Saturday, October 31, 2020

Sheltering in Place

 Oct. 31, 2020

Sheltering in Place

We, the members of your Galactic Family, 

wish to speak with you about Sheltering in Place

The term: "Sheltering in Place!" is one that you may have never thought would be the reality in your not so far distant future. But what does "Sheltering in Place" really mean for your daily lives within this NOW. 

For one thing, if one is "sheltered in a place and all alone," it is completely different from one who is "sheltered" in place with a loved one, which may be quite different from those who are "sheltered in place" with a large family.

If one is sheltered in a very small place it is quite different from being sheltered in place in a large home with large windows that shows the outside world around them. 

Also, if one has a large yard with trees to walk by and lean against, as apposed to a small apartment with only a view of a busy street in front of them, that is a very different reality from looking out your window to see a lovely houses and beautiful nature. 

Also, if one is "sheltered place"with loved ones and/or is able to easily communicate with their friends and family, it is easier to move through this great challenge of "sheltering in place" then if one is not able to easily connect with their friends and family.

On the other hand, "Sheltering in place," can be an opportunity to focus on your creativity, and/or to find creative ways to interact with co-workers or friends and family. However, the challenge of this "new" and "not too happy" way of life is something that is new and NOT very pleasant!

There are many disadvantages to "sheltering in place," but it is something that is important within this NOW. Therefore, it is helpful if one can "try to make the most" of this very challenging situation.

Hence, one who is "sheltered in place" can take the opportunity to "read those books that have been siting on the shelf," or "pull out that project that you started a while ago but you were too busy to finish.  Now you have the time to finish that project, and even to find, and complete, other new projects.

You can also share these creative experiences with those who live with you, or you can do them on your own. NOW you have time to phone those friends and family member that you have not talked with for a while. NOW is a time that you can pull out your old Art Supplies and express your feelings via pictures, or you can write out letters, or even creative thoughts and put them into action.

Of course, the above may seem quite simple, but it is NOT because you are all facing an "unknown" that has greatly changed your life, and you have no idea how long that will last. However, if you can remember to keep connected with others and with your own creativity, you will actually be training your brain to expand in areas that you "never had time for" in the past.

Of course, there are other possible realities that may or may not occur. Just as your personal reality is changing every day, the greater world around you is also changing. Unfortunately, some of these "possible changes" will need to be kept within your awareness so that you can keep in touch with the quickly changing reality around you. For example:

How will you be different when this "sheltering in place" is over?

What do you wish to learn within this NOW of Great Challenge? 

What can you learn more about in your personal, creative and familial life? 

What have you always wanted to do, but you did not have the "time" to do it?

What can you change and/or expand in your consciousness and in your life?

The Darkest Night is just before Dawn, and we have no idea when the Dawn will come. 

Therefore, we are faced with the UNKNOWN and we must all find a way to move through this challenge with: 

Faith in our  Human SELF, 

Faith in our own  Higher Dimensional SELF, 

Faith in our  own Spiritual SELF, 

and Faith in all the other components of our SELF 

    that we never knew we had because 

        we were too busy to have the time 

                to examine, change, expand, and evolve into the: 



                                                  TO WELCOME THE NEW DAWN


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Dear Gaia, How are you doing?

 October 27, 2020

                                               Dear Gaia, How are you doing?

Dear Gaia,

We, the awakened humans that live on your planet, have gone far too long without asking you the simple question of "Dear Beloved Mother Gaia, how is your Planetary Self doing?" 

We, the humans, where meant to be your protector. In fact, for many eons we did protect you via our fifth dimensional Star Ships that constantly monitored the health and welfare of Gaia's planet Earth. However, our intentions were not as pure as they needed to be because as soon as our Star Ships started to land on your planet, we began to polarize into the two groups of "POWER OVER" and "POWER WITHIN! 

There was also the problem of the inner battle of holding our innate fifth dimensional galactic powers within the core of our Heart and Mind. Unfortunately, over what is now called "time," the Power Over groups  wanted to be the rulers of the Power Within Groups. 

When we, the Galactics, first landed our great Star Ships so that we could populate the beautiful and virgin planet that is now called Gaia, something when wrong! We had all lived within a society based on Unity and Power Within. Therefore, we never even thought that a planet would be based, not on Unity and Power within, but a planet based on the Third Dimensional reality of Power Over!

We had all come from Fifth Dimensional/power within planets. Therefore, when we first landed, we did not even know that there was a reality based on such a low frequency of resonance as we were still fifth dimensional beings. 

Because we were still Fifth Dimensional, we had NO idea that over time, the Syrian Beings would become the "third" dimensional humans," who were creating a third dimensional planet. Since, we still had our Multidimensional Powers we did not feel a need to change anything, except that we did assist Gaia to expand Her resonance into the fifth dimension. 

This was all fine until a group of Galactic Beings that called themselves "humans" who lived on many different planets for many different reasons, came to Gaia's Earth. This is when we learned of the great war in outer space between the "POWER OVER" groups and the "POWER WITHIN" groups. 

When these two groups began to visit Gaia, the Power Over groups came with the intention of taking over the planet and controlling all of Gia's rich and beautiful reality. On the other hand, the Power Within groups came to Gaia because of an inner and higher call to assist dear planet Earth.

Many of the first visitors to Earth were fifth dimensional Arcturians, Pleiadians, Antarians, and Venusians  and "the not so helpful, Syrians." At first, we were all still fifth dimensional and had not YET experienced the concept of competition, power over others, owning a possession, or even owning a person, which was quite common among the Sirians. 

The Sirians had landed on Gaia's planet before our Galactic Groups. Therefore they thought it was "their planet," and that we needed to abide by their ways of "power over others." 

                           And so, the battle between Power OVER and Power WITHIN began!

At first the POWER OVER ones, were winning because the POWER WITHIN Beings could not believe that their once beautiful, sacred, and beloved POWER WITHIN life could be so deeply endangered. Therefore, THE POWER WITHIN beings fought fairly and with dignity. However, the POWER WITHIN ones had to realize that the reality based on Love and Light that they had left to explore the Cosmos would never be the same. 

In fact, even that Solar System would never be the same. They, the people and the planet, had stepped into a new era of reality. No one knew where they would end up or how they would get to were they were going.  All they had was faith and trust in themselves. Much like it is within this NOW!


Sunday, October 18, 2020

Conversation with Julie Jordan and Suzanne Lie

 Oct. 18.2020


                                                           Conversation with 

                              Julie Jordan and Suzanne Lie


                                                                 Please click the below link


Thursday, October 15, 2020


 Oct. 15, 2020                       


We are the members of your Fifth Dimensional Galactic Family who have chosen to take human earth vessels during this NOW of great transmutation. We are eager to communicate with any humans who wish to communicate with us. Yes, we understand that many of the humans within your current timeline are not yet aware that there are higher fourth and fifth dimensional beings wearing human forms. 

These higher dimensional beings are often the "Higher SELF" of their Human Self. Unfortunately, many of these humans are not yet aware that their own Higher SELF is a member of their Galactic Family that resonates to the fifth dimensions of reality. 

Fortunately, more and more of the humans on Gaia within this NOW are slowly, or quickly, awakening to their own Higher SELF.  When we speak of these third dimensional humans that are wearing a Fifth Dimensional form, we are NOT saying that all of these Humans are aware that they also have a Fifth Dimensional form. 

We use the word "wearing" for those who are not yet fully awake, and are currently within the process of awakening to their own higher dimensional memories, talents, duties and realities. We use the word "realities" because there are many realities that are totally unknown to those whose consciousness primarily resonates to "Third Dimensional, everyday human life on planet Earth!"

The first shift that awakening humans experience is an ability to remember their "dream life." We say, dream-life rather than dreams because "dream life" is the first phase of remembering their own Higher  Dimensional SELF. 

When one is able to have vivid dreams about their own higher dimensional experiences, they have the choice to push that dream away because they are not yet ready to be so "different" from the other third dimensional beings. On the other hand, some humans feel the love and protections that these "different/higher" experiences give them.

In fact, many of these "awakening ones"(as we call them from our Star Ship) write down these dreams and even share these dreams with other because there is something about these "dreams" that feels very important and therefore these "dreams" are written down, shared with others, and brought into their daily life. 

In the other hand those who are asleep to their higher dimensional life seldom remember any dreams or mediations in which they are experiencing a reality that is very different, yet much the same, as their daily third dimensional life. Therefore, some of these people will push away the curiosity that arrises within their inner life, as they are not yet ready to experience their own higher dimensional abilities that have been latent within them, often for many incarnations.

However, once these "higher communications" enters ones daily life, an inner communications between the person they are in their daily life and the person they are in their dreams and/or imaginations. Eventually, these people will reach a crossroads in their life in which they can no longer ignore the newly growing expression of "what?"

Then comes the challenge! Do they allow themselves to just say, "Oh stop those thoughts!" they say to the ones whom they are not yet ready to believe are real. And they, instead of remembering that which their Higher SELF is sending them, they begin to forget. They forget their dreams, they forget their imagination, and they forget to listen to their own inner (higher) thoughts. 

They have chosen to remain as "just a normal physical being!" Some of those who chose to "just be normal" will likely have a normal life. That choice is not good or bad, but it is a major decision that they have made--at lease that have made it for that now.

On the other hand, they are those who crave the new, the exciting, the unknown, and the discovery. These are the humans who often choose to learn to meditate, who wish to go deep inside themselves to find the questions that have annoyed them, so that, once and for all, they can look at themselves, as well as their life through  Higher and Higher frequencies of reality.

It is through finding and knowing their own desires, needs, choices they go a deeper and deeper awareness of themselves, as well as the world around them. This "Path of Knowing" is filled with a need to remember that which they know they forgot before they entered their third dimensional life.

Therefore, they knew that since they forgot something about their daily life, they usually wanted to find that which they remembered about their dreams, imaginations, memories, other lifetimes, and the one they were before they took their third dimensional, human self.

Some even wondered if they were "just humans," or if some of the thoughts and dreams, and imaginations that they had, were actually real events that occurred in a "higher frequency of reality." It was within that thought of a "higher frequency of reality" that they began to remember the life they had before they were born into their current self and their current reality!

Now the PAST was not filled with forgotten moments, but became a Treasure Chest of adventures and memories that they could remember and use to better understand WHO they were, WHAT did they do in those past lifetimes, WHERE they in their past lifetimes, WHEN was there best life times and what did they learn, and finally WHY did they chose to take an incarnation within the NOW of the life they were living.

In fact, that life that they were/are living in this NOW is not the only life form the past or from the future. And, the being that they are in this life can be filled with memories of past lives that can reveal themselves they that information is needed to be "remembered."

The Path of Knowing was now much larger, longer, and in fact, infinite as the endings would return to become another beginning! But, did this "Path of Knowing" something that they could remember once it was recoiled, or what they forget again and again, so that learning form the past was NOT within their Path. 

The Path of Knowing can easily be forgotten as one journeys through life after life. 

Can one remember their past lives? And, would they want to remember them?

Would YOU? 

And can YOU?


Monday, October 12, 2020


 Oct. 12-2020                                                                  

                                          Our Higher SELF

Dear Arcturians,

I have heard inside my Higher SELF that you, the Arcturians,  request that we, the awakened, and awakening members of humanity, communicate with you, the Arcturians,  as well as The Pleiadians, the Venusians, and  the Antarians

We ask this request because all of these Planetary Beings are members of Gaia's Galactic Family who have volunteered to assist Gaia, also known as planet Earth, through Her transitions of expanding Her planetary frequency from the third dimension, into the fourth dimension, and eventually into the fifth dimension.

We will now take a few moments to make sure that you all understand what each of these "dimensions of reality" represent. However, first, we wish to tell you that a "dimension" is NOT visible to humanities third or fourth dimensional perceptions reality. 

A dimension does not have a beginning or an ending in the same manner as one could experience via their third, or even fourth, dimensional thinking  because these "dimensions" are only visible to those whose consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond.   

One of the reasons why the different "dimensions" are not observable to humans is because most humans rely on their physical senses of seeing, hearing, and touching to determine when something is beginning or ending.  

It takes a higher fourth, or fifth dimensional state of consciousness to be aware of the subtle shifts through "time/space" that occurs in tandem with each  change in dimensional frequency. When the frequency of reality is of a higher frequency, it is easier for the humans to communicate with the Higher Dimensional Beings.

However, when the members of humanity's Planetary Family are resonating to a lower frequency, it is much more difficult to communicate with the higher frequencies of reality. However, please remember that humanity can, indeed, communicate with their higher dimensional Galactic Family, if they can believe that they can. 

Within this now many members of humanity are preparing to resonate to a higher frequency of reality. However, this shift in reality is not common to Earth bound humans. Therefore, many humans cannot consciously experience that, "something is beginning," or that, "something is ending" unless they can hear about it, see it, dream about it, or feel it within their own Higher SELF. 

Of course, in order to feel something in one's own Higher SELF, one would need to have a conscious relationship with their Higher SELF. The "beginning" of this "higher relationship" is often slow, but in some cases there can be a quick shift int the higher frequencies of reality because they can "remember" a higher frequency of reality from their meditations, loving experiences or even their dreams and aspirations.

On the other hand, some humans do not consider that they have the ability to FEEL a shift within their ability to  perceive their higher hearing, seeing, or any of their other physical senses. Also, dreaming, hearing and/or knowing that something very powerful has happened above them, within them, and/or around them can grow and expand their states of consciousness.

We, the members of your Galactic Family see that there are many difficult experiences occurring on third dimensional Gaia within this NOW. Therefore, we are sending more Higher Dimensional Galactics to assist humanity to dream about, desire, remember and experience how they can move into  their own innate higher awareness of SELF.

These "shifts in consciousness," as we call them, will become more and more common as more brave persons finds their own connection with their own Higher SELF. Once one has found their connection with their own Higher SELF, they are duty bound to assist others to find their connection with their own Higher SELF.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, see that your third dimensional, human self is moving into the transition of remembering that they are not just human. In fact, as more and more humans awaken to their true Multidimensional SELF, which encompass the their Higher Dimensional SELF, they will begin to remember.

They will remember via what they dream about, via the conversations about their Higher Dimensional expression, reminding their third dimensional physical self, who is NOW within the process of AWAKENING and  REMEMBERING that they too are Multidimensional Beings who chose to take a third dimensional, physical body to better assist HUMANITY'S process of remembering that they, too, still posses their Multidimensional knowing, 

First comes the AWAKENING

    Then there is the REMEMBERING

                    Then there is the honor of SHARING THEIR PROCESS with others



Friday, October 9, 2020

Going Inside One's SELF


                                                      Going Inside One's SELF  


                        Conversation with Sue Lie and Daniel 



Below is the link to 




Thursday, October 8, 2020

Welcoming the LIGHT

October 8, 2020

Welcoming the LIGHT


We, the members of your Galactic Family, wish to remind you that YOU are not alone. We, the members of your Galactic Family are watching over the extreme challenges that you, the citizens of the United States and, to some extent, the world, are having to face within this NOW. 

We realize that you are having to face situations which you never thought would happen in your wildest dreams. Therefore, we the members of your Galactic Family, wish to tell you all that we, your Multidimensional Expressions of SELF, are connecting more and more with you, the human expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. 

Therefore, we wish to remind you again that there are many frequencies of reality in which your own "frequency of consciousness" is being asked to participate. In other words, we, your Galactic Family, see that more and more of you are needing to make very difficult decisions which you had never thought you would need to confront. 

It is for this reason that, we, your Galactic Family, wishes to commend the many of you who are holding your courage throughout the NOW of these great challenges. We see that more and more of you are awakening to your own Higher SELF.

This awakening, which is partly because the government of certain areas has gone awry in a manner that you could never imagine would happen. Therefore, we your Galactic Family, wishes to remind you that WE are with you. 

We, the members of your fourth, fifth, and beyond Higher SELF are with you in your dreams, in your imagination, and within your thoughts and emotions. We see that there are many, many brave humans who are facing your current, challenges with courage and commitment to the country that has been your home.

Also, the members of your Galactic Family, have come to you  NOW to remind you that YOU ALL are Multidimensional Beings. However, remembering that you are a Multidimensional Being can be confusing, and perhaps a bit frightening as there are  many  challenges of being "Leaders for the Light." 

Fortunately, being a "Leader for the Light" is not something to learn, but something to remember. The reason for this is that, a Multidimensional Being/Leader, such as you, the members of our Galactic Family, think of everyone as being ONE within your consciousness. 

It is this Unity of Consciousness that assists those in difficult situations to feel free to ask for assistance, to give assistance, and to know when you, yourself, are ready and willing to assist others. It is within this NOW that your Galactic Family, who have taken humans vessels long, long ago, are beginning to awaken to the fact that they/you are NOT just third dimensional humans. 

In fact, more and more of our Galactic Family, who chose to forget their higher dimensional expressions of self so that they could more deeply understand what was occurring, are now realizing that remembering that their true Galactic SELF can more deeply understand how to best assist the humans who had only thought of themselves as being "third dimensional."

Fortunately, there is a group of "awakened and awakening ONES" who are awakening more and more. This Awakening can be frightening to the third dimensional ones who have never allowed themselves to remember their own Higher SELF. 

However, it is the remembering of their own Higher SELF that will initiate their full awakening to the reason why they chose to take a human earth vessel within this now.

Many of the humans have forgotten, or never even believed, that Gaia was a living being, are slowly, or quickly, beginning to consider that there is something that they were supposed to remember. However, they are not quite yet ready to fully expand their consciousness and sense of SELF within this now. 

We say,"within this now" because Gaia has been deeply wounded by many of the current humans who are still lost in their lower frequencies of humanity. Therefore, Gaia is crying out to those who choose to hear Gaias call of "AWAKEN NOW." 

In other words, Gaia is calling for Her fifth dimensional beings, many of whom have been "hiding" within the body of their "third dimensional self" that Gaia needs Her humans to remember their higher dimensional expression of SELF that they were when they first landed on planet Earth. 

Fortunately, as the lost ones awaken, they will come into constant contact with their higher fourth and fifth dimensional expressions of SELF. They always were that SELF, but they forgot that component of their SELF until it was the NOW for them to AWAKEN! 

It is the NOW for them to realize that they are ready to assist the "lost humans" to also awaken. In other words, as the first lost ones AWAKEN, they will remember that they swore to AWAKEN others.

The dark ones who have been ruling the people and, to some extent, the planet, will try to ignore the higher frequency of reality as it will be "very uncomfortable" to them. In fact, the Lost Ones who "suddenly awaken" may be very frightened, have erratic behavior, and may want to be distant from those who are moving through their process of AWAKENING.

At first, the dark/lost ones may seem to be "winning," but these lost/unawakened ones will become frightened by the "Light of the AWAKENED ONES." 

Those who have lived within what they see as a "shelter of darkness," have become afraid of the Light. In fact, the Light would appear to the Dark Ones as something that would, and does indeed "hurt them." Imagine if one was lost in a dark cave with very little light and then suddenly came into the bright light. 

It would likely frighten them and make it difficult for them to see. Since these lost ones chose to live in darkness, they could not adjust to the Light! Therefore, these dark ones tried to turn off the light. 

However, the Light One's Light came from within, whereas the dark came from below and around. Since the Light came from within, it was not freighting to the ones who embraced that Light. Therefore, the Light Ones were not afraid of the dark because the Light showed them the way to their "reason for taking a body on Gaia's Earth within this NOW!" 

Hence, the ones who came from Light, could love the Light and follow the Light. In fact, the Light was a component of themselves. Therefore, they did not need to seek out the light from someone or someplace else because it was within them.

When the Light is within, it is a component of those who embrace it. Then, as they embrace the Light, they wish to Share that light with others because they have experienced how the Light has assisted them to remember their own Higher Dimensional SELF! 

In fact, they discovered that they could, and did, eventually remember how to communicate with, and learn more from, the fifth dimensional beings from the fifth dimensional realities, as well as the realities that were even beyond the fifth dimension. 

Those who were lost in the darkness, only had the darkness to share.

And many did not want that darkness.

However, those of the Light are happy to share their Light!

And many are happy to accept it!

"But where is the Light," we hear you ask. 

             The answer is that the LIGHT is who you ARE within the NOW of the ONE!


To your Higher SELF whom you have always been

But may have temporarily forgot.


Monday, October 5, 2020

The Golden Circle Through Suzanne Lie


    October 5th, 2020                        



Suzanne Lie

The changes that beings have waited for so, so, long, and have predicted, but the time passed, and what else that has been predicted, and the time passed again, and has been predicted and once again, and that time passed. Now that reality, of course, passed because we were are third dimensional time, and no one can perceive an inter-dimensional experience while they are locked in their third dimensional consciousness.

What we would like to say to you today is that you did remember those experiences. However, you forgot many of the details, which is OK. However, you forgot the person that you were when you had those experiences.

That person that you were IS the person that you are right now. And, exactly who is that person? That person is the “you” who is connected to your Multidimensional SELF.

That person is the “you” that calls to us, listens to us, and does whatever you believe you received from us. We want you to know that if you believe that you receive something from us, you are correct.

Please remember that “belief” is recognition. And, when you recognize that you have received a communication from us, then that message came through your Multidimensional Mind, and into your physical brain. We would like you to take a moment of this NOW and feel how your Multidimensional Mind seems to float over your head.

Actually, your Personal Light Receptor is floating over, and just above, your pineal gland. In this manner, the energy fields of light that enters your Personal Light Receptor enters your brain via your Pineal Gland, which is the portal into your Crown Chakra.

A “Personal Light Receptor” is something that every single human has—even the Illuminati. Everyone has it. However, like all receptors, it needs to be plugged in and turned on, and this is what many people do not do. However, when you plug in your Personal Light Receptor into your Pineal Gland, what you are actually doing is saying, “I am ready for active duty.” You are saying that, “I am ready to receive my orders, and to fulfill those orders to the greatest of my ability within this NOW.”

We would like to thank you for the many lifetimes of receiving our Inter-dimensional Orders. On the other hand, for many, many years, you were unable to document those receptions because you wondered, “How could these messages be important?” you asked. Our answer is that these messages were just for you, and you may not YET have believed that YOU were important enough to receive an "Inter-dimensional communication" from the Higher Frequencies of Reality. 

You could not yet believe that you were important enough, and though, Who cares what I thought I experienced?" You may have believed that you weren’t important enough, so who cared?

But then, finally, when, you were taking a class and you had to write a journal of your family life you realized that when you write something down, it was greatly clarified. Then you could more easily and thoroughly understand the meaning, or meanings, of the message. Then, you could, also, understand more about your self.

When you more deeply understood your own self, you become ready to meet a higher frequency version of your SELF. Then you could see that YOU are your own  higher frequency of SELF. This is when we, your Higher SELF, began to speak with you more and more often. And then, you began to honor what you heard from us, and finally, you wrote it down.

It wasn’t just that you wrote down what you were thinking, you wrote down what you finally believed you were receiving from the fifth dimension and beyond.

When you documented what you believed you were receiving via your computer or via paper and pen, it grounded your interdimensional message into the body of Earth. Also, when you took the “time” to “write it down,” you volunteered to accept that information as REAL.

Then, when you volunteered to accept that information as real, your entire self-esteem began to change. Whereas when you were young and you had your many experiences of communicating with many beings, you didn’t really think it was real.

“After all,” you thought, “how could I be important enough to speak to higher beings?” You could speak to your cats and your dogs, or to unseen beings, but you couldn’t really talk to someone who was really important because you were not important.

Now, do you see how it is very important that you see your SELF as important? In order to fully and completely accept information that resonates to a frequency far beyond that of third dimensional Earth, you need to understand that this information often starts by a sense of desperation.When you are in a difficult time, and you really need help, your mind can expand to the extent that you can no longer accept the lies and illusions that you had believed for much.

Some of you discovered that not many of the people that you knew, were able to stay with you, while you behaved in such a “weird way.” Thus, many of you felt alone, as you could not tell anyone what was happening with you. But, it is often lonely when you are a leader, and that is what you are.

That is what you have been from that first day that you began to document your experiences. When you document your experiences you are saying, “What I am receiving is important enough that, just in case I ever want to share it with someone, I will document it."

And, yes indeed you have shared your messages with those who were ready to receive it, and also, with those who had the intention to become awake and aware within their consciousness. Therefore, you are now able to accept what we will tell you about the Golden Circle.

The Golden Circle is actually a circle of “Golden Beings.” These beings are in somewhat of a humanoid form, but you’re not sure because you only see them from about the middle of their backs up to their heads, and you don’t see their faces at all. These beings them to be composed of liquid, golden light, which is exactly what they are. Therefore, their form is not static, but shifts and wavers.

As these Golden Beings’ forms shift and waver, you can hear them communicating with each other. What they are communicating to each other is how they have realized that they are “The Keepers of the Threshold” into the fifth dimension and beyond" Therefore, these beings can assist humans to shift into their own fifth dimension expression of SELF.

We are here within your now to remind you that we, the Golden Ones of the Golden Circle, are here  to hear more of what you have been hearing from the Higher Dimensions. We will also assist you to share with others, the "Golden Messages" that have been shared with you.

Now, we would like you to allow yourself to walk up towards that Golden Circle that is just before you!  "Walking is just a word, for it is more that you are floating towards this Golden Circle. As you continue to float towards this Circle, you begin to perceive yourself in Higher Dimensional Form. 

Then, as you float closer and closer to the Golden Circle, you begin to see that your humanoid form is turning into a golden form, which is much like the forms of the Beings in the Circle.

By the time you find yourself on the edge of this circle, you are just as golden as the being before you are. Then they turn to you and say, 

“Welcome. Welcome to our Golden Circle.”

All of the beings in the Golden Circle speak telepathically, and all of them speak simultaneously in perfect harmony with each other. You know that all of them are speaking because it is much like a spoken choir where each voice represents a slightly different octave. All these octaves merge and blend into a lovely chorus.

As you observe, each of the Golden Ones change the octave in which they are speaking. One might be speaking at the lowest octave. Then, after speaking for a while, they shift and move up an octave. Then, the ones in the other octaves move up another octave as well.

Then, the next Golden One also shifts until, eventually, they have spoken via the higher frequencies. At this point they each go back down to the lower octave, to repeat their journey back up to the highest octave. This occurs because they are practicing moving up within into highest sub-octaves of the fifth dimension.

They, the Golden Ones, make these changes because they want to go down to the threshold of human thinking, human experience, human perception and human sense of self, to better understand how they can assist the human, ascending ones.

The Golden Ones want to help the humans, but their evolution is so far beyond that of humanity that it is difficult for a human to perceive them. Thus, the Golden Ones are ready and prepared to speak to a representative wearing an Earth vessel.

However, the Golden Ones have to wait until that Earth representatives are able to calibrate their consciousness to a frequency in which they can perceive the Golden Ones. Do you remember when you very first started to communicate with higher beings?

When you met the very first being with whom you communicated, you had to go through a recalibration process. You had to create your “tunnel of light” through the lower astral plane. In creating your tunnel of light, you forged your own “safe crossing” into the higher dimensions.

Now, when you perceive these Golden Ones, you can hear them speaking about the tunnels of light that they are happy the humans are remembering to create with their unconditional love and multidimensional consciousness.

When the forces that were so cruelly indoctrinated into the Illuminati, as you have called them, think of the tunnel of light, it is quite terrifying to them because they have been programmed to believe that that golden light would END their reality. Then, when you look at the Golden Ones, you can see the many, many souls that are surrounding the Golden Circle.

As you expand your vision out to the furthest edges of this circle, you see those who have been indoctrinated into the darkness. You then hear the Golden Ones asking you, “Will you please, walk these edges and send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to the ones who were indoctrinated into darkness?” 

                                                  Then you hear the Golden Ones say:

‘Beloved Ones,

“We the representatives of the Golden Ones, who are the “Guardians of the Threshold” into the fifth dimension, wish to tell you that you are unconditionally forgiven, you are unconditionally accepted, and you are unconditionally loved. There is no one that is too dark to NOT be Unconditionally Forgiven, Unconditionally Loved, and Unconditionally Accepted.

Whether you know it or not, by going deep into your darkness and transmuting that deep darkness into the LIGHT of being a Golden One who is a Guardian of the Threshold, you have created a very grand service of transmutation of darkness into LIGHT. 

“Your service has been that you have dipped down into the depths of third dimensional despair. Then, as you find your way Home to your true Multidimensional SELF, you can more greatly assist the Guardians of the Threshold, who are also the Golden Ones.

“Therefore, dear lost ones, we the Golden Ones say to you, “Thank you for your service. Thank you for allowing your energy field to transmute the darkness into LIGHT! 

“We, the Golden Ones, want you to know that you needn’t remain on the vast lowest frequencies for we, the Golden Ones, as well as all of awakened humanity, are sending Unconditional Love, and Violet Fire to ALL the beings on dear Gaia's Planetary Body.

“As we send this Violet Light, we say, “We do not judge the "once lost ones", for many have had lives in which they were lost so that they could better remember that THEY ARE ACTUALLY BEINGS OF LIGHT WHO HAVE COME TO FREE ALL THOSE WHO HAVE BECOME LOST IN THE DARKNESS!! 

                                                                    Blessings to you ALL


Remembering your Galactic Family

Oct. 5, 2020 

Remembering Your Galactic Family


We the members of your Galactic Family wish to introduce our selves to you. For some of you it may be the first time that you have even heard of having a "Galactic Family," and for others, you may have known of our essence for as long as you can remember. 

We say "know our essence," because, at first, you likely did not know what it was that you were feeling, hearing, dreaming about, and/or even remembering. However, there was a frequency of Love that felt like it was "unconditional" and always "forgiving." 

Very often, there were certain experiences, dreams and/or events that awakened you to remember that this "something" was of a higher frequency of reality that, somehow, you were able to remember. We say the word "remember" as you ALL came from higher frequencies of reality in order to assist with the Planetary Ascension of Gaia's Earth.

Some of you knew within your first incarnation on Gaia that you were different from the other third dimensional "humans." It was not that you were especially better, or worse, or even different from many others. No, what you were experiencing was that within this lifetime that you were ready to choose the experience of having a personal and loving dedication to the planet Earth. 

In fact, many of you chose to call Earth by Her fifth dimensional name of Gaia. It was the remembering and realizing that  you had chosen to enter into the experience of Gaia's expanding Her frequency beyond the third dimension, and into the fourth, and eventually, the fifth dimension. 

Many of you were members of the many Starships that have been circling Gaia in order to better communicate with the Beings on Gaia's planet. Some of these beings were ready to expand their consciousness into the fourth dimension of creativity and love for all.

There were also those who had chosen to walk the difficult path into the fifth dimensional ability to interact with their Galactic Family. This Galactic Family has been  circling Earth for eons in order to assist Gaia to expand her planetary consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimensions of reality.To make our message clear, we will tell you how the different dimensions on Gaia's planet are unique. 

For example, the "Third Dimension" of Gaia's Earth resonates to the frequency of "Expansion." 

By expansion, we mean that, that which was limited to the third dimension of focusing primarily on one's own self and on "getting" what that wanted. Of course, there were lower and higher "sub-frequencies" of the third dimension, in that some third dimensional beings thought of others in their tribe, clan, heard, area. 

This third dimensional caring for other humans was the beginning of "unity consciousness" with their loved ones, friends, jobs and living spaces. However, at this level of consciousness, many humans were unable to think of beings others who were not humans.

For example, wildlife, nature, animals, and even the planet Earth on which they walked, and the sky that  they allowed to become tainted. At the third dimensional frequency of consciousness, humans were thinking more of themselves and other humans. 

Unfortunately, not as many humans were able to think of Nature, and all of the beings of Nature, as an important component of Gaia's Earth life.

Then, as some humans began to evolve their consciousness into the fourth dimension of reality, they became more aware that non-human creatures also needed to be taken care of, honored and protected. It was at this frequency of consciousness that humans began to honor the planet on which they lived.

It was quite interesting that it was the more "primitive" humans who thought of Gaia as an alive being who needed to be treated with love and respect. In fact, as humanity became more and more "evolved" meant that humanity could, and did, conquer other humans, and harm Gaia's beautiful planetary body with their bombs, wars and "homes."

Meanwhile, the "animals" all created "homes" which did NOT harm the planet in any way. Even as the "primitive humans" honored the land, water, sky, and used fire not to harm, but to cook their food. Then the "humans came who did NOT honor the EARTH, the AIR, the WATER. Even the FIRE, which that had once been used only to cook their food, was used to "burn down their enemies homes" and steal their lands.

What happened to the early "Galactic Family" that honored the Earth, used the Fire to cook their food, but NOT to harm others, kept the WATERS clear, and prayed into the SKY for assistance from their Higher SELF.

WHY did the "modern humans" become more and more destructive to the Earth when they were supposedly evolving? 

WHY did the humans destroy that which the "primitives" honored?  

WHY  why are the humans still harming and destroying parts of the planet that they were privileged to call their HOME?

It is the NOW for humanity to remember their OWN

Fifth Dimensional Galactic SELF 

Yes, many, many humans are awakening to the truth that they were allowed to incarnate on the beautiful orb of Gaia in order to protect EARTH, as well as  allow ALL of GAIA'S in habitants to evolve into higher and higher frequencies of reality.

What will it take for the humans to remember that they are meant to be 

The Keepers of Gaia?

How could the humans forget the promise they made before they took this human incarnation?

How can the humans remember the promise that they made before they took this human form?

We, the members of your Galactic Family suggest that 

You allow yourselves to remember your SELF!

It will be then, that you can BE the YOU who remembers that 

YOU are one of the many KEEPERS OF GAIA


Sunday, October 4, 2020

Remembering Your Galactic Family Part 2


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Remembering Your Galactic Family

Part 2


It is the NOW for the humans of the United States, as well as ALL the humans who are all over Gaia's planet Earth, to remember your Galactic Family. "What, and who, is our "Galactic Family?"we hear you ask.  

Our answer to that inner question is that your Galactic Family is the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequency of your innate Multidimensional SELF. To clarify what we are saying, we will remind that you that YOU are a  Multidimensional person who resonates from the frequency of the third dimension, which you often call "life on Earth," while you also resonate to the higher frequencies of reality.

The reason why most of you are not yet aware of your own Higher Dimensional frequencies of SELF is because most, if not all, of your attention is placed on your third dimensional, physical, human life on a reality which you have always known as third dimensional Earth. Of course, it is correct that you do resonate to the frequency of the third dimension, and you do have a human, third dimensional body. 

However, what many of you are not aware of is that when your third dimensional self is sleeping, or perhaps in deep meditation,  the frequency of your perceptual field expand beyond the third dimensional thoughts, duties, memories and decisions of "daily human life on Earth." 

The reason why you can have this change in awareness of WHO you are, WHAT you are doing, and HOW you are feeling  expands into the YOU that is able to calm down your day to day challenges, take some time to go to a special place in which you can relax enough to remember the "feeling" of a different reality in which you are AWAKE to THE YOU that you have been able to remember during a peak experience or a wonderful dream. 

Unfortunately, many of you who are now wearing your third dimensional Earth Vessel, have become  so embroiled in your third dimensional daily life, that you forgot the you are more than just a "third dimensional human."

Yes, there are many humans who have not YET awakened to their higher frequencies of self, but more and more humans are beginning to wonder what is happening. They may not understand what is occurring in their dreams, their imaginations, their thoughts and their conversations, but nonetheless, more and more humans are awakening to a "deep inner knowing."

At first, most of them decide that it was "just a dream." But when that which occurred in their "dream" begins to also occur in their daily life, many of the "Awakening Ones" are remembering that they have a family that resides in a frequency of reality that is unknown to their third dimensional, human self.

At first, most of these "awakening ones," which is what we, the Galactics call them, may push away their "weird experience" and make sure NOT to tell any one!! However, overtime many of these awakening one can no longer hide their amazing experiences for their friends and family.

Fortunately, there are more and more "sighting" (as the humans call their experience a fifth dimensional perception.  These fifth dimensional perceptions often begin to occur within their dreams, which they often awake saying, "Wow, what a weird dream." However, after they have had more and more similar "weird dreams," communications that come into their awareness from, seemingly, nowhere, and even actual sightings of what humans calls a "Starship." 

We, the members of you/our Galactic Family call weird dreams "messages from Home," and/or "conversations with the fifth dimensional being" who are more and more connecting with the third/fourth dimensional humans who are brave enough to allow their perceptual field to expand beyond the daily life.

Your "perceptual field" means the frequencies of reality that your consciousness is able to accept as "REAL." If one can only believe that the third dimension is the only "real perceptual field" they will not allow unique experiences to be stored within their daily consciousness. 

However, often these humans will eventually decide to allow this unique and "higher dimensional information" into their consciousness. This acceptance may begin with thoughts such as, "Wow what a dream that was!!" or "I did not know that I could make up these kind of weird thoughts and feelings."  

Fortunately, over time, they often want to more deeply experience those "weird dreams and imaginations." That is their perceptual field begins to expand enough to encompass their fourth dimension, as well as the third dimension, frequencies of reality. 

As their dreams, thoughts, and memories become more comfortable to the receiver, the receiver of this information begins to realize that there is something very special and new that is happening to them. When they are able to realize that what was once "weird" or frighting" has become "special and exciting!"