Wednesday, October 26, 2011


New comment on your post "A QUESTION":

I have a question...not a comment.. I hope I'm in the right place to ask this, but are you saying that the earth is ascending, so we all must ascend or die? What about staying here on earth, remembering who we are and finally being healthy and youthenized and enjoying our lives with our families in ways we never could before because now we remember who we really are?

THIS ANSWER IS ACTUALLY ONLY FOR A FEW PEOPLE, AS THERE HAVE ONLY BE A FEW WHO HAD THE KIND OF QUESTION THAT IS ABOVE. HOWEVER, OTHERS MAY HAVE THOUGHT THIS QUESTION AND NOT WRITTEN ME. I have said and written in several places that I believe that we may have a very seamless transition/ascension of becoming healthy, young, happy and remembering our true Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, this person may be a new reader who is unfamiliar with my writings.

That said, I do not understand how any one got the concept of "ascend or die" from that posting or from anything i have ever said. Death is merely a third dimensional illusion. There is no such thing as death, and we ALL need to stop fearing it. When i said "dying" to something in a completely different posting, i meant releasing it completely. A few people heard that statement through their fear and thought it meant that we would ascend or die.

I say right now there is NO difference.
When we ascend, we release the illusion of our clay vessel and move into a higher frequency expression of our Multidimensional SELF.
We we "die," we release the illusion of our clay vessel and move into a higher frequency expression of our Multidimensional SELF.

A conscious ascension is one in which we have released ALL fear of death and can totally surrender to the process of transmutation of our form from clay into light. Even if some leave their clay form before they get a chance to ascend, they will find themselves in whatever frequency of expression they can Believe they deserve. This is exactly what will happen with ascension.

 If we are afraid of death, we have to heal the part of us that does NOT believe we deserve to return to the fifth dimension. In this manner, we can be totally free of any fear we have of the ILLUSION of death. We are ALL Multidimensional Beings and "death" is merely logging OUT of the 3D Hologramic Game and returning Home to our true frequency.

 Dare i use the adjective of death without igniting fear? By the way, that message was from the Arcturians. They likely used that adjective to push any fear of death hiding in any one's subconscious, so that that person could heal that part of them selves that was still afraid of that illusion of death.

We are so close to ascension now that our Soul is pushing forward any fear buried in our subconscious so that we can heal it. We are all have parts of our ego self that we need to heal and release because that part, which is always some form of fear, lowers our consciousness. NO ONE will die because DEATH is a 3D Illusion. We are leaving the third dimension and ALL of its illusions.

There are some people who, because of the hardships of this life or their personal choices, they will not be able to BELIEVE in a fifth dimensional reality based on unconditional love and total unity with all life. They will remain in Matrix Earth, which is a temporary fourth dimensional version of Earth. This version of Earth still has time and separation. However, the darkness that we have suffered through the Kali Yuga will not be as intense in that reality, although their will still be polarity. In that reality, those ones have "time" to realize that they are NOT separate from their Multidimensional SELF.

When I talk on my blog I have to assume that the readers have gone through my site or have read my newsletters etc. I speak to you on the blog as if you have the background information. If I had to go through all the background information that I have laid out since 1996, I would not be able to assist those on the cusp of ascension. I apologize to anyone who misunderstands what I am saying because they are new to this information. If you are confused, please check out my site where everything is laid out in a third dimensional sequential fashion. Ascension is a process. Some wake up to it slowly and other wake up quickly. The way we awaken depends on our life path and on when we were born.

The baby boomer, such as me, had many years to awaken, and times were far too dark to go public with our inner experience. Now the light is so strong and the dark so quickly diminishing that it is much easier to me our SELF in our daily life. If you have any questions, please respond to this blog or email me personally.

Blessing on you journey. I feel the consciousness of these readers to be extremely awakened and on the very verge of ascension. Many of us, including my self, are staying with Gaia until the moment of Planetary Ascension, which is supposed to be in either 12-12-12 or 12-21-12. There is some talk of 11.11.11 being a first wave of ascension. I have not received any information regarding that, but that may be because I am staying with Mother Earth until She is ready.

If any of you ascend on 11.11.11, please drop me a channel. Otherwise, I will see you in the fifth dimension.


  1. Hi Sue,

    It is true, either we "die" or "ascend" , for me it means you’re been upgraded one way or another.

    But for me there is still a confusing bit for me weather I am going to ascend together with Gaia or not. I know I am an Earth Partner and helping Gaia to Ascend, but on the other hand...some weeks ago, during the night, I could hear a word from my guide(?) and that was the term "Gatekeeper". What does this mean and I don't even know if that replies to me. And I had also a few months ago the same experience but with the word "Atlantean" after that I learned I lived in Atlantis in former live and was a Scientist, Botanist, Gardner and harnesser of the advanced energy of plants. I was also a teacher to children in the next incarnation in to Atlantis.

  2. Sue,

    I thank you for all of your work in educating us! It is all here on your website and in your writings. Most of all you have taught us to have complete faith in our Higher Selves - to actually REMEMBER and BE who we really are! Yes, the fear level is high right now, but that might mean a) it's time to flush that stuff out, and 2) the echoes of 3D reality are still strong in the vibration. I do not know which. We are learning more and vibrating more strongly every day!

  3. Dear Sue.
    Once we are in the 5th dimension, can we still visit/meet our loved ones who have gone to or stayed in the 3th.
    Bless, HD