Saturday, January 25, 2014

Meanwhile On Earth Part 5 - The Portal of Manifestation

The Merging Part 1

The Portal of Manifestation
I think it is the NOW for Sandy and Jason to return to the Ship. What do you think my love?

“YES,” answered Mytre. “I have been observing their energy as they work together. I think they are ready for an experience of merging into one being.”

“Yes,” I responded with a bright smile. “Do you remember our first merging?”

“I have never forgotten,” he responded with that special look in his eyes. “I see how the energy of their working together is greatly expanding, and know they are ready for a conscious merging on the Ship. Do you remember, beloved when the Arcturian guided us into our first conscious merging into ONE?”

“I have never forgotten,” I said as I looked into his beautiful blue eyes. Within the NOW we merged again into ONE being. Our thoughts were ONE, our emotions were ONE, and our bodies were ONE shinning Merkaba. We both felt our Merkaba lift off into the inner realms of the ONE. Lifetimes (or was it seconds) later we pulled our energy-field back into our two forms of light.

“This merging has been spontaneously happening for us more and more. NOT that I am complaining,” Mytre said with a sexy smile.

In response to the look on his face, I looked again into his beautiful eyes and said, “Soon I believe we will remain in that higher dimensional energy-field.”

Mytre put his arms around me so tightly that our two bodies became intermingled into one, and kissed me so deeply that now words were necessary. When he finally pulled away he telepathically said, “We were always and shall every be, ONE!”

“Now back to our mission of assisting Gaia with Her ascension,” Mytre finally said with his voice.  I think that Sandy and Jason are ready to learn more about their great power of manifestation.”

“I totally agree,” I responded. “They are still living the third-dimensional paradigm which is based on either/or. This paradigm causes them to believe that they must chose one lifestyle or another. Therefore, many of our galactic away-team wearing earth vessels have fallen into the illusion that they must be spiritual OR rich.”

“Yes,” answers Mytre. “I have observed that many in human form have that belief. Unfortunately, in many cases it is true, as the same lost souls that caused the fall of Atlantis, have returned to their old ways of using all their resources, which in that NOW is money, to control and dominate.

“Fortunately, Jason and Sandy seem to be making choices that resonate beyond that third dimensional either/or paradigm. These choices are moving their resonance beyond the 3D Matrix and into the vibration of love and gratitude,” continues Mytre.

“Yes,” I respond. “Even though they are very poor they are realizing that money only exists within the 3D matrix. In fact, money does not even exist in the Lower Astral or the fourth dimension. In fact, I think our dear physical expressions are beginning to understand that money is a system of reward that ties them to the third dimension.”

“Yes,” smiles Mytre. “At the same time, they are learning/remembering that as they expand their consciousness into the higher dimensions their creative force greatly expands. Therefore, they are beginning to discover ways to fulfill their dreams without money. On the other hand, they are also learning that when they surrender into the NOW they can ‘make do’ with whatever money that they have drawn into their lives.

“I see that they are enjoying the realization that if they surrender to the NOW of the ONE, their needs will enter their life in mysterious or unexpected ways. I have seen a great change in their life since my last transmission to them. They were having great difficulty manifesting ‘enough money’ to fulfill their financial needs and were quite upset. Therefore I told them…

“Dear Sandy and Jason, if you want to magnetize something into your third-dimensional life, the best way to do so is with gratitude. One of the most magnetic energy-fields of the multiverse is gratitude. Every person, place, situation and thing is actually an energy-field that you have called into the matrix of your NOW. Money is an energy-field that only resonates to the third dimension.

“Gratitude is an energy-field that extends into the highest frequencies of creation. In fact, the two most powerful energy-fields are unconditional love and gratitude. Unconditional love for your SELF allows you to accept that which you choose to create with the power of your intention and attention.

“Gratitude perpetuates that creation for as long as you feel grateful. However, if your attention is on waiting for something to manifest (waiting for money to come), then you are within the energy-field of waiting. Therefore, you will create ‘waiting for money.’

“On the other hand, if you are creating the energy-field of gratitude by saying, ‘Thanksgiving for the substance at hand will duplicate the substance indefinitely.’ you are ‘leaving the door open’ for you manifestation to enter your life. Interestingly enough, what you think will enter through this open door may be something that actually brings you more peace and happiness than that for which you asked.

“Remember that you are portal openers. Therefore, you have direct access to your portal into the higher dimensions. Whatever you send into your portal will return to you three-fold. If you send ‘I need more money’ into the portal what returns is the need for more money. On the other hand, if you send gratitude and thanksgiving for the money you do have, your portal will return to you more of that for which you are thankful.

“When you send out unconditional love and gratitude, you will manifest more of that for which you are grateful and will love unconditionally. We realize that in your third dimensional world ‘unconditionally loving’ money appears strange. However, remember that unconditional love is the bonding force of the multiverse.

“Hence, if you unconditionally love the FEELING of having enough money, you will bond enough money into your present matrix of reality. When people experience greed, which is a creation of fear, their resonance lowers and their power of manifestation returns to its third dimensional expression of ‘work hard to make money’ or ‘take money from others.’

“Your power of manifestation is relative to your ability to be the master of your thoughts and emotions. Your portal returns the energy package of what you send through it. If you send fear, desperation, or greed through your portal that is what you will receive. Then your manifestation of money will be dependent on the 3D manner of ‘make it or take it.’

“Breaking the cosmic flow by harming others to meet your own desire will NOT lead to an experience of ascension. On the same hand, working too hard, will lower your consciousness into survival mode, which will lower your consciousness to the point that you are no longer in contact with your portal or your Multidimensional SELF.

“Also, your 3D reality tells you that ‘money heals your problems.’ In reality, money will be helpful for your physical life, but it can be a great distraction away from your spiritual life. However, as long as you maintain a higher state of consciousness, you resonate to the higher frequencies of reality and all ‘either/or’ choices transmute into ‘everything now’ choices. Then, you are able to maintain your inter-dimensional connection while you have money.

“Simultaneously, as you have remember that it is through unconditionally loving the higher frequencies of experiences into you life, you can accept the freedom and ability to manifest that which is necessary to fulfill your chosen life-plan. Unconditional love says, ‘Yes, I do deserve!’ Then as your energy-field of gratitude says, ‘Thank you, I accept,’ your manifestation is cemented into your daily life.

“You see your state of consciousness is what determines the experiences of your daily life. Your state of consciousness is similar to the channels on your radio. Each channel is a frequency and each frequency represents a certain experience of reality.

“We of the higher worlds do not perceive realities as good or bad, as those are third dimensional terms. Instead we, your higher expressions of SELF, perceive the third/fourth dimensional realities as lower frequency dimensions that have become so polarized that they have lost their balance.

“We use the example of a child’s rotating top. When the top is spinning very fast it remains centered and has NO warble to the right or left. However, once the spin of the top begins to slow, it warbles to the right or the left until it finally falls over because the spin is too slow. This spinning top is a good example of your journey down into the third dimensional earth vessel that you are wearing.

“While you are wearing your higher dimensional form or formless expressions, your resonance is very high. Hence, the reality to which that expression aligns is one in which there are NO polarities, as there is NO warble into fear/bad or love/good. In fact, the very concept of polarity is only a dim memory of your third dimensional memories or the feeling that you received from your expressions that are wearing earth vessels.

“We, your higher expressions of SELF, do not directly experience the polarities and hardships of your polarized reality. If we did our consciousness would drop out of our reality, and we would find our self trapped in your reality rather than showing you the way out of that frequency.

“Of course the concepts of out and in are only perceived from the third-dimensional perspective, as they do not exist in our higher frequency of reality. From our perspective we would say matching your resonance to higher or lower frequencies of reality. It is our mission and our great honor to assist the expressions of our SELF who have volunteered to enter into an earth vessel during Gaia's great transition.

“From our perspective there is no time. Therefore, we are not concerned about how long our beloved ones must remain within the 3D matrix to assist Gaia. Form our perspective, all the myriad phases of planetary ascension are occurring within the NOW of the ONE. We understand how your third dimensional thinking places all these phases of ascension into a long line with the most physical at the bottom of the line and the highest at the top of the line.

“Fortunately, when you fully transmute your thinking into multidimensional thinking you will be able to continue to fulfill your earth mission while you also experience your SELF in the higher dimensions. You have many Higher SELVES, and they are NOT in a hierarchal line. Instead, they/we all exist within the HERE of the NOW.

“We realize that the concept of ‘the HERE of the NOW’ is almost inconceivable to third dimensional thinking, but we assure you that your thinking will become multidimensional as you consciousness becomes stabilized on the higher frequencies of reality. When your multidimensional thinking comes online, you will feel your higher expressions of SELF while you also experience the quantum world through the 97% DNA of your earth vessel.

“Again, these expressions of SELF are not lined up in a row with a top and bottom. These expressions are all within the HERE of the NOW.  Within the HERE your every thought, emotion, unselfish desire is fulfilled NOW. We say ‘unselfish desire’ for a selfish desire will instantly lower your frequency out of the HERE and NOW and back into the time and polarity of the polarized realities of the third/fourth dimension.”

“Dearest Sandy and Jason, Mytria and I observe that you both resonate beyond any selfish intentions. In fact, you both lovingly spend your time and effort to assist others to understand their process of ascension. When your time is spent in service to the ONE, the ONE pays you with unconditional love, which is much more valuable then money.  
In other words, as you take care of the Universe, the Universe takes care of you.”

“Well Mytre,” I joyfully say, “I think you have fully prepared them. Lets bring them on board the Ship NOW.”


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Messages from our SELF - Unconscious Part 2


Again, we take a moment to review the beginning of our long journey into the Light of our true SELF. As we look back at who we were and what we were doing when we first started our Path, we realize that this Path is comprised of many stairs.


I awake, or have I just fallen asleep, to find myself on a stairway. Above me the stairs get brighter and of a looser form. Below me the stairs become darker and more constricted to form.

I look at the stairs above me and feel a sparkle of love calling me to climb them. But when I try, I find that an inner pull urges me to turn and go down the stairs below me. I turn to look down the stairway and feel a fear that chills my heart.

“Why would I want to go down there?” I say to myself.

"Because you already have," whispers a voice that seems to emanate from the sparkle of love above me.

"If I have been to that place," I ask, "why would I ever want to return?"

"You do not need to return," the voice breathes into my heart. "You have never left."

"No, that is not possible. I feel myself only here, upon this step"

"But you are on other steps as well. In fact, there is a ‘you, in fact, there are many of ‘you’ on every step. You see each step represents a dimension, a plane of existence."

"If there are so many fragment of myself, why don't I know about them?"

"Do you feel the pull from the steps beneath you?"

"Yes, I do."

"That pull is coming from the portions of your self that are lost in the lower dimensions. They are lost because they believe they are alone. Because you have not freed them, you believe that you are alone."

"How can I free them when I feel like I am lost myself?"

"Oh my one, you are not lost. You have found your higher voice; you have found ME! Your ‘lost’ fragments of self have sent you up this stairway, like a scout, to see if there was another way. Now you have found it. Go back now, and share your experience with them."

"Please don't make me leave. I remember it down there now, and I want to stay here."

"You shall stay where you are, just as you will stay where you have been. You will not move, instead, you will expand."


"Yes, you see yourself now as a single point of awareness. Can you extend that awareness to imagine that you are standing on every step?"

I close my eyes and call on my imagination. I have always had a vivid imagination. Oh yes, there they are. There is a person on every step. Each one has the same amount of light and density as the step on which they are standing. They all look very different, but there is something about them that feels the same, as well.

"Yes," the voice replies to my thoughts. "They all are of one consciousness. Can you feel how you are I are the same?"

It seems difficult for me to imagine that I could be the same as this wise and loving voice, but I close my eyes and try to make the connection. At first all I can perceive are the many voices of doubt, ridicule, and fear calling from the stairs below me. But, gradually, I also feel the love and support sparkling from the stairs above me.

With this feeling, my consciousness and perception begin to expand more and more. I feel pulled like a rubber band being pulled so tight that it is ready to snap. Tighter and tighter I feel the pull until I can barely stand the tension.

Then, with a sudden SNAP, I understand. I am the loving voice that has guided me. I am the pull of fear and doubt. I am each person upon each step. In fact, I am each step and the imagination that created them. I am ALL IN ALL.

"Yes," resonates the loving voice from every person, every step, and every dimension. "WE are a multidimensional being. It is OUR expansion from a singular consciousness to multidimensional consciousness that allows us to KNOW who we are."

As we awaken to who we really are, we can more easily find the courage to enter the shadows of our unconscious mind.


I turned to walk away, but with my very first step I knew that I must stay. If I could not see what was in the pond, maybe I would have to feel it. Maybe, I would have to actually enter the pond and feel its dark waters upon me.

The thought of entering the murky water made me cringe. Should I keep my clothes on as some meager attempt at protection or should I enter the water as naked as the day I was born?

I knew the answer. I must face the depths without any external protection. I must find my protection in the courage that it would take to enter the murky pond. Courage, which was deep within my core, would be my only protection to face the darkness and the secrets that it held.

I shed my clothes quickly, before I lost my nerve, and jumped into the foreboding pond. I held my breath and immediately dove to the bottom. I navigated with my arms, as I was not quite ready to open my eyes.

When I touched the bottom of the pond, I knew that I must open my eyes while I still had enough air in my lungs to remain at the bottom. A vision of muck and grime awaited my opening eyes. But what was that-just over there?

Something golden was sparkling against the surrounding filth. Oh it must be rescued, I thought. It does not belong here. This golden thing is different from the dirt that surrounds it.

I swam to the golden sparkle and wiped the mud from its surface. The dark mud hovered in the water, waiting to again cover the golden object. I reached for the treasure with the intention of bringing it to the surface, but found that it was held fast to the bottom of the pond. I pulled and pulled, but it did not budge.

Finally, I stood on the silt-covered bottom to gather enough resistance to free the bit of gold. My toes squished into the sticky mud and my struggle filled the water with silt. I had to close my eyes to protect them and pulled on the golden object while I pushed against the floor of the pond. 

Yet nothing worked, and I was running out of oxygen. Would I have to abandon the treasure that lay hidden in the murky pond's depths? I stood still for a moment and released my hold on the golden object. It instantly sank back into the mire.

Only a small portion of it glistened through the filthy water. With shame, I realized that I could not free the treasure. Then I remembered that it had been my intention to "feel" the water. Yes, now I felt it. It felt like shame, and guilt, and most of all, it felt like fear. 

The fear permeated every rock and every atom of the pond. It is no wonder that which was beautiful could not be freed. As I stopped my struggle, the mud that had filled the water began to settle-settle onto me.


I felt it clawing at my skin reminding me of feelings that I had felt outside of the dark pond. NO! I must leave these depths and the feelings that they aroused in me. I could not save the treasure. I would have to leave it in the murky depths.

 Besides, I could hold my breath no longer. I must return to the surface. The thought of escape felt good and necessary. I swam to the surface with a mixture of relief and sadness, relief that I could free myself from the silt and sadness that I could not free the hidden treasure.


My head bobbed above the surface of the pond and a cool rain rinsed the dirt off my face. I swam to the edge of the pond and pulled myself onto a rock. Standing, I allowed the gentle rain to cleanse my body. The feel of the fresh water upon my skin rejuvenated and calmed me.


The mud of the pond was easily cleared, for it was never mine. I realized then that the filth of the pond was something that I had temporarily taken on, temporarily experienced.


I looked at the pond again. It seemed clearer now. The mud that I had stirred up had again settled to the bottom. I remembered the bit of gold that was still trapped there. How could I free it?


I would have to again enter the murky pond and swim down into its darkest depth. Could I remember my own purity, even when the mud clung to my form? Could I find the bit of gold hidden beneath the silt and bring it to the surface?

"Yes," I cried to the sun that was breaking through the clouds. "I shall find what has been lost. That which has been buried and forgotten shall be found and returned.

“Something of great value is lost in the depths of the darkness, and I must retrieve it."