Saturday, July 29, 2023


I wrote this a few years ago while on my way to Big Sur on the California Centra Coast, the sacred land of Lemuria, with redwood trees and all. Big Sur is one of my favorite places on Earth. The energy there is so pure and ancient; the very energy which I am endeavoring to awaken within myself. I have been trying to get back up there for a year, so maybe that is how long it has taken me to really get ready to connect with my own pure energy and ancient being. I heard an inner calling for me to "return to Lemuria" last summer. 

I was able to go Santa Barbara and connect with my Bird Tribe there. In fact, the last colony of unpolluted Lemurians was on one of the small islands off the Santa Barbara coastline.

I am sure that all of you are beginning to feel the call to visit the Power Places close to your location and I hope that you all are able to do so. Of course, where our consciousness is, there we are also. Therefore, if we focus our consciousness on the sacred areas close to where we have been guided to live, we will be able to absorb, as well as unconditionally love, those areas in return. In this manner, we deepen our bond with Gaia.

Recently, I have been led to send unconditional love to any person, place, situation or thing that appears to be causing conflict or challenge. The results are quite amazing. These results are not instant, likely because of me. However, slowly and surely, the situation transforms without any effort or worry on my part. We are now in the position to daily choose the reality we want to live by attending to what we love and releasing the rest.


Suzanne Lie, PhD

Thursday, July 27, 2023



2023 Current Energies Recap with Suzanne Lie & the Arcturians! Also featuring Daniel Labadie. 

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