Sunday, October 16, 2011


Part Ten

Once the Friends turned off the controlling frequency waves, which we never knew were there, we were so surprised to experience an inner quite. Gradually, our dreams lives became increasingly lucid, and our meditations began to take us on group journeys. Of course, we did not know that we were having the same meditation until we talked to each other. However, once we found that more than a few of us were having the same meditation, we began sharing our meditations on the Internet so that people all over the world could know whether or not they, too, were sharing that experience. That was when we found out that our dreams and meditations of being in the Corridor were exactly the same all over the world.

I realize now that I never told you how I started going into the Tunnel, which I later discovered was the Arcturian Corridor. I never told you that information because I could not remember. Just as we all forgot our higher life when we took on a physical body, most of us forgot much about our physical life once we came here to New Earth. I mean, we remembered it in that we returned to assist others, but I just realized through the process of writing this journey that there are many holes in my memory about how I actually got here. I think that remembering how I got here was an important reason why I felt a need to write to your timeline.

Actually, that sounds like an ego reason, but I guess that I am to be a type of teacher here. Therefore, I will start my teaching by telling those in your timeline how you too can get here. In other words, as I teach you, I also teach myself.  Therefore, I must remember the detail of how I entered that first tunnel, which I now know was a Portal. Since New Earth resonates to the fifth dimension, there is no-time as you know it in your dimension. Therefore, putting events into a sequential form is something that we quickly forget upon our arrival. We do not need that skill. Therefore, there is no reason to retain it.

In fact, our consciousness is fully calibrated to perceive all reality in a multidimensional fashion. That is why I can look into your timeline to see that you are nearing the opening of the First Portal of 11.11.11. Of course, there are myriad Portals that will open because these Portals are accessed from within each person. This statement may seem very confusing to you that still function third dimensionally, but our frequency of reality is accessed by logging-out of your 3D Holographic Reality and logging-in to your true Multidimensional SELF. You will log-out of that Holographic Reality through the Portal that you will find with your higher dimensional perceptions.

Some of you will see these Portals, some of you will feel them, some of you will hear them and some of you will only experience them while you were asleep. I realize now that I was in my fourth dimensional dream body when I found my first “tunnel,” as I called it. I had to be asleep because my life had not come across any information that could allow me to believe that it would be possible to enter a Portal into a higher dimension of reality. I write this journal in hopes that someone will read it and become aware of the True reality that they are NOW experiencing via their Multidimensional SELF. I remember how confusing that statement is to time-bound thinking, so please believe me when I say that a reality in the NOW is ALWAYS occurring.

It is the challenge of keeping your consciousness awake to my timeless reality while maintaining your physical shell that is creating the fatigue that I perceive in the bodies of your timeline.  I know that, what I am saying may be very confusing. However, it is your time-bound thinking that ties you to a reality that is coming into its completion. I can see the myriad possible realities that are converging and intersecting in your world, and I wonder which of you will choose which possible reality. I guess what I want to tell you is, “Please contact the highest expression of your SELF that you can imagine and allow that version of your reality to make those choices for you.”

This highest expression of your SELF resonates to the octave of the Violet Light. Ultraviolet is the highest perceivable light on any octave/dimension of reality. Hence, it is the resonance, which will allow you to transmute your consciousness into the next dimension of reality. In fact, it is the resonance of Violet Light that will guide you to the opening of your Portal into the higher frequency expressions of reality.

By the time I had adapted to the Indigo Light of the Corridor, I knew I was ready to become a higher version of my SELF, but I did not know how. Therefore, I needed to re-enter to the Corridor. In other words, I was ready to go inside of myself to enter the Corridor in a fully conscious manner to return Home to my Multidimensional SELF. 


  1. Thank You so much!!!

    It is a confirmation for me of my experience in this journey of unconditional love as it also is for for many many other wonderful hearts of Gaia!!

    I have been here many times and have known since the age of 8 that I operated on another program while trying to ground in this 3D reality. It is my heart always that is the vehicle and in humility I serve this mission of Gaias Ascension!!!

    Abundance of Love to all!

    Hope <3<3<3

  2. I always speak of timelines and portals. I see 11:11 everyday and have for the past decade.

  3. Dear Sue
    I know I am assessing to Portals while in deep sleep. However I can't remember a thing upon wakening. Thanks to your sharing about expressing my Highest expression of SELF.