Monday, February 22, 2010

Morning Messages

Dear ONE,

I feel that there is a message for me now, so I release my consciousness to you. (I have made a few changes to apply this message to everyone. When the Collective Consciousness of the Arcturians speaks through me, they always speak to the Collective Consciousness of Earth. I needed to hear this message AGAIN, so I thought some of you may need to her it again too.)

Dear Ones, please just release you grasp on your immediate reality and join us as we take you to New Earth. Yes, of course, it is also already created, as there is no time. However, as each of you surrender to the flow of the ONE, your consciousness constantly makes adjustments of this reality. You, our dear ones, are still struggling with your survival consciousness, which is limiting your experiences at this time. If you can allow yourself to release the need to survive for even one week, you will see a great shift in your reality.

We realize that we are asking a lot of you. To fully trust your SELF is, indeed, a challenge. However, trust must begin within. As long as you do not fully trust yourself, how can you fully trust us? “Maybe I was wrong? Maybe I just imagined it? Maybe I am too conceited to think the I could do this?” These are old core beliefs that must be rooted from your subconscious. You will only hear these old whispers of survival/fear if you dare to trust your SELF completely.

You are saying that you want a deeper experience of your SELF and of your relationship with us. In order to regain this connection, you need to go deep inside your self to find the parts of you that are too afraid of “being different.” Your daily self has found that there are actually many who are just like you, but your unconscious self has not yet received that information. Much as a Mother would be brave so as not to frighten her small child, you must be “brave” to show your wounded past that you love your SELF so unconditionally that you can let go of all the limitations and reasons that have held you back.

When you release old beliefs that limit you, you remove the barriers that you have been feeling between who and where you are now and the expanded reality that you feel within. Remind your frightened self that you have always been that Being. In fact, you have always been a Being within the ONE. Therefore, you need not gain, achieve, deserve or work for what you seek. All you need “do” is accept that that which you so desire has ALWAYS existed—just beyond the veil of third dimensional illusion.

We hear you thinking, “I have heard, written and done this over and over again. Why do I still have to do it?” Our answer is, “Because you still hold an earth vessel.” While you maintain this vessel you still must breathe, again and again. You still must eat everyday. You still have to bathe, clean your home, go to work, exercise and meditate. You also, need to face the frequency of fear on a continual basis. When your consciousness is expanded, you can easily choose love. However, if you are tired, sick, in traffic or had a bad day, fear is a more formidable force.

There is nothing "wrong" with you that you have to repeat these daily activities. They are just a compnonent of a polarized reality. As more and more of your consciousness resides in the fifth dimensional New Earth, your third dimensional activity will fall away from your reality, and you will focus more and more on your new reality. However, you are among the many who are “awakeners,” in that your life-contract was to assist in the awakening of humanity to the great moment of Planetary Ascension.

To release your vigilance to “survive” and trust your SELF, is a huge initiation because you are handing the controls of your earth vessel over to your Multidimensional SELF. Fortunately, your Multidimensional SELF includes your 3D earth vessel, as well as your ego who is in charge of care and maintenance. In reality, you are not releasing your ego-control of survival. Instead, you are expanding your control of survival to your Multidimensional SELF who is in constant contact with myriad other expressions of your SELF. With this awareness forever alive within your consciousness, fear of “death” is gone, as you KNOW you cannot die.

On the other hand, you still will need to confront the fear of loss of your present, third dimensional earth life, especially the fear that you will not fulfill your life-contract. We say to you now that fear will not assist you in that fulfillment. However, unconditional love of your self, unconditional acceptance of who you are right NOW and minute-to-minute unconditional forgiveness will pave your path Home to the resonance, which you have never left--only forgotten.

See that Home now through your wondrous tool of imagination. With eyes open and full awareness of your physical surroundings, look around you and see, not the third dimensional reality, but the fifth. Whatever remains the same are areas of your life that are already fifth dimensional. Whatever alterations you see to your 3D life are areas of your reality that are about to change. The reality is that we cannot “take you to New Earth,” except in your imagination, for YOU are the creators of this reality.

At the same time, this reality has always existed, because it resonates beyond time and space. Therefore, to experience fifth dimensional Earth, you need to expand your consciousness to the resonance of that reality. You will likely find that your adventure will be different with each visit because YOU will be different. We close our message reminding you that you cannot conceive of a multidimensional reality from the limitations of third dimensional consciousness. To change your life, you must chance your consciousness.

We are HERE, NOW to assist you with this change,

The Arcturians

The changes that I see (in my office, where I am now) are that the layout of the room is the same, but with some changes:

My desk has transformed into a Light based portal which responds to my thoughts. The printer to the right side of it is now an instant transmission device which becomes available upon the world-messaging unit. However, "world" has now expanded beyond Earth and encompasses our Milky Way Galaxy.

My window to the right is a gateway to any place on Earth I wish to experience. The fountain outside my window is now a lovely stream, waterfall and flowers where Faeries, other Elementals play and tend my Garden.

My closet to the left has become an Inter-dimensional Stargate to anywhere and any dimension in our Galaxy. It has a static representation as a mirror, which jumps into a Stargate with my desire.

Behind me are my chair and couch where I see clients and commune with family and friends. To my left, where the television was is a communication device through which I can communicate with anyone, anywhere on Earth.

“Maybe I was wrong? Maybe I just imagined it? Maybe I am too conceited to think the I could do this?” 00PS, I did it again. I let myself out and had a moment of fear, and its best friend, self-doubt. It is a good thing that I can release that fear and BE my SELF.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Q & A

Hello Sue,

I understand how we are on earth in 3D, while simultaneously living in higher dimensions....but I'm puzzled by what exactly will happen when the ascension 'Shift' takes place. If you understand it, please explain it to me!

Take a hypothetical person who is ascending, Dave. He lives in poverty in a cockroach-infested shack. He lost both legs in an accident, and is unemployed. His family + friends, annoyed by his 'crazy' talk of other dimensions, are estranged from him. His neighbours are violent and unpleasant. In 2012 or whenever, what happens to him? Does he find himself living in the beautiful 5D world (or on Venus, or another planet, say)? If so, what happens to his 3D body, does it dematerialize?

Or is he still in the horrible neighbourhood, in the wheelchair, but now able to bear it better? (Like someone in jail but able to see and talk to the fifth-dimension beings; ie, in 3D he is still limited and in a cell, but it's now bearable, if you see what I mean). Or will his outer life gradually or suddenly improve? (He gets lifted out of the shack, the neighbours vanish, he's offered a job, etc). I try, but I have trouble understanding how this Living in 5D while still in 3D actually works in practice. If you could write a bit about this, I'd be really grateful!


Dear Barbara,

We cannot think of planetary ascension from the perspective of our third dimensional reality. It would be incredible difficult to maintain a fifth dimensional state of consciousness while in Dave's horrible surroundings. However, if his Soul took on that contract, and if he was able to hold a fifth dimensional consciousness while in the environment, I would think he would move directly into the second paragraph in which he: found peace, improved his live, found ways in which he could find the assistance he needed for his physical ailments, and likely become a great leader. OR, he may see that his physical life is just a third dimension illusion. Then he could decide to release that illusion and become his Multidimensional SELF. Again, his SELF would guide him to solutions, or allow him to log-out of the 3D illusion and return Home.

I cannot tell you exactly how we will make the shift, or even if it is in 2012. My guides tell me that this is OUR ascension and WE are in the process of creating it now. At the same time, fifth dimensional Earth has always existed because it resonances to the ONE, which is free of the 3D illusions of time and space. Like you, when I have a 3D challenge, I do my research so that I can fully understand what I am about to experience. Spiritual experiences, on the other hand, are quite different. Because these experience take us far beyond the logic our our 3D minds, we must be willing to take the leap into the experience BEFORE we can begin to understand it.

Therefore, we have to take a leap of faith in our SELF and all our inner and outer Guidance to move into an experience that we do not, yet, understand. I have been studying, meditating and channeling about this ensuing experience for 40 years. I think I may know what will happen, but I don't really know how. I have read and channeled different versions. The reason for this is that WE are creating this experience, just as we are creating our daily life. Therefore, just as we are creating different version of daily reality on different days (because of our differing states of consciousness, as well as challenges), there are many different versions of Planetary Ascension.

The best we can "do" is to integrate our Multidimensional SELF into our earth vessel and our daily lives and keep our consciousness attuned to as high a resonance as possible in that moment of our life. Then we need to Surrender to our SELF and enjoy the ride. We are greatly blessed to be alive during this wonderful time. However, because we have a polarized reality, just as the love is becoming more unconditional, the fear is becoming more toxic. Each of us must find our way, then share that way with others. Through our sharing of stories, we contribute our puzzle peace into the grand puzzle of Planetary Ascension. By the way, our entire Solar System, and I have also heard our Galaxy, is also ascending.

When we walk the Spiritual Path, we need to keep our minds open and listen with our Hearts. Our Truth will resonate with unconditional love, but it may not be the same Truth that others have. Earth has always a very diverse planet and is slated to be a 5D intergalactic gateway. Hence, there will be many stories told my many people which are are different versions of the Truth. All of these Truths are ONE Truth seen from different perspectives.

I am sorry I cannot give you a definite answer to your question. I can only give you my answer.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Releasing an old Core Belief

I wanted to share an experience I had during Esoteric Acupuncture. I first had a series of treatments with this Acupunturist about ten years ago when I was starting my multidimensions website, which was really helpful in breaking through to a new expression of my self. Lately I have been feeling another new expression of my SELF, just beyond my conscious perception, so when life presented an opportunity to work with him again, I was happy to make an appointment.

I divert now for a bit of my personal history. When I was about 3 years my birth father left my life. Fortunately, I was adopted by my mother's next husband who was a magnificent person and a gift from my Soul. Then, when I was 33 years old and in deep psychotherapy while getting my PhD, my birth father came back into my life for a few months. This experience started off well, but ended quite poorly, and I was left with great gratitude that he was not in my life as a child.

Now flash forward to my being 63 years old. Do you see any themes here with time? It had come into my mind that perhaps the reason why I could not fully perceive and embrace this new expression of my self was because of an old core belief left hiding in my deep subconscious. As you can imagine, I had processed my "abandonment" many times, but the higher we go into our superconsciousness, the lower we go into our subconsciousness. Hence, it was time to take another dip down into the archives of my hidden sorrows.

For the first part of the acupuncture treatment I was face down. The acupuncturist saw some psychic hooks that he was releasing in my back, and guess you came into my mind--birth father. I don't remember too much of what happened for that part of my inter-dimensional journey, likely because I was deep in my subconscious. However, I did wonder if my birth father had died. For the second part of the treatment I was face up and the acupuncturist used the needles to open a portal which is between our Third Eye and Crown, just at our hairline.

Well, the first thing I saw was my birth father. He was trying to say something to me, but I was experiencing so many different emotions that I could not hear him. However, I was fully aware of may fearful emotions around and between us. Then, I felt the Arcturians come in and they told me to send my birth father unconditional love. As soon as I did so, I was totally calm, as was he, and he faded from my awareness. Then I took off on an incredible journey that started on the peak of Mt. Everest and ended on Venus, but that is for another time.

Days later I remember to check the internet to see if was still alive (he was somewhat famous). When I did, I discovered that he had died just a month before my acupuncture experience. I also found that he wrote a book about his life, which I immediately purchased. There, in the Dedication Section was a mention of his daughter Suzanne for whom he cared greatly. I also learned how he met my mother and had a picture of her holding me as an infant. He also talked about the Oracle of Delphi in his Prologue, which was significant as I clearly remember a lifetime I had as a Oracle of Delphi. In fact, he was the one in my genetic line who was "spiritual," although he had NOT healed his dark side when I met him at 33.

The result of this experience was that an old wound from my childhood was healed and an old Core Belief of "If my own father doesn't love me, how can I be 'good enough?'" The book was written just two years ago. Therefore, he did love me through all of his life. Also, if my image of my birth father on the "other side" was correct, then so was my inter-dimensional journey from Mt Everest to Mars and then to Venus. I look forward to the further unveiling of more inner journeys and of the next higher expression of SELF. We are on a wonderful journey that sometimes needs to go deep into our unconscious to expand our ability to travel higher into our superconscious.