Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Dear Callista,
Thank you for you email. I am sharing it with my blog.

Dear Sue

I have just read your latest posts – New Earth 10 and Opening Portals.  I resonate so deeply with your words, and I am grateful that you can express those experiences of which I find difficulty in finding expression.

Thank you for clarifying the concept of the Portals.  I have received many emails from people who are anxious about whether they have a portal or not, or how can they make one, and your explanation of both 4D and 5D perceptions should allay any fears arising from a lack of conscious awareness of the portal from the 3D perspective.
Also I have empathy with the explanation of physical fatigue – the constant see-saw between 3D and higher frequencies is very challenging, and we are fast approaching a more permanent nexus with the higher frequencies. (Or so I hope!)

I thoroughly resonate with your description of the octave of Violet light.  As a point of interest, I had my aura photographed last week.  It was predominantly blue-violet, with a large amount of brilliant white at the head and above.  Coupled with this, the main chakras were all very strong and bright and the readings fluctuated between middle to high range consistently.  The auric field was strong with bright clear colours and well-defined shape.  Eighteen months ago I had my field checked and the colours were very bright, but predominantly green, blue and turquoise, and the chakras levels were fluctuating lower middle to middle in strength.  I believe the new reading was showing my higher frequency and it is in the Violet range, as you describe.

To me, it represents the condition and state of my Portal and my higher frequency aura.

With reference to your article “Opening Portals”, it is an excellent, understandable and practical description of the Process.  It confirms for me my belief that one of the functions of the Portal is to ensure a safe passage through the Lower Astral Plane, and the resonance of the Portal is unconditional love and kindness.

Your exhortation to release, release, release, is so vital.  I feel this message ties in with George’s latest report on Cosmic Awareness’s recent message and highlights the necessity to stay with the program.


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