Monday, September 28, 2020

Preparing for First Contact Though Suzanne Lie


Preparing for FIRST CONTACT

                                             Above is one of my books about the Galactics

The Title of the book includes 

"Landing in a frequency near you"

A Message from the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

You, the readers, may wonder what "a frequency near you" might mean.  Therefore, we the Arcturians, who are the ones speaking through Suzille, wish to tell you more about your Galactic Family Members who are now wearing  third dimensional earth bodies, so that more and more of you will begin to realize and/or remember 


You, the third dimensional version of your Multidimensional SELF, are beginning to awaken from your "third dimensional sleep" and are beginning to remember that YOU, yes YOU, are also a Galactic Being. 

Yes, we the Arcturians can see that you are wearing a human form, but this is because you, Yes YOU, have volunteered to take a third dimensional Earth Body. You volunteered to take this third dimensional form in order to be able to understand the workings of the third dimension, and the realities of wearing a third dimensional form.

This does not mean that you are NOT a human, but it does mean that you are a human who is slowly, or quickly, beginning to remember that there is more to you than "just being a human." 

We see that many of our brave Galactics who chose to take a third dimensional form in order to better assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension, are beginning to remember that there is something that they need to remember.

Very often it can be difficult to remember your Galactic Self because that would make you feel even more different. However, we wish to remind you that we, "the Galactics" have sworn to assist our dear sister planet Gaia (also known as "Earth" by the humans) are beginning to awaken from their long mission of being "just a human."

This awakening will happen slowly for some humans, very quickly for other humans, and gradually for other humans. Except, as we have said, the awakening ones are actually members of our Galactic Family who have volunteered to take a third dimensional earth vessel in order to assist Gaia with Her transmutations from a third dimensional planet and into a fifth dimensional planet.

Therefore, we the Galactics will slowly, or for some quickly, assist humans who are ready to awaken to their true fifth dimensional Galactic SELF! "How will this awakening occur?" we hear you ask. Gaia is a planet who has chosen to allow many different types of beings to reside on Her Planetary Form.  

Therefore, there will be many different ways in which this awakening will occur. However, there is not right way or wrong way to awaken, except that the awakening will only occur deeply when one can maintain a energy that is filled with Unconditional Love.

We say, "Unconditional Love," because we have seen that the humans who can NOT give and/or receive "Unconditional Love," cannot  resonate to the higher frequents of Light that will be needed for a Planetary Transmutation. 

This planetary transmutation will begin with the first dimensional frequencies of Gaia to transmute into second dimensional transmutation, then into a third dimensional transmutation. We, your Galactic Family are happy to see that there are more and more humans who have been able to transmute their energy fields into the third and fourth dimensions. 

However, the transmutation into the fifth dimension will be difficult for many humans. Fortunately, there are, slowly but surely, more and more humans who are becoming aware of  their own "state of consciousness." 

What we mean by "awareness of their state of consciousness" is that they are able to recognize when they are conscious, and in control of the frequencies of reality that are allowing and directing to FLOW through their consciousness, their physical form and whether or not they are transmuting the lower frequencies of their reality into higher frequencies of Light and Unconditional Love 

We will return soon to speak more about your innate ability to transmute the lower frequencies of reality into the higher frequencies of Light and Unconditional Love. 

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Planetary Transmutation


                            Planetary Transmutation of Gaia                                                                                  

Greetings, we are your Galactic Family. We realize that many of you who have been reading our messages, are the members of our brave, fifth dimensional Galactic Family who are now wearing third dimensional, human bodies, on Gaia's Earth body. 

We, your Galactic Family, greatly honor those of you who have chosen to leave the higher dimensional realities of the fifth dimension and beyond to take a third dimensional human forms to assist Dear Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension into the fifth dimension.

In order for Gaia to transmute from Her third dimensional Planetary Self into her fifth dimensional Planetary Self, and beyond, Gaia must go through Her process of "Planetary Transmutation." 

Transmutation does not just mean to "change." Transmutation means to change into a Higher frequency of reality! Therefore, it is important that humanity develops a more intimate relationship with their "Home World Gaia," as well as gain a more intimate relationship with Gaia's Higher Dimensional, Planetary and  Galactic Family." 

Whether you realize it or not, there are higher, fourth and fifth dimensional energy fields that  are assisting Gaia to move into her Higher Dimensional Planetary expression. Therefore, many members of your fifth dimensional family have chosen to wear a Third Dimensional human form in order to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension Process.

We are the members of your Galactic friends and family. We realize that many of you who have chosen to take a third dimensional earth vessel, and still maintain a fifth dimensional Consciousness, are awake and active in your third dimensional body, and on your third dimensional planet.

We realize that many of you have long ago forgotten about your Higher Dimensional Galactic SELF who resides within the higher planes of the fifth dimension and beyond. Fortunately, we, your Galactic Family, can hear you asking, 

"What is our Galactic Self and why would that self wish to go to planet Earth?"

We, your fifth dimensional Family Members, reside on many frequencies of reality within the NOW of the ONE. It is because of this awareness that we, your Galactic Family, are aware of your fifth dimension and beyond self, that is also connected to, and communicates with, your third/fourth dimensional expression of your "physical, humanoid self."

In fact, we, your Galactic Family members reside on our Starships, and are over-lighting our brave Galactic Family members who have volunteered to take on a third dimensional human vessel within this NOW. 

The reason why we have chosen to temporarily wear a third or fourth dimensional form is so that we can more intimately communicate with our Human Family who have chosen to expand their consciousness to encompass, not only the third/fourth dimensions of self, but also to expand their consciousness into the fifth dimensional frequencies of  Gaia's planetary SELF.

These brave "Multidimensional Human/Galactics" are able to communicate with the higher dimensions of Gaia's planetary self. Most important, they are able to remember that they had that meeting. In fact, some of you, our brave warriors to awaken to your true fifth dimensional SELF, know that you must document you experiences as soon, and as possible. 

The reason why it is best to document your "inter-dimensional communications" is because your third dimensional brain is usually not able to retain fifth dimensional messages for long. However, if the message is documented, you will be more able to remember what information was received while you were in a higher state of consciousness.

That inability to remember higher dimensional communications is because your third/fourth dimensional brain in often unable to resonate at that higher frequency, unless the human is maintaining a higher frequency of consciousness.

Fortunately, if you take some "time" to expand your consciousness into a higher frequency, you will be more able to remember to document what you have received during your higher dimensional communication because you will likely want to read that information several time to make sure that you fully understand your "inter-dimensional communication".

Also, all higher dimensional information is meant to come "not just TO you, as the higher information is meant to come THROUGH YOU so that others can also receive the higher messages. It is also important for those who can receive and document that Higher Dimensional Information (HDE) to pass on that message, as well as ask others to also pass on any Higher Dimensional Messages.

In the "coming NOW" there will be more and more Higher Dimensional Information (HDI) because more and more humans are beginning to awaken and they will want assistance to understand what that, "Inter dimensional Message", means and how, when, and where will they choose to communicate with others about the NEW REALITY that is beginning to Awaken, Remember, Acknowledge, and Expand.

It is the NOW for the beginning of Gaia's PLANETARY TRANSMUTATION.

The Arcturians, through Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

September 22, 2020


We are the members of your Higher SELF who left an important message in your consciousness, in hopes that you, the members of humanity, would remember the message. We see that, unfortunately, some of you have not totally remembered your "night message." Therefore, we will send it to you again. 

In fact, we wish to remind all of those who have received and read this message, that you ALL can contact your own Higher Dimensional SELF while your third dimensional self is sleeping. We, the members of your Galactic Family, are happy to assist you to remember your nightly visits to the higher frequencies of reality. 

Yes, these "higher frequencies of reality" are much easier to perceive while your third dimensional self is sleeping, or deeply meditating. While you are sleeping, and/or meditating, the challenges of your daily third dimensional life can be released and replaced by the higher frequencies of deep meditation. 

Meditation is the process in which you can look inside your own consciousness to deeply experience, and remember, that which may be too challenging to face in your daily life. This challenge is to remember that YOU are able to communicate with the higher dimensional expressions of your own Higher Dimensional SELF, as well as with your own Higher Dimensional REALITY.

While you are sleeping, your "imagination" is often forefront in your mind. On the other hand, the many challenges of the third dimensional world often limit your innate ability to communicate with higher dimensional realities, as well as with your own higher dimensional "dream experiences."

More often than you may think, these "dreams, and or meditation experiences" are "an important component of your own imagination. Yes, it is true that these inner experiences are a component of your imagination. However, these experiences are also the CORE of your own Higher Dimensional awareness of your fourth/fifth and beyond realities that are VERY real to your OWN Higher SELF. 

Of course, the challenge is often for your third dimensional self to remember the dreams and experiences that really did occur in your own Higher Self. The reason for this problem is that your third dimensional self has often been taught that, "Imagination" is NOT REAL. 

In fact, while you believe that you are limited to only wearing a third dimensional earth vessel, you will experience only that which your third dimensional self believes. Fortunately, as you gain more and more trust in your own higher dimensional thoughts, feelings, dreams, and memories, your belief system about your Higher Self and the reality in which you live, begins to change, and expand. 

Then, some of the higher components of your SELF that you were never able to accept before, begin to slowly, or sometimes quickly, become acceptable. It is in this moment of acceptance of your OWN Higher Dimensional expression of your SELF, you will feel a deep change within you, above you, and even below you.

You will likely find that as you accept that you are more and more multidimensional, you will be able to perceive more and more how the reality all around you is also "multidimensional."

"What does 'Multidimensional' mean?" we hear you ask.  "Multidimensional" means that any give person, place, situation, and/or thing, can have many different components that make up that which appears to be "just be third dimensional." 

Unfortunately, many humans are not ready to realize that there are dimensions of reality that resonate to frequencies that are far beyond the limitations of Gaia's third dimensional, planetary expression. 

Fortunately, Gaia is becoming more and more impatient to express Her fourth and fifth dimensional expressions of Her Planetary SELF.

We Galactics realize that many, many humans believe that humanity is the most evolved being on Gaia's Earth.  However, these humans have not considered how very much damage humans have inflicted on Gaia, as well as how very, very, little of human's consciousness can even believe that Planet Earth is a "living/loving" being.

Fortunately, the loving humans on Earth can easily accept that Gaia is alive! These awakened humans can also accept that they, the humans, were meant to be to Guardians for Gaia.

Unfortunately, too many humans have forgotten that, before they chose to take a third dimensional body, they swore the they would be "The Keepers of Planet Earth!

The "keepers of Planet Earth"who forgot their promise did so because they became embroiled in the survival of every day 3D Life. 

On the other hand, others did not forget about their promise to Gaia, but they chose instead to "take advantage of Gaia" so that they could be famous, reach, and among the leaders who believed that money was more important than Gaia!"

When Gaia is not cared for, and Her Earth becomes destroyed by flood and fire, and Her air becomes tainted and unbreathable, will it really matter if the these "money self first humans" have a fancy, expensive house and a fast, new car? Maybe they even bought a high position in their job.

What about the expensive mountain cabin in the woods that got burned down, and the many trees that got burned down, and the clear water that got tainted. What will happen if a leader, puts money and their own self first?

                  WHAT will happen if humans do not PUT GAIA FIRST? 

                       What future do you want for your self, your family, and most important,



We the Members of your Galactic Family, are here to assist YOU.

Remember to call us, and we will assist!


Sunday, September 20, 2020




The Life I am Being

With all of my Seeing

Is the way I am steering

With all of my hearing

And the road I am walking

With all of my talking

Is the world I'am revealing

With all of my feeling

Hence, the life I choose to see

And the life I choose to hear

Is the life I choose to talk

And the world I choose to walk

Therefore, I will choose to perceive

The highest frequency of LIGHT

And walk through my life

With NO sense of fright!

When  I choose to see the 

Highest frequency of Light

I can walk through my world 

Knowing my might

Of course, the Highest Light is not often found in every day life, 

but when I know that the Highest, or even the Higher Light, 

"has my back," the daily fears and sorrows of daily third 

dimensional life is greatly eased because I can

remember that I am NEVER alone.

Everyone has a Higher Dimensional expression of SELF. 

However, not everyone is able to believe that they are 

Multidimensional Beings who have chosen to 

take an earth vessel during this NOW of

 "GREAT Planetary Change!"

Because of the great planetary changes, Gaia's planetary body

is also going through many changes.  Many of these changes may seem 

to be only destructive, but, just as humans must face the consequences of ALL there 

choices, Gaia, who is a living being, must also go through the consequences of great change.

For something NEW to deeply take hold, the OLD, which is meant to be replaced by the NEW,

will need to be recognized, not just as fear and confusion, but also as the 

ENDING that must come before the BEGINNING! 

What do YOU choose to End?

And What do you choose to Begin?

This "choice" is up to YOU for Gaia is a Free Will Planet!

Therefore, we the members of your Galactic Family are here to remind you that

It is YOUR Choice, so PLEASE make the choice to protect and assist Gaia during 

Her NOW of Planetary Transmutation!

What is Planetary Transmutation? We hear you ask.

To answer that question we will first tell you about "transmutation." 

Transmutation is shifting into a higher frequency of reality.  

However, just as you will often bend down before they can jump high UP, 

the member of Gaia's planet Earth must first look down into the many 

unsolved  problems of LIFE on Gaia's third dimensional Earth 

before they can understand 








Please remember that energy out is energy back. 

Therefore, the energy that you put out to assist Gaia  is energy that will come back to assist you. 

Most important, YOU will realize that YOU are assisting Gaia, as well as ALL the beings on  

Gaia's,  planet to remember to, protect, love, and assist with Gaia's Transmutation from being a third 

dimensional planet and into being a fourth dimensional planet,

and finally returning Gaia back being Her true fifth dimensional planet!


We the Galactics can hear you say.

The answer is that:









Saturday, September 19, 2020

Two Great Conversations


                                               Two Great Conversations



                            Latest meeting with Sue Lie and Daniel L 




                           The Galactics Speak with Suzanne Lie 

                               and Maryanne Savino




Thursday, September 17, 2020

Remember when the sky was Blue


                                         Remember When the Sky Was Blue


   And you were sure you knew what to do

The Path was clear and you were filled with cheer

You were on your Path the ONE you chose

All was bright and filled with Light

Until you came into into the fright

How could it be that you could not see

What was ahead for you to BE

You never thought this road would end

The one you walked around that bend

How could the world change so fast

And you would not know

how long it would last

You cried until 

your tears were gone

and admitted that you

must "carry one"

But what would you find

around the bend

And would this NOW

show you how

To find the reason

for this season

That harmed the Mother

and many other

Could ever know

where life would go

And would this path

continue to last

Into the NOW when you 

could remember how

To heal the damage 

to the Earth

So that you could begin

you NEW rebirth

But first you must

find your way

To look above and into 

"Could you stay?"

Stay within a life

free of fear and strife

And that you 

would always be

the Guardians of 

Earth's, Air, Land and Sea

You the ones who

can remember

that you are the source,

YOU are the sender!

YOU are the sender 

of the knowing

To remember what you

are always showing

The LOVE  and LIGHT You hold within

To rise above all fear and sin

Within the light you could 

 release your fright

And know that YOU

HAVE come to FIGHT

With all your Heart 

and all your mind

To remember that you

must be kind

Kind to each other

and to your SELF

As you remember 

You are the sender

The sender of the Light and Love

That you have carried from up above

Above the fear and sorrow with 

the love and light you'll find tomorrow

Tomorrow can be a better way

If within the LIGHT you stay

Gaia needs you ALL right now

And if you listen, you will see how

How YOU can hold the Light

To clear the Fright

And, to remember that YOU

are more than just one

As you call to the Heavens

and look into the Sun

You chose to come 

into this day

To remember how

to show the way

To return into your

Galactic Being

That you have been hearing

and have been seeing

Share what you are learning

for others are yearning

To find the light inside their being

and share it with all who are seeing

For every day, in every way there's an  

 important message that you can say!

So shout your message into the light

To heal the sorrow and calm the fright

Look up to see 

that YOU can BE

Among the many

who chose to see

The true Multidimensional 

ONE that they can BE!

Just remember NOW 

that you know HOW

To See the Light

and Show the Light

To keep your sight

facing towards the Light

The Light is here

So, feel the cheer

Than YOU will remember



What is Sacred?


What is Sacred?



                                       BY THE ONES WHO FORGOT TO FORGET

                                                             Through Suzanne Lie

Dear Galactic Family,

I am asking you within this NOW to assist us, the members of Earth's humanity, to understand what is really happening to our beloved planet Earth, also known as Gaia. I have always felt that you, the members of our Galactic Family, are always around, beyond and above us, as well as "within us." 

I sense that now, more and more each day, more and more of us are remembering that 

                                         WE are the "Ones who forgot to forget"  

What is it that we "forgot to forget?" We forgot to forget that there are other, higher frequencies of reality. Some of us, in fact, more and more of us, are beginning to remember a certain family that resonates to another reality. 

This "other reality" is actually a higher frequency of the reality that we have known as planet Earth. Of course, we cannot be positive that our imaginations, and dreams, are actually memories. And we cannot be positive that these "memories" are being remembered by more and more of what we have called "third dimensional humans." 

"What is a third dimensional human?" one may ask. In fact, more and more of us are beginning to remember, imagine, dream about, and/or desire to learn and/or remember more  about that which is just beyond our ability to fully remember and experience.

But now, something is happening to our third dimensional Earth, as well as to our third dimensional life. The planet Gaia, has come into the NOW in which She can no longer tolerate the human abuse to Her wonderful planetary self. 

Gaia wonders why her humans have somehow allowed the vast destruction that has been occurring on Her planetary body. Fortunately, there are awakened humans who are also wondering what is happening to Gaia, and why it is happening within this NOW. 

                       Why now, and How can all this horrible destruction occur? 

Gaia has suffered many difficult times of upheaval, wars, storms and fires. However, the fires that are occurring now, in more and more parts of western United States are a call for humanity to examine how this vast destruction could occur.

The vast destruction of so much of Gaia's beautiful Earth, Air, and Water, has be taken over by the vast and total destruction of much of Gaia's beautiful Nature. Many brave humans have been risking their lives to conquer the many fires and to save as much of Gaia's wonderful Nature that they can.

"Why, why is this happening?" many humans are asking. However, Gaia cannot answer these questions as She is too busy fighting for Her Planetary SELF. 

Yes, we understand that humans seldom think of Nature as being a REAL Being! However, all the beings of Nature, including the many humans who also love nature, and also loved the homes, and entire neighborhoods, that were lost, the air that is toxic, and the many trees, plants and animals that are all fighting for their lives. 

But how can a tree fight for it's life, or the sky fight for it's clarity and/or the waterways to fight to  stop filling up with ashes and fallen trees and/or homes?  Just as many humans  have also lost their homes, many animals, birds, and all other forms of life have lost their homes, as well as their lives.

Yes, in every third dimensional reality there are good times and difficult times. However,  these "difficult times" are much, much worst than just "difficult!" These are times in which humanity, who is supposed to be the most evolved beings on the Gaia's Earth, is suffering WITH Gaia's Earth.

Long ago, many "primitive humans" knew that they could communicate with Gaia's Earth, with Gaia's  air, with Gaia's water and could communicate with Gaia's fire. These "primitive people" thought of Gaia as a "living being." 

In fact, these "primitive ones" believed that they could get directions about how to live their lives by looking into their fires, walking the Earth, smelling the air, and entering their waterway, so that they could better communicate with Gaia in a very intimate and sacred manner.

But, then the humans became "civilized!" Then the humans where better than the elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. They were too "advanced" to think of Nature as a "Living Being." 

The humans no longer noticed when Gaia was calling them to "provide a sacred ritual," "talk with the ancient Ancestors," "Communicate with the animals of the forest, the birds of the sky, or the messages from their small fires, or by bathing in  Gaia's sacred waters.

In fact, the "primitive ones" knew that ALL of Gaia was SACRED. The "primitives" knew that they could see the messages in the stars, in the sky, and in their sacred fires. The "primitive ones" thought of Gaia as their Mother Earth and Father Sky protected them. 

The primitives knew how to communicate with all of life 

because they were PART of all of life.

The primitives did not need to be better than the world around them. Instead, they worshiped the world around them. 

In fact, the world around them was also within them, above them and below them because           the Earth, the Air, the Fire, and the Water was ALL sacred.

And then... The "white man" came and NOTHING  was sacred to them, except for money.

                                                         THROUGH SUZANNE LIE

Sunday, September 13, 2020





THE TOPIC IS THE Current Energy Update 

The message is from the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie 

There are also More Arcturians answers to 

Questions from you, the readers. 




Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Who are you? How have you been? and Where are you going?






These are questions that humans often forget to ask their self. In fact, most humans often forget to ask their SELF anything. Maybe that is because some humans do not know, yet, that "there" is a difference between their "self" and their "SELF." For us birds, our self is our bird body, and our SELF is our Flock!

We birds have noticed that many humans do not have large flocks like we do. Our "flock" is what reminds us all if it is time to fly away and find another place to land. If that place is safe, we can stay in that place for a very long time. 

Fortunately, our flock also talks to all of us at the same time about the same thing. Therefore, we birds can feel more safe because we are ALL looking out for ALL of us at the same time. So, who is the "we?"

"We" are OUR FLOCK! As a flock we find the safe places where to perch, and the places that we must all fly away from at the exact same time. Then, we all gather together again in another safe place.  If it is really safe, we can find our food on the ground. But, sometimes the ground is NOT safe, so we gather in trees. 

Yes, sometimes we birds "peck" at each other, just like humans peck at each other.  However, we use our beaks and our bird calls and humans use there words, and they often "peck at each other" as well. Humans seem to get along with each other sometimes, but sometimes they come from very different flocks and they cannot get along.

Of course, us birds have different flocks of different kinds of birds, so sometimes we get along with the other birds, and sometimes we even fight with the others birds, usually by pecking at each other.  We birds do notice that humans often "peck at each other," but they use words instead of beaks. 

However, sometimes humans fight with each other. They do not have wings to fly away like we do, but they do leave each other when they no longer want to be together. On thing this differentiations between us birds and humans, is that most of us have a flock. 

On the other hand, some of us birds like to hunt alone, whereas others like to hunt with their flock. So, maybe us birds are not that different from humans. Except, humans do not have the ability to fly unless they go into one of those big houses in the sky. We birds know to not get in the way of one of those flying bird nests, as they are very big. 

Our answer is very easy. "We are our Flock. "Why do you humans confuse yourselves by asking too many question. Being a bird is quite simple. When we are hungry, we eat!  When we are tired, we sleep,
and when we we allow our "bird instincts" to tell us where we are going, and how we will get there by following our "bird instincts."

We birds are happy to say that the answer to "Who are you?" is, "We are OUR Flock!


We birds have to say that many, in fact far too many, of us birds have been in what humans call a "fire zone"  We birds do NOT like being in a fire zone, but there are soooo many fires that sometimes we cannot fly fast enough to get away from what the humans call a "fire." 

This fire, in fact there are many, many, far toooo many fires.  Some of us birds cannot get away fro the fire and those of us who could escape the fires had to watch some of the members of their flock to "burn up inside the fire."

This burning inside the fire is killing many of our flock members, and it is also burning up many of the wonderful trees that have always been our homes! Therefore, we birds are feel VERY, VERY SAD. There have been many humans who have tried to save these trees, as well as the birds that have lived there, but some of the humans also get too close to the fires.  

We birds do NOT like the fires. But we have seen that the humans are much nicer and stronger than we ever thought before. These humans are gathering in their human flocks and trying to make the big fires get smaller and smaller. However, just as soon as the fire gets a bit smaller, something happens to the fire to make it get bigger and bigger.

We birds, never trusted humans too much, but now we are very happy to have the humans assist us to keep our nests in our trees. However, some humans seem to fall down and other humans need to help them because the fires hurt the humans just like the fire hurt the trees. 

Therefore, we birds, as well as the trees and the humans, have NOT been doing very well. It has been very difficult and frightening to see our wonderful forest homes burn down and many of our wonderful forest friend also get lost in the fires.  We see them in the woods, and then, suddenly they are gone.  

We do not know where the trees, the animals and even some humans have gone, but we, the members of the forest hope that they will all be fine. But, we somehow know that many of the forest places where we used to live, and the forest friends that we used to have are forever gone!

We see that there are big silver things in the sky that drop down a dust that is red like the sky that used to be blue, which is now red, or gray, and everything is dying from the fire. Our forest home is dying and we can't do anything to stop that.  We see hat many humans are helping us as much as they can.

Some humans even fly in the sky like huge silver birds, and drop down something that is like a red power. Some times that works, but sometimes the birds, the trees, the deers, the rabbits and all of our other forest friends are dying.  


We, all the members of the forest and the wonderful humans who are helping to save the forest have not yet been able to stop all the many fires. It has been very, very, frightening in our forest, and very, very, dangerous in our forest.   

Therefore, we have been very frightened, sad, and proud of all the brave humans who have been trying to make the fire go away. But, even the huge silver birds (planes) that fly fare above us and drop the colored dust, still cannot make the fire go away.


   We FEAR we are going away from our forest, maybe forever?




Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Remembering our Soul's Mission--A conversation with the Galactics through Sue Lie and Maryanne Savino

 Remembering Our Soul’s Mission:

A Conversation with the Galactics through 
Suzanne Lie and Maryanne Savino

During these times of great change, we’re being guided to step into the Higher Frequencies of the New Earth to embody our Multidimensional selves.How can we feel safe and have trust that we’re being supported by the Universe when the world around us is collapsing. 

A SENSE of pure LOVE that is calling us to expand our Hearts and remember who we are, and why we’ve come to Gaia's Earth plane. In order for the new paradigm to birth forth, we must release all that no longer serves our highest good. 

Join us to discover what the Galactics have to say about navigating the new 
Time-Spirals and how we can move into Divine Alignment and Live in Unity Consciousness.  

Suzanne will give pertinent information about the Galactics, who are ready to communicate with us and have been speaking to her for many years.
Maryanne will give Sacred Transmissions in the Language of Light to support us during these challenging times. 

Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie.

Suzanne helps the awakening ones to come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF to burst forth into their everyday life. 

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Maryanne Savino is a Starseed Empath, a Sonic Alchemyst Channel for vibrational sound known as "The Language of Light”, and is an Ascension Guide & Educator.  

For over 25 years, she has served many people both privately and in groups to achieve personal growth, empowerment and transformation. Her mission in life is to assist others to access their infinite potential to align with their Soul Purpose.

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Please invite your Human, as well as your Galactic self to join us for this Inter-dimensional Communication!

Maryanne and Suzanne look forward to communicating with you all.

Location: Live on Zoom (there will be a replay link)
Date: Wednesday, September 16th, 2020
Time: 12 noon PST, 3pm EST (75 minutes)
Cost: $22

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about the Galactics