Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome to 2014 - Happy New Year




      “Let us merge into one being,” spoke Gaia.

      It was my dream again, only this time it seemed so real. I saw Gaia before me in her form as an elegant Priestess.  She wore a flowing opalescent gown that wrapped loosely around her body and was clasped at her left shoulder with a silver owl. Her abundant dark hair, swept up on top of her head, highlighted her delicate facial features.  Small ringlets caressed her cheeks and the nape of her neck.  An aura of feminine power surrounded her and seemed to radiate from her like a beacon. 

      Copper snakes coiled around each of her upper arms. Around her neck she wore a magnificent jade necklace with a huge amethyst jewel that hung from its center and rested between her breasts.  The gem seemed to magnify the radiance flowing from her heart.  But, what struck me the most were her eyes.  They were as violet as the jewel against her heart, as they penetrated my very Soul.

      “Let us merge into one being,” she said again, as she stood before me face to face and heart to heart.

      Even if this meeting with Gaia was just a dream, the honor was the same.  How could I resist her request? She raised her hands to the level of her heart, palms facing forward, and I mirrored her motion.  She stepped towards me, and I stepped towards her.  As our palms touched, so did our hearts.

       Slowly, I could feel that we were merging. I felt the copper bracelets cool upon my upper arms and the weight of the amethyst necklace heavy upon my heart.  I felt the gossamer gown soft against my skin and the weight of the silver owl that held it in place. My hair was also pulled high upon my head, and I felt the breeze playing with the wisps of hair that tickled my face and neck. On our feet we wore simple sandals, and we were standing on Earth’s fertile soil.

      As Gaia sent roots down from her feet deep into the body of her planet, I felt the roots pull upon the soles of my feet.  These roots, carrying our consciousness with them, traveled deeper and deeper, past the topsoil, into the sand, beyond the bedrock, and into the caves of enlightenment.  Yes, Gaia was alive there too, pregnant with all life. 

      Deeper still our roots traveled carrying our joint consciousness down, down into the molten core of the Earth.  Once there, we surrendered our spirit flame into Earth’s core.  As I bravely stepped into the flame, I could feel that Gaia and I were ONE.  Light as a feather, we floated up to the surface where our combined essence entered the human body that was once mine. Now, Gaia and I had completely merged into one form. In doing so, I was ONE with her planet, Earth.  

      From deep inside my expanded being, I could feel my legs pull nourishment up from the Earth’s core.  I felt the compassionate love of the Gaia’s heart filling our joint form.  I was a human, but I was also the Earth.  From my solar plexus, I communed with the waters of my great oceans and all the life that lived within them.  I remembered how my creatures had first crawled from these waters to live on the land and in the air.  I could hear the call of each life form as it spoke to me of its needs. I intimately knew each growing plant and felt the burden of every mountain and hill.

      Within my heart was unconditional love for all my inhabitants. I felt the birth of each babe and the opening of each flower.  My emotions changed the weather and the sky echoed my thoughts.  I witnessed the continuous rising and setting of the Sun and felt the pull of the Moon as it orbited around me.

       Then my awareness expanded to encompass the entire Solar System. I welcomed the energy field of love radiating from Father/Mother Sun that kept each brother and sister planet in orbit.  Venus sent a special ray of love to me, her dear sister Earth.  This love further expanded my consciousness, and I became a traveler in the Milky Way. The Great Central Sun beckoned me home, as I felt the Milky Way surrounding me.  I was a body of light and life within the vast expanse of space. 

      Off in the distance, at the very edge of my Universe, I saw a star.  It was Father/Mother Sun, and it was calling me home to Earth.  With a gentle tug, I traveled instantly back through the Milky Way, back to my Solar System, back to Earth and back into a small body that was beginning to awaken.  The jolt was so intense that my eyes flew open. 

As I set up in my bed, I saw Gaia standing before me.
Deep in her violet eyes, I saw my SELF.

Now that the sleep of many lives
has come into its morning light.

Now that the fear of many moments
has begun to lose its fearsome might.

Now that the flower of my own creation
has renewed itself in a new ideation.

Now and forever there can be freedom.
Now and forever there can be peace.

Peace to go inside and see
all I ever dreamed to be.

My dues are paid.
I’m not afraid.

For I have been shown
I’m not alone.

And, in the showing
there is a knowing

and the power that can only be
as I live my life by being ME.

Because I understand this vision
I have the strength for this decision.

For as the hand fits in the glove
I surround myself with Peace and Love.

May each and every ONE of you have a Peaceful and Loving 2014

Monday, December 30, 2013

Meanwhile On Ascending Earth

Meanwhile On Ascending Earth

Sandy’s Birthday Dream

I woke up with a sweet kiss as I heard Jason say, “Happy Birthday My Love.” It took me a moment to fully awaken as I was having the most wonderful dream. Finally, once I was awake enough to open my eyes, I saw Jason’s loving face.

“Oh Jason,” I said. “I just had the most wonderful dream. Can I tell you now before I forget?”

“Please do,” said Jason, as he propped himself up to see me while he listened.

“Well,” I began as I looked at the ceiling to not get distracted. I didn’t want to forget this dream. “The dream began with the feeling and flowing presence of the Arcturian. It said to me, ‘Happy Birthday. Today I give you the gift of remembering. In other words, you will not forget.

“I was not sure what the Arcturian meant by that, but it sounded like a wonderful gift. Then, before I could ponder further the meaning of the Arcturian’s gift an amazing vision/experience came into my consciousness. I was IN the Arcturian Corridor. It did not have a color and the main sensation I felt was that of very swift movement. The Corridor seemed to veer to the left and then to the right.

“A few times the Corridor seemed to almost stop and there was a strange bulge, as if someone was getting off or on. Then it would continue with the same movement. It was very interesting because I could see the Corridor from above as well as from within it. Perhaps, I had some multidimensional vision?

“Then from my perspective of above and within I began to see a very tall snowcapped mountain. The name Mt. Shasta came into my mind, but I also knew that there were many of these special mountains. I also knew that somehow they were all connected via inner tunnels deep inside the Earth.

“I was traveling via my consciousness and was somehow inside/outside of the Corridor while I traveled towards the mountain. Coming from far above, I gradually came closer and closer to the mountain peak. Suddenly, I was definitely traveling within my consciousness, and I saw what looked like a Temple of pure light at the very top of the mountain.

“However, as I got closer to the mountain top it transformed into a stunning green valley. It was then that I knew that this was not a physical world and remembered that the Arcturian had said, ‘You are going to New Earth.’ I think I had forgotten that statement, as it seemed too good to be true. What a third dimensional statement that is!” I said as Jason and I laughed, but I went back to my story so as not to forget. 

“As I came over the peak, feeling the Arcturian beside me, we saw the Temple was within the Crown of the beautiful valley. ‘Welcome to Shamballa,’ said the Arcturian with a lilt of excitement as if It was giving me a gift. And what a wonderful gift it was. The valley was sprinkled with small farms and happy people lovingly working the land. Animals, people, faeries and Angels all tended the crops. The scene made my heart burst with joy.

“As our consciousness (I still had no form) came to the entrance of the Temple, I landed into a somewhat human form. The Arcturian encouraged me to walk up the stairs and enter the Temple alone. The stairs were golden and the Temple glistened with radiating light rays of white, pearl, pink and violet. The golden stairs led up to a gold door that slowly opened as I approached.

“I could not see what was inside the Temple, but somehow knew that it was my heart’s desire. As I stepped through the door I was greeted by the vision of a huge Redwood forest. My heart almost burst with joy. The quiet was complete and each of the huge trees seemed to send me unconditional love.

“As I walked into the forest I saw a central tree that seemed to be calling me. I walked to the huge root system to see what looked like the old-fashioned cellar door. This door reminded me of my first childhood home. I loved that house and was fascinated by the cellar door that laid almost flat on the ground while butting up against the house. As I walked towards this door, it opened on its own.

“I looked inside to see a comfortable place to lie down, so I entered the small cubbyhole of a room and lay down on the warm and cozy table/bed. Slowly the door closed, but as it did so it turned into a window. From my snug position I looked up into the treetops and the clear blue sky.

“Slowly, a warm red light entered my cubbyhole and focused from my first chakra, down my legs and to my feet. The red light felt soft and warm and seemed to be healing me down to a cellular level.

“I then had the sensation of moving one notch around the huge tree base. This time the light was orange and focused on my second chakra. I could feel the orange light moving into a cellular level again to heal and align that area of my form. I did not know what I was being aligned with, but I hoped it was the fifth dimension.

“I knew the program now. I rotated again to the left to welcome warmth of the yellow light on my third chakra. This light had quite a bit of healing to do before it could be aligned, so I relaxed into the process. I remember how often I had picked up negative thinking and emotions from others with no ability to filter them out. With that thought, I felt a glow of unconditional love creating a barrier through which only love and light could flow.

“I was ready now for my heart chakra to be treated. I moved again to the left to feel a warm green light giving me the GO sign to live in love. Wow, what a concept! I suddenly realized how much I had protected myself. I then felt the Arcturian within my heart and cried with joy. Habit made me start to wonder how I could deserve that honor, but the green light would not allow the completion of that thought.

“With the blockage of that negative thought, I instantly realized the power of manifestation locked within my heart and my High Heart. I felt a wave of responsibility that would have been overwhelming had I not simultaneously felt the Arcturian within me. Yes, the Arcturian was actually within ME.

“’YOU are within your SELF, as well,’ I heard my High Heart say. My High Heart had a voice? ‘Only if you listen,’ it responded as the green light glistened with pink sparkles. I wanted to engage further with my High Heart, but felt I was moving towards the left again.

“A lovely sky blue light moved into my throat chakra, and I began to sob. I do not know why I cried but I cried and cried and cried. How could all this sadness become trapped in my throat? ‘Because you could not speak from your SELF,’ replied my High Heart. This High Heart communication was amazing. Could I really just ask myself a question and receive an answer. ‘YES,’ came the instant reply. Suddenly I understood that in order to be fully aligned with my fifth-dimensional SELF, I would have to speak my truth.

“That thought moved me to the left again and a sea of indigo light filled my brow chakra. Immediately, I felt an alignment between my Third Eye and High Heart. That alignment easily transitioned into the fifth dimension, as I moved again to the left.

“I was greeted by a flash of violet light that surged into my crown chakra and filled my vague form with bliss and unconditional love. Simultaneously, my perceptions expanded beyond the confines of my cubbyhole, the tree, the forest, the Temple, the valley, and the mountain.

“All of these perceptions of movement occurred within the NOW and flowed into a tapestry of light and love. The light became a ‘magic carpet,’ and my love for you, dear Jason, directed me HOME. Just before I returned to you, I heard the Arcturian whisper into my heart,

“Now you will never forget!”

Jason swooped me up into his arms whispered into my ear, “I am so happy you returned to me.”