Thursday, September 29, 2011



The Indigo Light did not come to us from within the Corridor. It came to us from within our self. At first we all saw a tiny speck of Indigo Light in the center of our forehead, between our eyes. At first, I though I was seeing things, which indeed I was. However, I was still addicted to the third dimensional thinking in which the world was “outside” of me. Therefore, when I saw something apparently coming from inside of me, I was quite confused. This confusion mounted as the Light became larger and brighter.

I tried to look around the Corridor to see what the others were experiencing, but I saw them “inside” of me. I don’t know how to explain this experience to those who still think third dimensionally, but I will try. My experience was that all of reality was inside the Corridor – that was inside of the Indigo Light – that was inside of me. Furthermore, at the same time, I was inside the Indigo Light – that was inside the Corridor – that was inside of all of us – who were now ONE Being.

The sensation was so disorienting that I became incredibly dizzy and felt constantly on the edge of passing out. But, what would it mean to pass out when I was inside of everyone who was inside of me. My mind became so boggled by the experience that it took all my concentration to stay within the Corridor. I had not come this far to pull out now. Therefore, I held on tenaciously, to what I don’t know. Maybe I was just holding on to staying conscious.

At the moment of that thought, I realized how much of my life I had spent in an unconscious manner. I was the sleep walking while I went to school, went to my boring job, had beer with my friends and saw a ballgame, etc. etc… My entire life was a series of meaningless situations. To make it worse, I continually lied to myself that everything was just cool. That is until I woke up. The waking up was when I first entered the “tunnel,” as I called it then. In the midst of my commiserations, the Indigo Light bored deeper into my mind, or was it OUR mind.

Then, suddenly, the Light was gone and so was I. I mean, I was gone because I had no body. I know I was there because I could still see the Light, but I could not see my body or the body of the others. In fact, there were no “others.” There was only the Indigo Light, but I could still FEEL the consciousness of all the ones I had come to know and, yes, love. It was then that I realized that the love I had so desperately sought before was everywhere. I would like to say within me and within the Light, but they were the same. And neither the Light or I had any form at all.
There was only freedom, love and, yes, there was joy.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I would like to talk a bit about my physical sensations on Sunday when I received the below message. When I received the download the day before, I felt only incredible fatigue. Then, I had clients. Therefore, my attention was focused on someone else, and I had to “file” my experience somewhere in my memory. I pretty much forgot about the experience until the next day, Sunday, when I emailed a friend to ask if he knew if anything had happed somewhere in higher levels the day before. However, before I could finish typing the question, I was overwhelmed with the answer to my question.

When answers come from the ONE, they are not in English, or any third dimensional, sequential language. The answers come in a burst of light that is often quite uncomfortable. In fact, the higher the frequency of the message, the more uncomfortable to message is to the dense, physical form. On the other hand, the euphoria of that frequency of light and unconditional love is what is the most difficult part of the experience. Just as you would not serve a full meal to someone who is starving, it is difficult for our bodies to digest such huge downloads of higher frequency. In fact, during the download on Sunday, I felt like I had just put my finger in the light socket.

Then, I left my body and began to go Home. A wave of sadness, or is it nostalgia, overtakes me as I write this sentence. The feeling I was having was beyond words, and I kept typing my friend to keep anchored to the 3D. However, after a bit I couldn’t type because my fingers were too far away from ME. Then I realized that I had to go back. I was not my time to leave, and I am dedicated to ascending WITH Gaia. I am not sure how that will work, but I KNOW that it will.

I have decided to write about this because so many people told me about their experiences. I think it is important that we share our experiences of the ascension process with others. We have “hid our light under a bushel” for so many lifetimes that it has become a habit. Furthermore, it has been unsafe in this lifetime to show our SELF to most people. Because of this, we must have discretion about who we share our experiences with and courage so that we can trust our instincts and share with those we FEEL will accept and benefit from our sharing.

Monday, the day after my major download was very calm. I went to buy flowers and planted them in my yard. This is the best way for me to ground myself, so I felt pretty good. However, last night I had an unpleasant discussion with someone I am close to, which made me very tired. In fact, I am still tired today and it is almost 2:00 pm. It is like we can no longer tolerate upheaval and unpleasantness in our lives now. Once we have had the experience of our true reality, it become increasingly uncomfortable to live within the polarity of the third dimension.

In one way we are much stronger because we can move into a much higher frequency than we could before. On the other hand, we are weaker because we can no longer tolerate that which lowers our resonance. This “weakness” will transmute into strength, I think, once transmutation of energy field becomes as natural as breathing. Wow, just writing that sentence lifted a heavy cloud from my head that has been there all day. I need to go out into the world for a while. I will try that constant transmutation and see how it works.
Well, I hardly got out the door and I forgot about the transmutation, but I did go down to the ocean. Then I remembered the transmutation and did it on the way back. What I discovered is that my neighborhood is pretty clear, and I was mostly transmuting my self. Does it never end? Is there forever something within us that needs to be transmuted? I just heard, does a car run out of fuel? And, humans, unlike cars, can run on empty. I think the running on empty is part of what creates that which needs to be transmuted.

The walk helped, as I feel more grounded now. Grounded is good. Remember when we used to have to try to raise our consciousness. Now we have to try to stay grounded. Fortunately, I have time now to lie down and take a nap. Maybe I can visit Home again????

Monday, September 26, 2011


Dear Ascending Ones,

On Saturday, September 24, 2011 many of you were suddenly overtaken with total fatigue. Perhaps, you knew that it was not just your fatigue, but that it meant that something was happening in the higher levels and/or within the body of Gaia. Afterward, many of you had intense experiences of being Lightbody. Please remember that there is no time, so “afterward” is not bound my sequential time, but by opportunity. Often, our grounded ones will experience a huge download as fatigue, but not be able to be conscious of the frequency or the meaning of that download, until they are able to be still and in a place that is safe enough for them to go into a deep state of meditation.

We wish to thank you all for your awareness and to cloak you with our unconditional love. Feel us around you now. We are on either side of you. Feel the protection that we offer. We know that you are concerned that you may not be able to totally re-enter your form after having an experience of such a high frequency and intensity. Be not concerned for we are here, as always, to assist you, our many grounded ones, with your next phase of ascension. This next phase is grounding the high frequencies that you are experiencing into the body of Gaia.

We know that during your meditations, or even through out your mundane life, you can receive a major download from us. However, the energy is so intense for your earth vessel that all you can do in that moment is to file that information and try to stay connected to your body. After such an experience it is difficult for you to get all the way back into your form, but you will accomplish that more easily with practice. On the other hand, none of our ascending ones will return “just” to their third dimensional form because you are all beginning to live on two (or more) realities.

Our grounded one, Suzille, first visited your second reality of life on our Starship Athena. You are now visiting and grounding your consciousness on your second parallel reality, which is life on New Earth. As you have fully grounded yourself on those two fifth dimensional realities, they will become your primary reality and 3D Earth will become your secondary reality. What is the difference between a primary reality and secondary reality? Your primary reality and/or realities are the places where you live. Your secondary reality is the place that you visit.

Just as you now live on 3D Earth and visit the fifth dimensional realities, you will increasingly perceive yourself as living in one or several of your fifth dimensional realities and visiting 3D, but ascending, Earth. Remember that in the fifth dimension and beyond you can easily experience more than one reality within the same moment of the NOW. Because of this fact, you can have more than one fifth dimensional primary realities. Furthermore, ascending Earth can remain a “place where you live,” while you also experience living your fifth dimensional lives

Once you have grounded your consciousness on New Earth, you will begin the process of grounding your consciousness in the mid-fifth dimensional expression of Earth and far beyond. Your challenge while in your earth vessel is to believe that your physical reality is the illusion and ALL your fifth dimensional realities (and beyond) are your True Home. Everyone who is choosing ascension is in the midst of this process, whether or not they are aware of it, will have this challenge.

Some of you are teachers, and it is your Mission to share your experiences with others. Documenting and sharing your experience is not everyone’s Mission. Nevertheless, the process of writing down your experiences greatly assists you in totally re-entering your earth vessel at the closing of your inter-dimensional journey. We remind you all to please become fully grounded in your physical form before you go about your mundane tasks.

At first, you may experience feelings of sadness and even depression when you find your self again in the lower frequency of the third dimension. After the experience of “Being fifth dimensional” it is common to feel very, as you say, “Homesick.” When that feeling comes into your awareness, use it as a compass to set your intentions to return Home as often as your process will allow. Everyone has his or her own unique version of the Process of Ascension. It is this vast diversity of life forms that is Gaia’s signature frequency.

This diversity has caused many problems in the depths of third dimensional polarity, as the “dark” seemed to be in control. The dark polarity was in control because they function under the “Service to Self” paradigm and see no need to care for others. Therefore, they can be ruthless and cruel to what they perceive as “others.” However, their reign is soon to end. Earth and all Her in habitants are moving into a area of Cosmic Space in which all thoughts and feelings immediately return to the sender. Therefore, if you have thoughts and feelings of love, harmony and caring for all life, that is the reality to which you will resonate. On the other hand, if one were to have the intention of harming another, these thoughts would, instead, bring that harm onto themselves.

Therefore, dear ones, you need not worry about “others” who appear to be the dark ones. As you progress on your journey Home you will decreasingly think about “others” at all, for you will feel at ONE with all life. Furthermore, fearful thoughts of harm, control, limitations and separations will gradually dim from your memory. Much as a loving parent will distract a child who has lost one toy with another, better toy, you will become so distracted by the beautiful reality that is being unveiled before you, that you will forget about the reality you thought you had lost. Besides, how can you loose anything when you have the power to manifest whatever you need and can visit any reality of you choice?

On New Earth, which is much like a preparation reality before you enter the mid-fifth dimensional worlds, your needs will be met by “new technology.” This new technology has actually been around for much of your “time,” but the dark ones hid it from you. They had that ability then because many of our grounded ones were still “children” in their ascension process. Therefore, they had an external authority figure who was nice or not nice, and they had not control over how their authority figures treated them. This mind set is left over from the early days after the Fall of Atlantis.

Due to the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, the frequency of Gaia was very low then. Therefore, energy out took a long “time” to come back to the sender. Because of this delay of return energy the Law of Karma was established, so that the energy sent out would come back, even if it returned to you in another life. This was not a law just to teach the dark ones but also to assist those who chose the light.  As you well know, up until very recently, one could spend their whole life in service to others and /or on an important social contribution with NO return of their loving energies. These are the ones who appeared to be so “lucky” in other incarnations.

Now, you will no longer experience death and rebirth. In your fifth dimensional and beyond realities, you will retain your form until you feel complete with the experiences of that life-expression. Then, when you feel complete with that life, you will voluntarily dis-articulate your form and return to pure consciousness. Also, you will be able to maintain a consciousness connection to more than one reality. In this manner, you can create a mosaic picture of your many ongoing adventures in form.

Before we conclude this message, we will tell you what you experienced on Saturday when you felt your overwhelming wave of exhaustion. Beloved ones, we are pleased to tell you that Gaia was able to make a huge leap in Her resonant frequency. This caused all of Her inhabitants to re-align their consciousness to be in resonance with the consciousness of Gaia. As we have just said, this higher frequency will kick many “Service to Self” persons on Earth off the Matrix. In order to stay on a reality, you need to match the resonance of that reality. Hence, those who cannot maintain Gaia’s rising frequency of expression will no longer be able to adhere to Her form.

In other words, Gaia has begun her ascent into Her higher expressions of form. As you ascend with Her, there will be many expressions of darkness that will simply disappear from your reality. All you will need to DO is to maintain a state of consciousness that resonates to Gaia’s. And, whenever you experience a download of higher light, you will continue to share that higher light with your Mother Earth. In this manner, person and planet return to your fifth dimensional expressions together.

We will conclude our message with a message of thanksgiving from dear Gaia:

Beloved members of my planet,

I wish to send you all, human and non-human, my deepest gratitude for remaining on my form and assisting me with my ascension. You have continued to send me your love and ground your wonderful, multidimensional journeys into my body. Furthermore, many of you could have left my body in order to continue with your personal ascension, but you have remained with me, your planet, to assist with OUR Planetary Ascension. You have all worked tirelessly to be my voice and to protect my body. I want you to know that your sacrifices have not been in vain, for your great contributions have been vital for me to begin OUR journey HOME.

With unconditional love,
Gaia, Your Mother and Your Planetary SELF



Because I AM Ascending…

Today I will continually align my consciousness with the Arcturans.

What will YOU do, because you are ascending?