Thursday, June 30, 2011

Early Communications with the Arcturians Part Two


Suzille, I am Kepier, we, are Kepier,

We represent the Window of the Worlds through which your third dimensional self can perceive and understand our Arcturian group mind. As Suzille and Kepier increasingly become ONE Being, that Window will become clearer and clearer. Let us now look through that window.

Suzille’s speaks,

As I look through the window I see violet and golden fog that is swirling into a powerful Vortex. Within the very center of the Vortex I see a golden light that beckons me to follow. As I step through the window I feel that I have left my physical form behind. I am now a formless being and my essence is one of light. I feel my breath as the heartbeat of my life.

I too am a golden light following a golden light, which is following another golden light. These golden lights form a long stream of light, which flows into the Arcturian group mind. We are cells with in the body of Arcturus. We are all interconnected like a circuit board and we are all able to feel ourselves as a portion of the group at the same moment that we are all individuals. I feel my physical form as the end point of my total self. I am anchored into an experience of separation and limitation because it was my choice.

I feel the Window into my physical self as the tip of my tail, and I am heading towards my head in another world. However, as I continue this journey I find it more and more difficult to conceive of myself as “I.” The Crystal Cities of the fifth dimension beckon me to flow into their Vortexes of experience. I feel reasons and explanations beyond my ability to place into words. It is merely structure and form. As I follow the pathway through the labyrinth of the crystal meridians I feel the rush of the sixth dimension. I feel and remember it as a glow, which is completely neutral. There is no charge to it al all. It is still and calm and infinite. I see now the opening into the sixth dimension. I feel the Love of the fifth dimensional plane. I wait here for a while. Suddenly, from this perspective I Know that I must move back into my third dimensional form to find and clear any blockages.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Early Communications with the Arcturians Part Two


Dear Arcturians,

I heard from you last night before I went to sleep and then I had a wonderful dream about group mind and inter-species communication. Please assist me in remembering and understanding the dream. I am open and allowing all your information.

Dearest Suzille,

We are in joy that you are open and allowing to our vibration because we are one with you upon the third dimension. Through your existence we are able to impact the third dimension in a way that would otherwise be impossible. More and more of our grounded ones are awakening and remembering. We welcome you all back into conscious communication with your Source World. We also encourage you all to communicate with your alternate and parallel realities that vibrate to other worlds, times and dimensions.

Since your experiment of entering the third dimension, many of you have aligned your vibration and ascended to other Source worlds as well as Arcturus. Even though most of you have forgotten these experiences, we are joyous about your expansion. You, Suzille, are primarily aligned with Arcturus. However, you also aligned with Sirius B, The Pleiades, and Antares. In fact, Commander Malteese of Antares and Mytria from the Pleiades wish to communicate with you in this moment of your space/time.

Suzille, Commander Malteese here,

I wish to commend you on your multidimensional awakening. We of Antares wish to assist you in remembering your alignment with us. You and I were fellow warriors for many millennia. You are so unattached to your warrior qualities because you have fought with me in so many wars. We primarily battled with the Orions during the Great Galactic Wars, which were millions of years in your past. Captain Jaykaraq, for that is your name in that reality, you and I served on many missions. It was I that rescued you from the Orions when you were captured and given an implant, and you rescued me on several occasions, as well. I was also a Captain then, but I am now known as Commander as that is the name given to the vessel Captains in the Ashtar Command.

Captain Jaykaraq’s essence is still alive within you and within his reality on Antares. In that reality you have retired from the military and have joined the Priesthood to best assist your Earth incarnation. In fact, all of your alternate realities are observing your progress of ascension on planet Earth and on the other planets that are also ascending. The Milky Way is now raising its vibration into the fourth and fifth dimension. What a wonderful cosmic moment! I call you now as a portion of your group mind. Remember the call of the Group Mind in your “dreams.” Listen closely to them, for they will keep you informed of the progress of our mission. (At a later date, I will present Captain Jaykaraq’s story.) Listen now to the voice of your Pleiadian reality.

Suzille, I am Mytria,

I call to you from the Violet Temple. You know now how many Violet Temples you have studied and served in. Violet is your resonant vibration, and you seek to restore yourself to that vibration whenever the opportunity arises. Just as Commander Maltese and Kepier support you from the Ashtar Command, I support you from the Pleiades. Take a moment now and remember our life here. See before you the beautiful landscapes of Alycone. Is it not reminiscent of our life upon Venus? Here we vibrate between the fifth and sixth dimension.

We live our life upon the fifth and beckon, as well as draw from, the sixth dimension for guidance and inspiration. I wish to tell you what is happening with your physical form. It is transmuting. It is transition from a clay third dimensional form into a fifth dimensional Lightbody. Soon you will experience your avatar abilities. The first will be to be awake within your night body and to experience “awake dreaming.” This is the easiest way for you to adjust to your fifth dimensional self. The concept of sleep is changing for you and that is why you cannot sleep. It is vital that you keep right thinking regarding this process. You have wanted and waited for this opportunity for most of your life. Allow yourself to be comfortable with the transition.

Continue with your studies. Understanding greatly facilitates acceptance. Find any pockets of fear regarding your process and love them into a healing balance. Allow me to assist you with this. First there is the childhood fear of all the nightmares you experienced. They came from unexpressed emotions, which become activated by the fourth dimensional sleep state. Therefore, be careful to express any emotion that you are having, even if you think that it is not a “good” one. Emotions are not to be judged but, instead, need to be expressed and balanced.

An emotion tells you when your biochemistry has moved out of a neutral charge and has become positive (alkaline) or negative (acid). Anger is very acid, whereas sadness is very alkaline. Fear can be either, depending if it is fight (acid) or flight (alkaline). Joy is programmed as being a balanced and receptive emotion, but many Earth bound expressions of it become very manic. When joy is expressed in a manic manner it becomes very acid for it erodes away at its environment. Acid emotions change the environment whereas alkaline emotions stabilize the environment. Therefore, you can see that these emotions are powerful creators within your third and fourth dimensional world.

Thoughts are also acid or alkaline. An acid thought would be one that tears down or destroys, and an alkaline thought would be one that accepts and stabilizes. However, in order to be a creator, your thought and emotions need to be balanced. The imbalance of acid or alkaline lowers the vibration into the third dimension in which struggle and work can manifest. That has been the separation game for many millennia, but it is now changing.

You no longer need to work or to struggle, for the third and fourth dimensions are now collapsing into the higher worlds. Keep your emotions and thoughts in your conscious mind so that you can correct any imbalances and maintain a steady flow of balanced, receptive consciousness. In this way, the Group Mind of your Multidimensional SELF can communicate with you constantly.

I present this entry to let you all know that everyone has the experience of other realities on other worlds and dimensions. Furthermore, everyone can remember how to communicate with these alternate realities. First you must believe that these are true experience and know that you are NOT just making it up. You are a great Multidimensional Being who is alive on many frequencies of reality. I present my experiences so that you know it is possible. I thought I was just imagining these experiences, which is why it took me so long to share them. Now I know that it was my imagination, and fifth dimensional imagination is much more REAL than third dimensional thoughts and limitations.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Early Communications with the Arcturians Part I continued


I had totally forgotten that I had had such early experiences on board the Starship. I think I forgot these visits, as they had no place in my mind to stay. It was about this time that I started my website, In this site I started with the healing of the unconscious and went through the entire process of healing the past, waking up and learning to commune with, and eventually integrate, my Multidimensional SELF, etc. etc. Finally, when my consciousness expanded to embrace my SELF, I could return to my visits on the Starship.

Dear Arcturians,

Last night I asked to be brought aboard your Starship, but I can’t remember it.


Indeed, you did come aboard our ship last night. Allow us to remind you of your visit. Take a moment now to surround yourself with the Violet Light of transmutation. Remember through out the day to reinforce this light and to keep it ever surrounding your entire being. The Violet Light will assist you to raise your vibration. You are learning to resonate to higher and higher frequency. Feel yourself now in our Chamber of Light. You were uncomfortable there because you are not ready to hold that much light.

You still had to release more pain and fear. For you to raise your vibration before you are ready will bring too much of it to the surface and you can become overloaded from the sudden surge of the awareness of your own darkness. It is best to work on releasing darkness and integrating it into your own third dimensional light. The act of integrating light and dark automatically raises your vibration and prepares you to eventually enter our Light Chambers.

Feel yourself again in our Light Chamber. (This was the same as the Restoration Chamber mentioned in the Kepier writings.) Do you feel the heat of your body raising? It is now time for you to release your menopause medication because it masks your own natural process. Rather than avoiding your heat and vibration raising process, it is important that you are conscious of it so that you can monitor it. You must also alter your eating, as you know. When you are altering your eating for ascension purposes rather than to appease your ego’s insecurity, you will not activate your addictive eating habits. (Menopause is now long gone, but I only started altering my eating in the past five or so years. I guess some addictions are more important than following advise from the Arcturians.)

The Violet Fire of the Chamber is now entering every cell and atom of your physical form. Is there any addiction that is more important than your ascension? (It took a while for my ego to get that message.)


Dear Arcturians,

Please help me to understand who it is with whom I am communicating.

Dearest Suzille,

In this file you are communicating with the collective consciousness of the Arcturians. We are, as you know, a group consciousness as we vibrate above the sixth dimension in our natural state. Many of us have volunteered, as you did long ago, to lower our vibration so that we may be more accessible to those of the third dimension. Since we are “kin,” you are especially receptive to our vibration and therefore are able to tap into our vibration in a collective way.

This exercise of communicating with our unity consciousness will assist you in remembering how it feels to live in unity and to share your consciousness with many others. We know that you are curious about which member of our group you are communicating, but the answer is that there is no one member. We are ONE with all because at this vibration there is no separation or sense of individuality, as you know it.

Can you remember how it felt when you were on Arcturus? Remember how each member of you pod would automatically communicate for all the members of the pod? You can remember the pod and the individuality that you have become and the roots from which you have sprung, but you cannot yet remember how it feels to BE the root. Remember now how it feels to be, not a component of the One, but instead-- the ONE.

Meditate now and remember how it feels to – BE THE ONE.


Dear Arcturians,

Do you know of me? (I guess I had forgotten how it felt to BE THE ONE. I present these communications just as I received them to remind my readers that it is fine to get lost in the 3D reality. We have to be very determined to remember to return to our true, Multidimensional SELF even though we have so many physical responsibilities.)

Dear Suzille,

Yes, Suzille, you were with us. We are in the starship Athena, and have been calling to you for your entire incarnation. Are you not happy to finally hear our call? Kepier—you--are our ship’s counselor and communicator. From this rank you are able to council those who enter our Light Chamber. Do not believe that you are making this up because you have enjoyed your Star Trek series? In reality, you have enjoyed that series because it made you remember the higher component of yourself.

Look now to your true Arcturian form. See your long Arcturian arms with the three digits at the end. See these hands as they overlap your human hands. Now, open your inner eyes so that you can see what is happening at higher vibrations as well as what is happening on the lower vibrations. Do not doubt yourself? Remember who you are.

Feel the lightness of the Arcturian arms and hands in comparison with your human hands. See how they hover over the keyboard and dictate the words to your human fingers…

Release control of your human hands to your Arcturian hands…

Feel how there is an energy field just above your human hands, which dictates their every movement…

Yes! Now turn over your hands and feel your Arcturian hands as they caress the palms of your human hands…

Bring your Arcturian hands up to your inner eyes so that you can see them…

Now, feel how the three digits work together to grasp and hold what is necessary…

Feel how your Arcturian hands do not need to be utilized at all except to receive and send energy vibrations…

Feel those energy vibrations as they enter into the tops of your hands so that the five digits can be the recipients of the four digits instructions…

Now feel your Arcturian arms as they rise up to your heart…

See the energy of Liquid Light as it emanates from your fingers up your arms, both your Arcturian arms and your human arms…

See your Arcturian arms now…

They are thinner than your human arms and they are as long even though your human form is actually taller. Our arms are so long so that we can merge better with our beloveds and with our human counterparts…

It is true that each of the members upon our starship has a human counterpart upon the face of the planet Earth. We work as a unit to awaken our human counterparts and are willing to make the sacrifice to experience a brief moment of “almost separation” to facilitate our human counterparts merging with us—as Kepier has done with you. This moment of separation is a great sacrifice for us as we live in unity consciousness at all times. However, this consciousness is so foreign to our human counterparts that they have a difficult time communing with us while we are in their third dimensional forms. We are happy that you are able to communicate with our group consciousness at the same tine that you are able to communize with your Arcturian counterpart, Kepier.

Feel now how Kepier is a portion of our Unity Consciousness.

Feel how you are a part of Kepier.

The itching you are feeling in your arms is the integration of the Arcturian vibration with your human vibration.

We would like now to address an unspoken question of yours. Do not judge yourself because you have not received information in the way that others have. Each one of our human counterparts has a piece of the puzzle that is theirs to unravel. Your piece is in finding your Divine roots in your Arcturian self and in receiving how we are all establishing communications with our earthly counterparts.

Love the truth that there are others of our vibration that are able to give you information that you can receive. While you inhabit your human form you must follow the rules of the third dimensions. You must allow your form to rest and recreate itself. Your personnel transformation takes a great deal of your human energy. Once you are fully transformed you will no longer require rest, sleep or food as you do at this time. Please remember that whenever we speak the word time it is meant as a symbol of Earth reality and not as the entity that your human self knows it as.

Now we wish to continue with the interfacing of your Arcturian upon your human form.

See the Light of your Arcturian hands see how it enters into your human heart. Now see your Arcturian heart overlaid upon your human heart. Yes, you can see the color your Arcturian heart is beyond your human vision. You can see now how it appears green. But, actually is not green but rather a color in the center of the light spectrum, which is several octaves above the light spectrum of your human vision. We may appear green to you because we vibrate in the center of our light spectrum. This centeredness is what allows us to live in Unity Consciousness. The violet indicates the highest vibration of the light spectrum.

See now how our violet is different than the violet of your Earth. It is a violet of many higher octaves than on Earth. With every beat of your heart, feel the many beats of your Arcturian heart. To your sensation, the Arcturian heart is beating much faster because it is of a higher vibration. However, within our vibration our hearts actually beat slower in relation to our resonant form than in your human condition. Again when we say the word “we,” we mean to include you because for NOW and for Forever you are one of us.

As you go about your day and communicate with others, take a moment to SEE your Arcturian arms and hands. Feel how their vibration is one with your Arcturian heart as well as your human heart. Feel your Arcturian hands and arms as they interface with you human hands and arms. Re-awaken your inner vision. See your fifth dimensional self at the same moment that you see your third dimensional self.

The Arcturians

(When I received this information I was so filled with self-doubt, mistrust in my process and fear of judgment that I missed the deep meanings, forgot the messages. I was a spiritual child, but with the innocence of childhood that allowed me to be totally receptive.)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Early Communications with the Arcturians Part I

Arcturus File

That last message from Illia Em on 4-10-96 was actually preceded by this message from the Arcturians. I think this was the first time that I actually contacted the eighth dimensional Group Mind of the Arcturians. Although, at the time, I wasn’t sure it was a real contact or just my imagination. However, I had been communicating with unseen beings all my life, so I went with it. Also, the feelings that accompanied these communications felt so loving that I was drawn to continue. However, It told no one about these communications and even forgot these early communiqués myself.

Fortunately, I created a file for them so that I could more easily find them now that I KNOW that they were real communications. After 15 years, I am finally sharing them. You will see that they jumped right in with some pretty deep information. I was not sure what they meant, but I wrote down what was given to me. However, I had to edit it quite a bit and put in some terms that I now use so that the readers could make sense of it. At the time that I received this, is didn’t understand enough of what they were saying to write it down in a clear fashion. On the other hand, I kept many of the terms I used then.

Our Dear One,

We speak to you from the eighth vibration. We are of Arcturus. Upon our level of density, there is no need for names. We are merely our planet (I could not conceive of them as Being a Star, so planet was what I heard). Some have called us a Planetary Logos. The seventh vibration is the Oversoul, the eighth is the Planetary Logos, and the ninth is the Solar Elohim and the eleventh/twelfth vibration is the Stellar Elohim.

The Oversoul is like the Soul’s Soul. The Oversoul is responsible for all the portions of itself that reside in the lower vibrations of the sixth through third vibrations. These incarnations of Oversoul inhabit many dimensions, worlds, realities and planets. If a grounded one, such as yourself, is able to remember your higher expressions of SELF while in a body of flesh, you can unite your consciousness with these higher portions of your self during your lifetime, as well as in-between your next physical incarnation.

This unity is not set up like a reward system of being "good" and going to Heaven. Instead, it is simply that once you, the grounded one, remember your Higher Selves you can have a conscious experience of those Selves during your incarnation, as well as directly after earthly death and in-between incarnations. If you do not remember your higher expressions of SELF while in physical form, your belief of heaven will dictate what your experience is after your death.

Once you discover that you are indeed shed of your physical form, you can open your mind up to possibilities that were inconceivable while on Earth. Hence, during your life review of that incarnation you may begin to remember your higher expressions of SELF. It is at this point that you can choose whether you wish that the life you just left is to be a permanent alternate reality of their Oversoul or if you wish to release that life from your group of simultaneous lives.

What we mean by that statement is that “death” as you know it is an illusion. All of the lives that you have ever experienced are still running simultaneously, but are only perceivable through the perception of the Oversoul. Yet, there are lives that can be deleted from this continuous experience because you decide to view them as a “rough draft.” It is then that have an opportunity to re-do the circumstances of that incarnation.

If that life was so difficult that you could not remember any of your higher dimensional connections, you will likely experience only whatever version of Heaven that you believed in during that incarnation. After your experience in

Heaven, you will return to a life very similar to the one that had just left. You will do this because you have not yet completed your lessons of awakening that you had set for your self to learn during that lifetime. Therefore, the life you just left and the one that you are beginning become a different version of the same reality. This process is much like awakening from a dream and then returning to it when you fall back asleep.

On the other hand, if within an incarnation you are able to communicate with your higher realities, you can unite with whatever portion of your greater SELF with whom you have communicated. In other words, since you, Suzille, have learned to communicate with us, you have begun the process of returning to us. We know that you have been reading about the Unconditional Ascension in which everyone would be raised into the fourth and fifth dimension. Once these souls have been raised to these dimensions, they themselves will determine whether or not they feel that they can maintain that high of a frequency a consciousness.

If anyone feel that they have not completed all their third dimensional or fourth dimensional experiences, they will go to a planet where they can have those experiences again. However, once they make that decision, they will have to stay within the evolution of that planet until they have completed their lessons. There will be no blame and no judgment, except by some of those who are still attached to a third or fourth dimensional consciousness.

Those that feel they have not earned the shift into higher consciousness and have decided to return to a lower dimensional form will be of great value for the society of that incarnation, as they will have experienced the momentous event of group ascension. Once they are able to remember their previous experience of unconditional ascension, they will be able to tell the others about that process and be of great assistance in the evolution for that reality.

We on Arcturus await your return to us. Yes, we unconditionally love you. We love all of you, and there is not one single grounded one that we have forgotten. We sent you all into your earth lives with deep, abiding dedication and love. We have kept your flames alive for you though all this entire millennium. We wish to offer our service in assisting you in remembering us forever. Please continue to contact us, and we will happily respond.

The Arcturians

(I have internet at this hotel, so i could send this message. Enjoy)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

How I met the Arcturians Part V


Dear Illia Em,

My consciousness has dropped because I am broke, and I have not been able to raise it. Please assist me. Also, I my computer isn’t and I heard I have not been able to contact Internet because I need to focus on my own process. Is that correct?

Dearest Suzille,

Take a moment of meditation before you receive my message. It is necessary to open yourself up to your highest potential before receiving my communication so that your ego does not interfere with my transmission.


Do you remember your dreams last evening? You were in many situations where you had to choose between spirituality and materialism. It has also been a life issue in this lifetime, but this does not mean that you are materialistic. It does mean that you hold you fears in the materialistic world and specifically in fears about money. It is time now for you to release these fears. Your Soul, you fifth dimensional, self has created about you a set of circumstances that will allow to play out this old drama again in the hopes that you can release it once and for all. Remember, My One, that Fear is your only enemy. It is the vibration that lowers your consciousness. However, fear is also the inner warning signal that your consciousness is in danger of falling. Therefore, you do not want to eliminate fear, as it is a powerful tool while living in the third and fourth dimension. Fear is actually your friend. It tells you that it is time to go inside and re-calibrate your energy patterns before you loose your harmony.

Take a moment now to re-calibrate your consciousness:

Go now into the core of your brain, the area just below the crown chakra and behind the third eye. Feel the Light of Spirit flowing into your Crown like the sunlight coming through the sunroof of your vehicle. In front of you is your third eye, your mind screen. Settle into this area of your physical form.

Now send a root down your spine directly into the heart of Lady Gaia. This will allow you to say grounded and to assist, and accept the assistance, of the Mother. Now that your “launching pad” is activated, journey to your Soul Home in the fifth dimension. Now, my dear, come to me, Illia Em, the Elohim of Arcturus.

See the vortex before you. See how the spin of it increases as you approach it. Feel the Arcturian guide as it welcomes you into the Gateway. Now see the Door to the gateway. Raise your hands to imprint your vibrational signature upon the threshold. Feel the rush of euphoria as you do so. You are in the vortex now. Feel how your form has become formless. You are Pure Light. Feel yourself as an Arcturian Star being. You are coming Home now dear. Home to place that you have never left , but have forgotten that you were there also.

Long, long ago, in the distant future, you bi-located and went to Venus in preparation for your visit to the Earth and the third dimension. Now you are returning, to YOURSELF, the person you have always been. See your pod before you. The other star beings in your pod are also arriving. There is a beautiful reunion. You meet again in a giant star burst of light. Do you feel me about you now?

Now, feel your physical form sitting at the computer. She is you also. Extend your consciousness to her. She has been very frightened and sad. There are many changes going on in her physical, emotional, and mental bodies. She can’t keep up with all the new information and genetic encoding that is occurring. As she moves into the new, the old is dying. This is very frightening to her. She does not know why she is so frightened so she reverts to her old reason for fear. “I am alone on the third dimension, and I will not survive.”

She is correct. The third dimensional self will not survive because it is being transmuted into a higher vibration. You, the total you, must reassure her that this is normal. You, the total you, must remind her that her physical form was something that she took on as an assignment. This physical form is like a coat that has become too small for her. She is uncomfortable in it now and it causes her to have many confusing thought, feelings and physical sensations. Assure her that she is on the Path. She is doing all that she is meant to do at this moment. She is undergoing such great transformation. Hence, she must learn to be still and allow the changes to take place within her.

Dearest Suzille, do not judge yourself and condemn yourself that you are not doing more for the transition. You are in training now. When you have remembered your Multidimensional SELF and have been able to incorporate it into your Earth form, you will be greatly called upon to be of service. But for now continue with what you are doing. You are touching people much more that you give yourself credit for. Release all competition and comparison. Love yourself for exactly the way you are NOW.

Journey back now in your mind to Arcturus. Feel your family about you. Feel the deep sense of Unity. Is there any competition or comparison here? No, my dear, we are all ONE. We are discreet emanations from the same star. We have all emerged from the same light and live within it as ONE. Feel the light now as it weaves each member of your pod together into a beautiful tapestry of light. Feel the pattern that is formed by your collective selves and feel how you are the whole as well as the individual.

Feel now how this is also true upon your Earth. There are many low vibrations upon the Dear Lady at this time. Feel how She must feel them always. Do you see how She needs you? Do you see how you can assist Her by simply remembering who you are? When you ground your multidimensional consciousness within the core of Her bosom, you assist Her greatly in Her transition. Feel all the other Light workers. Unite with them just as you united with the members of your pod upon Arcturus.

Feel how this union creates a giant merkaba with the top half above the Mother and the bottom half embedded in Her flesh. See that there are many of these merkabas joined together all around the planet. Within each merkaba is a pod of like-minded light workers who have released all competition and comparison to serve the Mother in Her hour of need. This is the reason why all of you volunteered, yes volunteered, to be incarnate upon Earth at this moment. This is a wonderful cosmic opportunity for which you have prepared for the millennia. (Oops, the millennia turned out to be an awful think that happened instead of ascension. May we get it right this time!)

You are ready now - all of you. Any one who can receive the messages of their higher selves (or from others higher’ selves) will be able to actively and consciously participate in the process of transformation. And there are many beautiful Light beings who chose to allow their Earth consciousness to slumber while they do the work in their bodies. Some of these dear Souls may even appear to be of the darkness in the third dimensional self. Do not judge. Each one has their assignment. Those who have chosen to display the dissonance so that it can be healed are indeed brave. In their higher vibrational selves they too are aware of the process of transformation. Send Love to these beings. They have chosen a very difficult path. They have chosen to embody darkness so that it can be healed.

There is no job too small to be of service. Feel the Unity of Purpose to the Divine Plan. Be the Unity of Purpose to the Dive Plan. With knowledge comes responsibility. Embrace your responsibility. Remember who you are!!!!

(I will going on vacation where Internet is hard to find. Therefore, i may not have any posts for a few day, but i will return as soon as i can.)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

How I First Met the Arcturians Part IV


Dear Suzille,

I AM Illia Em, here to speak with you again. Do not fear nor worry that your destiny will not be fulfilled. Be patient, for patience allows you creative time to gradually grow and blossom in the physical world. I have spoken to you before about how each many physical realities is a point of perspective into the third dimensional reality. See now how each of your many incarnations are lived aa shinning ball of light, even thought some of these lights are much dimmer than others. These balls of light encircle Lady Gaia and have roots that run deep into the core of her being. As you heal any life or reality, you serve to heal The Mother.

See how your Soul can look through of these points of perspective to experience physical incarnation in a different fashion. And, see how your seventh dimensional Oversoul can look through all of these points of perception at the same moment. When you can experience your lives as your Oversoul does than you will be your true Multidimensional SELF. As you know, you Multidimensional SELF can simultaneously experience life on the higher vibrations in the same moment as it is experiencing life in the physical. In fact, that is what you are doing when you communicate with me.

Eventually, you will learn to associate with me so deeply that I can share my vision with you, and you can gradually begin to experience reality as I do. This is a very long process, which should not be rushed into or you will not be able to maintain life in your clay form. Be patient, and allow me to teach you how to make the gradual assent through all the higher levels of yourself. There are many mysteries that I can reveal to you. You will be able to experience these mysterious as totally real through your writing. Also, through your writing you will be able to share that viewpoint with others. This is your highest destiny, My ONE. Continue your healing and you will be able to manifest it. I close my message with this meditation:


See before you a Golden Door.

How big is this door?

Place yourself directly in front of this door.

Can you feel the heat of this higher vibration as it emanates off the door?

Can you hear the door buzzing like a million fireflies?

Are you ready to enter this door and remove the veils of illusion that have clouded your vision of the Truth ?

If you are ready, step towards the door.

As you step towards it, it seems to move closer and closer to you.

Feel the call in your heart for the door to open.

With your mind, step through across the threshold.

Feel the transition in your body.

You are glowing now.

You are covered with the same golden light as the door itself.

Take a long moment to adjust to this new way of being.

Feel that you are lighter than air and can float like a feather.

Your movement is now in your mind, as your physical body is perfectly still.

Patiently await you Guide.

Your guide now leads you towards a circle made of even more brilliant lights and filled with complete stillness and the faint whisper of a celestial choir.

You must enter this circle alone, as you must find within yourself the unity and guidance which you seek.

You step into the circle with pure love and complete commitment.

You are in the center of the circle now.

You hear the voice of your inner guidance.

What is it saying to you?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Meeting with Arcturians III


This communication with Illia Em took place about two months the one posted First Meeting II. It stared very abruptly, as you will see below, but since I wrote it so long ago I cannot remember why.

Suzille, we wish you to feel now the experience of your Arcturian self:

Luckily, I have a very vivid imagination, so I can comply with her request. I begin by imagining my self as being a star. My body is made of light and I look like a star that a child would draw. I have two legs that come down from my middle and two arms that go out from the middle and a head that comes up from the middle. However, there is not the definition of form that I have in my third dimensional self. I am more than androgynous; I am beyond the definition of sexuality as it is known on Earth.

When I meet other members of the pod, we merge into one person for a greeting and then we regain our individual vessels. These vessels are only individual if I look at the brightest portion of our emanations. If I look more closely, I find that I am connected to all the other members of my pod by a dimmer emanation, like a gossamer wing. This wing, or web, is a network that connects all of us and gives us a group consciousness beyond which my Earth consciousness could ever imagine. I only know that I am totally connected to the other members of my pod -- the other members of my Self. Through this network, we are in instant and constant communication with each other. We can communicative with all thirty-two portions of ourselves at the same time or with any one of us individually.

We are in preparation for our departure, but I am now realizing that just as we are departing, we are also staying. We are bi-locating. The core of thirty-two will infinitely remain constant as a grounding for our universal travels. Since we are beyond the limits of time and space, this is not impossible. We can easily be at two, or in fact many, locations at once. We also can travel away for a very long "time" and when we return it will be like we never left. The difference is that we have a new experience within our beingness.

I am now experiencing our preparations for our journey to Venus. The final good bye is to the portion of our selves that are staying. We go into a group stasis, somewhat like Earth sleep, joined together as one unit. Since we have decided to create cycles of what on Earth is know as day and night, we can use the "night", for inflow cycle, to join into one consciousness and journey to the higher dimensions of ourselves.

In the "day", or outflow cycle, we separate into the thirty-two different portions of ourselves to ground our higher experiences in the seventh dimension of Arcturus. In this way we learn to be of service to those on our plane as well as to those on the lower dimensions. I now feel us going into our inflow cycle to gather all instructions from our higher selves and to gain our final briefing before our adventure. I am unable to remain conscious during this briefing. I can only retain a feeling of the messages.

I now take a bit of creative license to add a message I actually got almost a year before the above message from Illia Em. When we get message from dimensions beyond time, we are not always aware of them in a sequential order. This process is much the same as when I make my newsletters, except that the information is not separated by a year. I have messages that come to me like puzzle pieces, mostly through sleep or meditation, and I write them down. Then, when I make the newsletter, I put these different pieces/messages together, like a putting together a puzzle. However, I don’t have a picture on the box of the completed process as with puzzles. The picture I follow is inside. In this same manner, I am pulling together situation that happened over time, but I didn’t even know it was a puzzle. In fact, I didn’t even know if they were true or if I was a bit crazy. I took a long time to loose my third dimensional indoctrination as to what is real what is crazy.


Beloved Suzille,

We speak to you from Arcturus. We want to tell you that we are coming. There are many different sources, which are receiving many different messages. Yet each of these messages contains a portion of the Truth. Just as each of your alternate realities upon this planet holds a portion of the truth that you personally need to complete your process upon this vibration, there are many different portion of your society that hold a different piece of the whole to assure the successful process of Earth's evolution. You do not need to hear every voice of all your realities, and you do not need to hear every message from every other member of you planet in order to fully grow within your personal understanding of the wonderful moment that is now commencing.

One of the messages, which you have read is about a photon belt (which was the main theory at that time) that will quickly change the vibratory rate of the planet and, in fact, your entire solar system. This photon belt is indeed true but it need not have the extreme effect upon you that the channeler received. (At that time there was a theory of three day of no light etc.) Remember, there are many options here for you to consider. One is that you and yours may not choose that reality for your experience. (which I have NOT chosen. I wonder if that reality exists as an alternate reality somewhere?) Another is that you can move through time and space to a period where that experience has been completed. Another is that you will take upon yourself OUR vibration - your true vibration - the vibration of Arcturus. In this way you will rise above the actual experience of "death" much as you did in your Atlantis life.

Remember when we came to you then? Remember how you channeled our name when you had not heard of us in your 1994 intellect? We are here again, dear one. You are awakened enough so that you can work with us more deeply. Remember when Lateen came with us. (They are referring to my Visions from Venus book, which is actually my multidimensional autobiography.) We would now like you to directly view his experiences so that you may have an idea of what you can expect. I will continue with Lateen’s story now. If you have not read the book, just flow with it, as it is a cool story. This part was not in the book.

Lateen will now tell his story:

I know that you will know me by the love that I am transmitting to you and I shall call you primarily by that that same love energy. We never spoke of my experiences with the Arcturians. You were busy with your work and I with mine. Whenever we had our few moments alone with each other we chose to create an island beyond all time and space where we could bask in the love and comfort that we could offer to each other. I never told you that, just as you missed me terribly, I also missed you. I know that it is was much more difficult for you, as I was on an exciting new adventure and you were in the very place where you had suffered so much pain. The planet Earth is indeed a place where pain and emotion can vibrate at a very stronger rate.

When I left you, I expected to go to a space ship, but instead I entered a small cave filled with crystals. The Arcturians told me that the vibration was very, very high in this place, and it was the place which they had chosen as their headquarters. From this vibration, they could rest in a frequency more akin to their homeland. We went to the very back of the cave where I found some strange machinery that resembled a glass tetrahedron. I was instructed to step inside and to close the hatch. I was surprised to find that each of the Arcturians somehow manifested their own tetrahedron, assumable from within their own forms. As they set their capsules into a spin, I found that mine began to vibrate at a resonant frequency to theirs. I could not remain conscious for the first trips that I took as the experience was too much for my consciousness to digest. When I awoke, I found that I was actually not on a spacecraft but rather on Arcturus itself.

As you know from some of your 1994 experience, reality on Arcturus is exactly what your thoughts and feelings create. It was indeed a very difficult time for me to learn to modulate my energies so that I could stay in communication with the others with whom I had traveled. They were very patient and worked to train me how to control myself. The reason that I could not communicate with you for so long was because I had to gain some mastery of their dimension before I could communicate with your world.

We were deceptive with you in allowing you to believe that we traveled via spacecraft. I am very sorry for that. However, if you had known that you could have escaped your situation, you may have been pulled from the task to which you had already set. Your release from the tumultuous planet Earth came after the fall of Atlantis, which was when I was called upon to again reside within that low vibration.

The rescue work that we did was that we allowed those of the planet who had no escape and who had not volunteered to stay during the fall to join us on Arcturus. Arcturus is indeed a wonderful place. It resonates in the fifth and higher dimensions. However, there is no hierarchical system as on Earth where one dimension is "better" than the other. The lower dimensions have more form and the higher dimensions are more and more formless. The Arcturians are able to shift their frequency rate to have whichever experience is appropriate for each situation. They serve largely as inter-planetary counselors. Therefore, they are very involved with the planet Earth at the 1994 time frame.

It is almost impossible to describe the sensory experience of Arcturus because it is totally dependent upon the frequency rate and expectation of the inhabitants. There is definitely a community where many beings choose to create the same reality so that they may have shared experiences. However, at any moment in which they wish to have privacy, or to have another experience, they simply shift their exception. On Earth one would say to set their thoughts and emotions. However, on Arcturus there are no emotions as you would understand them from an Earthly perspective and thoughts are communal rather than individual.

I am so joyous that we can again communication in a conscious fashion. Please do not doubt that your experience via the computer is false in any way. Making a hard copy of your experiences allows you to trap them in time and space so that your conscious 1994 reality can remember what is transpiring within your inner self. I will now allow the Arcturians to complete their communication. I will share with you that you are communicating with an androgynous, group consciousness. It can lower its vibration to the upper reaches of the fourth dimension because it is of a group consciousness. When you raise your vibration to that rate, you can receive messages from it as well as from myself. I will share with at a later date the time/space co-ordinates from which I am communicating with you. (I don’t think I ever got that. If I find it somewhere, I will share it here.)

Suzille--we are the Arcturian. We desire to contact you by that name as it activates a certain vibrational reaction within you, which makes it easier for us to communicate with you. We are joining forces with the Sirians in an unprecedented group endeavor to assist the members of you planet as you enter your transformation. (I have just recently discovered that there is actually a Sirian/Arcturian alliance for the purpose of protecting Earth.) If you can concentrate on "feeling"" our presence, you will assist us in creating and grounding a vortex of energy that can open a channel of communication and assistance from our dimension to yours.

This communiqué is to be shared (oops, it took me a while to do that) so that others who are inclined may choose to join us all in this endeavor. The more open channels that there, the more assistance we can give. Yours is a planet of Choice and Free will. We cannot be of assistance unless we are asked. (As you are probably aware, it appears that more people are channeling the Arcturians than another other Galactic Group.)

When you hear the name Suzille with your inner senses, know that we are communicating with you. If it is at all possible, open your channel so that you can experience us in your 3rd/4th form. We say 3rd/4th because your physical is no longer strictly third dimensional. Until our next communication--We are the Arcturian.

Monday, June 6, 2011

My First Meeting with Arcturus Part II

A month after my meeting with Illia Em, the bliss of higher consciousness has plummeted down into my subconscious fears and depressions. I contacted Illia Em again, and this was her message. It was one that was quite a surprise to me.


Dear IlliaEm

Please help me to understand what is happening inside of me these last few days. I know that the fear of survival is rising from the animal within me. However, there is another feeling that is so primal that I cannot put a word to it. It feels like a long lost part of my Soul, a part of me that has been forgotten since I first took on a physical form, is beginning to awake after a long, long sleep.

I know that the other dimensions of myself have always been alive and active, but I [the part of "I" that is known as Sue] have not been aware of them. Perhaps my animal is afraid that if I become aware of those portions of myself that I will be abandon it. Perhaps I will. I do not know what is in store for us all as we move into the higher dimensions. Please illumine me regarding the old feeling that I am having. I would also like to know about how will transmute our bodies as the vibration of the planet raises.

Beloved Suzille,

I AM Illia Em. The part of you that is afraid of death is your body deva. It is afraid that when there is no longer a third dimension that it will become extinct. What it needs to know is that it will be raised in vibration just like the rest of you. No portion of your third dimensional self will become extinct. There is no death, and there is no extinction. There is only transformation and metamorphosis. As your physical form begins to rise in vibration, the particles will slowly move farther and farther apart.

See yourself now traveling into the heart of an atom. First see this atom as a small spec in front of you. Now, slowly begin to zoom in on it with your mind screen. See how this atom is getting larger and larger. Now you can see it is like a small galaxy with the nucleus being the sun and protons and electrons orbiting around it. Go into a place in your body that is a correlate to this atom.

Find the small place in your heart this is opening as you are learning unconditional love. Yes, there it is, right in the very center of your heart. If you cannot enter that small opening in your heart, than how can you allow others to open it? First you must open your heart to yourself unconditionally before you can learn to love others in that same way.

"Yes Illia Em, I am opening that small portions of my heart to myself. I see the small galaxy that is an atom in the core of my heart. I see the nucleus like a glowing Sun. It is inviting me to enter it. Will I be extinguished by its Light if I fall into it?"

My dear Suzille, you will be extinguished if you do not. Now see the nucleus grow larger and larger until it is expanded beyond the edges of your inner vision screen. Do not forget that this is the nucleus of the atom of the opening of your heart. This is the core of your Unconditional Love. Deep within the blazing nucleus, you will see a small doorway. It is entirely surrounded by bright light. You will have to feel it more than see it.

"Yes, I see/feel it now. The doorway is opening. It is the darkest dark that I could ever imagine. But wait; in the very center of the void of darkness I see a small light. I move through the doorway into the complete darkness. The darkness is like a black hole. It seems to absorb all of my essence and all of my light. However, there is no sense of good or bad. It is simply a sense of obliteration of all that ever has been. As I pass through the doorway, it seals shut behind me. I suppose that I should be afraid, but I am not.

“I feel content as if I am finally performing the mission for which I first took embodiment. I am also aware of the portion of myself that is very third dimensional and sitting at the computer. How will I return to that reality or rather how can I believe that this reality is as real as that one once I have returned to it? I must believe that this reality is not an illusion. It is the core of my Self, the core of my unconditional love.

"Yes, I am beginning to understand the feeling I have been having, the sadness and the primal fear of extinction. I know now that it is a fear that I have been wrong. It is a fear that what I have always sought, which is this doorway into the unknown, is not real. It is the fear that all there truly is exists in the outside world of the third dimension. Yes, the feeling that has been plaguing me is doubt. Self Doubt. Doubt in my own sanity. Doubt that I can be so dedicated to my convictions that I will be able to release the third dimension."

My Beloved Suzille, you do not need to release the third dimension. It is a portion of you. It will not be released, but will instead be integrated into the other portions of you. No part of you will become extinct. Just as you are a small portion of myself, your physical self is a small portion of you. Do not abandon it or judge it. It is serving the function for which it has been created.

You are one of our Ones who have given yourself over to be a prototype for the transformation of the physical body. Therefore, you will have sensations of loneliness from the third dimension because you will not be able to share your experience with many on that plane. Therefore, it is vital that you build deep and lasting relationships with the other portions of yourself and the world that can only be entered through the doorway of yourself. Doubt, my dear, is your only enemy. (It is very true that for many years I could not share that part of me with any one.)

"I am feeling very different as you speak to me IlliaEm. My body is becoming less and less dense. I feel like it is expanding to fill the entire room. I feel how it is touching the walls around me and how it is a part of the computer in front of me. I feel my mind like the computer and I have less and less awareness of how my fingers are typing onto the keyboard or how it may look upon the screen. I am becoming the experience of expansion.

“As I travel deeper and deeper into the nothingness of this darkness, I see before me a nebula. It is of glorious colors of red and violet and pink. I now travel into the core of it and see glimpses of blue and an unusual form of green that is not possible upon earth. Through the nebula is a distant star, but is coming upon my very quickly. Suddenly, the star bursts upon me and me upon it. I am the star. I am the space around it and I am the nebula light years before it.

“And now Illia Em, I see you. Your giant wings fill my vision, and your heart is fully open. The sun within your heart is rising over the mountains, and the Stream of Life is flowing into me. I feel a tingle through my entire self as this flow enters me. The me that sit at the computer is ONE with the me that embraces you. I move into your heart. I follow the Life Current like a salmon finding its origin. I travel up the Stream of Life, high into the mountains and into the setting sun. As the Sun totally descends, I travel beyond what is known, beyond what is perceived.

"And beyond my perception is Arcturus. I am on Arcturus. I see Lamire, my Divine Complement, preparing his ship for its journey to Earth. He turns, sees me and runs to greet me. We embrace and are instantly ONE. It feels wonderful to be complete again. Can I take this feeling back to my third dimensional self? How long will I have to return to that land of limitation? But as I think that thought, I remember my loved ones and the Nature there. I remember Illia Em's words,

You do not have to loose any of you. All will all become a portion of you, just as you are a portion of me.

“Lamire is smiling as I see him before me and within me. The third dimensional portion of myself is battling with itself in order to embrace the difficult concept of multidimensionality. I turn to my earth self and she sees me. I am the eye looking into the heart. I am seeing the many aspects of myself like a house of mirrors. There is NO limitation to the echoes of myself. There is NO boundary to experience. Kepier, my alternate reality that lives upon Arcturus in the correlate time frame to 21st century Earth comes to greet me. It is androgynous. We merge into one in greeting and I feel Illia Em join into the merging, as she has a special message for me:

My dear Suzille, I am indeed glad that you have been able to expand your sense of self to encompass this reality. Do you remember when you first left Arcturus to go to Venus in preparation for your journey to Earth? Yes, dear I can see that you do not. I will tell you that story now.

It was early dawn upon the planet of Zantrill and the sun was just rising above the horizon. At sunset, you had said good-bye to your comrades who would stay on Arcturus and afterwards spent the hours of darkness in deep meditation. Of course the time span of light and dark were at your choice because your resonant vibration was of the seventh density. However, the rhythm of inflow and outflow was a routine established in your pod, and you had all decided to collectively create a sunrise and sunset in order to create a group experience of inflow-darkness and outflow-light.

I, Illia Em, oversaw your pod from dimensions just above your own. All of the members of your pod had volunteered to make the journey to Venus. Some would than move on to Earth when they had learned to survive in a lower density, and some would stay in Venus to act as guides for those who went to Earth. There were 32 in your pod and all of you were like the fingers of a hand. You were individual in your consciousness, but unified in your awareness and purpose.

All of you were androgens. Your pod had chosen to answer the call of Earth and to enter into the great experiment of separation and third dimensional experience. Because all in your pod were of One group consciousness, all would have the experience of third dimensionally even if they remained on Venus. The adventure was beginning. There was no fear or sadness, as you had never experienced those emotions. They would not be a part of your awareness until you joined the evolution of Earth.

I have kept these experiences secret for over fifteen years, as I was never sure I believed them myself. I am so happy to feel that I can share them now, which I do in hopes that my secret stories may help you to believe your inner experiences as well.