Saturday, February 26, 2022

Gaia as a living being

 Feb 26  2022

                                                      Gaia as a living Being


NOW is the time for us all to remember that Gaia is a living being. For far too long humans have only thought of our dear planet as a "thing."

What if Gaia was not just a "thing?" In fact, what if Gaia is actually a living being that is wearing a very different form from all the beings that live on her planetary body?

Of course, most of humanity has the need to think of being a human is the highest frequency of life form that could happen. However, what if the planet Earth was a living being? 

How would humans be able to believe in  the concept that Earth is a living body on which the humans live? Of course, there are many, many beings that live on our Mother Planet, Gaia.

However, often humans believe that they are also as important as Gaia. However, too often, Gaia's main enemy is the humans. Too often humans will only think of Gaia as a "thing" which is far inferior to humans.

However, now that humans are starting to awaken to the fact that their home on Gaia is a great honor for the humans to be able to experience.

In fact, some humans are beginning to believe that, just as humans, animals trees and all the other components of Gaia's planet are all actually ONE being with many versions of itself.

These "beings"such as a tree, a mountain, even a Sunrise or Sunset, are ALL ONE being on our beloved Mother Planet known as Earth, and or Gaia!

The picture above shows how Gaia is in constant movement and leaves her planetary glory all around her entire being. What few humans are ready to accept is that Gaia is alive!

Gaia is not a rock, but a living being who has many rocks, waters, mountains, animals, birds, fish and many other beautiful beings that share this planet with the humans. 

Unfortunately, the humans often do not share in the same way as the many animals on the sky, on the earth, in the trees,  in the waters and in many other places that will provide them with a "home."

However, there are not many humans on earth that think of Gaia as being their home which they are called on to protect, water, weed out what is dead and water and care for what is living.

There are great changes that will, and are now, happening on Gaias planetary self.  Fortunately, more and more, the humans are realizing that it is their honor and their duty to care for the wonderful planet on which they live.

Therefore, take a moment to be grateful for this wonderful home world on which we live. Also, it is our duty as being humans to protect and take care of our planet Gaia.

After all, where would we go without our beloved Planet Earth?


         Please remember to love and care for Gaia!     

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Inter facing with our Higher SELF

 Feb, 19

                              INTER FACING WITH OUR HIGHER SELF AND/OR 

                                           ALL OUR HIGHER SELVES                                           






This leads us to the question of "What is our Higher Self?"

Our Higher Self is the higher frequencies of our 

Brain and Body.

How do we know that we have these higher frequencies of our self?

The answer is that we allow our selves to believe that we are more 

Then just a third dimensional human form.

Yes, third dimensional humans are "third dimensional. 

"However, humans often do 

not let themselves own that there is more to them

Then just their physical body!

Humans can think and heal and know and remember!

They can also choose to remember

All of their innate human abilities!

Of course, all humans are not yet able to acknowledge the 

greater components of their physical form that are hidden to them 

inside their thoughts, memories, worries, and by what they say to 

Others, and what they say to themselves, about themselves!

It is often what humans say to others what they can hear and own 

and what they have learned from another component of themselves 

Who is hidden deep inside their SELF


Also, we can often learn more about our self by the things that we door talk about. When we are sharing ourselves with others, we often Learn more about themselves than they thought they would!


It is often a good idea to follow the old message of

  Listen through the key hold to hear news  thyself.

In fact, it is often when we "listen through the key hole" of our selves that we may learn, and or remember, many important moments of our life that are ready to come to the surface of our everyday self.

In this manner we can love, forgive and Enjoy the past and step bravely and lovingly into the future!


Tuesday, February 1, 2022

The Flow Of our life

Feb 2022

                                                   THE FLOW OF YOUR LIFE


                                                            Please Click below link 


As we move along into new adventures we will begin to remember that our life is what we have chosen it to be, some times. But some times our lives move into a different projection that we thought it would.

It is then that we must look deep into our selves and high above our fears and sorrows.  Sometimes our lives seems to move along the same trail again and again. 

But on the other time, sometimes our lives seem to have a "life of its own!" It is when our life appears to be our leader, we have the choice to lead be led by what we feel and hear and even see inside of our own personal self.

But is our "personal self" ever totally personal?  Our lives on Planet Gaia are shared with millions of other people who are also looking above, inside up and around us to remember just who is our Higher Self?

We speak not just the persons that we are in this incarnation, but to also be the person that we were in our own highest dimensional realities, and allow ourselves to remember the person that we are that which our third dimensional self  may not have ever met.  

To allow that which is new, or even that which seems very old, to remind us that we are in a process of remembering, changing, and allow our self to change into a part of our self that we did not, yet, remember.

Can we remember what we came to be a human on Gaia's planetary body?

Can we remember what we told our own Higher Self what we said we would do once we were wearing a third dimensional form?

And, does it matter or not if we remember, or even if we have moments in which we start to remember, but then that moment may choose to leave.

However, once that window is opened, even just a little bit, a part of you that you did not realize that you were ready to enter your third dimensional self. 

Perhaps, you came come into your third dimensional self so that your Higher dimensional selves and assist you as you take this lifetime journey into the future of who you are finally remembering was always YOU, or maybe, always inside or above you!



                                      That something is the flow of your life!