Friday, October 14, 2011


Dear Ones,
I feel your great fatigue--or is it my own. The burden of the physical shell is becoming quite bothersome and creates an agitation to our inner body of light. I wonder if this is how snakes feel just before they shed their skin. I feel myself flying, but my heart is still encumbered by a the mass of carbon which is the weight of my physical form. As I write this I can see that my that body of light is gradually and steadily shinning beyond that old form, continually doing its  work of transmutation. Meanwhile, having to go about daily life, drive in traffic and maintain the burdensome mundane tasks becomes increasingly difficult. But they also keep me grounded. It is so soon, so very very soon.

the fire that the moth has sought
the burdens that our life has fought
what we have earned and what we've bought
the web in which we have been caught

are loosening their hold
and making us more bold
for that once bought, has now been sold
and that once warm, has now turned cold

oh, to BE
the essential me
oh, to live what my heart does see
in the world of life where all are free

the time is soon, or is it now
to loose the sword and drop the plow
I hope I can remember how
to BE the ONE inside me NOW


  1. I hear you dear a roller coaster of great energy and great fatigue.
    Peace & Love

  2. That was beautiful to read, Sue, thank you! I know exactly how you feel. I've never felt so burdened and weighed down by this heavy, lumbering physical body before. Normally it's OK, and harmonizing spirit with matter is sometimes exasperating, and sometimes amusing, but lately (over the last two weeks or so), it's become torturous. I've felt like a tearful 3 year old shut into a lead diving suit. :(
    If you say this, people think that you must be depressed or bored. I'm not depressed, I enjoy my life, my days are full. It's just getting more & more difficult to live in 3D, isn't it? Your snake analogy is so good - it really is like being trapped in a too-tight suit of clothes, and the zipper's stuck or something....and you're okay about it for a while, but then suddenly you've had enough and start yanking desperately at it: 'Get me outta this thing!! Now!!!' :)


  3. Beloved,

    Thank you for this Sue, it's reassuring. Along this fatigue I feel great contentment and gratitude. And my awareness is auspiciously awake!! My eyes are falling and my body feels heavy and when I lay down sooo much is happening. It's OK, I will savour this beautiful vehicule with gratitude, nostalgy while it calibrates and lasts.

    Love, Achara

  4. Wow, my wife and I are both up and down like a seems we are not alone..
    Bless Your Hearts..


  5. Dear sue,Since last Sunday (Oct9)things went from calm to panic and depression.First my 7 month cat broke his leg and after a 3 desperate days they ending up amputate his leg.I have cry and cry.Total cost me $1006.00 Than I receive a letter for Jury Duty for Nov 8.11 I hope it will not keep me occupy before the 11.11.It has been a sad week for me.And now I am so fatigued..I don't want to get up do things at all!Or to desire for my ascension right now.