Thursday, October 20, 2011


Part Eleven

I return to you now because I can see how many of you are preparing your self for your great transition. It is through the Violet Light, the “fire” of transmutation, that this transition begins. Once I had decided that I was ready to BE this higher version of my SELF that I felt deep within me, I began to feel myriad changes in my physical body. Many of us thought that we were “sick,” but because of my conscious decision to return to my true SELF, I knew that my “sickness” was my body trying to catch up with my consciousness. That is when I began to hear the voice of the Arcturians in my daily life.

These voices first began during meditation, which I had fully embraced by then. Then, I began to have a certain feeling, which is difficult to describe. I would have to say that the feeling was an intense urge to stop, close my eyes, take a deep breath with a long exhale and listen to my inner Self. As soon as I would do that, I would feel my consciousness begin to expand. Then had the feeling that only a small part of “me” was in my body and the rest of me was beyond the confines of my physical form. I say “beyond” rather than “outside” because this because the greater sense of myself was INSIDE.

When I turned my eyes, actually my eye—my Third Eye—around to look inside I could see the Corridor. Very often before this time I found myself IN the Corridor, but I could not remember how I had entered it. Now, for the first time, I could see the light that led to this entry. That light, of course, was Violet. At first the Violet Light was as very small, as if the opening to the Corridor was far away. But, how could it be far away if it was inside of me? Could I have been that vast within my SELF? The voice inside then said, “YOU, our beloved, are more vast than you can imagine.”

This time I heard the voice echoing from deep, deep inside of me, and as I put my attention onto it, the Violet Light became brighter. I asked for more inner instructions and heard, “Follow the FEEL of our voice and the GLOW of the Violet Light.” Upon hearing these words my body began to shake and I had to focus on deep breathing to calm myself and, especially, to stay conscious. There was a part of me that wanted to leave. At the time, I did not understand that feeling, but now I know that that was the part of me that was totally ready for ascension. However, there were other parts of me that still held fear and attachment to my old life. Hence, a battle started to be waged within me.

The shaking became faster and my breathing deeper and, almost, desperate. I was loosing ALL control of this situation. It was like I was in a run-away car with no breaks. However, at the same time, I would not have used the breaks if they were there because I was beginning to experience a euphoric feeling beyond anything I had ever known. I then heard, “Surrender to your feelings and release all resistance.” At first, all I could do was to say to myself, “Surrender and Release.” I said this over and over, more times than I could count. My words made me feel more in control, which calmed the fear I had not realized I was feeling. Then, I pulled all the shaking into my Core and slowed my breath.

At that moment I felt like a rocket ship that had just been launched. I knew that my body was perfectly still, but my consciousness, my Essence, was soaring beyond the speed of light into the unknown, AND I was loving it. Never, had I experienced such freedom and glory. I had had myriad experiences in the Corridor before, but nothing was like this. I hoped that I was still breathing and wondered if I would ever return. But, where would I return to? Who would I return to? And, why would I ever want to leave here?

“It is not your time—yet!” whispered the inner voice, and suddenly, it was over. I was back sitting on my chair with the biggest smile my face could carry. All I could think was, “WOW!” I looked around my room. It was the same. My chair was the same, my desk was the same, and when I looked out the window, the world looked the same. However, I was NOT the same. I knew that what I had experienced was a “preview of coming attractions,” and I was very antsy to see the “entire movie.”

“The Path to Ascension is paved with patience,” spoke my inner voice. Again, a smile filled my face.

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  1. Oh I love this!! Beautiful description of the corridor and some of my visions. I have to admit I feel very antsy to view the entire movie!!! Patience is a virtue:)