Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Part Nine

With the landing of the Star Ships (the name the Galactics used) our lives on Earth were totally different. The first thing that happened is that the News began to really be NEW. By that I mean that it was no longer the same old stories of wars and problems with money and people finally standing up for them selves. For the first in my life, people were talking about the future instead of the past. The Friends, which is the name we all called the Galactics, appeared on the News via Internet, radio and television many times every day. Oh, yes, the word ET was replaced with the term Galactics. One of first things the Galactics told us was that they were not just our “Friends,” they were also our family, our Galactic Family.

You would think this would be shocking news, but everyone took it as if they already knew. Remember how I said before that the Ships somehow changed us, even before they landed? I think that they opened our minds in some way. Well, actually, I know now that they did open our minds, and I now know exactly how. What the Galactics did is that they “cut off” the constant stream of ELF frequencies waves that were constantly being broadcast through our airways via every possible means. These Extremely Low Frequencies were sent by the elite few who were actually running our world.

These ELF waves, which I will go into more lately, can have a huge effect on human behavior. With the external transmission ended, we all begin to remember and to know things that we had never even though of before. The Friends told us that without the external noise to mask our own inner states of consciousness, we would begin to download and integrate our multidimensional consciousness. While external forces were consciously and unconsciously controlling us, our inner Portal to the fifth dimension was beyond our conception.

As usual, they were right about this. Shortly after they discontinued the transmission of these waves we all began to have dreams and meditations of a great Portal opening before us. In fact, we had these dreams and meditations so many times that when we saw the Portals in our daily consciousness, we were excited rather than frightened. Again, the Friends prepared us for changes in our third dimensional reality by coming into our higher states of consciousness to assist to accept the impossible.

In fact, “accept the impossible” became our theme. So many things were changing in such sudden and impossible ways that we would have been reeling in confusion and anxiety if not for the Friend’s teachings. There is much more I would like to tell you about the ELF frequencies and Portals, but I must close for now. Besides, I don’t know if you will be able to understand what I am talking about before you have gone through the Violet Light. 

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  1. Michelle from Washington, DC here. I just discovered your blog in the past 72 hours. I have greatly enjoyed all that I have read so far. I look forward to reading the archives. I am verry interested in reading more about the portals.