Friday, October 7, 2011


On 10/4/11 12:20 PM, A. wrote:

Hi Suzanne, sorry but it's difficult to send e-mail more often, the days pass very quickly... do you remember me ?

Yes, i do remember you. I am happy to hear from you again.

I am from Bologna Italy..
I write you because in this period I have a lot of confusion in my mind... this summer when I go to bed often in the night my mind was totally full of inner voices and a lot of soul spoke with me... not clear...

Yes, that is happening to so many of us now. The ascension has begun. We are IN the process NOW.

I am triying to channel and know more but my guide don't reply with a long phrases and it's about 2 years that I am awakened!!!!.

Different people connect with their guides in different ways. Be patient, it will happen soon enough.

After my experience of blue light I have had experience of different colour like blue red and yellow.. when I channel with sound I see with my third eye this lights in proximity of my hands out of my hands ... sometimes I channel Shamballa with Sanat Kumara and master being and so...

It sounds to me that you are having some pretty amazing experiences. I hear from people all the time that think their experiences are insignificant. That is just you ego speaking. Send it some love and know that you experiences ave very important.

The problems is that I am in confusion.

You old thinking is obsolete and you have not yet fully adapted to your new thinking.

I would like to stabilize and recognize this different type of guide.

Only your self-doubt is stopping you from doing that.

Sometimes I have a lot of doubts... if they are positive or negative If I am protect and if I am able to protect myself

You don't need to worry about protection. Just surrender to your higher experiences and they will care for you.

Please tell me something about  and where I am going .... I don't think in this moment my guide is arcturian ... I don't understand.

We all have many Guides, and most of those Guides are higher frequency expressions of our SELF. We are all experiencing doubts now because we are so close and yet so far. You are doubting your guides because you are doubting your self. Stop wanting and it will be easier to accept that which is already there. You have a very pure heart and a loving mind. Allow them to guide you Home. Release impatience and follow the Flow of your process.

With love and peace

Dear Sue,
Thanks a lot Suzanne you are always in my heart... following your replies I am feeling happier, calm, in my process of ascension... love and peace forever
I am happy to have met you .... more light... more experiences... more...


Blessings to you dear,

I am remembering--feeling the place on the hill by your house you told me about. I am being told there is a portal there and that you will enter it. Remember, this work is not physical, we experience it via what we have always called our "imagination." In fact, we experience it by going into our SELF to feel these Portals in our consciousness.

Our consciousness is our SELF that is Multidimensional. A very small fragment of that multidimensional consciousness was sent down into our physical form. However, that consciousness, although it may be hidden to our human brain, is now and has always been connected to our Multidimensional SELF who is a very small fragment of the ONE.

Please go to youtube
to see videos about opening Sea Portal, Redwood Portal and Traveling Crop Circle.

The Arcturians were talking a lot about Portals in the summer of 2010 the below newsletters:

Please check these out if you want information about opening portals.


  1. Hi suzanne,I am ayfer.I am a female.And I believe my awakening begins 1988.Since than I have been exploring a lot.I think I am stronger now than before.But I am not seeing or hearing anything at all.But my sensing is grow stronger.Anyway!I understand that all those years of training "I called" to get us in this point of our life."Ascension" but now I am panicking that I am going to miss boat so to speak.I still don't know how to connected like building my own portal.But I do have a spot in my yard with my crystals around if that helps.I don't want to be left behind.(Silly to saying that!)I just need some assurances.That's all.Love

  2. I'm new here. Suzanne, thanks for what you are doing! I have had a very busy year myself. One thing I have concluded is that each of us will experience this so differently, and that is ok. But it is also SO nice to be able to share — it makes you feel like you are not crazy!! :)

    Here are some places that for me, have been a big help. Different perspectives on the same thing: (Archangelic messages under About tab)

    These may or may not resonate with everybody, but they have been a tremendous help to me!

    Hang in there, everybody, and enjoy the ride!!