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Entering Lower Astral Mystery School


Entering the Lower Astral Mystery School 


It takes great courage to look at our own fears, past trauma, failures and lost dreams. However, if we can find the courage to look into the lowest frequency of our consciousness and of our aura, we will find many teachers.

We will also realize how very much we have grown and changed from our “past” expressions of our SELF.

There is still “time” on the Astral Plane, but it is much faster. I just a teenager when I discovered that time was different in different places. I did not have a word for “states of consciousness” then.

I know it was that age when I made that discovery because I remember that bedroom like it was yesterday. I was just entering puberty, and my body changes where creating huge and unwanted emotional shifts.

At the same time I was realizing that all that I had “imagined” was likely real. Hence, I needed to gain some control over what I imagined. In fact, my dreams were greatly disturbing, so disturbing that I knew I had to gain some control of them.

Now I know it was my Higher Self that was guiding me, but then I only knew that if I did not gain some control over my dreams I would go crazy. 

Therefore, I started learning to put up a black velvet screen in my mind and use my will power to see an image.

The first image I used was a red Rose. It was very difficult to create a picture of a rose in my imagination, but I continued my practice until I could.

Eventually, I could even spell words, which was very difficult to not see the words in mirror vision. Finally, I had gained some control of the images that allowed to enter into my mind before I fell asleep.

Somehow, I had figured out that if I allowed negative thoughts before I went to sleep that I would have bad dreams. I figured this out because I had gone to a horror picture where “The Blob” came from outer space (teaching the young people to hate and fear “aliens”) and melted people.

I was so terrified by those images of being melted, that I saw them whenever I closed my eyes to fall asleep. After much practice, which was done on my own, as there was not one person in my life that I could share my problem with, I was able to create pleasant images in my mind. 

When I took the time to create this loving, happy images I was free of nightmares. However, if I forgot, then the nightmares returned.

Gradually, sleep was not as terrifying, and I could just relax into it. I also decided to make my alarm clock have music rather that the shocking, buzzing noise. Then, one morning I had a dream that was very long and involved.

The main thing I could remember about the dream was the song that was playing through out the entire dream. It was a nice dream, a pleasant dream, and I woke up slowly. 

Then, to my surprise, the song that was playing through the very long dream continued for quite a while after I had awakened.

That was when I discovered that time was different when we were asleep from how it was when we were awake. I noted that discovery then forgot about it. It was one of my first adventures into states of consciousness.

Since I was a young adult in the 70’s I learned about the new term called “ altered consciousness.” Before then, consciousness meant that we were awake as opposed to asleep.

As I look back now I can see that my state of consciousness was very low for many years, as I was very depressed.

I was depressed because I missed my SELF, and was upset that I could not BE myself with any one or I would be judged. Therefore, I have chosen to retrieve my depressed ones.

I say “ones” as depression followed my through many stages of my life. I see all my depressed ones now happily studying in the beautiful Mystery School. 

I have done a version of this exercise many times, but it never gets old, and each time I feel even better.

I hope that you can retrieve your lost portions of your SELF and take them to this beautiful Mystery School. 

They will learn a lot, and so will you.


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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools--The Arcturians


The Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools
Part 2-Mystery School for the Lower Astral Plane

The Arcturians

The best way to prepare for the TRUTH that will soon be revealed is to activate your consciousness out of the third dimensional lies and into the fifth dimensional honesty. In doing so, you will need to clear your own fourth dimensional aura, which connects the portals of our third and fifth dimensional self.

Most important, as you clear your human fourth dimensional aura, you will also clear Gaia’s fourth dimensional aura. When your aura is not clear, you cannot clearly perceive your fifth dimensional SELF or your fifth-dimensional environment.

In the same manner, when Gaia’s fourth dimensional aura is unclear, She cannot perceive Her fifth-dimensional New Earth. Since humanity is primarily responsible for the darkness (fear) in Gaia’s aura, humanity is being called on to clear their fourth dimensional aura. In this manner, humanity will assist in clearing Gaia’s fourth dimensional aura.

You, meaning all of you wearing a third dimensional earth vessel, can deeply clear your aura by consciously working your way through each of the sub-planes on the fourth dimension. Your reward for that journey is that you can then study at the Mystery Schools on the highest frequency of each sub-plane.

This journey is one that you have taken in all your spiritual incarnations. Of course, the concept of death is limited to the third dimension. Since the fourth dimension is where you have often gone after many of your “deaths,” you will find myriad remnants of your self within that dimension. These fragments of your self are ready to join you on your return to your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

Some of these remnants of your true SELF have become trapped in the fourth dimensional Lower Astral Plane. Therefore, armed with your unconditional love and Violet Fire, you will seek out these lost pieces of the puzzle of your Multidimensional SELF.

Your challenge will be to remember to call upon your Inner Guides, as well as your myriad higher expressions of SELF, to assist you on this journey. Most important, your own Multidimensional SELF will assist you as you work your way through the Mystery Schools of the fourth dimension, and into the frequency of your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF.

Your fifth dimensional SELF will also be guiding you, but only when you remember to include it. You will first move through the Lower Astral Plane where you will collect the distorted resonance patterns of your long- forgotten wounded ones.

Then, you will take them with you to the Violet Temple at the highest resonance of the Lower Astral Mystery School to be healed. In this manner, you will clear not only your current resistance to change, but also any resistance to change in all of the incarnations you have ever taken on the body of Gaia.

As you clear your own fear-based residues that you have left on Gaia, you also clear Gaia’s Earth. Of course, it will take a large number of humans to assist with Gaia’s clean up, but it must start with some one.

Hence, that “someone” may as well be YOU. Fortunately, you will not be alone, and you shall each contribute greatly to this service based on Unity Consciousness. As you cleanse the fourth dimensions of your wounded expressions from myriad incarnations, you create a fourth dimensional highway to the cusp of the fifth dimension.

Within the same NOW, your grounded, Earth vessel is also preparing for “The Call” of Truth that you are consistently receiving. You are being “called on” to tell the Truth in a reality based on lies and illusions. Telling, or accepting, the Truth in a world filled with fear and lies will be extremely difficult for many to accept.

Therefore, those of you who have long known this truth and have patiently, or impatiently, awaited its release for decades, will need to clear your own fears that you have hidden in your fourth dimensional, unconscious self.

As you continue your journey and visit each fourth dimensional Mystery Schools, you will transmute the lies that were told to you. Then, by allowing the dawning light of TRUTH to guide you to your chosen destiny, you will continue on your way to merge with your own higher dimensional expression that awaits you within the fifth-dimensional NOW.

Within the NOW, you are not concerned about when, where, or how. Within the NOW, your fourth dimensional and beyond consciousness, serves as an open portals through which the TRUTH, as received from your own higher expressions, will flow into your third dimensional world.

That “Flow” travels through you to guide your journey within the NOW of each breath, thought, and emotion. This Flow will remind you to allow your breath to constantly align you with your Higher SELF so that you can lovingly welcome all lost fragments of your fourth dimensional self into your High Heart.

As if the above undertaking is not enough, we will also need to carry on with your myriad 3D lives, jobs, families, and obligations. It is for these reasons that you have had to heal and prepare for so many years.

NOW the waiting is over, because if you are “waiting,” you are NOT “doing.” As you move through the clearing of your fourth dimensional secrets, you will find old angers, fears, and sorrows calling you to love them free forever.

This journey is not for everyone. It is a journey for those of you who can expand your consciousness beyond your own personal self, and remember that you entered this incarnation in order to assist Gaia.

As you move through the fourth dimensional Mystery Schools, you will do so for Gaia. You are no longer the individual beings who must become who society has told you to be. YOU are NOW your Multidimensional SELF who remembers WHO you are and WHY you came into this embodiment.

But first, you must release the fourth dimensional fears and traumas that you have hidden in the lower astral plane from your fourth dimensional self. As you clear and heal the secrets you have kept from your self, you will find that it becomes easier and easier to BE your SELF.

Can you face the truth that so much of what you have been told has been a lie? Can you face the lies that you have told your self so that you could live in a reality based on lies? Can you heal the YOU that you had to become in order to survive in that reality?

The answer is YES! If you have the courage to look deeply into your own fears and disappointments, you will find the courage to BE your SELF – no matter what. This inner power will begin with a few, than exponentially expand into the many. YOU, the ones who are awakened and are ready to become leaders, will initiate this process.

However, first you must lead your self on an inner journey to heal, prepare, and expand your own perceptions of SELF. Then, you can change your perceptions of daily reality. These daily perceptions are greatly influenced by your fourth dimensional self, who is mostly “unconscious” to your waking, 3D brain.

Therefore, once you can bring your fourth dimensional consciousness “online” with your third dimensional consciousness, you will fully open the portal to your fifth dimensional Lightbody. Since your Lightbody self is in constant communication with the NOW of ALL your higher expressions, you only have this ONE bridge to cross in order to live within the ONE.

You will begin this journey of transmutation by creating a clear portal UP through your fourth dimensional self. Once this portal is created, it will serve as a two-way gateway between your earth vessel self and your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

You, our Beloved Ones, have volunteered to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia to close the gap between Her third and fifth dimensional expressions by clearing the fourth dimension. Begin this journey armed with the fact that there is NOTHING in the Universe besides pure spirit. And there NEVER has been.

Therefore, you do NOT travel through darkness, but through the third/fourth dimensional illusion of darkness. There are two poles of this Spirit of All That Is. There is the positive—active—directive pole, and the negative—passive—receiving—assimilating pole.

All creation is in a state of ever becoming, and perfection is the goal. The positive pole of spirit manifests as energy and the negative pole acts as the receptacle. The two work together to create form. Form is the lower vibration and is brought into being for the use of spirit.

Spirit and form evolve side-by-side, as together they merge wisdom, power, spiritual love, and love of spirit into matter. You all have the power of your inner spirit to create something entirely new.

Since all reality stems from the core of the Universe, core of the Galaxy, core of the Solar System, core of the planet, and core of the humans, your creations begin within the core of your self and expand outward into your reality. Hence, you cannot create any thing outside of you until you have created it inside of you.

Within the Three Fold Flame of your High Heart, you have the spiritual essence of wisdom, power, and love. These qualities of Spirit resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, your portal into the fifth dimension can be opened via your High Heart.

You will begin your journey by entering you own High Heart to search the lower astral plane for any fragments of self that have become lost during your myriad incarnations on planet Earth.

With the protection of the wisdom, power, and love within the Three-fold Flame of your High Heart, you will begin your journey by entering your Root Chakra at the base of your spine. As you travel up your spine, you will clear and activate the power of creation within each of the ductless glands of your endocrine system.

The adrenal glands of the Root Chakra are the glands for combat because they prepare the human form for change, emergency, combat and/or preparedness. Therefore, these are your “warrior” hormones that activate you into action to fight against the lies and for the truth.

As you first enter the Lower Astral Plane via your Root Chakra, the adrenalin coursing through your system prepares to fight your greatest enemy—fear. Fear is why you left portions of your essence behind and why you believed the lies that have filled your world.

You do not fight with a weapon. Instead you become a warrior by looking into the fears, lies and illusions that you have been fed to you via your news, commercials and newspapers to say, “I REFUSE to participate in that reality.”

“Since I love myself unconditionally,” you continue, “I choose to use Blue Sword of Divine Truth to cut through your lies and the Violet Flame to transmute them into Truth.” That truth begins with the acknowledgement that you ARE a multidimensional being who has taken an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her ascension.

You begin your service to Gaia by creating a golden portal of light through the darkness of the Lower Astral Plane through which the great cosmic light can flow into Gaia’s planet. These tunnels of light will also show all the lost ones the Path of Love and the return to their higher expressions of SELF.

Through the tunnel of light that YOU have created, you look up to see the Violet Mystery School on the highest frequency of the Lower Astral Plane. You see many of those who surround you also look up to see and feel the love of truth and the truth of love.

As they surrender to that love, their dark forms become lighter and lighter, and they follow you into the entrance of the Mystery School. As you enter the School, leading others who now follow you, you feel the warm embrace of your Angels and Guides.

We shall return,
The Arcturians

Dear Readers, how do you perceive the first Mystery School? 
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Suzille (the mix of Suzanne and the Arcturians)


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Beloved Ones,
We are the Arcturians. We have asked Suzille to give an Advanced Arcturian Lecture Series of three lectures. We have asked her this because:

It is the NOW to be your Multidimensional SELF
Not only in your meditations, but also in your daily life

Many of you, our dear Emissaries who have taken an earth vessel to assist Gaia, are feeling this CALL. You are correct in your assumption that there is something special, something unique, that is slowly, but ever-increasingly, being unveiled in your consciousness, your daily life and in the physical vessel that you are currently wearing.

Therefore, we invite you NOW to attend this series of three lectures with us, the Arcturians. In each meeting we will reveal advanced topics on what is occurring and how YOU can flow and assist with this process. 

Since the energy fields are expanding every day, the information for each of the three meetings we will be based on the energies of that NOW. Therefore, the lectures will be much like our Morning Messages and Energetic Weather Reports

Please join us and bring all your intuitions, multidimensional ideas, experiences and, most of all, please bring your unconditional love. We the Arcturians welcome you within the NOW of our ONE.
Blessings to you all
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"Forge a tunnel of light through the astral plane. As we face, heal, release, and transmute our inner woundings, we help others, as well as the planet, to also heal and transform." ~ The Arcturians.

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The Mystery Schools of Earth's Ascension--by ACEA

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Beloved Ones,
We are the Arcturians. We have asked Suzille to give an Advanced Arcturian Lecture Series of three lectures. We have asked her this because:

It is the NOW to be your Multidimensional SELF
Not only in your meditations, but also in your daily life

Many of you, our dear Emissaries who have taken an earth vessel to assist Gaia, are feeling this CALL. You are correct in your assumption that there is something special, something unique, that is slowly, but ever-increasingly, being unveiled in your consciousness, your daily life and in the physical vessel that you are currently wearing.

Therefore, we invite you NOW to attend this series of three lectures with us, the Arcturians. In each meeting we will reveal advanced topics on what is occurring and how YOU can flow and assist with this process. 

Since the energy fields are expanding every day, the information for each of the three meetings we will be based on the energies of that NOW. Therefore, the lectures will be much like our Morning Messages and Energetic Weather Reports

Please join us and bring all your intuitions, multidimensional ideas, experiences and, most of all, please bring your unconditional love. We the Arcturians welcome you within the NOW of our ONE.
Blessings to you all
These intimate meetings will occur on:

June 24, 2015 @ 9:00 AM PDT
June 26, 2015 @ 8:30 AM PDT
June 30, 2015 @ 9:00 AM PDT

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Note from Sue:
In late 1998 I began to get messages from beings known to me only as ACEA, which stood for All Consciousness of Earth Ascension. I have presented some of them before, and I feel a need to present some one now. It is very interesting how this information is over 16 years old and is just now beginning to relate to our daily lives.

Back in the late 80’s, or was it the 90’s, as time has little meaning NOW, I spend a long time moving through all the sub-planes of the fourth dimension and studied at the Mystery Schools. At the highest frequency of each sub-plane of the fourth dimension is a Mystery School, a Violet Temple of Transmutation, in which we can transmute that which we are ready to release, so that we can mover further along on our path.

Since IT IS THE NOW for us to actively DO our Mission, I wanted to present this process. It is one that came from the fifth dimension and will assist us to return to our true, fifth dimensional reality.

Messages from ACEA ~ January 1999

Are you ready for your next adventure with fifth dimensional earth? We are pleased that you have chosen to dedicate yourself to the process of consciously stepping into the fifth dimension. We recommend that you consecrate your intention towards perceiving, creating and accepting the fifth dimension into your daily life. Do you remember how you dedicated virtually all of your attention towards ascension during your lives in which you were an Initiate in Mystery Schools. Then you did not have to “go to work”, “pay your bills,” or “do the wash”. 

In the Mystery School of your present space/time quadrant, you must take care of your mundane life while you also progress on your Spiritual Path. There are some, of course, who have chosen to create a life in which they do not have to “work.” However, if your mission is to teach others how to walk the road into the fifth dimension while living their every day life, you will have first do so yourself. In other words, you must learn it before you can teach it. 

First you learn, then you teach, then you teach the teachers.

On the other hand, balancing the responsibilities of a demanding job, daily responsibilities and learning in your modern day inner Mystery School can be very challenging. Fortunately, you can do much of spiritual advancement while you sleep. 

When you are asleep, you enter your dream body and travel through the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is the corridor between your third dimensional reality and your reality here in the fifth dimension with us, the members of ACEA.

The fourth dimension has different sub-planes of existence that allow an inter-dimensional traveler to rest and learn as they journey from the third to the fifth dimension. At the threshold of each fourth dimensional sub-plane is a Mystery School, which you can visit in your night body to learn more about your SELF.

We will discuss each Mystery School, starting with the one you are creating for yourself on the Physical Plane. The THIRD DIMENSIONAL MYSTERY SCHOOL where you learn to remember that YOU are a multidimensional being of LIGHT. 

Because you are on the cusp of returning to your fifth dimensional SELF,  you are creating your own Physical Mystery School, while you meet the responsibilities of your daily physical reality. Within your Physical Mystery School, you must allow yourself the “time” to look into your core to see your daily life through your Eyes of your Multidimensional SELF. 

From this perspective, you can see your everyday issues as opportunities for personal growth and consciousness expansion. The lesson to be learned/remembered for all of you, not matter how differently you may create your Physical Mystery School, is to love your self unconditionally. 

Once you can give this cosmic gift to yourself, you can also shower it on others.

Furthermore, unconditional love is the key the opens your Third Eye and High Heart, so that you can view all life  from the perspective of unity consciousness and unconditional love. From this basis of unity and love you will gradually become a Master of Energy.

Becoming a Master of Energy is the foundation for all the fourth dimensional Mystery Schools. The energy that you are learning to master is the energy that you release from your form via your thoughts, emotions and intentions. 

These fourth dimensional Mystery Schools are located on the:
LOWER ASTRAL Mystery School where you learn to mastery over your fear
EMOTIONAL PLANE Mystery School where you learn to master your emotions
MENTAL PLANE Mystery School where you learn mastering over your thoughts
CAUSAL PLANE Mystery School where master the cosmic law of cause and effect
SPIRITUAL PLANE Mystery School where you learn to surrender to your Soul
RAINBOW BRIDGE Mystery School is where you merge with your I AM Presence

When you visit the Violet Temple on the Threshold of each sub-plane of the fourth dimension, you will learn how to Unconditionally LOVE what you desire to manifest. Then you do not need to be distracted by your “fear of survival”.

The first lesson to remember in your mission of integrating these lessons into your everyday life is to remember that YOU are the creator of your reality. Therefore, any fear that is still embedded in your consciousness, will create an external situation in your life to bring that fear to the surface. 

Have faith that you are totally on your Path and that EVERY experience, even if it is unpleasant, is a component of that Path. From the fifth dimension, you have complete access to all the “lower” vibrations of your consciousness. 

Therefore, see yourself now walking down the "stairs" from the fifth dimension and into the cave of your forgotten fears.  Gather these fear about you and bring them to the surface. 

If you voluntarily bring your fears to the surface of your consciousness on a consistent and regular basis, you will not need to create drama in your life to bring them forward. 

Instead, you will be able to see these fears and LOVE them FREE.

Now, are you ready for another journey into fifth dimensional earth? 
Good!  Imagine yourself on the beach. See how the ocean, the water, is subtly different. It glistens and sparkles in colors that are just a bit different from your third dimensional ocean. Do you see the ocean’s aura? Is it not beautiful? 

The ocean’s aura radiates all the way up to the stratosphere. The assignment of the whales and dolphins is to clear the ocean’s aura. It is the assignment of humans to clear the land’s aura. 
As you walk along the beach, observe how you can clear the land’s aura. 

You like to walk right at the ocean’s edge because you like to feel the aura of the land meeting the ocean. Is it not a delicious blend? A large component of becoming fifth dimensional is being totally conscious of your higher senses. To do this, you must guard against becoming frightened and anxious in your mundane world. 

When you are afraid, remember that your Soul is assisting you in becoming fifth dimensional by creating a drama that brings forward EVERY hidden fear. It is the hidden fears that lower your vibration because you are not aware enough to balance them with love. 

When your vibration drops, you fall out of the fifth dimension. As your consciousness becomes more fifth dimensional, you instantly manifest every fearful thought and emotion in your external world so that you may clear them. 

Now to continue our fifth dimensional walk, stoop down and feel the sand. It feels different because instead of being very small pieces of sand, dirt, shells, and rock, the “sand” is actually small bits of crystal. 

See how the sand glistens when the sun reflects through it. Now step into the water up to your ankles. See how perfectly clear it is and feel how calming and soothing its vibration is. Yes, it is actually liquid light. Listen now. As the liquid light meets with the crystal sand there is a soft melody and a rainbow of fifth dimensional colors.

Now look at your fifth dimensional hand before your face. See how its aura sparkles, like the crystal sand. As you move your hand, it leaves a trail of rainbow colors behind it. Look at the trail and see how you can change the colors with your mind. 

Now touch your third dimensional heart with your fifth dimensional hand. Feel how it heals your fears. As you move throughout your day, be aware of every second of fear and instantly heal it by placing your fifth dimensional hand upon your third dimensional heart.

That is all for today. Visit the ocean soon and see it fifth dimensionally.


We appreciate the difficulty that you are having in allowing ALL of your hidden fears to rise to the surface. Of course, you have discovered that your hidden fears are the same ones that you always knew about—only deeper. By deeper we mean, they are fears that are a component of your primal nature—your animal self.

Many third dimensional ones have talked about the inner child; well, there is also the outer animal. Do you remember the “dream” in which you were wearing a pig’s body? You were running and seeing the world from the pig’s perspective instead of from human perspective. You saw the ground first and you had to bend you neck to see the sky. 

That is the problem on the third dimension—sometimes you get so involved in what is happening on the ground that you forget to look up. If you want to return to the higher dimensions, you will have to be willing, and able, to completely “let go” of the physical world. 

This is very difficult to do because it feels just like dying. However, in your conscious mind you cannot remember dying. Therefore, the experience ignites your deep unconscious mind where the memory of death (and birth) resides. 

In many lives, you died with fear in your consciousness.  Therefore, just before you get to the place of totally letting go, an extreme fear—the fear of death—comes to the surface. This experience can be very confusing because it doesn’t appear to your conscious, third dimensional mind that you are dying, and you cannot understand why you are having such extreme fear.

To consciously step into the fifth dimension, that is, without dying, you will have to heal every experience in every third and fourth dimensional life in which you died in fear. Now we know that sounds like a monumental task, but you do not have to look at each of those lives individually. 

You can work on a feeling level by allowing yourself to consciously feel the sum total of all your experiences of dying in fear. This is done in a piece-meal manner. You will allow the feeling to come forward as long as you can stand it, and then you will break off the drama and recover while you balance that fear with love. 

Yes, you are in control. You all are choosing to “have a problem” for as long as you can stand the fear that the “problem” uncovers. You “turn the problem off” by choosing another experience. The catch is that third dimensional life has taught you well how to create difficulties but has fallen short in teaching you how to create happiness and love.

However, it is the task of the third dimension to create difficult situations so that you will be forced to look up, out of the pig’s body, and into the sky (higher dimensions) to find the answer. That answer is always LOVE. 

Love will raise your consciousness above the illusion of the third dimension and allow you to remember who you truly are. You are all great light beings who have journeyed to the third dimension at this special time to assist the Lady Gaia in Her Ascension. 

Gaia has served you many, many lifetimes as a schoolroom for the training of you gods and goddesses. Now it is your turn to assist Her and yourselves as well. When you raise en mass into the fifth dimension, you will all experience the fulfillment of your destiny.

We of ACEA are with you. In fact, we of ACEA are YOU!

We ARE the Water
We ARE the Earth
We ARE the Air
We ARE the Fire

We of ACEA will return to speak to you about each of the Mystery Schools.