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Our dearest Ascending Ones,
We are over-lighting you now. In fact, we are just above and in front of you sending three beams of Light into your form.

The first beam enters into your Crown is the Beam of Wisdom.
The second beam enters into your Third Eye is the Beam of Power.
The third beam enters into your High Heart is the Beam of Love.
Feel how your body is merging with these Beams of light.

We are here today to take you on a journey to New Earth. Yes, New Earth is already formed for it is beyond time. However, to you who are still bound by time, it is in the process of being formed. It is important that you remain in the NOW, as that state of mind calibrates your consciousness to the log in frequency for New Earth.

You, our Ascending Ones who came to assist Gaia during the fall of Atlantis, have had many incarnations on Her form and wish to experience the crowning competition of Planetary Ascension. However, the transition of your body of third dimensional resonance can be quite uncomfortable. Therefore, we take you beyond time and into the NOW of your visit to New Earth. With your three beams of Wisdom, Power and Love, you can calibrate your consciousness to the frequency of that reality. 

Allow your sensation of form to melt away from you, as you also maintain connection with your eyes to read this document. It is only the escalation of your consciousness that takes “time,” as your journey will be outside of time. Focus on the three Light Portals for your Crown, Third Eye and your High Heart.

Instantly, you appear at an invisible threshold. This threshold is invisible because it is not on New Earth, but in your mind. Your mind must totally relax to embrace the impossible. Of course, what was impossible on third dimensional Earth is normal on fifth dimensional Earth. Calibrate your thinking to receive novel experiences, and open your consciousness to multidimensional thinking. Remember that you have done this type of travel many times in your higher expressions of SELF.

Do you feel how you are allowing us to fill your mind? Now, with your Third Eye calibrated to perceive the fifth dimension, observe how this reality has a higher resonance of color. Likewise, all edges are blurred by their expanding and contracting aura. It is via these fluctuations of your aura that you choose your reality. When you expand your aura you say, “Yes, I want to experience this.” On the other hand, when you contract your aura you say, “No think you. I do not desire this experience.”

Now, please focus on the Violet Temple that appears to be floating just above a nearby hill. This Temple welcomes all new visitors because inside is the Rejuvenation Room. In the Rejuvenation Room your will receive assistance in fine-tuning your resonance to these higher frequencies of reality. This room is similar to our Rejuvenation room on our Starship.

Both of these rooms are filled with Violet Light, which transmutes your energies back to that of your formless, Multidimensional SELF. Just as the caterpillar enters the cocoon to transmute the molecules of its being into a butterfly, you will transmute your molecules back into that of your innate Lightbody.

On the fifth dimension there is no need to perceive every step of your journey, as there is no space to travel. Instead, you merely will yourself to be in the Rejuvenation Room, lying on the violet couch and feeling the energies move over, under around and through you. Feel those energies now…

As these energies move through you, you feel yourself easily releasing all that has restricted your consciousness to a clay form. As you do so, you feel your form of light begin to grow from within and expand to encompass the entire room. You then take the matrix for your 3D form and place it in your High Heart for safekeeping. You are ready now to experience New Earth. Again, there is no need for movement from one place to another. All you need do is to think yourself to any given location.

We see that you are thinking that you wish an over-view of this world. Therefore, your light form is instantly flying above the Temple and over the surrounding areas. It is important to note, that areas are not static as they are on the physical plane. Members of this reality have the power of manifestation with their thoughts and emotions. Hence, when you have a thought, your resulting manifestation interfaces with the collective matrix.

This matrix is much like a house with many doors, and each door leads to another version of reality. The thoughts are similar to “files” in your computer. Once you chose to attend to a thought, a portal of manifestation opens into that experience. Therefore, think of your journey as choosing the file to open in your mind?
Which experience do you choose to preview?
We hear that you wish to preview the ascending ones who are first crossing into this world?
Instantly, you are experiencing that reality.

Many of you have wondered how you could actually make the transition into the fifth dimension. Thus, you are interested in observing those just arriving on New Earth. They too are crossing an invisible threshold. However, your threshold was in your mind, whereas they created a threshold that they believed they had to cross.

They believe they were physical. Therefore, their bodies first appear to be third dimensional. Crossing that threshold creates a transition point in which the Elementals can assist each ascending one to release their belief in physicality.  The Air Elementals are transmuting their breathing mechanisms so that they can release the habit of breathing through their lungs and nose. Instead, they will “breathe” via a minimal expansion and contraction of their entire form.

At first, many of the New Ones do not realize that their forms are no longer solid. Nonetheless, the Earth Elementals are busily transmuting that which was carbon into its crystalline form. The Water Elementals are transforming the new ones’ bodily fluids into a higher frequency molecules, which resemble stream,,. Finally, the Fire Elementals are assisting each One to accept, integrate and express the higher frequencies of multidimensional light.

All of these transitions happen beyond time. It is only the observation of this experience being translated into third dimensional language that creates the illusion of time. Once across the threshold, some choose to go directly to the Violet Temple, as you did, to calibrate their consciousness and to escalate their light quotient. Others are going to one of the Greeters who embrace them with unconditional love. They then take the New One aside to explain to them where they were and how they got there.

Some of the new ones are here to stay, but others are “rehearsing”
 their ascension in their night bodies. The Greeters can easily discern between these two groups and, eventually, lead them back to their sleeping bodies or off to the Violet Temple. From your position of observation, you can perceive not perceive what event sent them here, but they all seem to be calm and peaceful.

We observe that you desire to know how many of my friends and loved ones are already here, and which ones are on their way to this “side” of reality. Which means that you are returning to your third dimensional thinking. Therefore, relax into your Lightbody so that you can understand this experience without falling into time-based 3D habits.

We suggest that you choose to wander through the vast areas of this reality, which are Gaia’s higher expression of Nature. As you float through this pristine beauty, you can easily surrender to the NOW. While you were experiencing the transitional energy area, your aura fell slightly out of its fifth dimensional calibration. Hence, questions came into your mind, and doubts began to leak into your consciousness. Fortunately, floating through Gaia’s fifth dimensional Nature instantly recalibrates your consciousness.

Sheldon Niddle Webinar

I attended Sheldon Niddle's Webinar last night. I have read his information since the 80's, but i wasn't sure how i felt about him. However, hearing his voice and seeing how patient he was brought me to realize that he is a good man who has very high connections. I don't have time now to post all that he said, and don't know if i should, as it was his Webinar. However, i did want to share two timelines that he posted. There are below:
He said that all the above hidden technologies, some of which we have had for many decades and were hidden from us by the Cabal, are to be released by late summer. WOW!! Below is the next timeline he talked about:

Again, all i can say is WOW! Let us all hold this possible reality, which he is quite confident is a PROBABLE or even a ABSOLUTE reality, in our hearts and minds. WE are the creators of New Earth! So, let's get creating!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Message to 4forGaia Group

Hello dear ever-expanding group,

I now have the information that i tried to email you all up on my new site, so please click:

You can download the mp3 by right clicking it right from this page.

I am offering three more times to meet. All times are FREE

Thursday July 5 at 10:00am  PDT  --  (This is our Webinar at an earlier time as i am leaving for 3 weeks after that to be "with the Mother" in the wilderness.)

    If you are new to the webinar please subscribe at:

If you have been to the Webinar before, you will automatically be notified

The transcripts for the last 4 for Gaia Webinar will soon be available at the above website:

the next two meetings are on Saturday for those who work during the day:

Friday July 6 AT MY 4:00PM PDT, which is your 9:00am Saturday.

Saturday July 7 at my 9:00 AM, which is 4 to 6 PM in Europe.

Of course any of you can attend any of the time offered.
I will do the two meetings above on Skype  However, i could do the Australia one via Conference--Lets take a vote and let me know what the majority of you want. I have had some problems with Skype to Australia, but maybe those people were in remote areas.  If you do choose, conference call, and i will let you know-- below is the local number for Australia.

My Skype name is suzanne.lie
     so please "invite" me and i will accept.  If you have any

Australia                                   +61 1300 051 796
Access code is   321595#

I will get the webinar video and mp3 up as soon as possibe, but i am still on a learning curve

I look forward to meeting all of you again or for the first time. These groups will be smaller and you will be able to speak.

I thank you and Gaia thanks you


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mytria/Mytre - Mind Over Matter




When I had to choose between my family and my duty, the answer was simple. I chose my family. However, Mytria urged me to go, to do my duty, to help make our world safe for our daughter. In the moment that I paused in making my decision, I was swept away and so was my family. I was desolate. How could I have let that happen? Why had I made her come back to the Village? Why didn’t I pull away from my Commander and run towards my family?

These questions haunted me and destroyed my ability to concentrate. I sat in important missions and could not focus. I had nothing to give to the Protectors, to my family or to my self. Yes, my self, I had to find my self. However, there was no time to do that. We were under attack. Our long-range communications were down, many of our Ships had been destroyed before they even left the atmosphere and the Force Field around the village was weakening more each day.

We needed reinforcements. We needed the Arcturians to come to our assistance. We still had our fastest Scout Ship, and I was one of our best pilots. Before I had a chance to think, I stood up and volunteered. It was as if someone else made that decision, but once said, I had to follow through. A moment ago I was concerned about my loved ones, and now I was likely going to my death. What was I thinking? Actually, who was thinking? It was not my conflicted ego. Therefore, I hoped it was the ME that I had met on my Vision Quest.

I suppose that is was that version of me that activated my decision, because as soon as it was made, everything changed. Before I knew it, myself, and three others, were flying our Ship through the small area of unguarded space we had found. We made it through only to be greeted by a War Ship. Some how we evaded them long enough for one of our Ships to take down the War Ship. However, we were dead in space. All our controls were out, and life-support was minimal.

Our battle had diminished our crew from four the three. We were safe for a while, but would likely by found by an enemy Ship at any moment. What could I do? It was then that I became the ME I had seen on my Vision Quest. If I could talk to rocks, dirt, sky and the Mother, why couldn’t I also talk to the Ship? Our Ships all had implanted biological elements. Maybe I could connect with whatever life force remained in those jell packs?

I felt the adrenaline coursing through my body and knew that I had to find my Core. I though of my first meeting with Mytria in the Core of Alycone and used that memory to find my own Core. In fact, I finally remembered the message I was given by the Arcturian. It had said, as it looked into my Soul, “YOU can do it!” I still had no idea what that meant.

However, suddenly, I was floating with Mytria and our newborn daughter through a potential reality of complete safety, total love and absolute unity. I felt my essence intermingle with every person, plant, animal and thing within this world. I heard a part of me saying, “Stop day dreaming and get back to business,” but another part of me—the floating part of me—was saying, “Pay attention to this message.”

Yes, this vision, or reality, was a message. I was being shown how to merge with all life, just as I had done when I found my way off the cliff. Therefore, instead of judging my vision/experience, I totally surrendered to it. I merged with each person I met in this reality. I merged with every plant, every animal, and finally, with every “thing.” It was when I totally merged with what appeared to me a rock, that I heard the Ship’s engines come online.

Outside my inner image I heard my crewmates yelling at me to open my eyes and help them. However, I chose to attend to the loving support of my family who was assisting me to merge with every component of this potential reality. I let go of every external perception and directed all my attention into the movement of this “rock.” Slowly, the rock lifted up off the ground and began to move through the air. Simultaneously, our Ship slowly began to move.

I stayed within my inner reality, as I knew that the others could steer the Ship. It was up to me make it move. The rock in my image hovered before me, as if awaiting instructions. I focused all my attention on the closest Arcturians Starship and directed those coordinates into the rock in my image. Slowly the rock turned and began to move. My eyes were closed, and I dared not open them. Therefore, I had to trust that the Ship was moving in the correct direction.

I then saw many other rocks moving towards my rock, and I assumed that our enemy had found us. I could not be distracted by a battle, so I made my rock invisible to the other rocks and directed it to move beyond the speed of light. Instantly, my rock was free of the other rocks. The rock was moving faster than I could track. If I lost sight of it in my image, how could I control it?

“Let go!” I heard an inner voice say. I didn’t know what I was supposed to let go of, so I let go of everything and passed out. I woke up as the two crewmembers lifted me up and put me into the Captains Chair.

“You did it,” they said in one voice.

“What did I do,” I said, still wondering if my entire experience had been my imagination.

“You piloted the Ship with your mind!”

All I could say was, “Can you take over from here? I think I am going to pass out again.”

In the distance, I heard, “Yes Sir,” as I returned to my vision. This time my focus was on my family and on the Elohim Alcyone who was with them. It was She who spoke to me.

“Our dear Mytre, we are most pleased with your ability to remember your innate ability. Do you remember how you first learned that facility in the sixth dimension of Arcturus?”

“Yes, I think so,” I replied. “But I though I was a Pleiadian?”

“Our dear Ascending ONE, you are many beings within ONE. You have chosen to take a form among these brave people. They were tired of fighting and sought the peace and love in which they could return to their higher frequencies of SELF.

“The only way to assure that these Ones can remain safe is if they ascend their bodies, and their entire reality, into the fifth dimension. In this way, they will live beyond the perception of their enemies. You, Mytria and your daughter Alycia have dedicated yourselves to this transition. In fact, everyone who you met within the Core of the Mother has dedicated themselves to this process of ascension.”

As the great Elohim spoke, myriad memories, images, thoughts and emotions filled my consciousness, and surprisingly, I was able to simultaneously understand them all.

“Did I really move the Ship?” I had to ask.

“We, that is the energy of the ONE, moved the Ship.”

I understood that. When I was in this reality of the ONE, I could be the catalyst for anything. It was the great love of my family that brought me to this reality, and it was my great love for them that gave me the courage to release any glimpse of fear from my consciousness.

“You are correct,” the Elohim said in response to my thoughts. “Yes, we heard your thoughts even before they were expressed as words. Your thoughts, as you have found, have great power. That is why you had to pass your Initiation. Only unconditional love could hold you within that frequency of reality. Furthermore, those with mal-intent cannot even perceive, much less enter or harm, that world.”

With the assurance of those final words, I returned to the reality of my Ship. I was instantly greeted by the joyous vision of the Arcturian Starship. I was to study onboard that Starship for many years to learn how to adapt all our Starships to travel by the power of thought.

The most difficult part of that assignment was that no one could know of my secret mission. Fortunately, I could meet with Mytria and Alycia in our fifth dimensional reality, but that was the only contact we could have. The Arcturians sent reinforcements to assist our Village and the surrounding areas. Nevertheless, we all knew that expanding the resonance of our society into the fifth dimension was our only hope for long-term peace. 

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for Part I and Part II of 
Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension

please see:



I was very happy when Mytria agreed to return to the Village and to have our baby at the Temple. Since my “Vision Quest” I had been having more visions that I could peacefully contain. I knew that we had to return to the Village for the baby, but I also knew that we had to return to the Village because something there was very wrong. I made a flat cart for our “supplies,” but knew that it would be for Mytria. If she walked too long, she would have the pains again, so I made her ride on the cart that I pulled.

She was not happy with my carrying all our packs and pulling the cart. However, when I reminded her that she was carrying the precious cargo of our daughter, she ceased her complaints. When we reached the hill above our Village, we saw that my worst fears were correct. The Force Field around the Village was up, which could only mean that our position had been discovered, and we were under attack. I realized then that I would not be around for the birth of our child, as I would be too busy protected her home.

Mytria and I looked at each other with great remorse. No words were necessary. We both recognized that we would be apart and that the return to our wonderful home would be postponed indefinitely. Mytria was determined to walk into the Village, and I agreed. I wanted to feel her by my side, as I did not know when I would find her there again. Just before we entered the Force Field, Mytria, the baby and I embraced for a long moment. Our hearts and minds became ONE, as we vowed that the three of us would always be together in our consciousness.

Once I entered the code for the Force Field, and we walked through, we knew that our lives would be altered forever. The Village was in complete chaos with people running around in a somewhat organized fashion. The fear in the air was tangible. Before we could take in the situation at hand, Mytria’s labor pains began and my Commanding Officer appeared from nowhere.

“Mytre, where have you been? We could not contact you, and we need you to pilot a Mission NOW!”

“I must take my mate to the Temple, she is in labor with our child.”

“No! You must come now,” he said as he directed one of the Protectors to take Mytria to the Temple.

“Go, my love,” Mytria said bravely, with tears in her eyes. “We will be fine. Our daughter is coming now.”

My Commanding Officer literally pulled me by the arm, as Mytria was placed on the cart and taken to the Temple. What was left of our life together lay forgotten on the ground. We would have only our final embrace to remind us of what we had experienced together.


Of course, both Mytre and I knew that something terrible was happening in the Village, but we chose not to talk about it. I had even wondered if my pains had been a warning of some kind. I knew now that they were not labor pains. I wondered if they were a message from our daughter. Both Mytre and I knew that she would be very special, as we often visited her together in our dreams. She told us that she was coming to prepare our people for an auspicious event.

We knew that she was correct, as we always saw the Elohim Alcyone with her in our dreams. I did not know if we, our daughter and myself, would ever see Mytre again. He was a warrior, and he was going into battle. I knew that. In fact, I had known that fact almost as soon as we returned to our home after his Vision Quest. I pushed it from my mind a thousand times, but it always returned to remind me to cherish every moment of our NOW. I talked to the Mother many times, selfishly begging that our lives could remain the way they were.

She always said, “Courage my ONE. You are to be a Priestess and your daughter has a great destiny.” That is all She would say. I would call again and again, until I finally tired of my weakness and accepted that The Mother was right. It was then that I began to live in the flow of the NOW. I did not understand exactly what would happen, but I knew that it would happen soon.

Hence, I determined to Unconditionally LOVE every moment that we shared. Once I surrendered into that decision, I realized that I had wasted precious time in worrying and determined to give thanksgiving for every moment that we shared from then on. But then the pains began, and I knew that our daughter was telling me that, soon, we would have to leave our beloved home.

As we reached the stairs to the Temple, I rose from the cart. I would walk up the stairs with my head held high. Jador, the Protector, kindly supported me. As soon as he touched me I knew he was one of those whom I had met within the Core of the Mother. We would all be joining together now, for what purpose I was not sure. As we entered the door to the Temple, I saw another member of our group. Her name was Sirena. Her and Jador were to be my closest friends during our impending transformation.

“We have been waiting for you. Alycia, your daughter, told us she was ready to be born.” Neither one of us questioned that information. I instantly trusted Sirena and surrendered myself to her care. She swept me into the waiting Birthing Room. It was beautifully prepared with violet cloth draped across the walls. There were candles, incense and soft music. Most important, the room was filled with love.

“We have prepared this room to the specifications of Alycia. She was very specific. All of us here feel honored to be among the ones who assist with her birth.” Sirena said no more.

She led me to my birthing chair and began to cleanse my body with a mixture of herbs and clear water. She brushed my hair and pulled it back from my face. Removed my old clothing and wrapped me with a cloth as light as air. This procedure instantly put me into a deep trance in which I had the most amazing experience, which I will try to explain.

As I fell into a deep trance, I found myself again in the Core of the Mother. In front of me was Elohim Alcyone.

“I have created a form so that I can better participate in the ascension of your people,” She spoke directly into my heart.

“Because you and Mytre, who are Divine Complements, were able to both pass your Initiations, your combined frequencies were high enough for me to implant the seed of my form within your body. Of course, Mytre was vital to this implantation. It was the deep, abiding love embedded in his fluid that allow that seed to germinate. Furthermore, because the two of you had so bonded with my land, I was able to protect the growing one within your body. Now, I am here again to assist you with the birthing.”

All that I can remember is that I felt a slow, gradual release of that which I had tenaciously protected throughout my entire pregnancy. Surrounded my the color violet, in both in my inner and outer vision, created a deep calm, and the sounds, smells and flickering candles allowed me to remain in complete surrender. Suddenly, the release was complete, but my journey continued, but this time with Alycia.

Together, as one essence, we met Mytre, as the three of us soared into a reality in which there was total peace, unconditional love and multidimensional light. As we previewed this world, we realized that it was very familiar. Yes, it was the very world that we were now fighting to maintain. However, there was no fighting here, no fear, no war, and no separation. We all had a Core Essence, but it visibly flowed into the Core Essence of everyone and everything. In fact, there were no “things,” as every form carried its own life-spark and frequency signature.

As the three of us, joined into one tight unit, floated through this world, we realized that we were in a possible reality. We, also, remembered that we had vowed to ground this reality into the body of our new planetary home. In fact, all of us who had met within the Core of the Mother had made this vow before we were born. Now, we were being called upon to remember all that we had vowed to do.

Mytre and I realized that our Missions would separate our forms, but never our hearts. I was to protect and assist in raising Alycia, who would also be raised by the Priests and Priestesses of our Temple. Time would be moving very quickly now, and Mother Alcyone would need our assistance, as we would need Hers. My beloved Mytre may or may not return in the form in which I had known him. However, soon, we would no longer be limited to these forms, so any loss would be temporary. I tried to remember that fact during the long dark nights of my empty bed.

Fortunately, I returned from my vision to find Alycia in my arms.

How can I describe the agony of loosing my Divine Complement and the ecstasy of birthing the child of our great love within the same day? Fortunately, it was the intense oppositions of these two emotions of deepest grief and abounding joy that forced me to find a place to live in-between these two extremes. With my every breath, I held Mytre within my heart and protected him with my every thought. Many of our communication systems were down or restricted. Therefore, I was not able hear any word of him for what would be measured to you in years.

It was only our meetings in our dream world and the bliss of raising Alycia that kept me going. I knew that Mytre’s contribution to the ascension of our people, as well as the reality in which we lived, was great. I was extremely proud of him, but I still constantly missed him. Actually, I missed US!

Friday, June 22, 2012



Doing the Work

We are Mytria of the Violet Temple of Alcyone and Mytre of the Ashtar Command. We have returned to share more of our story of Pleiadian Ascension. We have decided to share the experience of our ascension with our Earth friends, as you are, also, entering your time of ascension. Hence, as you return to your Multidimensional SELF, you will soon, or already have, met with your Divine Complement. The term Divine Complement is also known as Twin Flame.

The more you return to your fifth dimensional resonance, the less you will feel comfortable in a body of gender. In fact, all forms of polarity will become too constrictive, too low of a resonance, for your ever-expanding consciousness. Therefore, a certain urge may well rise up in you that there is someone that you must meet. You likely do not know who this person is, but you will instantly know your Complement when your eyes first meet. This experience is similar to catching a glimpse at your self in a mirror.

When you contact your Compliment, a chain of events will be initiated over which your ego self will have no control. The mere magnetism of meeting your own Soul in another person’s body can be quite disturbing. If you are not ready for this reunion, you might even push it away. In this case, you may meet at a later time or in another reality.

On the other hand, those who are resonating to the threshold of the fifth dimension will be ready. Consequently, they will willingly change their lives in any way necessary in order to keep this person in their life. However, do not make the mistake that these intense emotions will make for an easy relationship. In fact, a relationship with your Divine Complement is much like a relationship with your self.

Your Divine Complement is the part of your Soul that you had to release to be able to inhabit a third-dimensional body of gender. After that first separation, you each took on myriad other incarnations in both male and female forms. The power of connecting with your Divine Complement is so intense, that Soul’s usually only choose to make this connection if they are approaching ascension. One the other hand, you could choose to ascend first and wait on the fifth dimensional threshold until your Divine Complement also ascends.

Very often, your Divine Complements over-lights you throughout your live, but you will only realize this fact after you have regained your multidimensional consciousness. Connecting with your Complement serves as the precursor to connecting with your higher expressions of self in the mid-fifth dimension and beyond. There are times when Divine Complements meet while both are in the physical plane. Some times they live lives of deep commitment to each other. Other times they come into Oneness to perform a great social contribution.

On the other hand, sometimes they cannot find peace together, as the energy is too intense for their state of consciousness to accept. In this case, they eventually part. The life challenge is considered a “pilot test” in which both of them realize that they are not ready to leave the third dimension. However, there was a moment of connection, which they will continue to always carry in their hearts.

In contrast, there are also lives in which you meet, merge and become ONE within your heart and Soul. However, you are forced to be apart for the sake of a Mission that is even more important than your personal love story. This final example was the case with us. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Thus, we return our story not too long after we left off…


With Mytre’s injured leg, it took us several days to get back to our home base. Once there, our lives returned to normal, only at a much deeper level, as we had both gone completed transformative initiations. Because we had connected with our Higher Expressions, as well as with our Mother Planet, our connection to each other was even more intimate.

We shared dreams, communicated without talking, found our selves doing similar things, as well as simultaneously thinking similar thing. In other words, we were experiencing a deep commitment and unconditional love for each other. That does not mean that we never argued or had difficult moments. Of course we did. However, those moments were soon over, to be replaced by our usual peace and comfort. Besides, we had something very special to share.

While Mytre’s leg was healing, my stomach was growing. Our dear child was growing within my body, as well as within Mytre’s heart. He often held my stomach and talked to his daughter, he insisted the baby was a girl. When we shared those moments, I was so happy that I thought my heart might burst. However, this happiness was always followed by a moment of dread.

I tried to ignore that feeling, but I knew that there would be change soon, and not just the change of having our baby. The Mother was telling me that she would soon need our assistance. There were some things that She needed us to do for Her. She, too, was ready to expand into Her higher expression of SELF. Unfortunately, the day finally came in which all my feelings were validated.

I was very close to birthing and Mytre’s leg was almost totally healed. It was early in the morning and Mytre had been taking an early morning swim at the nearby lake. I was making our morning meal, when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. Just a few moments later, Mytre came running towards me as fast as he could, which was very fast. I ran, wobbled towards him, but he waved for me to stop. When he reached me, he was out of breath but managed to say, “What just happened to you? We have to go back to the Village. It is your time soon and you need to be where they can help you.”

I resisted his advice for days. I wanted to have my baby in the home that I loved. However, I knew Mytre was right, I just didn’t know why. After I had had several of these pains, he convinced me that we go to the Temple. We cleaned up our camp, but left it habitable, as we planned to return as soon as it was safe for the baby. 
Unfortunately, life had another idea.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Please check out my newest YouTube
Creating New Earth 4

Happy Summer Solstice
We are creating New Earth NOW!

With our every thought and every emotion, we are leaving an energetic pattern on our reality. We are in the process of learning how to create our reality. However, we have been lost to the third dimension for so many lifetimes that we forgot about our higher dimensional realities in which our every thought and emotion was instantly manifested. 

We have live in a reality where:"Sticks and stone could break our bones, but words could never hurt us." However, now we know that words thrown at another in anger can be as damaging as if they were rocks. On the other hand, the power of love force is greatly enhanced by our higher states of consciousness and by our multidimensional thinking.

As we remember to think multidimensionally and live in the present, time is becoming the NOW. Also, people all over the world are forgetting to notice how people are different from them and realizing how much alike they are. 

We are all so very fortunate to be alive during this time.We have front row seats at the biggest event in all recorded history. However, we are not in the bleachers watching this "Game." We are all on the playing field doing our best to follow the Flow, and do what ever we can to help. 

We have to trust our Inner Guidance now and join with others to discuss our new life. This Summer promises to be very special, but only if we let it. I have seen that many people's lives are starting to turn around for the better now. I have also learned that if we serve Gaia and run this new energy into and through our planet that our "symptoms of transformation" greatly diminish.

We are beginning to adapt to the higher frequency of our world, and we are taking responsibility for our lives. We are refusing to live in fear and are remembering to consult our higher expressions of SELF. More laws to protect Gaia are being passed because we have expanded our consciousness enough to perceive our planet as a sentient being. 

So, let's all have a fun summer. We have come into "full bloom" of our Multidimensional SELF. The Arcturians have said to me many times, "Enjoy the third dimension while you have. You will miss it more than you might think." Finally, remember that our Multidimensional SELF includes our physical form--if
we want it to.



My Entry NOW

Good Nowness Dear Humans,

We Undines, the Water Elementals, are joyous to speak with our humans. We say “our” humans because our element of water fills so much of your earth vessel. We know that our work is very important, as water is the greatest resource on Gaia’s body. However, many humans do not realize that, for if they did, they would surely make sure that it remained clear and fresh.

Once our great oceans and waterways were clear and pristine. There was enough life within our waters to feed humanity and other animals and still have more than enough creatures left to procreate. Now many of our waters are polluted and void of life. We needn’t lecture you about our plight, as we know you are aware. It is just that we have a great sadness that tends to hinder our work of transmutation. Humans use water to clean their bodies, their houses, their cars, their clothing and many other parts of their life. Why don’t keep their water clean?

It seems as though we work as hard as we can, only to have another human cause another disaster, which spoils our waters again. Therefore, we wish to ask our humans to join us in clearing our waterways and protecting our marine life. We are aware of those dear hearts that have chosen to assist us, and we also know that it is the few that are harming this great resource for the many.

Water Elementals, also, flow through your physical bodies. Furthermore, you regularity drink our sacred fluid. If you could send love to the water that you drink, you would greatly increase you health. Water is a template for life, which is receptive to thought and emotion. Therefore, if you drink water when you are angry, afraid or sad, you taint the water that you drink. On the other hand, when you take a moment to send love into water before you drink it, you are actually sending your body love via the water.

Furthermore, if you send both multidimensional light and unconditional love into the water that you drink, you will greatly accelerate your ascension process. Also, since there is even more water on the body of Gaia than in your own form, you would greatly assist planetary ascension if you blessed all forms of water with light and love. That blessing alone would do much to clear our waterways and raise the frequency of our water molecules.

Elementals do not perceive your world, or you behavior, in the same manner that you do. We Undines perceive water as the force of all life. We see how our rain keeps the Plant Kingdom healthy and fertile. We see how our water clears the smog from the sky and the dirt off the ground, cars and houses. Our waters have been great liquid highways that you have traveled for millennia. We see that water is serving humanity in many ways, but we don’t see how humanity is creating a balance and by serving water.

On the other hand, we understand that many humans are expanding their consciousness to perceive a life force in that which was once perceived as a “thing.” They are beginning to remember that Earth is a sentient, living Being. The reason for this is that humanity’s understanding of reality increases as their consciousness expands.

Just as our perception of reality changes when we resonate to the slow frequency of ice or the fast frequency of steam, your perceptions change when you are no longer “frozen” in the time-bound structure of third dimensional Earth.
As you mind expands, new ideas begin to flow into your consciousness. These new ideas can flow faster and faster until they reach “critical mass.” Then, these ideas burst into manifestation.

In the same manner, humans are expanding their consciousness from being “frozen in forgetfulness,” to following the flow of change, to transmuting their form into a frequency that is no longer bound by shape or form. Your consciousness, which is often symbolized as water in your dreams, is expanding beyond is physical encasement and it ready to burst forth to freely intermingle with all life.

 As you flow beyond your former limitations, you free yourselves from the many illusions that have haunted your for myriad incarnations. Free again, your consciousness can remember your Essence, which is a formless as our steam. You will also remember that you have taken a vow to protect life in ALL its forms. As you return to your higher expression of your SELF, your immense creative power will return, and you will actively participate in creating New Earth.

Dear humans, your form is created by the same elements and Elementals as Earth. In fact, our Elementals flow through you, just as we flow through Gaia. Hence, you are the Deva that pulls all our myriad elements into ONE body. With this awareness of your innate powers, your Higher Purpose is realized, and you remember that you here to be the stewards of Gaia’s inhabitants.

YOU are CREATION in action. GAIA is creation in action. The Elohim, Devas and Elementals are creation in action. When you honor, love and respect your creations, you will complete this cycle of creation and be ready to begin your next cycle. You will easily see the LIFE in All That Is, and become aware of the imprint that you make upon that life.
You will also see the higher frequency light that flows into and through all life to unify into the ONE life and ONE planet.