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Email Conversations 10-6-11

Hello Suzanne,

First of all, I just want to let you know that I am a really big fan of yours, and I always look forward to reading all of your newsletters and blog posts!  

Thank you very much.

Lately, times have been quite challenging for me as I battle back and forth between staying centered in my high heart and succumbing to the lower vibration manipulations.  I do feel that I was adversely affected by negative influences in August, and they sent me in a downward spiral for a bit before I was able to recover.  Since then, I am having a difficult time discerning the truth from manipulation. 

July and August were very difficult months. The energy was extremely challenging.

My life has been quite surreal to say the least over the past few months as I have been receiving some pretty intense information via communication and energetic transmissions at night (also received a message from El Morya.)  I am not a channeler, but I am eager to share the information.  I am just unsure if it is intended to be shared at this time (if it IS, in fact, genuine) or just absorbed.  I feel a sense of urgency from spirit to share what I've been given (I feel like I'm being bombarded with "cryptic" messages from people around me!), but at the same time, it is creating a bit of fear in me so I question its authenticity.

Eventually you will be able to discern whether the fear is coming from the communication or if it is just that you are frightened by such power. The first months that i worked with El Morya, back in 1970s i was new to the Path and when i met him i was terrified by his power. I thought that he was angry at me for a long time. It is just that extreme light flushes out our own darkness. My 11.11.11 trial run kicked my but. Boy have i been facing everything i have ever feared and having to remain calm and peaceful. I would guess my score as about a C or C- for a long time. I think, cross my fingers, that i am starting to get it. It so many things go wrong all at once, you begin to not care anymore. You begin to see that it was all an illusion anyway, and the Pathway into the fifth dimension looks pretty good.

  The information involves the return of the Jesus the Christ consciousness (kachina?) and the Son of Man.  Are you aware of these topics?


I am not certain if these are part of the 911 dark agenda (prophecies) to instill fear or maybe it's the catalyst needed to shift reality even higher (some form of disclosure)?

I would love to read what you have received. Your energy feels very clear and i don't sense any darkness around you. I think your fear is only that everything is happening so fast. I remember the moment, i think it was yesterday, that i went over the edge. I mean i got right up to the place that fear was going to take me in. And then, somehow, i found the ability to just LET GO. An extreme calm overcame me and i didn't care about anything. The 3D was an illusion and i was ascending. I didn't know when or how, but i KNEW. After that has been even crazier in terms of having to face any left over karma anywhere and have to face my greatest fears again and again, so that now they are not so scary as they are not real.

I feel a definite closeness with the Pleiadians and also with the Arcturians, which is why your postings really resonate with me.  Sometimes I feel as if your messages are directed at me!  I read a recent one that really made me question my actions/inactions (especially the tenacity part!):

I just want to be sure that I am understanding the messages that spirit is trying to give to me, and I don't miss the boat - so to speak.  Do you have any advice regarding the topics above?

The article is a mix of two, almost opposing issues. If one reads it with fear, they will focus on the pole shift and all that. However, if one reads it with love, they will focus on how the Arcturians say over and over, it is all cool! Don't worry.

  Do the Arcturians have suggestions regarding these ideas/topics?

Yes, they stated them in the article

I am currently developing a blog to share the experiences I've had over the past couple of years as I "come out of the closet" to do what I can to help raise Gaia's frequency

Congratulations. I know it takes a lot of courage, but we need to make ascension NORMAL

.  Maybe this is all I am supposed to be doing?

Do it and see if the shoe fits. If so, enjoy. If not, get new shoes. Every road I went down was not the best road. If you try something and it doesn't feel right, try something else. But first find out what you learned from trying the thing you are stopping.

I welcome any insight you may have.  I've been going within to gain additional insight and feel as if it's a matter of free will as no one will tell me what to do, but feel free to offer any additional advice if you feel so inclined/directed to do so.
My advise is "just do it'' or is that a commercial?

Many thanks for all that you do!
do you mind if i post our conversation from the other email on my blog. I will take you name out or leave it, whatever  you want. I want to start sharing some of the great emails i am getting.
Let me know. I won't do it without your permission--even without your name, but you so summarized what so many people have been asking me lately.

Hi Sue,

Wow - I really love your sense of humor!  You really made my day.  I can feel your positive energy, and it gives me chills!  I was almost in tears as I was reading your responses. 

Yes, you are so welcome to share my post and your responses, especially if you feel it helps others.  You can use my first name if you like (since I am only now beginning to come out of the cosmic closet!)  Just FYI - here's my blog and preferred email address (that I share widely) if you're interested in sharing these, as well:

My contact email:

My new blog:

By the way, I also have memories of being abducted/worked on by the greys (so does my dad, I found out recently!)  I have a couple of recollections from about the age of 16ish and then again in my mid-20s (possibly more?)  I HATE needles, and boy were they everywhere.  Talk about being petrified!  I was trying to be all cool about it at first when I found myself in a room with them (they were the taller greys), and I was interested in learning about them.  All of the sudden it dawned on me what was about to happen.....Eek!  Last time I awoke from the experience, I was expecting to see needle marks, bruises, etc. but I had nothing.

I'll send you another message with the details of the information I've been receiving.  I look forward to sharing it with you!

Thanks again!

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