Monday, September 27, 2010

A Reminder


I had a dream last night in which I was walking in a park and came upon people gathered behind a bush. “Look,” they said as the pointed through the foliage. As I looked I saw a golden Buddha sitting on a wooden bench. Just as I thought, “What a beautiful statue,” light radiated out of Buddha’s hands and he turned his head to look straight into my eyes.

I awoke with the memory of A Golden Buddha sitting on a Wooden Bench.

As I went about my morning, I heard in my Soul, “It is not what you do that is important, but HOW you do it.” It was then that I realized how my intentions had become tainted by the old paradigm hard work and the need for external reward and/or acknowledgement.

The Golden Buddha was as happy on a wooden bench in a small park, as he was in a huge temple where people worshiped. He came into my dream life to remind me that the wooden bench was very comfortable and in no way diminished the healing force within him. He looked at me directly so that I would more clearly look at myself.

Do I do what I do because I want recognition, or do I do what I do because I AM my SELF. Well, there is, of course, the ego answer AND the Soul answer. The Buddha came into my dream to remind me that my Soul is happy on a wooden bench in a small park. My Soul then reminds me that the wooden bench in no way diminishes its Golden Light.

It is not what I do, but HOW I do it! It is that sentence that leads to the Center Flow. It is that sentence that frees me from my ego.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sister Venus Speaks

I found (was led to) this article about Venus from 2004 and thought it was a good amendment to the Equinox entry.


I AM your sister Venus, come to you at this time to assist you, Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants, in your transition. The last time you were in the energy of the Galactic center,

Gaia and I mingled our twin energies. Unfortunately, when we left the Belt, Gaia’s vibration had dropped greatly due to the polarization and dissonance of Her human society. Many of you to whom I now speak are Venusians, or at least, you trained on Venus before your first visit to Earth. You were among the many who volunteered to assist Gaia to stay in her proper orbit during the fall of Atlantis.

I, Sister Venus, return to you now to remind you that your generations of incarnates on third dimensional Earth are about to end. Soon, at about the time of my transit between Gaia and our Sun in 2012—or sooner—your contract to stay for the Grand Cycle will end. You will be able to go Home. However, your final service to Gaia will be to bring the vibration of your Homeworld, which is your innate Soul SELF signature frequency, Home into the body of Gaia.

Because my beloved sister Gaia has volunteered to be a “living library” for all the civilizations of this and other Galaxies, Her vibration was greatly lowered by the many differing energy patterns that tried to coexist in the third and fourth dimension of Earth. You, the ones who receive this message, volunteered to fragment off and lower portion of the magnificent multidimensional beings that you were (and still are) on your Homeworld to come to Earth. Once here, you began your participation in Gaia’s Grand Experiment of: “Can life forms from many different planets, solar system, galaxies and dimensions, co-exist on one small third dimensional planet?”

On fifth dimensional Earth this co-existence would not difficult, however, the separation and polarization of the 3D Game was fraught with violence, darkness and fear. On the other hand, the opposite polarities repelling and attracting each other have also created peace, beauty, light and love. Now, Beloveds, I have come again into your atmosphere to radiate my energy of peace, beauty, light and love so that those who have chosen darkness may be healed by my light, and those who have chosen light can use my Unconditional Love to give them the courage to face their inner darkness. With each of these polarities coming towards the center, you will awaken more and more to your true multidimensional SELF.

You are all experiencing the many physical symptoms of awakening and transformation, as well as remembering your Mission—the reason for your incarnation in this time and space. The foundation for everyone’s Mission is: return your vibration to the fifth dimension, and beyond, WHILE REMAINING GROUNDED IN THE 3D BODY OF GAIA. The return to your true SELF is a simple task, indeed, compared to staying grounded on Earth while you do so. I am here to assist you all in this process so that your personal ascension will be in concert with the Planetary Ascension. In fact, the rest of the Solar System, as well as much of our Galaxy await the ascension of Gaia, who is the cornerstone for the alignment of, and uploading of ALL the dimensions into their next octave of vibration.

Luckily, I, Venus, am not the only one who is here to help. The parallel reality “you” who has already successfully completed the Planetary Ascension, you Future SELVES, are returning back in time to remind you how you ascended before. Along with your Future SELVES are Ascended Masters, Angels, Elohim and the many members of Gaia’s Space Family who have sent representatives from their world to participate in Gaia’s Great Experiment.

In the eight years between now and my return on June 6, 2012, the process of Planetary Ascension will gradually and consistently accelerate. The forces who have chosen darkness, violence and fear must merge with the forces who have chosen ligh, peace and love. This merging is necessary in order for Gaia to be able to release Her constricting 3D frequency net. It is the merging of polarities in the center, fulcrum point which will boomerang Gaia, and ALL Her inhabitants, into the fifth dimension and beyond.

You may think that the forces of darkness will never choose to move towards the Light, even when you, the forces of light, are willing to face and release you inner darkness. However, the quota of light to dark does not have to 1 to 1. Long before the moment of collective awakening, there will be a sufficient core of people who have chosen to face there inner darkness and, thereby, download their higher multidimensional light. The harmonic currents that emanate from these way showers will be sufficient to displace the influence of those who have chosen the darkness and refused to change.

This fact is because the frequency emanation of the vibration of fear is not harmonious. Because of this, the effect of fear on humanity’s collective consciousness for each additional person who chooses fear increases at an arithmetical rate, (1,2,3,4, etc.). On the other hand, the frequency emanation of the vibration of love on humanity’s collective consciousness increases at the geometric progression (2,4,8,16, etc) that is characteristic of the harmonic emanations of love. Hence, before the final instant of final awakening, the radiations of love will constitute the predominant vibrational influence on the collective consciousness even though the numerical majority remains centered in fear. In fact, the time when love overshadowing fear is very near, and I openly share my Venusian energies to facilitate this process.

Your loving sister,

How Venus will assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension

A Venus Passover is when Venus retrogrades and passes in front of the Sun. Venus retrogrades every 260 days but it only passes over the sun every 122 years. The exact Passover is on June 8th, beginning 5 A.M. GMT,UK time zone (Pacific Standard Time it is from 9 PM on 6/7/04 to 4 am 6/8/04). It will take about 7 hours for Venus to pass in front of the Sun. The last time this happened was in 1882.

The ancient Mayas call the Venus-Sun Passover the return of Quetzalcoatl but are also symbol of death and a rebirth of a higher consciousness. The Venus Passover repeats again on June 6th 2012, the very near of the end of the Mayan Long count calendar (ending on 12/21/2012) and the ending
of a huge 26000-year cycle. In Christianity the Venus-Sun Passover symbolizes the return of the Christ Consciousness. Christ and Quetzalcoatl are both messengers of love and wisdom, light and knowledge.

Venus is like a Holy Grail in the stars holding the power of the feminine, the power of love, and the power of abundance. Our Sun is the powerhouse of lighted divine wisdom. When the two planets cross paths it will give us the ability to take all relationships, intimate and otherwise to the next higher level.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Equinox 2010

Fall Equinox 9-22-10

For the first time in 19 years, the beginning of fall, the Autumn Equinox, and the full Harvest Moon are together on September 22, 2010. The fall equinox begins at 11:09 PM ET, so get in you meditations before you go to sleep. Ask to remember your dreams too, as you may get some great ones.

Jupiter is coming closer to Earth than any time since 1963. It is also conjunct (within 10 degrees) of the Moon, and conjunct with Uranus (the harbinger of the Aquarian Age). What this means is the energy of the Moon, Harvest Moon no less, is greatly amplified by Jupiter (the Cosmic Amplifier), as well as metaphysical energies of Uranus. Uranus is symbolic for our Higher Self and also represents sudden, unexpected change. Therefore, these unexpected changes are good for our Soul, but if our ego is out of alignment with our Soul, we will NOT enjoy the changes.

On the other end of the Moon—Sun Opposition, which creates a full moon, the Sun is conjunct Saturn (take care of unfinished business NOW or let go of it). Therefore, the Sun is tying up loose ends and letting go of the old, while the Moon is bringing in the new age of Uranus/Aquarius. In fact, Uranus has been in Pisces for many years and finally moved into Aries. However, Uranus has returned to Pisces to stir things up again in the remnants of our Piscean (hierarchy, separation and hard work) structure to bring into the Aquarian structure of unity, cooperation and equality. The expansive energy of Jupiter (sitting inbetween the Moon and Uranus) is amplifying the entire process.

Furthermore, Saturn (the force of restriction) is conjunct the Sun, whereas Jupiter (the force of amplification) is conjunct the Moon. Therefore, the feminine, emotional and unconscious energies of the Moon are being amplified and expanded (Uranus), whereas the thinking, masculine and conscious energies of the Sun are being restricted (Saturn). This shift in power structure further pulls us out of the patriarchal/polarized age of Pisces and into the androgynous/unified Age of Aquarius.

The full Moon (Sun opposed Moon) during the time of the Equinox signifies that the unconscious (Moon) and conscious (Sun) minds will be interfacing, and, hopefully, integrating into each other. With this alignment of our consciousness, our superconscious mind can come fully online.

Just as the Sun and Moon (masculine and feminine) are meeting via an opposition, Mars and Venus (masculine and feminine) are joined with only four degrees between them. AND, they are in the sign of Scorpio, the sign of transmutation. The change of Uranus is sudden and usually quite obvious. On the other hand, the changes of Scorpio are gradual and stem from deep within.

To make sure that these Scorpio, inner changes DO take place, Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) is in aspect (sextile) with Mars and Venus (in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio) and squaring (90 degrees—do it now) to Saturn, who is sitting next to the Sun. In other words, the unity of Mars/male and Venus/female is being supported by the Pluto’s power of transmutation. On the other hand, Pluto is keeping its pot of “frozen fire” boiling under the conjunction Saturn and Sun (karmic changes in world government—meaning that which was put out is now coming back). Meanwhile, the torsion waves flowing from the Galactic Center are entering our planet and physical forms more and more each day.

What does all this mean? Changes, changes, changes! If we Flow with our Soul and allow the old to leave and accept the new, we are in for a fun ride. On the other hand, if we hold on to that which is over and resist that which is new, we will be very unhappy. The choice is our—as always.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

7 Day Cycle of Equinox

The Seven Day Cycle of Equinox/Solstice

1st Day: Releasing Old Patterns

2nd Day: Releasing Old Emotions

3rd Day: Releasing Old Problems

Day of Solstice/Equinox: New Energy into current or new projects and programs, ideas & directions

5th Day: State or re-state Personal and Global Dreams

6th Day: Dreams and Expectations for the next 3 months

7th Day: On-going processes of Spiritual Self-Realization

During the first three days write out 2-4 items you want to let go of. Meditate for the purpose of the release and tear up the papers, or burn them, upon completion. Write out 2-4 items to create or manifest on the Equinox/Solstice and on the following 3 days. Meditate on the purpose of manifestation. Keep these papers in a sacred place for the next 3 months until the next cycle begins again.

Happy Transformations & Manifestations!

Love and Light
Courtesy of Virginia Palmer

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Healing the Mother - Part 3 Meditation

The meditation for Part 3 of the Healing the Mother series can be downloaded here:

Healing the Self: Healing the Mother Part 3

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Macintosh Users: Option-Click on the link

Or just click to play in your browser window.

About the Third Chakra

Awake: Now What? Blog Talk Radio, August 29, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Morning Everyone

Good Morning Everyone,
I haven't made many entries in the blog lately, except in my consciousness. Did you hear me? I have read that time becomes shorter as we raise our consciousness, and that now our day is actually about 17 hours. Boy, does it ever feel like it! The energy now is soooo intense that fatigue is a constant issue. Also, the "sense of urgency" keeps us doing more and more for Gaia and for our own process of ascension.

The wonderful thing is that now we are doing the "doing of our Being," at least most of the time. It is really important in this last stretch of our process that we release every person, place and thing that lowers our consciousness. Of course, we still have to pay the bills, make a living, clean the house etc., but we need to release all the other "I should-s" in our life and replace them with that "I love to-s." In this manner, we can love our life more and more. In fact, the most important thing we can do right now is remember to love our life.

Yes, i know that is not always easy. I, for one, can have a marvelous meditation and float off to get into my car and drive to work. Then, just a few miles away, shout at someone who cut me off. The challenge of being fifth dimensional in a third dimensional world is no walk through the park. Fortunately, there are more and more parts of our world are becoming fifth dimensional. Take a moment now to close your eye and "see" the places, persons, things and activities that are fifth dimensional right now in your life. I will join you..

I see the ocean that i drive by on my way to work
My house, my yard, and a lot of my neighborhood
I have quite a few friends and clients who are fifth dimensional
My meditations, writings and creative activities are fifth dimensional
There are more and more shows and movies that are fifth dimensionally inspired
The Nature of Gaia that is untouched and/or loved and protected has made the shift

I write these things down for my self to remember, as well to demonstrate to you, that becoming fifth dimensional is a process that we are all experiencing. Bit-by-bit, more and more of our life is resonating to the fifth dimension. Of course, the fifth dimension isn't a "place," it is a frequency. We don't need to "go there" to experience that reality, instead we need to raise our consciousness so that we can perceive that reality. There are, of course, persons, places and things that have fallen into such a low resonance that it is very difficult to perceive their fifth dimensional expression. These are the person, places and things that need to be healed.

Yes, we need to "heal" things for they are our human creation. We need to clear up ALL our "spilled milk," so that ALL of Gaia can resonate to Her true fifth dimensional expression. Again, we will not be able to perceive that expression unless we have integrated our Multidimensional SELF who can easily adjust its frequency to the reality which we we desire to experience. However, to stay in touch with our SELF, we need to release that which lowers our resonance and blurrs our innate vision of our TRUE fifth dimensional reality.

We have to constantly check the thoughts that we allow to live in our mind and allow our emotions to share their message with us so that we can release them. That is, so that we can release the fear-based emotions and live in the love-based emotions. This continual monitoring and clearing of our energy field is a huge challenge. I have to work with it all the time. This process demands that we also get enough sleep, eat the right food, get enough exercise, have enough fun and fill our lives with that which we love.

No problem... Well, actually, it is a problem, but one that is well worth the effort. I have had clients that i give this speech to, and they say, "Do i have to do all this all the time?" My answer is, "Only if you want to be happy." I believe/hope that when all of our reality--instead of just wavering segments of our life--when ALL of our reality is fifth dimensional, happiness will be our natural state. I also think that a lot of us will continue to "go to work" in the lower dimensions to help others who need a bit of assistance to "believe they are fifth dimensional."

In fact, most of us are giving that assistance now to people in many subtle and loving ways. The best part of that is that this service also makes us happy. When we assist others to experience love and happiness, we usually experience love and happiness ourselves. How can we give away what we don't possess? However, this sharing doesn't always work that way, for some people (not nature, things, animals or plants)--just people--are too attached to their fear and get angry if we try to "help" them.

Therefore, we have to follow the free will rules of our planet, which are, "You can't assist others unless they ask for it." I remember one time i was sitting next to an elderly women who was struggling to stand up. I stood up to help her, and she became very angry at me. I had given her what she did not want, even though i thought she needed it. We need to respect others wishes and allow them to decide for themselves when they are ready to accept our assistance. However, unconditional love is an energy field, which probably does them more good than any amount of "help" we can offer.

I wish you all a happy day, morning night--whatever time zone you are in. I also send you unconditional love,