Wednesday, July 28, 2021

We are all ONE

 July 28-2021


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We are ALL ONE for Gaia

 July 28, 2021

We are ALL ONE for Gaia

Whether we are ducks or humans, a bridge or a map, we can all vision that there is a new and better realty that is Trying to be born!

  How can we assist our planet ?

 How can we shake hands with those who we once thought of as an enemy?

How can we meet on the center of a high bridge -- actually a high inter-dimensional and multidimensional bridge in which, 

no matter how big or small, no matter if one flies, swims or walks, as long as they can meet at the top of that bridge and shake hands! ,

What does a "hand shake mean?" 

Does it mean that we are happy to meet the dawn of a new day in which we ALL beings, no matter how different, such as humans, birds, or fish, we can ALL be together  and can happily enjoy each other's company, goal, laughter and/or tears!

It is the togetherness that is important. 

It is the choosing to meet others (in these day likely on the phone) and to share what is happening in their life and how they feel about it!

Can we all learn within this now, how to come together as the true Galactic Family that we have always been!!

                                   What we need to do NOW

It to remember that WE are ALL one with our dearly beloved

                                        PLANET GAIA!!




We, the members of YOUR Galactic Family

 July 28, 2021



We, the members of "Our Galactic Family," wish to introduce our fifth dimensional selves to our brave third and fourth dimensional humans who volunteered to take on the challenge of Wearing a third dimensional forms s that they can more easily communicate with the humans on Earth who are beginning to remember their own Higher Dimensional fourth and fifth dimensional expressions. 

Yes, we, the members of OUR Galactic Family, which also includes many humans who others only see as a third dimensional person.  In this manner of taking on a third dimensional appearance, we, the fifth dimensional, and beyond, members of our Galactic Family can work together to assist Gaia with Her upcoming transmutation from a third/fourth dimensional planet and into a fifth dimensional planet.

We, your Galactic Family, have been assisting the planetary body of Gaia, as well as many of the members of Gaia's world to be able to communicate with you, "the ones who think that they are ONLY human,"

We wish to inform you that many of our brave, fifth dimension and beyond, Galactic members have volunteered to take a third dimensional form on Gaia's to better assist her Planetary Self to expand it's frequency beyond their current third/fourth dimensional seeming bodies so that they can more personally assist Gaia with Her upcoming transmutation from a third dimensional planet and into a fourth, fifth, and even higher dimensional planetary being.

We, the members of Gaia's upcoming transmutation into Her innate fifth dimensional form, may still appear like we are third dimensional Earth Beings. However, we, the higher dimensional beings who have, and are continuing, to assist Gaia are wearing a third dimensional form in order to create a deeper communications between our galactic family and the humans who believe that they are only third dimensional.

Therefore, we your Galactic Family, come to you, the third dimensional humans, to assist you to remember that you are actually a fourth dimensional human who is being awakened by their own Higher SELF so that they (you) can take your own time and space to remember that you are more than just a 3D human.

Of course, there are still many humans who are only aware of their third, and maybe their fourth dimensional self, but have not--yet--realized their innate ability to awaken more and more of their innate brain power, their innate, but hidden memories and/or dreams and meditations that are be sent to them via their own Higher Dimensional SELF, who voluntered to take on a third dimensional human self on planet Earth in order to better assist Gaia with Her oncoming "return to SELF!" 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

We, the Arcturians

 July 25, 2021


We, the Arcturians, are here within this NOW to remind you all that YOU are not alone. 

You are not in you in your daily life, as we, the Arcturians, are communicating with the many higher dimensional humans who have chosen to take a third dimensional earth vessel during this NOW of great challenges for humanity and for the dear planet Gaia.

Gaia, the name that we the Galactics call planet Earth, is in the same process of transmutation as many of Her humans are undergoing. 

There are "times of change" that are often created by the human residents on Gaia's Earth Body, as well as there are many changes that are actually initiated from we, the Galactics who resonate to the higher frequencies of reality.

We Galactics are happy to see that more and more third dimensional humans are beginning, or have all ready, awaking to the knowing that they are not just third dimensional beings. 

In fact, there are Galactic beings who have chosen to take a third dimensional Earth Body so that they can better assist Gaia with Her transition into the higher frequencies of reality.

Many of the humans, if not most of the humans, are not aware that there is something that is happening on Gaia's planetary body.  Yes, Gaia has a "body" in the same manner that human's have a body, but Gaia's body encompasses an entire planet.

Gaia is much like a human that has a Soul but it is unseen by humans who's perception of reality is primarily limited to the third  dimensional frequency of reality.

We, the Galactics, are happy to see that more and more humans are beginning to expand their perceptual field to encompass the fourth dimension and beyond.

Of course, each dimension has a different perceptual field. Therefore, the "vision of Earth" usually very different when the humans are in different states of consciousness.

When humans are in a "good mood" they often see all the beauty, hope and kindness around them. However, when they are in a "bad mood" they often see, all that needs to be done so that they can make it better."

However, if the third dimensional beings can remember that they also have higher dimensional expressions of their seemingly human self, they will regain much of their multidimensional abilities.

These multidimensional abilities are of the higher frequencies of reality and therefore allow the human to gradually, or even quickly, begin to remember that they, too, are multidimensional, but only in their consciousness.

However, once one begins to remember their own Higher SELF, they also remember that they are Multidimensional, but only when they have allowed their Higher SELF to communicate with them.

We the Arcturians are able to resonate to the higher frequencies of reality while we also maintain a third dimensional body. 

In fact, gradually, more and more "3D humans" are beginning to remember that there is a higher dimensional expression of their third dimensional Earth SELF.

This "higher dimensional expressions of SELF" is always ready to assist the third dimensional self who is currently wearing a third dimensional earth body. 

If more and more humans can remember their own higher dimensional Self, then Gaia will be able to raise Her consciousness, which had been limited due to all the negative thoughts and actions of the humans who were inhabiting Her third dimensional Earth Body.

In fact, within this now, Gaia is preparing to raise her frequency rate. However, it may take a very long "time" for humans to begin to awaken to the higher dimensional changes that are more and more visible, especially to those who are more and more awake!

Dear humans of Earth, please listen to our inter-galactic call to REMEMBER  your OWN Higher dimensional Self so that you can assist Gaia to return to Her higher planetary resonance, which is actually her True Planetary Resonance.

Therefore Gaia is calling to all humans who can hear to say to them

                              AWAKEN! IT IS THE NOW

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Worried or excited

 July 22, 2021

                                         Worried or Excited?


There are many challenges within these difficult times. How do we find the way to "hang in there" while so many new and/or very different things are happening in our daily lives.

One of the things that is new, but has also, always been happening but for a very long time, but no one wanted to talk about it. However, this "new" event has been steadily happening more and more in the movies, in the internet, as well as in daily the sighting of the Galactic Star Ships.

However, there is one thing that is happening that is often missed, but is very important which is , manner. We can now openly talk about "I think I say a Starship!" 

Before, we could not even talk about such a "impossible" thing as actually seeing a real Starship. However, the movies, books and many conversations, are more and more about the Galactic Beings  coming to Earth.


There are more and more movies, TV shows, and actual sightings of what we can now commonly call a "Star Ship." Sometimes we receive contact from these Ships, sometimes we have dreams of being on a Star Ship.

In fact, there are more and more movies about beings from "outer space," as well as actual sightings of Star Ships that more and more people are observing in their daily lives. 

Then, there are the many movies, and writings about the next phase of life on Gaia!  In fact, many of these movies and writings are about "what will it be like when the Galactics land."

Will some of the 3D humans become frightened by the vision of something that they never though of "real." 

On the other hand, it is more and more likely that many people will be very excited and happy to finally see the Star Ships that they have been reading about, dreaming about, seeing in movies, television shows, and more and more in their daily life.

But back to the beginning we ask "are we worried or excited?" Part of the answer to that question is that if we are "frightened"by something that is new and much more advanced that,"normal" life on  Earth.

There have been many frightening changes on Earth these days, that people are becoming more and more ready to accept a reality which resonates to a higher frequency than the "normal" 3D life that humans have lived for many eons.

              Therefore, the question is, "Am I ready?"

It is up to each and every one of us to go deep in side and answer the question of:

                                    AM I READY?

However there is one more question for us to answer which is:

When I am ready, will I be ready to assist others to become READY!


Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Many Changes to be Made


Many Changes to be Made!

There will be many changes to be made in our near, and continuing, future that we have been waiting for during many incarnations. 

However, humanity was not yet ready to make those changes because the planet Earth was still strong enough to recover from the many manners of damage that humanity has done to dearest Gaia, Earth Mother!

How much longer will beloved Gaia be able to withstand that which the humans have continued to planetary body. Gaia, planet Earth is a living being, and all living beings have strong points and weak points.

Unfortunately, Gaia's weakest area is the areas in which the humans have taken over Gaia's huge, but greatly wounded, planetary body, as well as Gaia's planetary atmosphere and all her earth, air, fire and water. 

Do humans still not consider that if they should have dominion over the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water when humans have not shown that they are able to be the Guardians for Gaia's beautiful planetary body. 

Unfortunately, humans have not shown to be able to put Gaia, their planetary mother, ahead of the human's need for things, money, and over others. 

How long will Gaia be able to be the Earth Mother that was even worshiped and cared for by the humans who where meant to be the most evolved beings on Gaia's planet.

Will these changes come from up above or deep within. AND will the changes come from deep within the human's grow ability to realize that Gaia is a living being in the same manner that humans are living beings.

In fact, it is all the elements (that which the humans take from Gaia) and the elementals, which are the unseen beings that care for this dear planet from deep within Gaia's body, as well as high above Gaia's body.

Yes, Gaia is a "body" that is an alive being with a deep core, such as humans have a deep core to their body, and an ability for Gaia to take care of her body, even from that which is deep within her planetary core.

Humans also have many of the components that are on Gaia's body. However, far too many humans have forgotten, or never even pondered that a planetary, multidimensional, being could be as alive as the third dimensional humans.

In fact, in some ways, the planet is much more aware and awake than many humans are. "How could that be?" we hear you ask. The answer to that question is that Gaia, also known as planet Earth, is an alive being. 

No, the planet does not have arms and legs, such as humans do, but the planet has been a living, alive, being long before humans were living on Gaia's body.

Gaia, the planet Earth, serves humanity with all the earth, air, fire, water, skies, rain, sun, food, etc. Are the human great for all that their Planetary Mother, Gaia gives to the humans, as well as all the living beings on Her wonderful planet.

However, what are humans doing, sharing, loving and protecting on Gaia's Earth. In fact, there are many, many ways in which the humans greatly harm their planet and have no guilt or purpose to keep their Home Planet as healthy as possible!

Yes, there are MANY  ways in which humanity could assist Gaia, their planetary Mother, but there choose instead to make "money" for themselves so that they can have a "lot of stuff!"

And when the human are tired of their "stuff" what do they do? Far too often they leave this unwanted stuff around to mare Gaia's beautiful planet!!

And where does this "stuff" go?  It goes into the beautiful water ways what makes them much less beautiful, as well as harms all the wonderful beings who live in that water.

It is often said that humans are the most evolved species on Gaia's Earth. However, they are also the most damaging, uncaring for Gaia and all the beings that live on her!

How can the humans, who are meant to be the most evolved beings Gaia's planet, and also be the most DAMAGING beings on the planet?

If humans are evolved beings, then why can't they see the massive damage that the humans are doing to the planet?

Also, would they suddenly care if the damage was done to their own property, but they not even care if it is lovely Gaia's, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, is damages by humanity?

It is true that humans can become very evolved and learn a lot about how to take care of their life. However, can they also be evolved enough to take  planetary home Gaia?

There are many changes to be made if we wish to keep our planetary home healthy and well cared for. 

What are YOU doing for Gaia ?  If you wish to be a role model and share how you care for Gaia, you are welcome to share that information at the bottom of this Blog.

Or you can send your message to:  


and I will post it on this blog.

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July 21

                                            PLEIADIANS WAKING US UP


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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Time to Remember

 July 13, 20-21




However, with so many things that have happened that we wish to forget,

 It may even seem that we have forgotten how to remember that which we have enjoyed.

Therefore, we send you the challenge of remembering times, persons, places 

And moments that you wish to send into your heart so that you can better

Remember that which you enjoyed.

You can remember the nights that were filled with love

and the joy that you felt during certain moments of you past, present and future...

You can also remember the times in which you were brave and strong and able to 

Resolve the problem and accept the feeling of joy for your successes.

It is in those moments that YOU have been able to move through the difficult challenges, and rejoice in the experience of happiness and gratitude.  

In fact, it can amazingly easy to forget that which you do not wish to remember!  

When you are able to be grateful, you can more easily remember to laugh, to talk to beloved friends and family, watch good shows, read a good book, enjoy nature and enjoy your life! 

One could say, "What  joy is in my life?" That is actually a good question to ask, but you best find the answer so that you do not become more upset. You see, the searching for the answer that you wish to find is the first component of finding that which you are searching for!

Also, if you do NOT search for what you want, you likely we not find it. Of course it is always a good idea to consult with your friends and family, and it is that asking for comfort that allows you to accept the comfort. You see, it is easy to "get lost in that which you think you have lost."

Fortunately, if you reach out for comfort, you will find that loving yourself enough to ask for comfort,  is a great way to comfort your self--and to comfort others.

If you can remember to remember to reach out to others, to give comfort, as well as ask for comfort, there is a greater and greater chance that you are really ready to accept the comforts that others have been giving you, but you were so lost in yourself that you did not notice what you were getting.










Friday, July 9, 2021

The Summer of 2021


                                               The Summer of 2021


How is your summer so far? This summer is so very different from many other summers because there is so many questions about how we doing in our every day life, as well as how are we adapting to our environment and our life in general. 

Now, more and more people are inviting the Arcturians to communicate with them, and then share that informations with others. Then together they can combine all that they have learned/experienced so far. It is through those people that share with others on Earth how things are going in the higher frequencies of our Galactic Family.

We, the "third dimensional ones," wish to send blessings to the Higher Dimensional Beings that they see in their dreams and meditations. from we your Higher Dimensional SELVES who have chosen to take an earth vessel during this time of great change, as well as great challenge during this NOW in Gaia's preparation  for Her Planetary Shift.  Yes, this Planetary Shift is something that we are all feeling, as well as watching, in the world around us. 

Depending on how many years you have had your third dimensional Earth Vessel, you have seen many changes, as well as many thing that need to expand, better understand, as well as devoting your self to assist dear Gaia, to move into Her higher dimensional expression of self.

Of course, the transitions on Planet Earth--Also known as Gaia--seem to be more and more frequent to some humans, while simultaneously, other humans do not notice at all that their world is greatly changing around them. Most of the changes now are on a day, to day, third dimensional manner.

However, simultaneously, more and more humans are awaking to their own Fourth, Fifth, and even sixth Dimensional expression of ones total Self. These Higher Dimensional expressions of ones human form is beginning more and more to remember their "true fourth and fifth" dimensional Self. 

Fortunately, these higher fourth and fifth dimensional aspects of humanity are more and more  revealing themselves to their third dimensional "Family Members." Yes, the Galactic Beings, who are showing their Starships and communicating with awakened humans, more and more!

In fact, the Fourth, Fifth and beyond members of our third dimensional self--which is actually the lowest frequency of humanity. In fact, more and more humans on Earth are beginning to remember that there is something that they have forgotten. Or is this "something" the higher dimensional aspects of our innate true Fourth, Fifth, and beyond expressions of our true "Multidimensional SELF."

Humanity's Multidimensional SELF is actually our human self, who is beginning their awakening to their innate Multidimensional SELF who resonates to the higher dimension of  such as the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and beyond versions of our Multidimensional SELF. 

It is no surprise that there are more and more movies, books, and conversations  about the "dream" they had about "being on a Star Ship," or "seeing a Star Ship" in the distant sky. Whereas before, people would laugh at those who said they saw a Star Ship, now more and more people want to know more about these people's experiences.

In fact, more and more movies, books, and conversations about the"possible reality of there beings higher dimensional beings who visit Earth from their own higher dimensional realities. 

There are indeed many changes on Earth within this NOW.  In fact, there are so many changes that more and more humans are beginning to open their mind to the "possibility" that humans are NOT the only beings that visit, or are making their home, on dear planet Gaia, the Mother of Earth.






Wednesday, July 7, 2021


                A Message From the Arcturians during our time of great need.


                                              Through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,

Please send me some information that I can share with others to assist us all during this time of great challenge.

Dear Suzille,

We, the Arcturians, are happy to assist you, as well as anyone who asks for our assistance. We Arcturians, as well as all of our Galactic Family are working as ONE “Higher Dimensional Team” to assist our beloved Planetary Friend, Gaia. Yes, the issues that the humans are confronted with are also impacting all the levels of our dear Planet Gaia. 

Therefore, we suggest to all of you that you, too, connect with us, The Arcturians, The Pleiadians, The Antarians, The Venusians and other Galactic Beings that most of humanity has not met—yet!  We say “yet” because YOU, the members of Gaia’s Planetary Family, are on the cusp of great change.

Yes, dear humans, we realize that there has been more than enough “change” within your now, and we commend you for your immense courage and ability to remember that “Together WE are ONE.” By saying “we” you are connecting your personal consciousness not only with your family and friends, but you are also connecting your consciousness with your Galactic SELF.

We will now explain what we mean by the term, “Your Galactic SELF.” As most of you are aware, “What you think about—You bring about.” One of the reasons that we have come to this NOW is because we need to remind all of you, our brave humans, to remember that your thoughts have great power.

On an individual level, your thoughts are like a “secret” part of you that is constantly interacting with you, whether or not you deserve it. In today's busy world, especially within this NOW of great challenge, it is easy to become so embroiled in what is going on around you that you do not have “time” to think about what is going on INSIDE of you! Yes, your minds are constantly communicating with you in many different ways. 

However, when you, the humans of Earth, become deeply embroiled in the mere act of survival, which many of you feel like you are doing, a wave of fear flows through the eithers of Gaia’s planetary body. 

We realize that many of you do not know how much your thoughts alone can influence, not how you see the world around you, but also the way the world sees you. Yes, please remember that Gaia is a living, breathing being. When you are sad, you send out a wave of sadness that invisibly flows throughout Gaia in many directions.

On the other hand, when YOU send out Courage, Love and Confidence, you send out a an invisible wave of “It is going to be alright! I know that we will join together, in fact, we are already joining together, to assist ALL planetary beings to move through and even “learn from” that which is being called a “pandemic.” 

The dictionary’s definitions of “pandemic” are Epidemic, Contagion, Sickness, Disease, illness, “having a widespread effect as a very widespread disease occurs." Unfortunately, too many people are experiencing this “pandemic” within this NOW. 

We, your Galactic Family, who are members of Gaia’s planetary family such as the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Venusians, and the Antarians, are aware of the great courage and cooperation that has occurred during your great challenge. Unfortunately, there are some, and you are aware of who we speak, have not been able to face this Planetary Challenge and have NOT been able to “take hold of the reigns.”

However, YOU the brave humans of Gaia’s planet, YOU the everyday people who have taken care of their self, their family, their homes and their land, have “volunteered” to assist dear Gaia with Her Planetary Battle, and to assist the humans in their personal battle.

“Why do we use the term, “battle”? We, your Galactic Family, chose to use that term because you are all “Warriors for Gaia.” WE, your Galactic Family, who is also YOU in your higher dimensional expression of SELF, are calling ALL the members of Gaia’s dear Earth to remember that “energy out is energy back!”

We, your Galactic Family can see from our Starships how YOU, the humans, are banning together with other humans. However, this “banning together” cannot be done in a physical manner, or the “pandemic” would travel from person to person and place to place. In fact, we, Galactics are very proud of our dear grounded ones living as humans on Gaia’s Earth.

Fortunately, an increasing amount of our Arcturians, Pleiadians, Antarians, and Venusians, have chosen to take on  human earth vessels because they knew that Gaia would need them on Her planet. “How did Gaia, a planet, know that?” We hear you ask.To answer your question, we will need to remind you that Earth is a Living Being!!!  Cavemen knew that Earth was a living being, as did many other early societies. However, as humans became more and more “civilized” they became more detached from their Planetary Mother—Gaia. 

Therefore, these ones who "forgot" did not care if what they were doing would harm dear Gaia’s elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. In fact, most “modern” humans did not think at all about the elements of  Earth, Air, Fire, or Water, and treated these elements as “just stuff.” 

Unfortunately, the humans, especially the “modern day humans” have forgotten, or never thought about the fact, that there are many “living beings” on Gaia that are NOT human. In fact, all the elementals of—Earth, Air, Fire, and Water—are living beings. Because of Gaia's needs for assistance, these “Elementals” are the core of Gaia’s planetary health

Therefore, when the Earth is covered with concrete, the Air is filled with smog, Fires are ignored until great damage is done, and the Water is filled with trash and many chemicals. 

Why is there so much TRASH? How many humans have even asked that questions. And, more importantly, how many humans have taken care of their own “trash” in a manner that that does NOT pollute their world?

Why did humanity wait this long before they even began to realize that HUMANITY was meant to be the Guardians and Protectors of their planetary home—Earth? 

A big part of that answer is that humans, not the Native Humans who have NEVER lost touch with the fact that the Earth they walk is alive, the Air they breathe is alive, the “fire” from the Sun is Alive, and the Water, which humans cannot live without, is Alive!

In fact, everywhere that you look is an example of the energy field of where you are looking. For example: 

    How do you feel when you see beautiful trees and green fields?

Please take a long moment and close your eyes to see within you beautiful trees and green fields. 

Please take a long moment to close your eyes to see within clear, beautiful sky free of all pollution.

Please take a long moment to feel the warm Sun on your body as you walk through a lovely day.

Please take a long moment and imagine that you are swimming in or standing in a pool of clear, clean water.

How many times in the last month, have you thought about the fact that YOU, the humans, were meant to be the Guardians for Gaia?

How many times in the last year have you thought about the fact that YOU, the humans, were meant to be the Guardians for Gaia?

In fact, when was the last time that YOU realized that YOU have an innate mission to protect Gaia, especially during the difficult time of this NOW?

Beloved humans of Gaia, we the Arcturians, wish to DEEPLY commend the MANY humans who have taken “great care of their Mother Planet!” We, the Arcturians, as well as ALL of your Galactic Family of the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Antarians and Venusians, as well as the other Galactic Beings who have not, yet, revealed themselves to Gaia’s humanity. 

Dearest humans who have chosen to take an earth vessel during this VERY IMPORTANT NOW of Gaia’s need to be healed, loved, protected, and honored as you own Planetary Mother. In fact, Gaia is more than “just your Mother.” Gaia is YOU! You are constructed of the same elements, and Elementals, of Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

Could humanity live without a earthen body?

Could humanity live without air to breathe?

Could humanity live without any warmth from the Sun?

Could humanity live without any water to drink?

If humanity were to loose even one of these elements (as well as the unseen Elemental Beings who create and enliven the elements) how would that be?

We are your Galactic Family, and we seriously mean YOUR Galactic Family, ask that YOU find the time in your busy day to read this message from us Your Galactic Family. We ask you to read this message not because our scribe wrote down the words that we gave here. 

NO, we, your Galactic Family ask you to find time in your busy day to assist Gaia with HER Planetary Ascension. In fact, “we, your Galactic Family” is actually YOU, the Galactics who have chosen to take on an earth vessel during this NOW of Gaia’s GREAT NEED!

We, your Galactic Family, ask that you ignore those who speak only for themselves and listen deeply to those who speak for Gaia and for All Gaia’s planetary humans. It is the NOW to remember your fifth dimensional Galactic SELF.

We will return to speak much, much more. We Galactics have come to assist YOU to remember YOUR True Galactic SELF!

We  will return with more Galactic Messages, to remind you that  YOU TOO ARE A GALACTIC BEING COME TO GAIA TI ASSIST HER NOW!!

Saturday, July 3, 2021


AUGUST 22, 2021





                                     MANY BEINGS WHO HAVE MADE GAIA THEIR HOME!



HER PLANETARY TIME OF GREAT NEED!!                                 

                             WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR GAIA TODAY AND 
                                              WHAT WILL YOU DO FOR GAIA TOMORROW?



Please remember that we, the members of humanity
          Have the honor and duty to keep our planet 





It is the NOW