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ARCTURIAN Lessons Chapter 6-PART II


Jefferson: I would now like to talk about being on a Star Ship so that our readers can get a feeling of how it might be to meet you on a Star Ship. You said that sometimes you bring your grounded family aboard your Ship. I know that Suzille has been on the Ship, but have I, Jefferson, been there?

Arcturians: Yes, you have been aboard our ships before, which is why you have such curiosity about the higher worlds. You cannot totally remember your experience because the human brain usually creates a cover story about the experience. This cover story is not about being on a Star Ship, but is somewhat related. For example, once our grounded one dreamt that she bought a new truck and drove around in it. In reality, she had ridden around in a Star Ship. The Star Ship ride memory is still not too clear to her.

Jefferson: For the sake of an example I will use myself to understand the processes. So how did it happen to visited you last time? Did I go to sleep and then next moment I appeared there, or did my guide take me to your Ship?

Arcturians: Your human form was asleep when you came, and, yes, your Guide did bring you.

Jefferson: Wow, that is awesome. When did that happen?

Arcturians: You can ask your guide to tell you what happened. That will be a good opportunity for you to think in terms of your Multidimensional Operating System.

Jefferson: Oh, okay, but in general, when people go to your Ship, what sort of activities are they engaged in?

Arcturians: It happened within the NOW. We know that this is very difficult for humans to think in terms of timelessness because your life is so ruled by time. However, there are certain things, such as visits to the higher dimensions that only happen outside of time. We could give a correlate date of, say, a month ago. However, that would not be correct, for how can you compare “time” in a flowing river with time standing on the bank watching the water flows past?

Jefferson: Can you speak on the activities that are usually presented for the visitors?

Arcturians: When they enter the Arcturian ships, they usually go first to the Restoration Chamber. The Restoration Chamber heals their physical, mental and emotional ills and allows the astral body to adjust to the higher frequency of the Starship. Your astral night-body is only fourth dimensional, whereas our Ships are fifth through eighth dimensional. Because of this discrepancy in frequency, the frequency of your astral body will need to be raised by entering the Restoration Chamber. On the other hand, if you have meditated to merge with a component of your Multidimensional SELF who lives on the Ship, you will more easily adapt to the frequency of our Ship. Once you are refreshed from the Restoration Chamber, you are guided on a tour of our Ship. Of course, not every area of the Ship is open to the visitors.

Jefferson: Now... I wasn't expecting to hear that... That is sweet! There is a procedure well thought out so that the interaction can smoothly take place.

Arcturians: There are personal living areas, places where people are working and areas where a visitor would compromise technical operations. Some visitors only go to the Restoration Chamber and then return to Earth to ground their wonderful experience. Members of our crew also go to the Restoration Chamber when the feel a need. They can, also, go to the Stargate Portal where they can instantly visit their Homeworld. They leave the Ship “outside of time.” This mean that no matter how long they are on their journey, they are only off the Ship for a few seconds.

Jefferson: Do the visitors to your ship get to hear your public relations and spiritual messages? What could have happened to me as far as activities?

Arcturians: There are indeed "classes" that our visitors can attend. However, they "sign" up for them, as there is a level of dedication that is needed for that process to expand their consciousness. Again, they are out of time in that they only leave their physical reality for an eye blink, but experience a sense of "time" on the ship. In reality, there is no time here, but the concept is difficult for grounded ones. Therefore, they often "make up" a sense of time.

Jefferson: I see.

Arcturians: Experiences are totally dependent on the intention and desire of the visitor. When our channel enters the ship, she desires to know the Ship like a crewmember knows the Ship. You, on the other hand, wanted to ask questions and gain answers. The answers are often beyond the limitations of your third dimensional brain, but they are stored in your Multidimensional SELF until you are able to "read that experience."

Jefferson: Oh lovely, thanks. A grounded one, as you refer to it, is a person that before incarnating had ties with the Arcturians or can it be anybody who enjoys the UFO phenomena? (Considering that you spoke of a level of commitment to access different levels of interactions).

Arcturians: A grounded one is any Multidimensional Being who holds a physical vessel. Please remember that ALL Beings are multidimensional. Therefore, every grounded one is actually a Multidimensional Being. It is only on your third dimension that this fact is not known. Our Ship is biological and communes with every visitor. It is a living being who can read the thoughts and feelings of all the visitors and crewmembers. It totally cares for itself and for those who visit and live within it. In fact, our Spaceship feels more like a planet than a vessel.

Regarding the commitment level that you spoke of, we have no third dimensional rules of deserving. The signing up for the classes is an action of dedication to SELF that the ones attending the classes need to recognize. It can be difficult for some to “sign up” for a class because they don’t believe that they deserve such an honor. By asking them to sign up for the class they must face their own insecurity. Often, they will enter the Restoration Chamber to heal the source of that wounding.

Jefferson: Wow. Amazing!

Arcturians: We appreciate communicating with you, and will be honored to return for more conversations.

Jefferson: It is been a great pleasure and honor to talk to you today Arcturians! Fly high in the sky until 3D time allows us to meet again in this or any other ways. I can’t wait to ask you more next week.

Question to the Arcturians from Suzan Caroll,

Dear Arcturians, I wish to ask you about the blending of the two realities, the reality on the Starship and the reality on Earth. Whenever I visit the Ship, I become very reflective, almost sad, afterwards. If the day or time after a visit is very busy, then I am distracted from those feelings. However, if I have a quiet time, even if it is the day after, I am very tired, or lonely, maybe it’s is sad. Can you help me to understand this?

Arcturians: We have had similar questions from other grounded ones who visit their Home on the Starship. Returning to us is such a natural experience for them, and you, that when you return to your physical life you feel like something, or someone, is missing. The some one who is missing is your SELF. You miss the YOU that is no longer bound by the challenges, rules and polarities of the third dimension.

We appreciate that our grounded ones are eager to return to their true vibration. On the other hand, because they have worked so hard to prepare for their ascension, they have cleared much of their own darkness and fear. Because of that, their lives on third dimensional Earth are better than they have been for most of their live, or even for most of their many lives. Wanting to leave that which you have finally learned to love unconditionally creates a unique emotion that is unfamiliar to your earth-bound thinking.

Those of us that naturally travel inter-dimensionally remember that feeling from when we first remembered our true SELF. Yes, we Arcturians can remember that experience. We can remember it because we have NO “time.” Everything that we have ever experienced in all of our realities is stored in the ONE of our multidimensional memory banks. Soon, you too will have access to all of these multidimensional memories. In fact, many of our ascending ones can access many of these memories now.

What you are actually feeling is a form of grief mixed with love. You have grief about leaving that which you have learned to love, but you also more than ready to return to your full expression of SELF. You have had a long adventure on physical Earth and are ready to come Home. However, you already miss your third dimensional life even though your tour there is not quite over. When you try to make sense of these feeling via your 3D thinking you become very tired from the mental effort of trying compute emotions that appear to be in opposition.

Furthermore, your third dimensional thinking cannot understand the concept of living in two worlds. Hence, you must call upon your multidimensional thinking to allow the concept of living in two realities simultaneously to settle into your consciousness. When you relax into the Flow of multidimensional thinking, the emotions of your third dimensional reality are in a different frequency from those of your fifth dimensional experiences.

In this manner, you can access only the third dimensional reality while traveling through your physical life, and also access your higher realities when you are able to raise you consciousness beyond third dimensional thinking. Furthermore, when you call upon the feeling of unconditional love that is abundant in the higher worlds, you are free of ALL thinking. Unconditional love allows you to hold multiple realities in your High Heart, as it is the binding force of the Universe and holds all realities as the myriad expressions the ONE. Hence, unconditional love allows you to free your thinking from the separation and limitations of third dimensional time and space.

Your tour into the third dimension has been so difficult that the thought of adding yet another reality seems overwhelming. For this reason, the healing force of unconditional love is needed so that you can find your Center and remember your multidimensional consciousness. Once you can again expand your consciousness to embrace your Multidimensional SELF, having more than one reality feels “normal” and gives you assurance that you are on your Path of Ascension.

We send unconditional love and compassion to our grounded ones who are experiencing multiple realities and are proud to see that you can also maintain your base on ascending Earth. You are, indeed, returning to your Multidimensional SELF. You are all such wonderful, brave warriors! Soon, enjoying in multiple realities will be natural and normal. We know that to be true because we share that reality with you NOW.

The Arcturians

Monday, August 29, 2011



I am feeling a need to return to the Starship again. I have been writing my last newsletter about Inter-dimensional Travel, which took most of my meditative time. It is interesting how difficult it was to explain inter-dimensional travel, even though I have doing it all of my life. I think that part of my difficulty was because I had to continually purge my old “fear of judgment” that I was making this up, it was “just my imagination” or whatever fear-based thought entered my mind. I am aware that thoughts served to protect me by forcing me to stay in the silence about my inner experiences. I was born in 1946, just after WW II, and thought of inter-dimensional travel were considered “crazy” in my reality for many decades. These fears were stored so deep in my subconscious that I did not hear them until I started publicly sharing my experiences.

With that preamble I will commence with my journey…

I sit on my third dimensional bed and remember my life on the Starship. It seems far away from me, except when I put my attention in that direction. I am beginning to feel it around me now. At first my vision of the ship is blurry, but I can hear the silence even louder than the radio that is playing next to me. I fall into the silence and feel my form begin to shift. I am lighter, not in pounds, but in substance. In other words, I am no longer a solid substance, but appear to be light that has taken a form. There are still many detail of my body such as fingernails, but I know that they are only there because I am looking for them. What I look for, I know I will see.

I look for my fifth dimensional SELF, Kepier, and she instantly appears before me. We have no need for words, or even thoughts. Our emotions merge in a way that is clear and more powerful than language. As I speak to Kepier in this way, my form takes on a brighter and larger radiance. I feel my world begin to resonate to the frequency of Kepier, and I, also, feel it in my physical self. Therefore, as my physical consciousness enters my fifth dimensional SELF, I also feel my fifth dimension SELF entering my physical form. I feel the frequency of form inside of my earth vessel, just as I perceive this experience inside of my earth vessel.

In other words, I do not go UP to enter the Starship. I go IN. Now I will go deeper and deeper IN to see an incredibly bright light just before me. The Light is an alive Being, and it is calling me to enter it. I don’t know what I am doing or why, but I watch myself merge with the Light Being, who is actually a Portal. This Being must be my inner Portal of which the Arcturians have spoken. I am hearing that we can use our inner Portal to travel into the higher realms while our physical vessels are safe and protected.

Since that is the case with my body, I enter this Portal. As I do so, there is a brief experience of a void with no color or sound at all. The feeling of this void is very neutral, and I know that there is no danger. This is a place in-between where I am and where I am going. However, this “going” is not a movement. Instead, it is actually a projection of my consciousness toward my Core.

I see my Core now as a blazing rod of Golden Light. Next to this cord, Kepier is standing with a proud smile on her face. “Congratulations,” I hear. It appears that I have transported within my self. I argue that I am still sitting on my bead and hear that I am in both places. These two realities are perceived very differently because they are of very different frequencies of light. Furthermore, on the Ship the light is highly charged with protons, whereas on Earth, the electrons are more dominant. I can fee the ever-present fatigue of my earth vessel in juxtaposition to the vigor and vitality of my fifth dimensional Lightbody. However, right now my body resonates to New Earth, which is the threshold frequency for the fifth dimension. The Starship has chosen to lower its resonance in this fashion to make it easier for the ascending ones of Earth to visit our Ship, as well as New Earth.

We, as I am now speaking through Kepier, are so proud of our ascending ones who are practicing for ascension by taking inter-dimensional trips into their new reality. From our multidimensional expression, we can see the waves of possibility flowing across the face of Gaia. These energetic waves are churning because the time of the first wave of ascension is approaching. Of course, to us there is no time, and to the grounded one, “time” is the enemy, as it binds their consciousness into the third dimension.

Through the vision of my higher dimensional self I can easily maintain a detached compassion. From the perspective of my fifth dimensional SELF, I can see that all fear-based emotions that bind me to the third dimensional illusions. From this point of view, I can also feel the constant flow of unconditional love that is a constant in this frequency. No wonder I WAS so lonely in my physical life. No one and nothing could replace this feeling of unconditional love, which is a constant companion at this resonance. I hope that I can remember this feeling when I fully return to my earth vessel.

Except, maybe, I won’t have to fully return. I understand that this reality fades from my mind when I am in my earth vessel, but I realize that know that it still exists. I KNOW that now. Therefore, if I can just remember that this reality is ALWAYS with me, even if it is beyond the perceptions of my mundane consciousness, maybe I won’t feel that loneliness. I remember now that as I entered this form, the essence of this form also entered my earth vessel.

Perhaps, having two realities simultaneously is much like having two emotions at the same time. For example when we experience fear and love together. Often, we experience fear and love at once because we love something SO much that we are afraid that it will go away. In the same manner, I am feeling great love in this reality, but I simultaneously feel my grounded self battling the fear that maybe none of this is real. I am in both of these realities at the same time. One emotion, does not cancel out the other. In the same manner, one reality does not cancel out the other. They can both co-exist within the NOW. I have known that fact for a long time, but it is very different when I can FEEL it inside of me.

The catch is that, in order to remember this feeling in my daily life, I will have to remember my multidimensional consciousness. Multidimensional consciousness doesn’t not mean higher consciousness, it means ALL consciousness. Therefore, if I don’t get lost in the distractions of physical life, I can have this FEELING of being on the Ship surrounded by unconditional love, as I go about my daily life.

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More Arcturian Interviews with Jefferson

Interview on 05/26/2011

Chapter 6 Part I

Arcturians: Jeffrees, our dear grounded one. Do you have a question for us?

Jefferson: Yes I do. I was wondering why people receive extraterrestrial visitations and forget them?

Arcturians: Our dear grounded ones forget their encounters with us because their earth brains are geared toward time. The illusion of time between the meetings creates the forgetfulness because their third dimensional thinking cannot understand that they are visiting us at the same “time” that they are living their mundane live. The third dimensional concept of time does not allow for multiple realities in which two realities are running within the same “time” period. Once our grounded ones return their consciousness to that of the NOW of our ONE, they will remember all their encounters. Within the ONE, they can remember many encounters all within the same moment. This is because their multidimensional consciousness does not have the time limitations of your third dimensional brain.

Jefferson: You are on a higher dimension, so you have more of an emotional, intellectual body type, right? But how about the physical contacts we have, face to face, how come we forget such tactile sensations, visual imprints and feelings?

Arcturians: There are few meetings in which we Arcturians lower of form into the third dimensions Earth’s resonant frequency of reality is very uncomfortable to us. Therefore, we usually communicate with our earth ones through their consciousness and during dreams or meditations. Sometimes we bring our grounded family aboard our Ship. However, because their sleeping and meditating consciousness is so much higher than that of daily life, they often forget that experience until they again hold that mundane state of consciousness. Do you understand what we are saying?

Jefferson: Yes. In what concerns meetings with you I am clear. How about meetings with extraterrestrials (Galactics) that meet with us physically? How come we forget such encounters? Are they purposefully erased from our awaken state?

Arcturians: Most of the meetings are done by proxy, which means that a go-between person is used to collect the information from the higher frequencies and then translates it in a manner that humans of the third dimension can understand. Many of the physical meetings were not really physical. Instead, the human one blinked into the higher dimensions and did not realize that they did so. Therefore, they think it happened on the physical, but in reality it was in a fourth dimensional resonance. Because the meeting is a reality slightly higher in frequency than the physical, a very long meeting can appear to only encompass a short period of physical time.

Jefferson: That is interesting!

Arcturians: These encounters are not erased. Instead, they are stored in your multidimensional mind. They will not "fit" into your human brain as the frequency is too high and your third dimensional brain cannot read the memory. Instead, the memory may be experienced in the third dimensional mind as either as anxiety or depression because the brain is being taxed to its limit by the higher frequency experience. If the grounded one surrenders to these uncomfortable feelings by calming their mind, a feeling of bliss will replace the anxiety and depressions.

Jefferson: Wow, that explains a whole lot!

Arcturians: This is the reason why we are telling our grounded ones to consciously download and integrate your Multidimensional Operating System. This mental operating system is far superior to the third dimensional, sequential system. The higher dimensions do not operate in a sequential manner. They operate in circles, just like light travels in circles.

Jefferson: Can I conclude that our memory has a reading, interpreting, remembering capacity that is equivalent to our level of consciousness and vibrational frequency?

Arcturians: Yes, that is absolutely correct. This is also the reason why it is so important to raise your consciousness beyond the limitations of your 3D reality,

Jefferson: How can one consciously download a more advanced operational system? Can they do it by meditating everyday, following their heart or how else?

Arcturians: Once, your consciousness is expanded to embrace the higher dimensions, your expanded perceptions will be activated. Hence, you will be able to perceive the higher worlds. However, it often takes multiple experiences of inter-dimensional travel before you can become adept at calibrating your perceptions to the frequency of your consciousness. It is them that you will begin to really remember your many meetings with us, as well as your own true multidimensional nature.

The downloading of your Multidimensional Operating System is best accomplished by simply allowing yourself to surrender to the multidimensional light and unconditional love that you can perceive with your Third Eye and feel with your High Heart. The light is more directly perceived through your Third Eye and the love is best felt within your High Heart. It is through combining your opened Third Eye and High Heart that you can fully receive and translate your message from the ONE. Do you have another question?

Jefferson: Would you please explain the idea of High Heart and lower heart? Many people think they only have one heart.

Arcturians: Your human heart is the pump that allows your life-blood to flow through your system and keep your body alive. Its beating symbolizes that you are alive and its lack of beating symbolizes that you have died. Your High Heart is in your Spiritual/etheric field, and it holds your ATMA, your Three Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love. You can see on some of the pictures of Jesus, the heart with the inner flame. This is the High Heart. Your physical body holds only one heart, but you are much more than your physical body. Your physical body is merely the anchor that allows your great multidimensional being to experience life on a third dimensional planet.

Jefferson: I've heard the word ATMA before on oriental, Middle Eastern, spiritual literature, perhaps in the Bagavad Gita. How do you define that word ATMA? Is it a sort of oversoul, a sort of higher entity, or a sort of demi-God?

Arcturians: The ATMA is the holder of the Divine Intention of your first eight cells. Within you is a file, like a computer file that will open whenever you are experiencing unconditional love. This unconditional love can read this file and help you to remember all the Wisdom, Power and Love that is within your Multidimensional SELF.

Jefferson: Do you mean that the High Heart is the same as our physical heart, but used for greater, nobler purposes?

Arcturians: The High Heart is not within your physical body, but within your aura, and yes it is the means by which you can pursue your most noble purposes.

Jefferson: Do you mean our Higher Self is not in our physical body?

Arcturians: Yes, it is the same thing. Our Higher SELF and High Heart are like the butterfly that is always within the caterpillar, but it is not obvious until the moment of transformation.

Friday, August 26, 2011



Have you been tired lately? Does it seem that no matter how much sleep you get, you still feel like you need more? That is how it has been with me. However, I have determined that which I am tired of. I am tired of the low frequency of the third dimension. The juxtaposition between the frequency of light that is entering our consciousness and the frequency of the physical world is becoming so different that it is increasingly difficult to hold on to both of these worlds at the same time. Of course if we choose to focus a greater percentage of our life on expressing our Multidimensional SELF in a creative manner, we find we are not so tired. In fact, when we engage in creative activities we often loose our fatigue and get quite energized.

When we are engaging in a creative activity, and there are as many definitions of creativity as there are people, we are enlivened. When we have an opportunity to be creative the fatigue that we have carried when we drove to work, paid our bills, cleaned the house etc. etc. suddenly leaves. However, the term “creative” is also changing. Creative used to mean that we learned or had an innate ability to DO a certain creative things, such as singing, art, dance, athletics etc. However, now creativity means that we are learning to use our innate ability to BE the creators of our life.

When we are the creators of our life, we can choose to DO anything we want, except for certain mundane tasks that seem to linger on and on. This new kind of creativity is because of the ever-increasing frequency of light and unconditional love emanating form the Galactic Center. We will be directly in front of the Galactic Center on December 21, 2012. Therefore, in only about 15 months the “time” that we have awaited for millennia, the time that has been prophesied by every religion and sacred group, will be totally and completely upon us.

These energies are so close now that they are beginning to change our world. All we have to do is to look at the Internet or even the traditional news, to see how people all over the world are deciding that they want the BE the creators of their lives. People all over the world are saying, “I love myself enough now to know that I deserve a better life. I love myself enough now that I am able to expand my mind and open my heart to a new way o f perceiving reality.”

Reality is no longer something that is outside of me. I AM reality and I share my reality with everyone. Furthermore, everyone also has his or her reality inside of them. So if everyone has their reality inside them, how can it be that we seem to be in the same reality? I don’t pretend to know all of that answer, as I think it is a multidimensional answer that will expand more and more as we expand our consciousness. In other words, in order to understand, or even perceive, information, our consciousness has to resonate to the frequency of that information.

Therefore, whenever we expand our consciousness, our perception of reality expands as well. But, going back to the question of how can separate individuals who all have reality inside of them share reality with the others. The answer is that no one is separate and there are no others. If we are ONE with all life, then there is nothing that is outside or even inside of us. There is no outside or inside. There is only the moments in which we are fully connected with the ONE.

In these moments we are calm, peaceful, joyful and loving. We do not need to try to BE any certain way or to DO anything to become that way. It is just that every now and again, we are experiencing these random moments of feeling at ONE with all life. How did we get there, and what do we have to do to stay there? Once we ask that question, it is because the sense of ONE has been lost.

How, there, do and stay are foreign concepts to us when we are having our “Radom moment of Unity.” Do you remember the movement about “Random acts of kindness?” I think that these two concepts are very similar, surrendering to that moment of the NOW is the kindest thing we can do for our self. And remember, since we truly are all ONE, whenever we are kind to our self, we are kind to everyone. In fact, whatever we DO for our self or to our self, we DO for or to everyone.

When we are having these ever-increasing moments of unity with the ONE, we loose all our fatigue. Our bodies are no longer heavy, and we feel light. In fact, we feel like we ARE Light. It becomes difficult to keep our eyes open to the outside world because we want to see what is inside and hear that silent voice. We want to amplify the feeling of Unity with all life by closing our eyes to the outer light and tuning into our inner light. With our eyes closed we can see our inner light better, and we can see the inner light of others better, as well.

When we close our eyes, we look at our “outer world” with our Third Eye and our opened High Heart. Sometimes we see parts of people that they cannot see in themselves, yet. This is because, what we see with our Heart and Third Eye is the higher frequency expression of our self and of others. What if we could only see the higher frequency of everyone and everything in our reality? What if the world didn’t change in 12-21-12, but it is our perception I what changes?

Will these changes then be real? And, if we see our SELF as a glorious Being of radiant light and love, and see everyone else in the same way, will we care if it is “real?” Have you ever had a dream that was so wonderful that you didn’t want to wake up? Well, what if we WAKE UP and find that what we thought was reality is really a dream (or a nightmare)?

Would we want to go back to the dream that we thought was a reality or would we want to stay in the reality that we thought was a dream?