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Arcturian Ascension 2


Arcturian Ascension Part 2

Where we left off:
The growing fear made the situation go from what was once positive into something that had become very negative. Fortunately, some of the individuals found a new kind of courage—the courage to remember. As these brave humanoids allowed themselves to remember their roots, they remembered their Arcturian family who had never taken forms. Finally, the formless Arcturians could communicate with their family members who had become lost in their own judgment. (See 10-22-12 Blog)


The First Ones to Awaken
In the last message the Arcturians wanted to interrupt the Mothership’s story of Arcturian Ascension to talk about Portals. Portals are an important component in ascension, as they are openings into the multidimensional aspects of all life.

When the Arcturians who had become lost in form began to remember their roots, they wanted to join with their Arcturian family. Unfortunately, this re-joining would not be as simple as they desired.

Much had occurred in their consciousness since they forgot who they were. For hundreds of thousands of turns of their planet, they believed they were separate. Within that belief in separation, grievous actions were committed. The Awakening Ones had created injury to the others and to the planet. 

Hence, to fully awaken, the Awakening Ones would have to heal the injury they had caused. Perhaps then, they could reunite with their family who had remained in a formless state. First, the Awakening Ones would have to forgive themselves for doing harm to others.

Then, they would have to forgive themselves for falling into such a low state of consciousness that they believed that they were separate from their Arcturian family. Believing that they were separate from their Family had caused a deep loneliness, which had festered into fear. This fear gave them permission to do harm to others.

Only the healing force of love could heal the scars that their fear had created. But, where would they begin? What and/or whom were they supposed to love? They were stumped by this question for a long time before they realized that any permanent solution must begin at the source of the problem.

However, what was that source? Oh yes, judgment is where it all began. Since judgment had begun this cycle of fear—hurt—more fear, only the opposite of judgment could complete this cycle. But, what was the opposite of judgment? They pondered this question for more cycles of the illusion of time.

Finally, after many attempts to find the opposite of judgment, they found the answer. The healing for judgment was forgiveness. In fact, to truly clear all judgment, the forgiveness must be unconditional. They also realized that the ones they had to forgive were not just the ones they had judged, but also the ones who had made the judgments—themselves.

However, they did not know how to forgive themselves. They believed that first they would need to be forgiven by a Being higher and grander than them. Since they held that belief, they made this true. They believed this Higher Being was the Collective of the formless Arcturians.

The important part of this belief was that it encouraged them to communicate with their formless Arcturian family. But, how would they communicate with a Being that they could not perceive? Perhaps they could open a kind of Portal through which they could transmit their need for assistance.

Fortunately, a Portal is a multidimensional tunnel through which they could connect with increasingly higher octaves of their SELF. Hence, in order to continue their quest to communicate with the Formless Ones, they would have to connect with their own higher expressions of SELF. In this manner the Awakened Ones commenced their journey back to SELF.

The Merging of the Portal Openers
Fortunately, the Awakened Ones were persistent and very determined. Hence, they became the Portal Openers, and Portals into the higher dimensions began to open. When the Portal Openers sent their consciousness through the Higher Dimensional Portals, they became aware of their own multidimensional nature.

Furthermore, as the Portal Openers connected with higher and higher frequencies of their Expression of SELF, they developed a deeper and deeper connection with their Formless Family of Light. Eventually, they came to understand that their Formless Family was indeed their SELF at a higher frequency of reality.

With this new belief about the nature of their true SELF, they could more readily accept the flow of unconditional love, which had always been flowing from the Formless Ones. Since unconditional love carries the gift of personal and planetary transmutation, the Formless Ones became known as the Transmuters. 

The first, and most obvious advantage of the acceptance of the unconditional love was that it allowed the Portal Openers to love all of life, free of any judgment. Another important consequence of accepting the unconditional love was that it transmuted the Portal Opener’s judgment into forgiveness.

Because the Portal Openers accepted this unconditional love and allowed it to transmute their judgment into forgiveness, their myriad fears were transmuted into love. The return of the FEEL of love urged the Portal Openers to believe again in their Multidimensional SELF.

Hence, the Portal Openers found the courage to open more and more Portals into the unknown. As they opened these Portals, they increasingly cleared fear from themselves and from their planet. Thus, as they healed themselves they healed their Arcturian Family who was holding the form of the Planet.

As fear was cleared from their consciousness, they no longer reacted to the fear of others or the judgment that arose from that fear. Also, as the fear was cleared from the Planetary Arcturians, they could begin to heal the many wounds that had been created by the fearful, Humanoid Arcturians.

Knowing that the creators of fear were driven by fear, allowed the Portal Openers to unconditionally love those who were still lost in their judgment of others. With the release of all fear of judgment from these Lost Ones, the Portal Openers began to unite with each other in a very intimate manner.

In fact, the Portal Openers were moving into a state of Unity Consciousness with each other, which felt vaguely familiar. Gradually, they began to remember how once they were all ONE. This memory planted the first seed of Unity Consciousness within the planet.

The Expansion of Unity Consciousness
Unity Consciousness with the Planet, actually meant Unity with the Arcturians who were the holders of the form of the Planet. Unity with the Planet had to occur because the humanoids WERE the Planet. Just as some Arcturians (actually pre-Arcturians) had chosen to BE humanoids, others had chosen to BE the Planet. In fact, these Arcturians who had chosen to BE the Planet had taken on a denser matter than they had ever known. Thus, they too were lost in form.

However, if the Portal Openers were to have Unity Consciousness with their Planet, they would have to return to Unity consciousness with ALL humanoids. In other words, they would need to include the Lost Ones in their Unity Consciousness. In this manner, they could know that they had totally released their judgment.

Meanwhile, there were still many humanoids lost in their own judgment. Therefore, they lived in the fear and separation that judgment created. However, they did NOT want to change. They had experienced Power Over the others, and enjoyed that sensation. It had been so long since they had experienced unity that they only believed in separation. Hence, they continued to create separation by desiring the sensation of Power Over others.

On the other hand, the Portal Openers were finding many Portals into the Planet, but they did not know how to open them. They imagined they would be opened in the same manner as the Higher Dimensional Portals were opened; however they did not really understand how they had opened the Higher Dimensional Portals.

They suspected that it had something to do with accepting the unconditional love sent to them by the Transmuters. Since the Portal Openers had established a line of communication with the Transmuters, they asked them how the Higher Dimensional Portals had been so easily opened.

The formless Transmuters replied, “Our dear Portal Openers. The Higher Dimensional Portals opened so easily because we are ONE Being. We are YOU in the form of a humanoid, and you are US in a formless state of multidimensional light and unconditional love.”

This answer was all they could receive. Some of Portal Openers were so confused by this answer that they did not give it any thought. However, other Portal Openers allowed this answer to live in their Heart, where they did not need to think about it, they could always FEEL it.

Unfortunately, the Arcturians who were the holders of the form of the Planet had largely lost all Unity Consciousness with their Arcturian Family who lived in a formless state in the higher frequencies around the Planet. However, the Deep Core of the Planet had remained connected to its formless, Arcturian Source.

The Planetary Core could FEEL the Portal Opener’s desire to open the Planetary Portals, but the Living Core could not remember how to send unconditional love as their formless family had so easily done. Perhaps the Core could accept the unconditional love sent from the Formless Ones, just as the humanoids as done.

A Problem With The Lost Ones 
At the same time, the Lost Ones who had not become Portal Openers still believed in separation and judgment. Fortunately the Flow of unconditional love that the Portal Openers had accepted was so strong that the Lost Ones could vaguely feel it, but wondered if they were “good enough” to receive it.

This judgment of them selves and of the unconditional love created fear. Then, their fear created even more judgment, which created more separation. In response to their growing fear, the Lost Ones, who believed in separation, created a separate “God.”

They could not believe in unconditional love, so they believed in a God that sent love to ONLY the chosen ones. Hence, the Lost Ones developed rituals and tests to make them good enough to receive love from the separate God high above them in a separate world. The Lost Ones had no idea that their God was their own SELF in its original, formless state of multidimensional light and unconditional love.

The formless Arcturians realized that they had to assist the Lost Ones before they created even more judgment, fear and separation. Thus, the formless Arcturians realized that they had to transmute every molecule of matter back into light.

Thus, they created the Arcturian Corridor.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Dear 5D Leaders,

We are being called on NOW to assist our friends and family in the path of Hurricane Sandy. There has already been vast damage, and the Hurricane has not even made landfall.
In two or three hours, Sandy will make landfall and raise havoc for two more days.

We are NOW called to remember how we all met in the Core of Gaia. This time, we will send our light form the Core of Gaia up into the Areas of Gaia's land where the Hurricane is striking.
Time is an illusion, so we do not need to synchronize a specific time. All we need DO, is recall our Unity Consciousness and send our Unconditional Love to those areas.

Unconditional Love is the Healing Force of the Universe.
If we all do the same exercise within our own time frame, we will send a wave of healing love.
Therefore, Send Hurricane Sandy UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Go into Gaia's Core and send love from the there.

Go into the Gaia's atmosphere and send love from there.

Go into  fourth dimensional  Gaia and send love from there.

Go into the fifth dimensional Gaia and send love from there.

Don't forget to call on your Higher Expression of SELF for assistance!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Arcturians Ascension Message

10-25-12 at 5:45 am


Dear Arcturians,
I have been awake since 3 am after only sleeping an hour at a time for most of the night. Sleeping is not normally a problem with me. Also, every time I woke up I thought of you. I tried to get a dream message, but could not. Therefore, I am asking now that I am awake and at the computer. Is there a message for me?

Our Dear Ascending Ones,
There is always a message for you, as well as for anyone who listens to our Call. It is just a matter of you tuning into the message and documenting it on your dimension. This morning there were too many messages for you to retrieve in this manner, so your sleep was disturbed by your inability to grasp on to information you could carry into your waking life. 

There are many decisions that are being made at inner levels of your world government. There are some countries that are fully ready for the shift and some that are not. On the other hand, ALL the awakened ones are ready and waiting. The biggest problem we are having is with many of the governments and those who are unable to awaken.

Clearly, all humans will not be able to make the shift, but we are trying to take as many as possible. Once money as you know it is taken from your world, the shift will be much easier, as greed is the main problem at this moment. Having things has been the pacifier for unhappiness for many lifetimes, which is the reason why greed is so rampant.

The irony is that everyone can create anything they want on the fifth dimension.

Continuation of message received the day before:
Where we left off:
The irony is that everyone can create anything they want on the fifth dimension.

If those who are grasping onto that which they feel has worth could loosen their hold, they could better find their own inner worth. Some will have to create a disaster scenario of ascension, as that is the only way in which they will be able to release their tight hold on the things that means so much to them.

At the other end of the spectrum, those who have become ONE with their Multidimensional SELF have found such peace and harmony in their daily life that they are already resonating to the fifth dimension. These Ones are the Openers of the Portals for they have already created and opened their Personal Portal into the true, multidimensional world. Since they have opened their Personal Portal, they are able to open Planetary Portals. 

Personal Portals are of course, personal. In other words, the individual has come into Unity Consciousness with his or her Multidimensional SELF. Within this Unity Consciousness there is no fear, or even hurry to ascend for they are already merged with their own ascended expressions of SELF.

It is through connecting with your personal expressions of SELF in the fifth dimension and beyond that you will remember the Wisdom, Power and Unconditional Love that
is necessary in order to find other humans with whom you can merge in Unity Consciousness.

The Planetary Portals will best be opened by a group of Ones (human, non-human, Galactic and Celestial) that can deeply love any given area of Gaia. Just as every person can become a Personal Portal, every place can become a Planetary Portal. If a group is formed with persons who have opened their Personal Portals, they will easily be able to join into Unity Consciousness to open a Planetary Portal.

The state of consciousness of each person is more important that physical location. In other words, if you all focus on a given area, you do not have to live there. At the same time, please remember that wherever you live at this time in your 3D reality is where you chose to be when you created your pre-birth contract.

Therefore it is beneficial if some of the members live in the area in which the group is focusing, as they have the deepest alignment with that area of Gaia’s body. It is appropriate at this moment of the NOW for our ascending ones to practice opening the Planetary Portals. The ascension-coded frequencies of light are already streaming into Gaia’s body, as well as each personal body and the all inhabitants of Earth. Hence, it is vital to make use of these energies.

We wish to explain our definition of Portal, as it may be different than other descriptions. We define a Personal Portal as a state of consciousness through which one can connect with their myriad multidimensional expressions of SELF. We define a Planetary Portal as a given area that has been connected to Gaia’s Multidimensional Matrix.

Just as all humans are multidimensional in nature, so is Earth and ALL Her inhabitants. Therefore, just as your fifth dimensional self has infinitely existed, fifth dimensional Earth has infinitely existed. In fact, the entire spectrum of multidimensional reality down through the fifth dimension is beyond time. Without time, there is NO beginning nor is there an ending.

Only the third/fourth dimensional worlds exist within the cycles of time. We see that our ascending ones tire of these cycles, as they have expanded their consciousness to embrace the knowing of many of these cycles and are eager to return Home. Hence, we return to our definition of Portal.

When a Personal or Planetary Portal is opened, it becomes a passage into the higher frequencies/dimensions of that particular expression of life. For example, once you open your Personal Portal you are able to receive messages from your higher expressions of SELF in much the same manner as you might phone a friend. 

Unfortunately, your call may have problems “going through” because of many different factors. But, with determination and persistence, you will complete your connection to your Higher Expressions of SELF.

Gaia also has Higher Expressions of SELF. Your earth vessel is a component of Gaia’s many bodies. Therefore, you have the ability to open Gaia’s Portals. When you open a Personal Portal, you open a communication, visitation, experience, knowing, of your SELF in a higher frequency of reality.

In the same manner, when you open a Planetary Portal you open a communication, visitation, experience, knowing, of Gaia’s higher expressions, such as New Earth. Therefore, visiting New Earth is not a difficult task once you have learned to open your Personal Portals, as it is the same endeavor.

However, your Personal Portal will take you to any world or reality in which you are holding a form and/or have bonded with via your unconditional love. Conversely, opening a Planetary Portal will take you only to Gaia’s expression of SELF. Gaia is asking now that Her Ascending Ones begin to open Her Planetary Portals and practice visiting New Earth in preparation for Her Planetary Ascension.

Therefore, forming groups to open these Portals would be beneficial for Gaia, as well as for every member of the group. Gaia invites you to include your plant and animal friends into the groups, as many of them are well on their way to ascension. Please feel free to invite us, the Arcturians, into your group, as well as any of your higher expressions of SELF.

If your own Galactic and Celestial expressions of SELF join you, the Portal can be opened from both ends of the spectrum. In the same manner, please invite the Lemurians, as they can assist you from within the higher dimensions of Gaia’s Inner Earth.

We, your Galactic Family, greatly appreciate that we can call on our human expressions of SELF to cooperate with us in this monumental endeavor of ascension. In closing, we ask that you release your attachment to time during this ascension process. 

Please remember that time is not the consistent gauge of measurement that you have believed it to be. In fact, rather than the steady clicking of a clock, time is more similar to waves on the ocean. Sometimes the wind and the ocean are calm and the movement of the water is steady and consistent.

On the other hand, many times the wind and water are stormy and movements are erratic and unpredictable. Furthermore, during great influx of new higher frequencies of energy such as you are NOW experiencing, time can be a Rogue Wave. Rogue Waves appear from seemingly nowhere and suddenly rise up to create great change.

We, the Galactics and Celestials, have been attempting to “calm the sea of ascension” but there are myriad human and energetic factors that are NOT for us to control. It is YOU, the ascending ones, who must confront these Rogue Time-Waves with your great force of unconditional love.

What is a Time-Wave? A Time-Wave is a sudden influx of energy. First, this energy is seeded by the thoughts and emotions of the Galactics and Celestials in an attempt to calm the seas of multidimensional Light streaming from the Galactic Center onto your small planet.

However, what will this wave of time meet? Will this great Time Wave land on the gentle sands of unconditional love, unity consciousness and peaceful acceptance? OR, will this Time Wave break against the harsh and rocky shores of fear, deceit and self-service?

We can do our best to control the wave. However, it is up to the beings of Gaia to create the shores on which the waves will break. With your Portals Open, you can easily access the higher frequency scenario of reality. All the possible scenarios will manifest until the 3/4D hologram closes.

YOU have the CHOICE to open your Portals to experience the higher experiences of peace and love.

We are always here to assist you,
The Arcturians

We will return to continue our story of Arcturian Ascension, which we have interrupted to give you the above timely message.