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Birthing New Earth Part 3 and Meditation Downloads--by Suzanne and the Arcturians

Accepting the Light (MP3)
Using the Light (MP3)

Birthing New Earth Part 3
The Return
By the Arcturians

At first, your journey through the fourth dimension is slow, but it picks up quickly as you enter the higher sub planes of the fourth-dimensional, astral world. Then, as you come closer and closer to the threshold between the fourth and fifth dimension, time—actually the concept of time—begins to waver in and out of your consciousness.

It is at this crossroads where your physical body begins to shift in strange and unfamiliar ways. That which once appeared solid begins to waver in and out. Actually, you are wavering in and out of your fifth dimensional consciousness.

Therefore, your perceptions open and close to the reality of the NOW that is in the HERE of the ONE. “This is so unknown.” you comment with a twinge of fear. However, just a twinge of fear is enough to send you back to the familiarity of your third dimensional world.

“NO,” you cry. “Not again! Why does this always happen just when I feel that I am almost there?” The answer is that you have reached what feels like the “point of no return,” which often causes fear.

“Can I ever return to life as I have known it for myriad incarnations?” you mutter to yourself when you arrive at the threshold of that frequency of reality. Then, deep inside you hear, “The 3D Game is closing NOW!”

But you don’t really want that reality to be over. You want to briefly visit fifth dimensional Earth. Crossing over and leaving everything you have ever known as "real" behind you is entirely different than a brief visit.

“What if this vision is all an illusion? What if I am just hallucinating?” We often hear these questions from our “soon to be returning” volunteers to Earth. We also hear, “What if my third dimensional self visiting the fifth dimension makes me remember that I am actually my fifth dimensional self visiting the third dimension?”

This question creates myriad conflicting emotions, as well as major decisions. “I think I want to return, but I like my life there now. At first I was confused and lonely, but now I have friends and deep, lasting relationships. How can I abandon those with whom I have shared my life?”

We know that the increasing energy fifth dimensional fields make it difficult to stay in your earth vessel because the call to return home is becoming louder and louder. Hence, your attachment to your earth vessel is becoming less and less.

“What if I just let go? What if I no longer tried to remain in my physical body and allowed my consciousness to freely soar beyond my physical body, my physical life, planet, star system, galaxy, universe and even beyond the vaguest memory of form?”

“Could I ever come back to my earthen shell? And, most important, am I finished with my mission to assist Gaia?”

When will you know that answer? How will you know that answer? Will you ever know that answer? The answers to all these questions do not resonate to the physical world, to the third dimension, or to the state of consciousness that would ask those questions.

However, once these questions are asked, it becomes easier to surrender into the NOW of knowing the answer.

“When will these questions be answered?” you ask.

“The answers will come,” we say. “When you no longer need to ask the questions.”

“Yes,” you mutter as you continue with your journey, “I must remember to follow the energy, read the energy and flow with the energy!”

You are correct in your conviction, for as the energy becomes increasingly fifth dimensional, you become increasingly fifth dimensional. Eventually, you will begin to have sensations of your Lightbody. These sensations begin at the base of your spine or, sometimes, behind your heart.

These feelings arise from your Kundalini, your personal formless, inner Lightbody. Wisely enough, many of you are beginning to remember how the fifth dimension feels. Some of you are even remembering that you came to Earth, not on a spacecraft, but within your essence.

You left a greater percentage of your life stream in the multidimensional planes and sent down a fragment of your spirit to inhabit a human form. You came into that form at its birth, when it was near death, in a high fever, or during a serious accident or illness.

Many of you “humans” are increasingly remembering that you are actually multidimensional beings living in the third dimension of your psychical body because you wanted to experience life in a physical form.

Some of you are also remembering that you have many Higher Selves who are actually all from the same NOW of the ONE. You all came from ONE being because you came from the ONE in which there is no separation into the individuality of the third dimensional worlds.

You, that is all of the “separate expressions” of the ONE you, are being called Home. But most of us got so attached to your human self that you do not want to leave this planet until you can experience Gaia in the Grand Royalty of Her fifth dimensional planetary SELF.

The higher fourth dimension of Gaia is filled with ascending ones who are remembering the experience of living a peak reality where transmutation of all life is normal. They are aware that in third dimensional societies, there are extremes of “peak societies” and “decline and fall societies.”

Many of you have taken incarnations on the UP cycle to experience a peak society, as well as during the DOWN cycle to experience the decline and fall of a society. You have chosen those pivotal moments because they offered immense Soul growth. In your higher dimensional reality, there is NO time between the UP and the DOWN of reality.

From the perceptions of your Higher SELF, you could not understand an immensely polarized society. Most of you came from galactic societies in which you had not known any conflict since the end of the Great Galactic Wars. You, our 3D expressions of SELF, are often called “star seeds” because you are!

YOU are US, but many of you have not yet remembered that fact. This is because you are in a 3D reality that has not yet remembered its “peak” because there have been so many lives of living in realities of “decline and fall.” That situation is about to change.

Sometimes, specifically in the case of Earth, we Galactics open up the third dimensional habitat zone for population in order to nurture the planet at this baseline frequency. However, because it is such a low (third dimensional) frequency, it is easy for the inhabitants to fall into a civilization in which there is little self-awareness.

Because of this lack of self-awareness, humanity does not realize that the planet is a sentient being. Some of your scientists even think that humanity is the most evolved being on the planet, but the planet, which they inhabit, is NOT even a sentient being. That old illusion is ending, as the higher light is becoming stronger and stronger.

“How much higher is the light, and at what frequency?” you ask. We say, “The higher light is infinite as there is NO time and NO space to limit it. We speak of the multidimensional light that was ALWAYS there, but it did not get through the atmosphere because it would harm the illusion that Gaia was just a third dimensional planet.”

Once the higher light enters the atmosphere of Gaia’s third dimensional habitat zone, it will begin to transmute that zone into the fourth and fifth dimensions. In fact, that is what is occurring within your now. You can see how your world appears to be in great turmoil. This turmoil is only the chaos that always precedes change.

The frequency of a reality dictates the dimension in which that reality’s hologram for habitation can be reflected out to become “real” to the inhabitants. Please remember, that only those within the hologram, which is calibrated to reflect out the illusion of a third/fourth dimensional world, believe that they live on physical Earth.

Once your consciousness expands beyond the third/fourth dimensional Beta and Alpha Wave consciousness, you begin to suspect that there is a greater reality, which is waiting just beyond an invisible holographic projection that the “others” cannot perceive.

This is when you begin to realize that you are different from those who believe that only the hologram is real. YOU, our Beloved Ones, have opened your own portal of light that begins at the core of Gaia and extends into higher and higher dimensions.

This portal moves through the hologram. Hence, once your portal is opened, you have a “free pass” out of the hologram. Blessings to you, our dear brave ones, who have volunteered to stay. Your opened portal has reminded you who you are and why you took this incarnation to assist Gaia.

Because you have remembered your SELF, your great sense of dedication allows you to stay on Earth and plant your personal portal into the core of Earth so that you can pull the higher, multidimensional light through your portal and into Gaia.

As higher and higher dimensions of light flow through your portal and into Gaia, you begin to fully remember your SELF. You remember because the higher light comes into your crown, then goes through every one of your chakras so that it can pass through your root chakra to flow into Gaia’s core.

Do you see how important you are? However, one of the side effects of the higher light flowing through your inner portal is that it acts like a roto-rooter through your earth vessel. The higher light goes into your core and finds ALL your darkness from ALL your incarnations. Remember this higher light is beyond time and space, so as it passes through you, it opens you up to the NOW of the ONE.

This higher light flowing through you also serves as a searchlight, which highlights every thing that you volunteered to do. Furthermore, the higher light, which resonates to higher and higher frequencies as soon you can adapt to it, pans over all the darkness/fear that may be clogging your system.

Once any darkness is discovered, the light moves deeper and deeper into your form to find all the hiding places of ALL of your third dimensional lives to transmute all third dimensional blockages into the fifth dimension light.

There is one name for all these blockages, which is FEAR. Fortunately, the antidote to fear, which is unconditional love, also lives within your body. This antidote is found within your higher dimensional consciousness.

As your past, parallel and simultaneous lives are revealed to you via the higher light, you can send the unconditional love within that light to heal ALL your incarnations on third/fourth dimensional Earth.

In this manner, all your experiences of living in higher frequency realities can be shared with your third dimensional consciousness, as well as with Gaia and all Her inhabitants. Eventually, YOU become a field of light in which you will continue your planetary service.

Because you have expanded your consciousness into the light of the fifth dimension and beyond, you can see and perceive the 3D illusions. Also, you know that YOU are the creator of your personal reality and that all humans on Earth are the creators of their planetary reality.

With this wisdom, you are able to LET GO of the polarized illusions of good-bad, better-worse and yours–mine, to shift into the truth that, “I AM Light. I AM Love,” which expands into the collective truth that, “WE ARE Light. WE ARE Love.”

Then humanity can expand its collective truth into, “WE, the humans of Earth, are Light and Love.” Then, the “you” that has merged with the collective of “we” can create New Earth because YOU are ONE with Gaia and Gaia is ONE with You.

You see, when you change your self, you serve to also change your planet. Therefore, you “birth” New Earth rather than “create” New Earth, as creation begins in the NOW of the higher dimensions and works its way down into the lower frequencies of time and space.

When you return, you literally return because your can remember coming down in frequency to the personal selves of your myriad third dimensional incarnations on Gaia. We Arcturians are among your escorts through this process coming into third dimensional form and/or returning into multidimensional light.

You may not recognize us, as we are formless energy fields, as are many of your multidimensional ancestors. However, you will recognize our light and recognize our love, for we are of the ONE from which you all began your journey to physical Earth.

As you return, you will recognize your own multidimensional expression in other realities and dimensions. You see all of YOU are from the ONE. The memory of the ONE will guide you to realize and LET GO of your 3D belief systems!

These outdated belief systems were similar to primer books that you received when you were first learning to read. You no longer need those “beginner books,” as now you have moved up in frequency, as well as in knowing.

You are merging with the NOW in which you can release old concepts such as: polarity, gender, separation, competition, sequence, time, and space. All you need “DO” for this merging is to maintain your calibration to multidimensional thinking, unconditional love, and infinite wisdom.

These innate qualities all reside within your Three Fold Flame within the ATMA of your High Heart. Just as your third dimensional life is being recalibrated, every area of your multidimensional life is being downloaded into your 3D, clay vessel.

Before this NOW, your 3D vessel could not merge with your Multidimensional SELF, as that vessel was too primitive and individualized. That condition was by design. You all knew that a big challenge would be the best for your Soul expansion.

Hence, you went so deeply into your 3D vessel that you forgot your SELF. However, the higher light is making you remember who you are and why you took this vessel.

We hear you now asking, “When can we experience this merging with our SELF?”

We reply, “Actually, as you let go of time and physical location, you will be able to embrace the NOW of the fifth dimensional ONE in which you KNOW that YOU are giving birth to your new life and YOU, combined into WE, are birthing Gaia’s ascension.

Humanity created, allowed, and feared their destruction. Therefore, humanity must clear and transmute that thought form. Remember that, just as the good guys are wearing earth vessels, the bad guys are also wearing earth vessels.

In other words, you are ALL ONE with each other and ONE with Gaia.
You are also ONE with the ONE.

Blessings to you ALL,

            We are the Arcturians, with whom you are also ONE.

Join us as we Journal our Way to New Earth

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Interview With Steve Beckow--Part One-Timelines

I was out of town and lost track of this wonderful discussion with Steve Beckow. I will release it bit by bit according to topic.

Flashpoint to Lightbody
The Arcturians

Hour with an Angel        December 7, 2015
Dr. Suzanne Lie       Guest Channel for the Arcturians
Steve Beckow           Host, In Light Radio,

Part ONE—Timelines

Steve: We said toward the end of the last program that we wanted to continue the discussion perhaps getting into this elusive concept of timelines. I don’t know that anybody can explain to me very simply about timelines. So I’d be looking to the Arcturians to perhaps explain that to us.

Arcturians: Earthlings, we are the Arcturians and we are happy to speak with you again, Steve.

SB: Thank you for coming. I was hoping that you could make this whole topic of timelines very simple and clear, because, people are writing in and asking me “What timeline am I going on?” and, “What about my children, are they coming on my timeline?”  I don’t understand timelines at all. So, could you help us please?

ARC: Yes. Let us begin by the fact that the main timeline is, of course, a third-dimensional concept. Because as you move into the fifth dimension, there is no time, there is only now. It’s a third, fourth dimensional concept. It is activated now, because when you flow into the fifth dimension, it would be much like diving into an ocean. And, once you dive into this ocean, all of your lives are continually bound to each other via the waters through which they are flowing. Now, of course, the thing is, when you are above the ocean, all lives are tied to each other via the air that they are breathing.
     However, in your third, fourth dimensional perceptions, you cannot perceive the frequency of the air molecules that are binding you into oneness. Whereas, when you are under the water, which has more density than the air or the sky, then you can see that there is an element that is connecting every living being in the oneness of the element of water.
     Now the element of sky is connecting everyone outside of the water, but people cannot perceive that concept as easily as they can when it is water.

SB: Hah! Well, what is the impact of timeliness on all of us who are ascending? How it will show up in our lives that we’ll see it?

ARC: Well, this is, of course, a very vast question. So, we will categorize it for the sake of the third dimensional, fourth dimensional thinking. There are timelines on the third dimension, which are different from the timelines on the fourth dimension, which are different from the timelines – which would never be called a timeline – on the fifth dimension. Do you understand what we are saying?

SB: Yes, so far.

ARC: So, we will start with the third dimension. And, on the third dimension, as you know, every reality is a living reality by the interconnection of the members of that reality. So within Earth, there are many different realities. There is the reality of the people who are awakened, and know that the world is multi dimensional and know that there is a huge shift that is occurring; all the way down that information scale to the people that are only knowing, “If I could just get enough dinner my family won’t starve.”
     So, out of those are different versions of reality, different frequencies of reality. So, when you think of it in a third dimensional manner, these frequencies are still realities, that appear to be separate, because third dimensional perception separates things.

ARC: Now, let’s talk in terms of timeline on the third dimension, from the beginning of Earth to when she has completed her journey through the third, fourth dimensions and so on. There are many timelines. There is ancient Greece. There is ancient Egypt. There is modern United States. All of these “timelines” are usually – we say usually - not always identifiable by whatever civilization is peak within that “now.”

SB: Okay.

ARC: Or it could be is in deep fog, such as the timeline of the Black Plague. That timeline, if in the physical world, is held together by a common experience that made people all stay within the same “time.” So therefore, it is called a timeline. And, it’s called a timeline because something like Egypt was, what you might say, a long timeline. On the other hand, if you were to look at the United States official timeline, it’s still a very baby reality.
     So, the reason why it’s called a timeline is that it has a beginning point and an ending point, which makes it very third dimensional. Because it is in the third dimension, in the reality in which people think in terms of beginnings and endings. They have to have a separation. If it began, it would be like a birth. And so, whatever made it begin is not part of that timeline, so to speak. And then it ended. And what happened afterwards is not considered.
     But, if you go into the fourth dimension, all that led up to it and then all that ended after it, would be a component of that timeline, because the fourth dimension is more ‘all encompassing.’ It is a higher brain wave. It is a higher frequency of reality. And it is a reality in which most people visit via their dreams and meditations when they are in a higher state of consciousness.
The perception of the timeline is really the result of the state of consciousness of the one who is perceiving it.

SB: Okay. Many people, when they think about timelines, think, “I am about to go off down this road and my spouse is about to go down that road, called timeline.  Mine is timeline A, his is timeline B. Is he going to disappear? Because he’s on a different timeline, will I stop seeing him in my reality?” Can you discuss that perception or thought, please?

ARC: Well, again, it is about your state of consciousness. If your state of consciousness is third dimensional, and a couple decides to go their different ways, then they can perceive that as a separation. But, if you think of it as multi dimensional: many of the beings on our starships, fifth dimension and beyond that are not living under these constraints of time, they might go on separate missions, where one would go take a body on the Earth and the other would stay on the starship.
     Now the one who took the body on the Earth is bound by time, except because they have such a high state of consciousness, they could be in continual communication with their mate on the starship. And, so there isn’t a separation between that timeline of staying on the ship and that timeline of entering the body, because it moves out of time. As long as it stays in a world of time, it is timeline. But once you enter the multi dimensional world, timeline has a completely different meaning, because time is relative to your state of consciousness.

SB: I think the predominant concern is that “I will lose sight of my husband on a lower timeline, a third dimensional timeline.” Now, of course, I know that as a multi dimensional being, we don’t lose touch with our friends and family that are on a lower dimension. We don’t lose touch. But, nevertheless, people conceive of timeline as dividing, separating, and isolating them.

ARC: That is a very third dimensional way of looking at it. The same situation with a husband and wife that should split, if there is a multi dimensional, higher state of consciousness, they would still communicate because they are not just the bodies that they are using to visit that “timeline.” They are pure essence. They are consciousness.
     And their consciousness internally intermingles with the consciousness of their completion of self, of their complement, and of the beings with whom they hold love and admiration. Much as humans might think, “Wherever I am, I can still connect with God.” Because, God is above that third-dimensional “timeline.”

SB: I think that Salusa said, many years ago, there would be a time of separation, and others more recently have said, “yes, we’re in it, or it’s coming soon.” We are going to separate out at some point, are we not? The Cabal will, or the recalcitrants - however you want to conceive of them - will either die off or be taken to another more amenable setting. So there is actually a time of separation. Can you discuss that?

ARC: The time of separation is that those that move into a state of what is called “ascension” leave time.

SB: Leave time. Okay.

ARC: And move into the frequency of the NOW, of the One.

SB: Okay, so really you’re saying the separation will come with ascension.

ARC: The separation is from the ones who are on the Earth who still maintain a lower state of consciousness. They will experience a separation. But the ones that ascend will still be able to access that “frequency of reality” if they choose to do so. That ability will not be lost.

SB: Right. Speaking of it as a definite time of separation, as Salusa was doing…is that something that adheres to ascension or is there going to be a time before ascension when people will leave the planet? Will there be a formal time of separation?

ARC: Now, again we understand that it is very difficult to think in terms in such a multi dimensional fashion. So, really we will say what we have said before as a third dimensional way of explaining this. Those who ascend will not have to leave anything. They are expanding their essence.
     They will be able to be fully aware within their fifth dimensional self. And, if they choose to also assist beings on the third dimension, they will do so. In fact, there are many beings on the planet right now that are in that state…that are fully connected to their higher dimensional self and are only wearing a body for the sake of assisting the planet, or assisting people, or whatever it is that they are assisting.
     Now, the reality in which everyone that has a body is amongst that group because most of the people have forgotten. And so, therefore, their consciousness is stuck in that lower third dimensional frequency and so is their thinking. So, they can only think in terms of something ends, dies, and something new is born. Because, they are not able to experience that birth and death are third dimensional concepts, which are bound by time. The time that you are born and the time that you die…within the One there isn’t birth and death.
     Within the One, there is existence, there is life, and there is love. And, that reality is now blending into, dipping into the third dimension. And so, instead of there being a harsh cut-off date that, okay, that ended and that began, there is a blending or a bleeding-into.
     If you could see the harsh boundaries that are around the physical planet and then you perceive the fifth dimensional unconditional love, violet fire, divinity, connection with all that is that is slowly drifting into and bleeding into the third dimensional reality, those that wish to enter this new possible reality could surrender into the higher frequency feeling and begin this process of transmutation into their light body so that they are then able to move within that oneness.
     Now, eventually there will be a time where there is a high enough frequency of Earth that the beings of darkness will no longer be able to adhere their frequency of that planet and they will instantly be pulled into the lower astral plane where they will continue their darkness until they learn that energy out is energy back.
     It is about a graduation, in a manner, learning that Gaia is a planet of cause and effect. To graduate from the third dimensional component of Gaia, one must learn that energy out is energy back. And those that still put out darkness, they will have to go to a frequency where they get that darkness back right away until they learn to stop putting out darkness. It is not about a punishment; it’s about a pass/fail.
     And, then, there are those that will not be able to make that great a consciousness shift. And, many of them will be relocated to another third-dimensional planet so that they can continue with that experience. In this manner they can slowly learn about the process of transmuting.

SB: Now, that is what I would point to as being a time of separation. Right? What you just described.

ARC: You could use that third-dimensional term.  But it isn’t a “time,” because each person will experience it within his or her own state of consciousness. It will not be a collective time.

SB: It’s interesting because we get these notions originally from the Company of Heaven. In this case, Salusa talked about the time of separation. It was he who talked about divine deadlines. And, then when we go to apply these notions, then we run into all these problems, about, “oh, that’s not a fifth dimensional concept.” It’s a bit frustrating for us to have a concept given to us and then when we try to understand it, the concept is gradually refined or taken away altogether.

ARC: Humanity likes to be able to look at a timeline and say, “If I can just hold in the next 25 years, then I can ascend.” And that gives them a state of security. And that’s good, because when they live in a state of security it allows them to expand their consciousness.

     Then, when they expand their consciousness, they begin to expand their perception, and they begin to perceive the world differently, interact with the world differently, recognize the higher energy fields that are around them, and begin the transmutation into their light body and into their ability to merge with a higher frequency. So, there isn’t a separation between time and no time, except for the people that are staunchly thinking in terms of time.
Join us as we Journal our Way to New Earth

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