Thursday, April 30, 2020

How Do We Know -- Suzanne Lie



By Suzanne Lie

How do we know
Which way we can go?

How can we see
The one we can be?

Now and again
We feel we will win

But what if we find
We just did it again?

Again we have thought
That we are a part

Of Something brand new
That we could all do

Perhaps we must start
To open our heart

So then we will see
How strong we can be

We’re strong enough now
To remember just how

To know we can be
What we’ve chosen to see

For now is the time
To hear the bells chime

This time is for all
To answer the CALL

The Call that we hear
Feels loving and clear

And reminds us all now
That we still know how

To find the beginning
In which we are winning

This wining is just
To remember to trust

And to no longer hide
From our strength and our pride

When times get too crazy
We must not get lazy

Instead we must see
The way we can ALL be

We need to know now
that we have learned how

To strand high and strong
If things all go wrong

But, we can create
When it seems it’s too late

That, that, which we’ve lost
And how much it cost

Can be an illusion
With different conclusions

Of, how did we got here
In this land that we hold dear?

Can we look into the NOW
To remember just how

To return to the reason
That caused this dark season

So that we can see
The ONE we can be

To start to return
To what we can learn

When we look deep inside
And dare to not hide

From that which we must see
So that we can BE free

Of lives of illusions
That create poor conclusions

But, these conclusions can be
Just what we must see

When we can remember
That we are the sender

And deep inside us
We know that we can trust

To hold firm in this NOW
And take credit for how

That which we know
Guides us to show
To our selves
And to others

That we thrown
Off the covers

That have limited our life
To worry and strive

But when we choose
To stand tall

We can answer the Call
To remember to be

The ones who can see
A way to be Free

And to keep us remembering
The gifts we are sending

To step into the NOW
In which we know how

To speak from our Heart
Right from the start

And remember to see
That we are all free

AS beyond all illusion
We can find our conclusions

Of that which is ending
Because we are sending

Our LOVE and our LIGHT
To clear all the blight

That has come to our knowing
So we can start showing

The power we’ve found
And how we are bound

To remember the reason
We entered this season

Of beginning the ending
Of that what was once sending

Confusion and fear
Into what we held dear

Now, we can remember
That WE are the sender

Who walks in the Light
To love free the blight

And transmute all the sorrow
To find a brighter tomorrow

As this is the NOW
To remember just how

To walk in the Light
And be FREE of fright

And know we are ONE
In the Light of our SUN

That this moment of NOW
In when we learn HOW

To bring in the Light
And release all our fright

To open our heart
So we are a part

Of the love that is falling
Down into our calling

Beloved Galactics,
We’re ready to BE

The Light and the Love
That we can now SEE

Poem by Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A Message from the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

A Message from the Arcturians
Through Suzanne Lie

When you see a cloud that looks like a ship, 
it just might be a Ship that looks like a cloud.

We, the Arcturians, wish to remind you that you are NOT just a third dimensional person, living a “normal” third dimensional life. More and more of the humans who have chosen to take an earth vessel within this now are beginning to remember that there is another, higher dimensional version of their third dimensional self who resonates to the fourth, fifth and even higher dimensional realities.

Unfortunately, within your physical, human life you have been trained to “turn off” your higher frequency perceptions and connections, as these “weird” concepts, dreams and memories could only be “just your imagination.” We, your Galactic Family, are happy to tell those who can hear and believe, YOU all are only using a small portion of your total brainpower.

Therefore, you have limited your perceptual field (the field of reality which you have learned to think of as your “physical reality.”) We, the members of your Galactic Family are here to remind you that many of your imaginations, dreams, and “fantasy stories” are, indeed, your own personal experiences that you have been able to remember. 

However, it can be such a long stretch between your daily life and your imaginary life, that you may have forgotten that your “imagination” is quite often your own fifth dimensional truths. By “fifth dimensional truths” we mean the truths that you can receive from your own Higher Dimensional Expression of SELF. In fact, that which you may think of as your 3D self may also encompass your fourth and fifth dimensional self. 

Just as you learn many things in your third dimensional life, you also learn many things from your fourth and fifth dimensional lives.  You know what your third dimensional life is, but you may not yet be totally aware of your fourth and fifth dimensional lives.

Your fourth dimensional life is the you who yearns for a form of inner and/or outer creativity. You know that is true for many humans as they seem to enjoy making things such as new clothes, finding a new job, learning and enjoying a new hobby, watching sports events, and/or getting more and more deeply in touch with your own inner, creative expressions of your self.

Your fourth dimensional consciousness guides you to find out more about that new venture you would like to take, or new thing you would like to make, or new thoughts, that are seeming to flow into your heart and mind within this NOW. 

Yes, there are many bothersome, uncomfortable and totally new experiences that many of our dear, brave warriors are facing within this NOW. New experiences are often challenging and sometimes are difficult life experiences that we would have NEVER had any idea would ever occur within this lifetime. 

However, more and more, humanity is “learning the hard way” that it is the NOW to balance your body, open your heart, clear your mind and remember your fourth and fifth dimensional expressions of your human self within this present incarnation.

You are a brave bunch who have taken the challenging and exciting experience of the well known third dimensional reality expanding more and more to encompass the fourth and fifth dimensions of reality. 

Your third dimensional self is your daily life in the physical world self, but your fourth dimensional aspect of self craves to be creative in some manner and to try new things and discover that which you have known. Your fourth dimensional self enjoys being creative and finding out new things about their everyday world. 

Then, as you feel grounded and secure in the new challenges that you have volunteered to accept into your life, you find that you want more and more of this creativity that you can bring into your ever expanding reality.

Once you have taken the leap to expand your third dimensional life to include the creativity of your fourth dimensional life, you are, or will, begin to hear that soft voice that has always been with you, but you likely were often “too busy” to allow your self to deeply explore your SELF!

Your SELF, as in your fifth dimensional SELF, has an ever-growing need to feel more, see more, hear more and remember more. The remembering part of your process is the easiest AND the most difficult part of your journey. 

Your fifth dimensional self is the YOU who can remember the YOU that you are before you took your present earth vessel and the reason why you chose to take on your own inner journey into a higher dimensional version of reality.

Your fifth dimensional self is the YOU who REMEMBERS!  And what does this YOU remember? One thing is to remember that there is a higher dimensional expression of your SELF that is VERY creative, which is in fact the foundation of your fifth dimensional self. 

Please remember that there are many, many ways in which you, and all humanity, can express the inner yearning that reminds you that there is another reality that flows into your dreams and your creative endeavors. There is also this fifth dimensional YOU, if you are brave enough to meet with and accept this higher version of your present self.  

This higher version of your self—your fifth dimensional self—can remember the YOU that you are in the fifth dimensional reality that likely appears to be far, far, beyond your third dimensional life.  

In fact, your fifth dimensional reality will likely guide you to remember other incarnations on Earth and memories of the you that resonates to and enjoys the Interdimensional world that Gaia has always been – but you forgot this while wearing your third dimensional vessel.  

We, the members of your Galactic Family, are HERE in this NOW to remind you that:
It is the NOW to remember your true Multidimensional SELF!

Your Multidimensional SELF encompasses your third dimensional physical body, your fourth dimensional memories of other lifetimes and the many adventures that you have had throughout your many incarnations, AND your fifth dimensional SELF who remembers your lives on the Starships, in the higher dimensions of reality and your lives in which you have awakened to the memories of Life on your Starship.

You might think, “Oh, life on a Starship, that cannot be real! That life is “just my imagination!” Well, that is true in that your OWN imagination is what will guide you to your Higher Dimensional Guides. You Higher Dimensional Guides may have just joined you for this incarnation and/or they could have been with you for all your earthly incarnations. 

Either way, your “Guides” are YOU in a higher frequency of reality. It is often your Guides who send you Love and Purpose so that you can remember to forget the games of your third dimensional life and to allow yourself to remember you lives on a Starship and/or your lives on Gaia’s Earth. 

There are many “Galactics” (which is the name we use for your higher dimensional family) that have been with you since you first took an earth vessel, as well as your higher dimensional family that takes you to your Ship while you sleep and/or on another adventure that assists you to remember the rich multidimensional heritage that you have always had on your fifth dimensional and beyond worlds.

How many of you played games as children in which you were on other worlds, space ships, or having other adventures that made you feel connected to this higher part of you, while you were also connected with your Mother Planet—Gaia? Some of you have become Gaia’s protector, but far too many human became Gaia’s tormentors.  

Yes, planets are alive. Could all of these millions of humans live on a planet that was NOT alive?  The “primitive” people all knew that Gaia was alive and they treated Her with the respect and dedication that they hopefully gave to their families and friends.

It is interesting that so many humans are becoming very ill now because of “the virus.” But were did this virus come from, and why did this virus come to Gaia? Fortunately, Gaia’s earth body of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, seems to be OK within this now, but what about the humans?

Now, because of the virus, the humans have been told to “stay home,” and hopefully they do stay home to protect themselves from the “virus.”  Meanwhile, the plants are growing, the sky is clearer, the birds are flying and Mother Nature is happy to be back in control of Her planet Gaia. 

Many times, too many times to remember, the humans were NOT good protectors for their planet Gaia.  But now the humans must “stay home” so that they do not get “the virus.”  When the humans sit in their homes and look out the window, are WE noticing that Gaia has been doing fine? 

Today, we looked out our window and watched the many birds who were happily flying and interacting with each other in the clear sky and the healthy trees. But the sky was not too healthy when all the humans were driving cars, truck, trains, and boats. Gaia’s animal family is indeed enjoying the cleaner water and the clearer sky.

In fact, the humans would love to have clean water and clear skies, but the humans would need to change. The humans will need to put Gaia FIRST. The many cars, boats, trains, traffic that made Gaia sick, are stopped now. NOW it is Gaia’s turn.  

When this “pandemic” is over, will the humans remember how they made dear Gaia sick? Will the humans remember that they were meant to be Gaia’s protector? Will humans change and take more loving care of their planet?  

Will you?

Friday, April 24, 2020

4-24 Breathing with Gaia Suzanne Lie and The Arcturians and Daniel

April 24, 2020





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Newest Youtube with Suzanne and Danny






Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The YOU that you are within this NOW -- Our Galactic Family through Suzanne Lie

April 14, 2020
The YOU that you are within this NOW

Our Galactic Family through Suzanne Lie

Dear members of our Galactic Family, 
Please tell us how we can “Live in the Flow?”  In fact, what is the ‘Flow?” It is important to understand exactly what “The Flow” is before we can commit our self to live within it. 

On the other hand, “Impatience” is something that is quite common. Therefore, we will begin by examining “impatience.” What is “impatience?” Is it a hurry to do, have, need, and/or want something that is not yet yours? And, even more important is, “How do you “Release your impatience?”

We are your Galactic Family. We resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond, hence you seldom can perceive us, that is except in your dreams, imaginations, books, movies and in the sky! Therefore, you have many opportunities to perceive us, but you do not “believe it” even when you “see it.” 

The reason for this is that the humans have been told again and again that there is no such thing as a “Galactic Family.” But what about that form you saw in the night sky, or in your dreams, or in your imagination? The problem is that in your human state you have more difficulty believing what you tell your self than what other people tell you. 

Therefore, if you look into the night sky and see what “looks like” a Spaceship, you will likely forget that vision as soon as you turn your heard, or the vision fades away. Why does that occur? The answer is quite simple. Many humans are unable to believe in some thing that they can “easily” see. 

Therefore, something that “looks like something” is not something that you can easily see. That is unless you believe in it. For example, if you were to see a Spaceship in the night sky, and you wanted to see that Spaceship, you would be looking for it. 

Therefore, because you were “looking for it” your Higher SELF would be able to direct you to perceive that which is beyond your 3D life, but most likely you would think that you “just made up that you saw a Spaceship.”

Since you “made it up” then it cannot be real and it is “only your imagination.” However, your imagination is often like a moving telescope that is constantly searching the night sky. Therefore, you may find yourself thinking:

What was that form in the sky? 
Does it look like a Star Ship?”  
But then, what does a Star Ship look like?

There are so many questions to hide inside your self that you can easily forget about whatever it was that  you thought you saw. “It was likely just a far off airplane,” you may tell your self, as you try remember what you saw. “Obviously, it was not a Starship, or I would have remembered it.” You tell your self. 

“Besides, it was likely just my imagination,” you convince your self. Or at least, you try to convince your self. But why do you need to convince your self that there is no such thing as a Starship? Maybe too many “Star Wars” type movies made you believe that if there are Star Ships, they are also War Ships.

The problem here is that those humans who only believe in a third dimensional version of reality are saying that they know more than a fifth dimensional and beyond Galactic Being. Galactic Beings usually resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond.

These ones cannot accept even the possibility that there are Galactic Beings who resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond. They cannot accept that there are Galactics because they cannot “yet” accept that there are many Higher Dimensional realities that resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond.

In fact, within this now there are many fifth dimensional beings who have chosen to take a third dimensional vessel to better prepare humanity for a reality that is NOT based on the third dimension. 

Unfortunately, many of the volunteers to take a physical form to assist Gaia with Her transmutation process, got lost in the many third dimensional experiences of Life on Gaia’s  third dimensional version of Earth.

Fortunately, there are more and more “Awakening Ones,” who are beginning to accept that the fifth dimension of the HERE and NOW is actually a frequency of reality that they chose to activate during their present Earthly incarnation.

In fact, we, the members of the fifth dimension and beyond are HERE in this NOW to remind you that, “If you have so much evidence that there are fifth dimensional Star Ships in your skies, how come everyone one does NOT know this information?

The answer is that most people are very busy with taking care of their third dimensional life of “finding/creating” a good life on Earth. Finding and creating a good life on your third dimensional Earth, can often be difficult in the troubled times that are occurring on Gaia within this NOW. 

However, we, your Galactic Family, see that more and more humans are beginning to awaken to the “higher dimensional” expressions of their “Multidimensional SELF.” In fact, this “Great Awakening,” as we Galactics call it, is allowing many “Third Dimensional humans” to “believe in and accept” that there are multidimensional frequencies of thoughts, actions, memories and tasks that they are doing every day.

Many humans believe that they need to wear a special uniform and have a certain life in order to “be” a Galactic Being. The truth is, there are more Galactics on Gaia within this NOW than you may think. 

In fact, within this NOW, many higher dimensional beings have answered Gaia’s call to awaken humanity’s higher dimensional SELF. In fact this “Call to active duty” while they are incarnated on Earth, will allow the awakened and awakening ONES to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

“What is a Planetary Ascension,” we hear you ask. Our answer is that there are many life forms on Gaia’s planet who are resonating to the higher frequencies of reality, and even into the fifth dimension.

These awakened ones, who are not just humans, are encompassing Dear Gaia to protect and prepare Her for the Great Planetary Awakening! In fact, it is for this reason that they are there within this NOW. The awakened ones are often “just normal people,” and many times they are NOT wearing a human form. 

For example, if you want to remember how to love and remain grounded, go horse back riding. Horses, are VERY evolved beings. In fact, some say that the Arcturians have similar features as horses. Perhaps, this is because Gaia is transmuting into the higher fourth and fifth dimensions, and she would love to take many humans with her.

However, humans must be able to “perceive” in order to “believe!”  Therefore, if they cannot see the starships with their physical, third dimensional perceptions, they cannot, and will not, believe that they are there.

However, the Starships that are surrounding and protecting Gaia during this very difficult time on Earth, resonate to the higher fourth and fifth dimensions. Since most humans have limited their perceptual field to only include that which is third dimensional, many humans are unable to perceive the Starships in their skies. 

Please remember that in order to PERCIEVE the higher dimensions, you must be willing to BELIEVE that there are higher dimensions of reality that are inhabited by Higher Dimensional Beings. 

Furthermore, many humans can only belief what they can perceive with their physical eyes and hear with their physical ears. Therefore, their reality is limited to the third dimension of earth, air, fire and water. 

On the other hand, we, your Galactic Family, are aware that more and more humans are beginning to awaken to the perceptual fields of their Multidimensional SELF. One’s “perceptual field,” represents the frequencies of reality that they are able to consciously activate. More and more humans are realizing that that they can expand their “perceptual field,” or diminish their “perceptual field.” 

At first, these humans do not realize why they feel so different—different from whom they have been so far, and different from other people around them. However, as more and more of these “other people” begin to awaken to theirhigher dimensional perceptions, they will begin to fell safe enough to seek others who have “Come OUT of the closet” to BE the Multidimensional Beings that they have been able to accept as their Own SELF!

Therefore, there are more and more “awakening ones,” as we call them. Part of the reason why more and more people are awakening to their Inner/Higher SELF is because they always knew about this part of their SELF, but kept that information to themselves so that they would not look “crazy!”

This is not that they are remembering that they are actually Galactics who have chosen to take an earth vessel during this NOW of great challenge and change. In fact, at first, they, you, may call themselves a bit “crazy” because they can perceive and believe what many other humans cannot even imagine. 

Hence, the term of “crazy” that humans may have used to allow themselves to move through a deep, deep process that is being given to them by unseen beings of the higher dimensions. It is then that the ones who could not believe will begin to perceive.  At first, this perception comes through dreams or mediations. 

But once one is comfortable with this “Interdimensional Communication” they begin to see the changes in their auras and in the auras of others. What they are beginning to understand is, as their resonate frequency (the resonance of their daily life) rises above the third dimension and into the fourth and even fifth dimensions of reality, they begin to see the unseen, hear the unheard and remember that which they have forgotten. 

It is important to point out here that when we say “reality” we mean that which each person perceives as “REAL.” We Galactics must admit that we do not fully understand the human term of “Real.” To us, the members of the fourth and fifth dimensions, and beyond, have not had any experiences of needing to be “good enough,” at least not until we have taken at least one physical embodiment on Gaia’s physical Earth.

As you can guess, our “visits to the third-dimensional, physical world” can be upsetting as we Galactics have only known LOVE and LIGHT. It is for this reason that more and more Galactics are deciding to take third dimensional vessels so we can assist our Planetary Friend, Gaia as She moves through Her “Great Initiation” of transmuting from a third/fourth dimensional planet and into a fifth dimensional planet.

The primary difference between a third/fourth dimensional planet and a fifth dimensional planet is that a fifth dimensional planet is free of the “power over others,” greed, fear, loneliness and confusion. In the higher dimensional realties of the fifth dimension and beyond, all beings are within the NOW of the ONE.

The “NOW” is free of “time” and the “ONE” is free of “separation.” We, your Galactic Family, understand that it may be quite difficult for a third dimensional human to understand what a higher dimensional reality would be like. However, if humanity can remember to meditate, it will assist them to move into their higher consciousness and into a reality which is filled with LOVE and LIGHT. 

Many humans cannot, yet, believe that there is a higher form of reality that exists on their third dimensional planet. However, Gaia is weary of Her third dimensional expression and is ready to expand her planetary self to encompass the higher fourth and fifth dimensions  in which LOVE and LIGHT reign!

Many third dimensional humans would have a hard time even “imagining” a reality based on love and light.  Therefore, the are more and more Galactic Beings who have volunteered to take a third dimensional form during this NOW of GREAT Planetary Change. 

These Galactic Beings, have made the huge sacrifice of being born into a third dimensional earth vessel, so that they can more deeply understand what is occurring on Gaia’s Earth. In this manner, they can better assist both the humans and the planet which encompasses ALL life on Earth.

If you have gone this far in reading this message, you just may be one of the many “AWAKENING ONES” who are slowly, or quickly, remembering something?? Some place?? Some where?? that is free of many of the third dimensional challenges that Dear Gaia and ALL her inhabitants are facing within this NOW.

In fact, YOU, the members of our Galactic Family, have long been aware that this NOW would occur, and that it would occur in a fashion that humans could NOT ignore. Therefore, if you are confused about what we are saying, go inside your SELF to find the YOU who remembers WHO you really are within this NOW!

If you believe you can remember, you WILL remember. However, if you do NOT document it in some fashion, what  you just remembered will quickly leave your third dimensional brain. Therefore, honor your SELF by documenting what you receive and share it with others. 

Blessings to the Brave Ones who have chosen to take an incarnation during this NOW of great challenge. WE, your Galactic Family, also send you Love, Light and Remembrance.

Message documented through Suzanne Lie

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Part 2 of Talks with Daniel and Sue


To enjoy Part 2 of Talks with Daniel & Sue

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Thank you so for joining us 

When we communicate with our Higher SELF it expands our

And Expands our Individual Human consciousness

As well as the consciousness of the human brain

And when we expand our Consciousness
We also serve to expand the consciousness  of Gaia

Blessings from Sue and Daniel

Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Violet Fire and Our Expanding Consciousness - The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


The Violet Fire and Our Expanding Consciousness

Please click the above link to view the newest Youtube video about 

The Violet Fire and Expanding our Consciousness during a challenging time, such as RIGHT NOW!

Blessings to you all
 from your Galactic Family.