Monday, October 17, 2011



Dear Grounded Ones,
We now return to assist you in activating your multidimensional operating system. However, first we wish to tell you about the fatigue you are all experiencing. This fatigue is the process of your third dimensional operating system of perceptions shutting down so that your multidimensional operating system can take over. In the interim you have two operating systems working in a different manner within the same biological vessel. Therefore, this vessel is overtaxed and experiencing great fatigue.

The best course of action during this process is NO course of action. In other words, be still, quite, calm and peaceful as much as possible. Do what you love, be with your loved ones, go where you love to go and, most important, love your self. You are all the hope of Gaia, and you are the Portals to New Earth. Yes, YOU are the Portal that you will open. You needn’t look around you, above or below you. YOU are the Portal for which you search.

There are many Portals around your reality, just beyond your third dimensional perception. However, in order to perceive these Portals you must look INSIDE your self. Through turning inward you can consciously co-operate in activating your multidimensional operating system. We will now guide in doing so:
·      Look into your Inner Third Eye and see a small candle flame. As you focus on this flame, it changes into a spectrum of all the colors at once.  Can you see how each color is distinct at the same time that it intermingles with the other colors?
·      Now with the force of your attention drag this flame down into your High Heart. Can you feel how it expands as it enters your own source of unconditional love?
·      Look now into your ATMA, your Three Fold Flame of Life and see that there are four flames, then five, then six and then more than you can count.
·      See how these flames light a Pathway from within your heart that travels around and around you like a huge Portal—Your Portal.
·      Feel your self within your Portal, the Portal of your Multidimensional SELF.
·      Now, in the same manner as your saw the first original flame, see your Portal as a spectrum of color. Again, each color within your Portal is distinct but intermingles with all the other colors.
·      In a calm and peaceful manner, observe as the colors within your Portal accelerate into a higher frequencies of color than you have never seen before.
·      Focus on that which was once red and feel its power.
·      Focus on that which was once orange and feel its warmth.
·      Focus on that which was once yellow and feel its power.
·      Focus on that which was once green and feel its expansion.
·      Focus on that which was once blue and hear its tone.
·      Focus on that which was once indigo and follow its trail around and around the Portal.
·      Focus on that which was once violet and observe as the Portal spins faster, faster and faster…

As the spin of the Portal exponentially accelerates around you, maintain complete peace and total calm. YOU are the Core. YOU are the eye of the vortex.

As you feel the energy around you transmute into higher and higher frequencies of expression, remain centered, receptive, and AWAKE. Slowly, you open your Third Eye to look through your Portal. What you see is many different realities at once. Just as with the colors, each reality is distinct, yet intermingles with all the other realities. This vision almost excites you, BUT you remember to stay calm, centered and peaceful. You are the observer, while you also participate in each of these realities in a timeless manner.

At first, it is confusing to simultaneously observe and participate, but as you surrender to this process, you find that you quickly adapt to this new skill. You feel as though you are at a huge banquet, and you taste each delicious meal, careful not to eat too much and deny yourself another taste.

As you “taste” each reality, you become aware that some realities are possible realities, whereas others are probable realities. Then, much to your surprise, you realize that you are experiencing all of these realities at once, within the same moment of the NOW. You observe them before you, behind you and swirling all around you. Faster and faster the many realities spin through your Portal and deep into your Core.

You feel yourself expand to embrace each reality within the growing Essence of that which was once your Self. You find your distinct Self within each of these intermingled realities. But which you is YOU? How can you BE so many different versions of your Self at once? You sequential thinking cannot count them, and the myriad experiences meld into ONE. How can you be so many and yet ONE?

Suddenly, the vision stops.
Your eyes fly open, and you are within your physical form once again.
You at the same person you have always been.
Or are you?


  1. blessings from within ...
    blessings from ...

    love and light -

    and gratitude

  2. today i was asked - i will be 60 on 12th of november - how old i feel ...
    very interesting
    it feels like no age at all ...
    not 18
    not 27
    not 35
    not 59 ....

    love and blessings from the no age one ...