Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year From Sue Lie, The Arcturians and YOUR Galactic Family

Happy New Year
From Sue Lie, The Arcturians, and your Galactic Family

December 31, 2012 to December 31, 2017

Today is 12-31-17 and below is one of my first Blog Posts that I wrote on 12-25-12. It seems that I have been writing this blog for much longer than that, but, as they say:

Time Flies
Today seems like it was a lifetime ago, but it was a wonderful lifetime filled with meeting wonderful new friends, and the ability to talk to great people who live all over the glob. Therefore, today, December 31, 2017, I share one of my first messages that has as much meaning NOW as it did then.

Holiday Message from December 2012

Beloved Ones, 
we call you with our hearts

Welcome Home,  
we are preparing 
a celebration in your honor.
Yes, you.  
Do not look around 
for the one to whom we speak.

 We speak to you. 
You, the one who will listen.

We have long awaited 
the return of our kin 
who have so bravely served
upon the Great Mother.  

Your time of homecoming is nigh.
Do not doubt, nor fear 
for we have taken you into our vibration.

There is no way in which
 you can get lost now.

Just relax into our pull.  
We are bringing you Home.

Remember, the violet trees
that sway in the either of Venus’s yellow sky.

See the colors that emanate from each leaf 
and hear the melodies they create 
as they mingle with the breeze.  

Feel the warm glow of life
as it welcomes your arrival.
All that holds form here 
is aware and communicates.

Even the Formless Ones embrace your Soul 
and frees you of ALL limitations.

Feel how you are united with all life 
and how all of life is united with you. 

Remember now, as an adult,
what you knew as a child.

Home is not a place,
it is a state of consciousness.

Relax now, our ones, and enjoy the journey.

You are going HOME and 
HOME is where you've always been.

Blessings from your Galactic and Celestial Family

May multidimensional light and unconditional love fill your every thought and emotion and emanate out into the reality that WE are creating!

The Arcturians and Your Galactic Family
Through Suzanne Lie

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Chapter ONE--Releasing The Matrix, A New Novel by Suzanne Lie

An Ongoing Novel Through Suzanne Lie

Finding the Journal

(You will find the Introduction HERE )

When I first returned from Europe, I went to Grandma’s resting place with a huge bouquet of her favorite flowers. However, as I got closer and closer to her “resting place,” I knew that I would not be able to face her grave, so I turned the other way, away from the cemetery and away from what remained of my grandmother’s body.

Then, after a few months living in Grandma’s house, I was finally ready to go to her final resting place. I was very tempted to turn away again, but then I remembered the vision of her in a golden body, which gave me great comfort. Also, I wanted to thank her for all the money that she had left me.

I still wonder how an elder woman who never seemed to have a job could have so much money. My parents had been very tight with the money they gave me, and said it was because my Boarding School was so expensive. But, later, I learned that my Grandmother had paid for all my education, including Boarding School.

When I was in High School, I found out that Grandma was paying for my education. I tried many times to ask Grandma how she could afford to give me all that money, but she always said, “Don’t worry about it dear. It is all taken care of.”

I never found out what she meant by, “It is all taken care of,” but years later she was still able to leave quite a bit of many after she had passed on. It was this money that allowed me to go to Europe and still not have to work for quite a while.

Fortunately, I was smart enough to get a good money manager, who put me on a budget, or I might have blown through my money like my parents always did. I am now enrolled in graduate school, which will not start for quite a few months.

I made that decision, so I would have to go to graduate school, but I would have more time off to get me life together, which included focusing my attention on taking care of “my” house, the large yard, and exploring the “locked attic” that Grandma would never let me enter.

In fact, she even refused to talk about the attic, which gave it such a great sense of mystery that made me want to enter it even more. Then, the other day I was rummaging around in some boxes in the pantry and found a key that said, “Attic” on it.

You would think that I would instantly run up and go into the attic, but now that I could enter it, I was afraid. Grandma was not a timid woman, so when she never allowed me to enter the attic, my childhood-self made up all kinds of stories of what mysterious things were happening in the attic.

As an adult I knew these stories could not be true, but the fear that my stories created, still remained deep inside of me. So, again, I found many reasons why I was “too busy” to explore the attic and put the key in a “safe place,” which I unconsciously made myself forget.

As soon as I realized that I was letting my fear get the best of me, I began my search to “find the key.” Of course, I searched the house for months and could not find it. Then, finally, one day, I was in a hurry to go on a date and could not find the necklace that I wanted to wear.

In my hurry and aggravation, I turned the jewelry box upside down to dump everything on my dresser. And then there, much to my surprise, was the key tapped to the bottom of my jewelry box. I instantly recognized the key and ran towards the door to the attic. But when I got to the door, I paused.

Why was I so afraid to go into that attic? It had been many months that I had very happily lived in this house. “There was no reason for my feelings,” I told myself again and again. For two days I tried to convince myself to open the hall door and walk the stairway up to the attic.

Then, I had another dream of Grandma in her Golden Body. All she said was, “Do not be afraid my love.” She might have meant something other than the key, but as soon as I awoke I put on some jeans and a t-shirt, took the key from the bottom of my jewelry box, and headed for the door to the attic.

When I had climbed the steep stairs up to the attic door, and stood there for are too long, I finally got the courage to put the key into the lock. I was almost hoping that the key did not fit, but it fit perfectly. In fact, it was also as if the key turned itself.

I tried not to ponder on that strange sensation, as I already had more adrenalin then I needed. The door opened as easily as the key turned. “This is weird,” I told myself. “One would think that such an old key would not work so easily on such an old door.

I did not realize that the high window towards the top of the house was for the attic, but there it was, with the Sun shining brightly on a particular pile of old papers. Since everything that had happened so far was surrealistic, I decided to look at that pile of papers first.

I carefully moved the loose papers and found a bound manuscript just under them. It was as if those papers had been put there to hid, or protect, the bound manuscript, which I carefully picked up. As I opened the manuscript to the first page, I found an introduction, which I will share, word for word. It was written by a person called Shara Lynn.

In fact, the book/manuscript, was Shara Lynn’s journal. I am sure my Grandmother got this book at one of the many old bookstores she loved to go to. Was this the book that she always seemed to be looking for?

I remember going with her to these old bookstores and the joy of rummaging through the old book stacks in search of the mysterious book that Grandma was always looking for. I wonder if the book I just found is the one she was always looking for?

I guess I will never know the answer to that. However, if I read the book, I might get some clues as to what my Grandmother was up to. It was then that I began to sob. Up until now, I had pushed my sorrow away into a safe place that I could visit when I was ready.

But, as I thought of the memory of looking through old, used bookstores with Grandma, searching for something that she never shared with me, I was hit by my great sorrow of losing her. I began to sob, almost uncontrollably, as I remembered all the wonderful times I had spent with my beloved Grandmother.

Finally, my tears spent, I was able to carefully open the old book to discover what was inside. To my surprise, the book was actually written by a person named Shara Lynn, and it was her journal.

Who was this Shara Lynn, and how did my Grandmother get her book? “Well,” I told myself, “You will not find out until you take the book downstairs and start reading it.” Thank Heavens, the “practical me” came into me before the “sorrowful me,” and “the more lonely than I thought person could ever be” took over me.

In fact, before I go more into my problems, I want to share the first chapter with you.
“Wait! Who is this “me?” I thought? For some reason the name Shara Lynn kept running around in my mind.

“Who is this Shara Lynn, and why does she keep coming into my mind?” I yelled to no one. However, once again, I felt an emanation, NO, I am sure it was the essence of my Grandmother’s sweet voice saying , “Read the book dear. I left it here for you.”

Now I was really spooked to hear my Grandmother answer my thoughts. However, I then realized that she had been answering all my thoughts since she had passed on. (I cannot bare to say the word “died.”)

I think the reason why I actually opened the book and started to read it was to distract me from my sorrow. I have always loved a good mystery, and this was, indeed, a mystery. Therefore, I took the book firmly in my hands, left the attic, walked down the long stairs and locked the door again.

Why did I feel a need to lock the door, and why did I “hide” the key to the attic in my jewelry box again? I am now able to realize that I was, indeed, following some form of “higher guidance,” but I did not even know about that term back then.

Even with the key back in my jewelry box and the, manuscript, or was it a book, recovered and waiting next to my bed, I did not even open it for more days that I can remember.

Why was I so frightened by this manuscript? But maybe it was not just any “manuscript?” What if it had something in it that I did not want to know about. “STOP” I told myself. “What could be so “scary” about what was likely inside my Grandmother’s Journal.

Well, I was about to find out.

Monday, December 25, 2017

A Christmas Reflection On How I Became who I am today--The Arcturians and Suzanne Lie


A Christmas Reflection on
How I became who I am today.

Happy Holidays to you all,
I, Sue Lie, my husband and I have been greatly enjoying the Holidays, which arrived just a few months after we had completed our move to a totally new area and a very different lifestyle. Therefore, we have been greatly enjoying a time of deeply relaxing after we left our old house and moved into our new house.

I am so very happy to say the horrible fires in California have finally been contained, thanks to the amazing Fire Fighters. California, the state in which I was born and have lived my entire life, has finally completed a great challenge. I have heard that there is a huge sign that goes across the freeway in Santa Barbara, which suffered greatly from the fires, that says:
Fire Fighters are Angels!

All of us here in California agree with this sign. Therefore, today, Christmas Day, I would like to talk a bit about Angels in everyday life. Since this is Christmas Day, I also thought it was a good time to recognize how "normal people" serve as Every Day Angels. I have not posted a blog for a longer time than usual, but, as I said above, I have been totally relaxing and adapting to my new life.

We have moved from the city to a small town in the open spaces of mid-California by the coastline. We are still close to our beloved ocean, which we visit on a daily basis. The oceans here are filled with life and beautiful vistas. Therefore, we have been taking this time to cherish dear Gaia's beautiful coastline and relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.

I hope that you, my dear readers, have had a chance to relax during this holiday season. I remember when I was young, my Mother loved Christmas. She was a very generous person and bought us many, many presents. However, I had been talking with a deeply loving Golden Being for as long as I could remember.

I spent a great deal of my childhood going to church, church camp, church events, and obviously learning a great deal about Jesus, and God, it was very familiar for me to talk to "Higher Beings." In fact, I remember seeing a "Golden Being" for as long as I can remember. However, over the years, my Spirituality has become more personal and less based on a Church. 

In fact, as you my readers know, for many years now I have been communicating with the Arcturians, Pleiadians, and other Galactic Beings. Perhaps I was chosen for this honor because I spent much of my childhood, talking and listening to unseen beings.

In fact, talking was quite with invisible beings was quite normal for me. However, I learned very young to "keep my mouth shut” about this part of me.

Then, one day, I think it was in the late 1980 or early 1990’s, the Arcturians with whom I had been speaking for many years, told me to "write a website." I did not even know what a "website" was, but there were a few up then.

Then, as if to prep me for the Arcturians request, a friend hooked me up with a professor in a University, I think it was in Idaho, who was doing some research on that the new concept of a "Website"

Therefore, I did a trial run to research the possible success of "having a website." The results of that research was that "Websites would NEVER work?" Oops, so much for that research. However, it was shortly after that experience that the Arcturians, who were just an unusual energy field that had been entering my meditations, told me to "Create a Website."

I had been hearing, and speaking with, unseen beings my entire life. I remember a huge "Golden One" playing with me when I was a child. Later, when I was old enough to go to Church, which was my "free babysitter" on Sunday and during the “church camp weekends,” I began to recognize that I was talking with an ascended being called Jesus. 

At least, I thought it was Jesus, which the communications become even more "real," as now” there was a name for the Golden Being.” Because of my habit and ability of talking with unseen beings, I was happy when Sunday School told me that we could pray inorder to talk with the unseen beings of God and Jesus. 

Talking with Jesus came first, as there were pictures of him at church. However, "God" was a bit too abstract for my child self, so I primarily talked to "Jesus." And, “Jesus” gave me answers.

I actually thought I heard, or did hear, a message that came into my thoughts. At first, I told a few people about this, but I soon learned to keep these communications a secret from others. 

Then, in the early 1997 (I just looked up the date on the computer. I thought it was sooner than that, but I remember that it was around the time that the comet "Hal Bob" flashed past our area. It was during that time that I had my first "sort of" computer, that I paid a couple hundred dollars for from a friend.

I know it was around the time of the Comet, Hal Bob, as I remember that some people were killing themselves in some kind of a crazy attempt to "join the Comet." Anyway in my first "web-writing" I received from inside my imagination that there was a portal through which we could commune with "other realities."  

I did not know about dimensions then, or anything like that as I had not yet met the Arcturians. However, I was accustomed to communicating with unseen beings. Therefore, when the name "Arcturians" came into my awareness, I was able to accept that this might be a real being.

After all, I had been talking with Jesus since I was a child and believed it was "real," so maybe these Arcturians were real too?? In fact, the Arcturians seemed felt very much like Jesus in that they were very loving and seemed to know just how to talk with me so that it did not seem too "crazy."  

Please remember that, back then, no one "channeled" except for the really famous people like Edgar Cayce, and he was asleep when he channeled. I was NOT asleep, but if I did not immediately write down what I received, or put it in my very old-fashioned computer, I would totally forget it.

Therefore, I learned to always document everything that I received from the beings who called themselves "The Arcturians." In fact, I found it immensely calming and safe to meet with them.

 It was then that I created a routine in which I got up early enough to go down to the spare bedroom, where my old fashioned computer was, have my usual cup of tea while I read something spiritual.

Then, when the tea was gone, and the reading reached a good stopping point, I put the reading and the tea cup aside and called in the Arcturians. I found that if I wrote down what the Arcturians told me, I could better remember their important messages.

Also, “writing it down” was a commitment, which connected me even more deeply with the Arcturians. I had learned in my childhood and young adulthood that documenting my inter-dimensional experience was vital, or I would forget them.

However, I did not call these experiences “inter-dimensional communications” then because I did not know what about dimensions. Fortunately, I did learn to let the Arcturians “fill in the blanks for me” as I could just be the “secretary” who was taking dictation.

But, I could not write fast enough to keep up with the message. Then the Arcturians said, “Use your computer.” That sounded great, but I typed so slow that it made it difficult to keep up with the message.

Then, if I typed fast enough to keep up, it was a sea of red “misspells.” “Just be patient,” said the Arcturians. “Eventually, you will learn to type much faster.”

Of course, they were correct again. Finally, I could type fast enough to keep up with the Arcturians message, and to also be able to read what I had typed. That was when the Arcturians said, “We want you to make a Website.”

“What is a website?” I asked. No answer. So I tried to move around in my old computer to find out what a website was, or perhaps, someone told me. I know that the person I had done the experience for during the Hal Bop time talked about a website. But, his research revealed that “websites will never work.”  Boy, were they off!!!

The Arcturians knew about websites, as they exist beyond time, which I also did not know then either. So, I tried to forget about the “website” thing, but the Arcturians kept saying “make a website.” By that time, there were a few websites, so I was able to get some information.

“Call the website, “,” they said. There was that “multidimensional” word again. So I looked up it again on the search engine, and all I could find was “multimedia,” which was also a new concept. 

But much to my surprise, I was able to find someone who was handy with this new technology, and she volunteered to make the website for me. “But I don’t have any spare money.” “That is OK, I will do it for free, and she did.”

Wow, these Arcturians were on to something much bigger than I could ever imagine. In fact, I could not even imagine them until just a few months before this whole process began. When I asked the Arcturians, what should I write?” they said, “We will dictate it to you bit-by-bit.”

And so it began… My friend kept her promise and created the whole site for free, and I kept my promise that I would keep writing down what the Arcturians told me. Then, slowly, my website was born.

At first the website was quite psychological, because that was the information that I needed, as well as the information that beginners to “multidimensional consciousness” needed, as well.

Gradually, terms like “multidimensional consciousness” came into my mind. Then I asked the Arcturians to tell me what those new terms meant and they told me. They knew that, “The truth is best told in a good story.” Therefore, they told me one good story after another, and all of them set me, and my readers, off into a mental, and emotional, journey into the unknown.

By the time that was completed, I was hooked and made another site. However, that site crashed, so I incorporated it into the site. You would think I would stop there, but I found that I loved writing, and by then Blogs had appeared. Therefore, I started a Blog, which is where I am posting this message.

I encourage all of you to find a moment in your busy Holiday to hide away to give yourself some time and space to reflect on, “How did I become who I am Today?”

Blessings from Sue Lie and the Arcturians