA is very special."

On 8/1/11, I received a message from the female voice that said the name of what I believe is my 5D/Pleiadian identity.  Later that night, I received a message that said, "This is Master El Morya.  The Blue Star Kachina has returned." 

The next night I felt a transmission come through accompanied by a beautiful cosmic angelic symphony while I felt a fluttering in my stomach.  The female voice said, "It is done. We have returned her to where she belongs with the rest of the stars (relating to seven sisters of Pleiades.)  I also received a message regarding the return of the original pure creator genetic (DNA) blueprint.  Right before the sun came up, I had a vision of a battle between a throne and a representation of evil (satan)?  The throne won the battle, and I said, "This is a wonderful victory achievable with the help of all of the lightworkers out there."  I received a full-body spiritual hug (bliss!)

In mid-September, I received a transmission that mentioned my 5D Pleiadian name again accompanied by a blue lotus symbolizing the throat chakra.  A few days later, I received a transmission that said that the, "DNA that is returning is the direct descendent DNA of Jesus Christ."
Two days later (9/17/11), I received the message, "And behold unto them, it is the Son of Man who shall come to rise again. So be it."  The next night, I received the message, "Behold, I am the Son of Man."

Last week (10/4/11), I received a message that said, "xxxx is the Son of Man." (You can replace xxx with my Pleiadian identity/name.)  I kept questioning the information that I received previously, so maybe this was a clarification.... OMG - does this mean me?  Maybe it really means that humanity as a whole is the Son of Man since we are all ONE, right?  It's just about the embodied Christ consciousness I think.  The next night, I found myself in a beautiful bluish/purplish etheric environment with a handsome tall, blonde man telling me the relationship of my 5D identity and the bringing in of the new 5D reality.

Throughout all of this, I have been receiving visions and dream-time stories about the holy trinity, the holy grail, immaculate conception (Jesus, Mary), Greek gods/goddesses, Egyptian gods/goddesses (a lot about Isis, Osiris, Set, Horus.)  I have received many thoughts about GAIA, as well.  I've had dreams in which I was in another dimension meeting others who are incarnated at this time and on the list of Egyptian "Gods".  I recall having a dream where I was greeting 12 children who seemed to represent the 12 traditional gods (I received something about these children being gone for over 12,000 years?)  

I did speak to my father about my dreams, messages, etc. (he was the first one I "came out" to) since I was told he is a pilot of a Pleiadian spaceship.  He says he's had crazy dreams all of his life (including aliens and fighting on other planets), and when I asked him to go to bed with the question, "How can I best help Shawnna through this?" That night, he had a vivid dream of sitting in the horseshoe control panel of a huge spaceship watching the crew below.  In another dream when he asked to help me again, he dreamed of being in an all white environment and seeing me (almost as a prisoner) with an older man (possibly 100 years of age) in a flying chariot wearing traditional white god/goddess clothing.  He could tell I wasn't happy.  He came in with his flying chuckwagon (that is SO my dad!) and trampled the man holding me.  He freed me and we flew into the sunset where my mom was standing in her blue, flowing dress (they've been divorced a long time, but he still loves her.)

As you can imagine, sharing these stories is a tad difficult.  Like I said, my husband thinks I'm about to fall off the deep end!  I just feel that I should be sharing the information to a certain extent, but I was questioning its validity since I have been negatively attacked (most recently in August) and could easily be pulled into a trap to create confusion.  I also read here and there that we are still clearing old karma and old dramas are resurfacing - maybe this is part of it?  I wasn't sure if I should be taking some kind of action, but I feel like I am getting pressure all around me to do so (lots of messages that mention running out of time, lack of nerve, contracts, believing, missing the boat, etc.) 

I apologize for the length of the email, but I do appreciate you listening!  It does make me feel better to get all of this out there!  Take some time to read through all of it and let me know what you think.  It sure would make an interesting book wouldn't it? :) 

Thanks much,


  1. Wow,,that is really something Shawna. Bless Your Heart for sharing at this time. My family think Im already gone off the edge and my story is much more plain that yours. :)
    Hang in there please, and I will ask my Angels to assist if need be..

  2. The Christ is here in all who are ready.
    I am in the Christ consciousness. I am in many collectives in my work on Earth. My return here as Sirian is to help Earth rebirth, assist others who are ready and want to ascend to 5D reality.