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Debriefing July

July 31, 2011

I am now entering my latest El Morya message into my computer, but I wanted to take a moment to debrief the month of July. The energies of this last month were exceptionally transformative, which usually means that any unresolved issues in our life come to the surface to be viewed, resolved and released. Therefore, we feel like things are all falling apart, but we have to remember that sometimes, or usually, things have to fall apart before we can really see the core components and put it back together. Therefore, this month was like a "spring cleaning" of our consciousness in order to fully prepare us for the the vast changes that will soon be happening.

It feels appropriate that the astrological energies (written in the last blog message) are meant for us to sum up our life up to this present moment and find where we are in-sinc with our Multidimensional SELF and where we are still "addicted" to the third dimension. I say "addicted" because the habits and coping mechanisms that we needed to navigate through our 3D life are the very behaviors we will need to release in order "lift off" into our new reality.

I have been paying close attention to where I am in alignment with my fifth dimensional SELF since the below mentioned aspects have started. In doing so, I have found that I have very little tolerance for the experiences that are not in alignment with my higher purpose. By that statement I mean that I am finding that I can easily release that which once seemed very important to me. It is like we are moving, and we have to decide what we want to take into our new home and what we no longer find necessary or valuable. Some of those unnecessary things are easy to let go, but others are so intertwined with our need for physical survival that we cannot release them--yet!

Therefore, we are left with how to restructure these elements of our lives. In fact, we are actually looking at how we can transmute these parts of our life into a higher frequency of expression. When we use our personal energies to transmute these areas of our personal life into a higher frequency, we are also using our planetary energies to transmute the collective and planetary expressions of these areas of third dimensional reality. Hence, by facing that which is falling apart or no longer functional, then transforming that energetic expression of our personal life, we are contributing to the planetary ascension in a very real and effective manner.

Each and every one of us is more important than we could ever imagine. We are all cogs in a very big wheel. Too often we feel like we are alone in our process, but by sharing our truth with others we realize that there are more and more awakening ones. Therefore, I encourage every one of you to share your process of ascension with as many people as possible. Of course, you will have to adapt your sharing to each listeners needs, or they will not be able to understand what you are saying. On the other hand, you will be surprised how many people will say, "Yes, me too. I have been having that experience also."

Up until quite recently it has not been safe, literally, to talk about much of what we have learned through opening our hearts and minds to the Truth of the higher worlds. It is that need for safety (which was real and not paranoid) is one of the things that we need to let go of now. We the people have come into our power! It is our time to come out into the open and share with others the truths that we have learned. WE are the creators of our ascension and NOW is the time to begin our CREATION. It is wonderful that the Galactics, Ascended Masters, Angels and other higher dimensional beings are assisting us, but there comes a time when we are no longer students. That time is NOW!

NOW we truly are at ONE with our higher expressions of SELF. We volunteered to take these bodies so that we could intimately participate in the amazing process of planetary ascension. We have graduated from our lessons and it is time for us to put what we have learned into use. All of us have a different piece of the planetary puzzle of ascension. We have studied long to learn about what our puzzle piece is and how we can best use it. NOW it is time when we need to put all these pieces together into ONE planetary "puzzle" of ascension.

What we have prepared and studied during in our many physical incarnations and higher dimensional realities is NOW commencing. What we have kept in our heart and mind must now be shared with our world. The dress rehearsal is over. the curtain call is NOW!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


From July 28, 2011 (today) until August 7, 2011, we will be under a very powerful astrological opposition of Mercury (the ruler of Virgo) in Zero degrees Virgo in 180 degrees opposition of Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) in Zero degrees Pisces. Any astrological opposition represents a time of deep self-reflection, like looking in a mirror of your SELF. Furthermore, Mercury is retrograde, which most of you know as a time of
“what went wrong now??” On July 30, 2011 there will also be a new Moon, time of new beginnings, in Leo—the sign of the Lion, “King of the Jungle.” When I realized the great opportunity for change that these signs represented, as well as the consequences of refusing to change, I asked,

“Dear ONE, what is the effect of these immensely powerful astrological alignment?”As usual, the Arcturians answered.

Dear Suzille,

We the Arcturians answer your call because you, and all our grounded ones, deeply need our comfort at this time. The ego of many of our grounded ones has taken a real beating in the past few months as the familiar structures of your third dimensional life, as well as the safety that they once held, are disarticulating. The 3D Matrix is collapsing, but the 5D Matrix of New Earth has not yet become your reality. Dearest ones, you are NOW in the “in-between” of which we have so often spoken. Hence, we send you our love and light as we answer your question.

Retrograde Mercury in Virgo (your mundane life), is in direct opposition with Neptune in Pisces (your highest dreams and aspiration). The energy field of this aspect will highlight every area in your mundane life (Mercury) that does not meet your highest dreams and aspirations (Neptune). In fact, with Mercury Retrograde, every part of your mundane life that is NOT in alignment with Neptune will short-circuit in the typical Mercury Retrograde manner. Fortunately, there is a new Moon on Saturday, July 30, 2011, which will give you the opportunity to reboot your life.

To reboot your self, you will need to confront (opposition) how and why your daily life (Mercury) is opposing your highest dreams as aspiration (Neptune). Fortunately, or unfortunately, Mercury in retrograde will happily point out exactly how your daily life and highest dreams are opposed by disrupting the flow of that energy field of that area of you life to the extent that something will go awry in the familiar Mercury Retrograde fashion.

You have the choice to view these energies from the perspective of, “Oh NO, how did that happen?” or you can choose to perceive them as, “Oh, so that is why this part of my life hasn’t been working anymore.” The emphasis needs to be on the “anymore,” as the parts of your daily life that are now out of alignment with your highest dreams may have worked just fine before. However, NOW things are different because 1) the energies of the planet are at a much higher frequency and 2) you are in the process of ascension.

With the energies of the planet much higher, everything happens much faster and seemingly out of your control. However, Neptune in its Home, the sign of Pisces, feels comfortable enough now to let it be known that there will be NO more forgeting about why you chose to be born at this time. Neptune in its fullest empowerment of its ruling sign of Pisces is reminding you that you “stood in line and filled out petitions about how you would participate in the planetary ascension. Furthermore, Mercury in its ruling sign of Virgo is reminding you that you promised that you would fulfill these promises in your everyday, third dimensional life.

In other words, Neptune in zero degrees Pisces says, “Dear Ones, I AM the holder of your dreams. I realize that it is one thing to vow to create these dreams on 3D Earth while you are in the safety of your Multidimensional SELF and quite another thing to even remember these dreams, much less make them come true. But you must remember NOW. If you don’t, you will become so disillusioned and depressed that you will not be able to continue living the lies and illusions of the 3D life, which is a good thing.

“However, because you will be so disillusioned and depressed, you won’t have the power to change your behavior. Therefore, you will fall into the low side of my energy and become addictive, fuzzy headed, tired and deeply, deeply sad. Therefore, dear humans, now that I am finally back in the power of being HOME to my true energy signature of Pisces, I vow to assist you in return HOME to your true energy signature of the fifth dimension and beyond.”

Meanwhile, at the exact same moment in your illusion of time, Mercury in the power of its HOME of Virgo is saying, “OK earthlings, it is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work with organizing your life to coincide with your highest dreams. If you choose not to do so, I will do my Mercury Retrograde number on you and phone calls will drop, messages will get lost, you won’t be able to find your car keys and etc. etc. In other words, if you don’t take this opportunity to align your daily life with your highest dreams you will become scattered, nervous and confused.”

We are happy to say that the New Moon will enter into this mix after about two days to say, “My dear children, I am here to show you that you can ALWAYS start over. I, the Moon, represent the part of you that is always changing. In fact, once a month I offer you the opportunity look at your life to see how it is working. What do you want to keep? In other words, what in your life makes you FEEL happy, loving, peaceful and adaptable to every new experience? I say to you that these are the parts of your life ARE in alignment with your dreams and highest purpose. You KNOW that because the truth is filled with love and happiness.

“Now, dear humans, please look at the parts of your life that make you tired, nervous, sad, angry or frightened. I say to you with complete convictions that these are the parts of your life this are OUT of alignment with your dreams. You, my children, are beautiful multidimensional beings who resonate to the frequency of unconditional love and multidimensional light. Any and EVERY part of your life that lowers your resonance below that TRUTH is absolutely a third dimensional illusion! Therefore, your choices are clear. Do you want to live in truth and love or do you want to live in fear and illusion?”

“Of course, I want to live in love!” you say. To that Neptune responds, “If you choose to only do and BE that which and whom you love, I will show you the Path Home!” and Mercury says, “I can work with love. Love is clear and keeps all the circuitry of my mundane responsibilities clear and free of restriction. But, you are the one who had to make that choice. I am just the machine of your brain. If you fill me with fear, I will act from fear, and if you fill me with love, I will act from love.”

We the Arcturians say, “We will help you with your discernment so that you can BE the truth your SELF! You, our brave grounded ones, are on the verge of one of the most momentous moments in the history of your world. We the Arcturians, as well as all your Galactic Family, have been watching you with such pride that our hearts are bursting. You, the grounded expressions of our Multidimensional SELF, have been courageous beyond all words. You have met unbeatable odds and you have been victorious. We, your Galactic Family, send to you, our earthbound, expressions, our undying love and ultimate respect.

“We prepare a table for you and leave the light on for your return.”

Your Arcturian Family

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Arcturian Interviews with Jefferson

Chapter 6


Arcturians: Jeffrees, our dear grounded one. Do you have a question for us?

Jefferson: Yes I do. I was wondering why people receive extraterrestrial visitations and forget them?

Arcturians: Our dear grounded ones forget their encounters with us because their earth brains are geared toward time. It is the illusion of time between the meetings which creates the forgetfulness. Once, they return to the NOW of our ONE, they will remember all their encounters. Also, within the ONE, they can remember many encounters all within the same moment. This is because their multidimensional consciousness does not have the time limitations of your third dimensional brain.

Jefferson: You are on a higher dimension, so you have more of an emotional, intellectual body type, right? But how about the physical contacts we have, face to face, how come we forget such tactile sensations, visual imprints and feelings?

Arcturians: Our body type has integrated intellect and emotion into our multidimensional consciousness and creative energy. There are few meeting of humans and higher dimensional beings on Earth as your frequency of reality is very uncomfortable to us. Therefore, we usually communicate with our earth ones in their consciousness and during dreams or meditation. Sometimes we bring our grounded family aboard our Ship. However, because their sleeping and meditating consciousness is so much higher than that of daily life, they often forget that experience until they again hold that mundane state of consciousness. Do you understand what we are saying?

Jefferson: Yes. In what concerns meetings with you I am clear. How about meetings with extraterrestrials (Galactics), that meet with us physically? How come we forget such encounters? Are they purposefully erased from our awaken state?

Arcturians: Most of the meetings are done by proxy, which means that a go-between person is used to collect the information from the higher frequencies and then translates it in a manner that humans of the third dimension can understand. Many of the physical meetings were not really physical. Instead, the human one blinked into the higher dimensions and did not realize that they did so. Therefore, they think it happened on the physical, but in reality it was in a fourth dimensional resonance. Because the meeting is in a reality slightly higher in frequency than the physical, a very long meeting can appear to only encompass a short period of physical time.

Jefferson: That is interesting!

Arcturians: These encounters are not erased. Instead, they are stored in your multidimensional mind. They will not "fit" into your human brain as the frequency is too high and your third dimensional brain cannot read the memory. Instead, the memory may be experienced to the third dimensional mind as either as anxiety or depression because the brain is being taxed to its limit by the higher frequency experience. If the grounded one surrenders to these uncomfortable feelings by calming their mind, a feeling of bliss will replace the anxiety and depressions.

Jefferson: Wow, that explains a whole lot!

Arcturians: This is the reason why we are telling our grounded ones to consciously download and integrate your Multidimensional Operating System. This mental operating system is far superior to the third dimensional, sequential system. The higher dimensions do not operate in a sequential manner. They operate in circles, just like light travels in circles.

Jefferson: So in that we can conclude that our memory has a reading, interpreting, remembering capacity that is equivalent to our level of consciousness and vibrational frequency, correct?

Arcturians: Yes, that is absolutely correct. This is also the reason why it is so important to raise your consciousness beyond the limitations of your 3D reality,

Jefferson: How can one consciously download a more advanced operational system? Can they do it by meditating everyday, following their heart or how else?

Arcturians: Once, your consciousness is expanded to embrace the higher dimensions, your expanded perceptions will be activated. Hence, you will be able to perceive the higher worlds. However, it often takes multiple experiences of inter-dimensional travel before you can become adept at calibrating your perceptions to the frequency of your consciousness. It is them that you will begin to really remember your true SELF.

The downloading of your Multidimensional Operating System is best accomplished by simply allowing yourself to surrender to the multidimensional light and unconditional love that you can perceive with your Third Eye and feel with your High Heart. The light is more directly perceived through your Third Eye and the love is best felt within your High Heart. It is through combining your opened Third Eye and High Heart that you can fully receive and translate your message from the ONE. Do you have another question?

Jefferson: Would you briefly elucidate, a bit, perhaps, on the idea of High Heart and lower heart? Many people think they only have one heart.

Arcturians: Your human heart is the pump that allows your life-blood to flow through your system and keep your body alive. Its beating symbolizes that you are alive and its lack of beating symbolizes that you have died. Your High Heart is in your Spiritual/etheric field, and it holds your ATMA, your Three Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love. You can see on some of the pictures of Jesus, the heart with the inner flame. This is the High Heart. Your physical body holds only one heart, but you are much more than your physical body. Your physical body is merely the anchor that allows the great multidimensional being that you are to experience life on a third dimensional planet.

Jefferson: I've heard the word ATMA before on oriental, middle eastern, spiritual literature, perhaps in the Bagavad Gita. How do you define that word ATMA? Is it a sort of oversoul, a sort of higher entity, ora sort of demi-God?

Arcturians: The ATMA is the holder of the Divine Intention of your first eight cells. Within you is a file, like a computer file that will open whenever you are experiencing unconditional love. This unconditional love can read this file and help you to remember all the Wisdom, Power and Love that is within your Multidimensional SELF

Jefferson: Do you mean that the High Heart is the same as our physical heart, but used for greater, nobler purposes?

Arcturians: The High Heart is not within your physical body, but within your aura, and yes it is the means by which you can pursue your most noble purposes.

Jefferson: Do you mean like our Higher Self is not in our physical body?

Arcturians: Yes, it is the same thing. Our Higher SELF and High Heart are like the butterfly that is always within the caterpillar, but it is not obvious until the moment of transformation.

Jefferson: I would now like to talk being on a Star Ship so that our readers can get a feeling of how it might be to meet you on a Star Ship. You said that sometimes you bring your grounded family aboard your Ship, I know that Suzille has been on the Ship, but have I, Jefferson, been there?

Arcturians: Yes, you have been aboard our ships before, which is why you have such curiosity about the higher worlds. You cannot totally remember your experience because the human brain usually creates a cover story about the experience. This cover story is not about being on a Star Ship, but is somewhat related. For example, once our grounded one dreamt that she bought a new truck and drove around it. In reality, she had ridden around in a Star Ship. That memory is still too clear to her.

Jefferson: For the sake of an example I will use myself to understand the processes. So how did it happen last time I visited you? Did I go to sleep and then next moment I appeared there, or my guide took me to your ship?

Arcturians: Your human form was asleep when you came, and, yes, your Guide did bring you.

Jefferson: Wow, that is awesome. When did that happen?

Arcturians: You can ask your guide to tell you what happened. That will be a good opportunity for you to think in terms of your Multidimensional Operating System.

Jefferson: Oh, okay, but in general then, when people go to your Ship, and what sort of activities are they engaged in?

Arcturians: It happened within the NOW. We know that this is very difficult for humans to think in terms of timelessness because your life is so ruled by time. However, there are certain things, such as visits to the higher dimensions that only happen outside of time. Therefore, we could give a correlate date of, say, a month ago. However, that would not be correct, for how to compare the time of flowing river with the time on the bank that the water flows past?

Jefferson: Oh, ok. Can you speak on the activities that are usually presented for the visitors?

Arcturians: When they enter the Arcturian ships, they usually go first to the Restoration Chamber. The Restoration Chamber heals their physical, mental and emotions ills and allows the astral body to adjust to the higher frequency of the Starship. Your astral night-body is only fourth dimensional, whereas our Ships are fifth through eighth dimensional. Because of this discrepancy in frequency, the frequency of your astral body will need to be raised by entering the Restoration Chamber. On the other hand, if you have meditated to merge with your Multidimensional SELF, you will more easily adapt to the frequency of our Ship. Once you are refreshed from the Restoration Chamber, you are guided on a tour of our Ship. Of course, much like a tour of a Castle, not every area of the Ship is open to the visitors.

Jefferson: Now... I wasn't expecting to hear that... That is sweet! There is a procedure well thought out so that the interaction can smoothly take place.

Arcturians: There are personal living areas, places where people are working and areas where a visitor would compromise technical operations. Some visitors only go to the Restoration Chamber and then return to Earth to ground their wonderful experience. Members of our crew also go to the Restoration Chamber when the feel a need. They can also go to the Stargate Portal where they can instantly visit their Homeworld. They leave the Ship “outside of time.” This mean that no matter how long they are on their journey, they are only off the Ship for a few seconds.

Jefferson: Do the visitors to your ship get to hear your public relations and spiritual message? What could have happened to me as far as activities?

Arcturians: There are indeed "classes" that our visitors can attend. However, they "sign" up for them, as they is a level of dedication that is needed for that process to change their consciousness. Again, they are out of time in that they only leave their physical reality for an eye blink, but experience a sense of "time" on the ship. In reality, there is no time here, but the concept is difficult for grounded ones. Therefore, they often "make up" a sense of time.

Jefferson: I see.

Arcturians: Experiences are totally dependent on the desire body of the visitor. When our channel enters the ship, she desires to know the Ship like a crewmember knows the Ship. You, on the other hand, wanted to ask questions and gain answers. The answers are often beyond the limitations of your third dimensional brain, but they are stored in your Multidimensional SELF until you are able to "read that experience."

Jefferson: Oh lovely, thanks. A grounded one, as you refer to it, is a person that before incarnating had ties with the Arcturians or can it be anybody who enjoys the UFO phenomena? (Considering that you spoke of a level of commitment to access different levels of interactions).

Arcturians: A grounded one is any Multidimensional Being who holds a physical vessel. Please remember that ALL Beings are multidimensional. Therefore, every grounded one is actually a Multidimensional Being. It is only on your third dimension that this fact is not known. Our Ship is biological and communes with every visitor. It is a living being who can read the thoughts and feelings of all the visitors and crewmembers. It totally cares for itself and for those who visit and live within it. In fact, our Space ship feels more like a planet than a vessel.

Regarding the commitment level that you spoke of, we have no third dimensional rules of deserving. The signing up for the classes is an action of dedication to SELF that the ones attending the classes need to recognize. It is difficult for some to “sign up” for a class because they don’t believe that they deserve such an honor. By asking them to sign up for the class they must face their own insecurity. Often, they will enter the Restoration Chamber to heal the source of that wounding.

Jefferson: Wow. Amazing!

Arcturians: We appreciate communicating with you, and will be honored to return for more conversations.

Jefferson: It is been a great pleasure and honor to talk to you today Arcturians! Fly high in the sky until 3D time allows us to meet again in this or any other ways. I can’t wait to ask you more next week.

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Answers to Questions

Dear Nutty Professor and anyone who may not have seen my website at . In this site I have documented every tool I have learned in my 40 years of awakening. Some of these tools are practical, some are psychological and some are metaphysical and spiritual. It was an oversight on my part that readers of my blog may not be aware of my website, books, meditations and youtube.

You can also read all my website information on my Free Book Download in which the entire website is presented as a downloadable pdf file.

If you read sequentially through my website, you will progressively learn more and more about awakening to your SELF, downloading your MD SELF and eventually becoming your Multidimensional SELF in daily life.

I also offer a Free Meditation Download section.

Starting at the top of the page are “learning to meditate” exercises, which become increasingly advanced as you move down the page. Meditation is important, as it is the best way to experience the sensation of unconditional love. Unconditional love is not something that is very common in the physical world where love is often withheld as a punishment and offered as a manipulation. Therefore, we usually have our first experiences of unconditional love once our consciousness is expanded via meditation to the point in which we can connect with the higher dimensions and with our own Multidimensional SELF.

You may also get assistance via my youtube page at

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The most recent information is found in my archived newsletter section at

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Southern Wizard also had some good question I would like to address:

Do we have to die on the earth plane to ascend?

Up until this special time, our physical bodies would die at the time of our ascension and our Soul would move beyond the fourth dimension and into the spiritual freedom of the fifth dimensions and beyond. However, now everything I have read or gotten from my inner sources say that now the ascension process is different for we are to experience a planetary, as well as a personal ascension. Therefore, those who have volunteered to assist Gaia in Her process of Planetary Ascension will maintain their physical form for as long a Gaia needs our assistance.

How do we ascend?

There is no short answer for that question. Also, we don’t really know as we are in the process of created our ascension right NOW. There also may be as many versions of ascension as there are ascending beings. Planet Earth has always been very diverse.

Do we retain all of our thoughts and memories?

It is my opinion that we will. However, I think that there are some old traumas and negative memories that we will release in order to “lighten the load. Again, we are writing this experience as we go along.

I have no ill or hard feelings to any one and I do have a light in my heart and soul but... Just by me caring for my fellow man (true caring) is that enough to help me ascend?

It will definitely be of great assistance. I have learned in my many years of inner exploration, that the answers are usually very simple.

I need to know how to ascend.
Any Info you could give would be greatly appreciated on this subject.

Please see the first part of this writing to answer that question.

If there are more questions, from anyone, I will try to answer them and/or direct you to where I believe you will find that answer. Thank you all for your feedback. I greatly appreciate it.




I first started with sporadic experiences of Lightbody (for lack of a better definition), I don't know, maybe about 6 or 7 years ago. These particular experiences are very physical. I have had sporadic experiences of bliss so extreme that all I could do is sob, as the feeling is almost too intense to contain. I have called these experiences “Previews of coming attractions" for once I have that experience it usually takes years to be able to "get there on my own." It is like I get a "free sample ride," then I have to figure out how to replicate that experience myself. In the past, these experiences were the Preview, as I couldn’t get to it with my own intention. It was that way with my first two Lightbody experiences, which are very much like an orgasm, but not sexual.

The first two times it happened I was with a body worker who—the first time—held my feet, then second time—held my shoulders. It was clear that the holding was necessary so that I didn't fly out of my body. I have a long history of falling down, which is how I just injured my self. People like us do not have to remember to stay spiritual; we have to remember to stay grounded in the physical. When I forget, I fly out of my body and fall down. Anyway, the third time I had the physical experience, I was on my own, and it was much less intense. I think I still needed someone to hold me down to have an intense experience.

There were years since that last experience in which I meditated, studied, created, exercised, changed my eating, etc. etc. This year I began the process of facing my greatest fear, which was when I was abducted by the Zetas as a child. Then, just after the fall, I had a very intense experience of the Lightbody. In the past, I could not contain it, but this time I learned to relax and breathe it into my Core. During that experience I was contacted by my fifth dimension self on the ship as well as the Being that I have known since childhood as Sananda (I am not religious, but I have had a deeply intimate relationship with this Being throughout my childhood and teen years).

Kepier on the Ship told me she would tell me everything she knew, and Sananda told me that He would teach me how to ascend. My ego doubted these messages, buy Soul knew they were true, not because I was special but because I was awake. During the experience of Lightbody, which was on March 8, 2011, I learned how to move my body with the energy and could feel the kundalini moving up my spine and into my higher chakras. The feelings of bliss were indescribable. The DMT of my pineal gland was flowing through my entire body.

This experience was, I believe, part of the onset of (what I call) my Final Initiation in which I had to travel into my deepest subconscious to release old my fear-based emotions. It was a deep cleaning of my deepest, subconscious cellar. This deep cleaning continued during my convalescence process, as I was fully conscious of my darkness and how they influenced my behavior. The injury, which included a great deal of post-surgical pain, brought a lifetime of psychic pain (which was immense in this lifetime) to the surface to be released. I kept having images of my being in the sarcophagus during my ancient Egyptian Initiation during the time of Akhnaton.

Then, on this Easter of 2011—oddly enough—I had another intense experience of transforming into Lightbody, just like the one on March 8-2011. However, this time I knew what to do and did not have a timeline like I did the first time. After the first experience, I began to connect with Kepier and have integrated that expression of my fifth dimensional SELF into this body. After the second experience, I began to get more and more information about the process of Ascension. Therefore, Kepier is now telling me "what she knows," and Sananda is "teaching me about ascension."

Since then, I have had many experiences of being human, allowing my resonance to drop into a lower frequency with those resulting behaviors. I have also had many experiences of being very peaceful and calm. I keep hearing in my mind: "Now at the closing of my physical incarnations I am beginning to LOVE life in the third dimension." I am acutely perceiving persons, places, situations and things that lower my resonance. Among those persons, places and things that I can release, I do so happily. Some of these I cannot release, and I know my continuing initiation is to move through them with unconditional love. I no longer worry too much, as I have been given the direct experience that I AM ascending! Therefore, life is good.

I have to constantly watch my judgment of the darkness and those who will not awaken, as I know that judgment comes from fear. Judgment/fear is an ongoing challenge. Some days I do pretty well with this challenge, but on others days I fall into fear and the resulting judgment. The process continues and I am endeavoring to live within the NOW of it. Of course, I am not always successful, but at least now I AM my SELF who has an Ego rather than being my Ego who has a SELF. Furthermore, my SELF is multidimensional. Therefore, I am becoming fully aware of my fifth dimensional reality as Kepier and having more and more conscious experiences on board the Starship.”

I wrote the above message several months ago to a dear friend in Germany whom I have not heard from in weeks. He was talking about his ascension. I hope that his ascension is why he is no longer available. Perhaps, I will meet him again in the fifth dimension. I have not had anymore of the extreme Lightbody experiences because it is so difficult to live a mundane life afterward. I can see why our ascensions in previous lives were done in Temples, caves and faraway retreats. I sometimes have a hard time staying in my body, so I have to be careful when and how much I meditate now.

I know that I am here for the duration, so I am settling in to “acting like a normal human.” However, I have no concept how to define “normal” at this time. I can see that there is a growing population of awakened ones, and the Truth is becoming more and more embedded in the physical world. At the same time, there are still horrific atrocities, such as has been experienced in Norway a few days ago. I happily await a reality in which these atrocities are completely erased and life resonates only to unconditional love. When I am resonating to my fifth dimensional, I can perceive that reality all around me. Then, something third dimensional catches my attention, my consciousness plummets and I return to the polarized emotions of the physical world.

I know that part of this return is to remind me that I volunteered to remain with the body of Gaia and assist with the Planetary Ascension. There are many of us here learning how to live in two worlds, actually two dimensions, at once. I know that this multidimensional living is a preparation for our Planetary Ascension, so that we can “take a break” from third dimensional living and return Home for a moment of comfort and unconditional love.

I look so forward to those moments, and I try to create them as much as possible. It is within these moments that I can clearly see my mundane life through the eyes of unconditional love. In fact, I am remembering more and more to “put unconditional love” on any thought, emotion, person, place, situation or thing that causes my consciousness to drop. On the same hand, I am trying to honor my emotions to learn all my final lessons of “being third dimensional.” We have learned much in our many incarnations in polarity. More and more, we are realizing how we fear-based emotions pull us down and know that they are no longer necessary in our lives to create learning.

Unfortunately, there are still many frightening events, and it is our final lesson to remember to surround these events with unconditional love. I suppose that I am writing this sentence right now as a reminder from my SELF to ALWAYS replace ALL fear wit unconditional love. If that is the ONLY thing that we do, we are giving an enormous contribution to Personal and Planetary Ascension. I have many people tell me that they are trying to find their Purpose. If replacing fear with unconditional love is the only thing we do, we are performing the Primary Mission for our embodiment during this time of ascension.

One may think, “Well, that is not such an important contribution.” To that I say, “Try it an see how difficult that simple act can be. In order to replace fear with unconditional love, we must FEEL unconditional love. It is the taking of that moment of re-calibrating our consciousness to unconditional love that is such a huge challenge and immense contribution.” In fact, I will take a moment now myself to re-calibrate—again, again, again and again—my consciousness to unconditional love and invite you to do the same.

As I feel this love, I wish to thank my wonderful readers for all the beautiful and heart-felt responses I have been receiving. Thank you


JULY 24,2011

I have been having more experiences of my reality on the starship. I had not had many experiences of the ship since my initiation. I think it was because I had to allow Kepier, my fifth dimensional SELF, to fully merge with my physical form. My last experience I had with the ship was when I was in the Regeneration Chamber, which I believe initiated a major initiation. However, recently I have been able to experience myself within the body of Kepier, and on the starship in an increasingly vivid fashion. At the time of the experience, I was not able to document it, so rather than speaking of it in the past, I will go into my memory and re-experience those sensations again.

I'm walking down the hall of the Arcturian Starship Athena and greeting my friends that I meet along the way. I am aware that these friends are able to ascertain that there has been a merging of my fifth dimensional and third dimensional realities because they can see that my grounded self is within Kepier, my fifth dimension expression. These friends greet me and congratulate me. Many of them discuss with me their process of reconnection and merging with their grounded expression of SELF. It appears that many of the Galactic Beings who have chosen the Mission of circling Earth and assisting Her with Her ascension have also chosen to project their consciousness into the third dimensional forms of their grounded third dimensional expressions.

As I complete these discussions I walk over to the outer hull of the Ship, which I remember is a biological Ship, and I touch the wall. As I touch the wall I realize that it is an alive being. To my third dimensional mind it appears as if I am living inside of an animal. However, to my multidimensional mind “animal” would not be the correct word. The Starship is indeed a living being, a collective creation of all the members onboard the Starship. The members of Athena’s Homeworld, Arcturus, also assist with the Ships creation. They are also in constant communication with the Ship and all the crew.

As they take I moment to more deeply experience that Ship, I feel the collective consciousness of all the crewmembers on the Ship. Since we resonate to the Oneness of consciousness, it is not unfamiliar to be able to tune into the collective and merge with all that is being thought, felt and experienced. As I move even more deeply into my experience, I am aware of all of the technical aspects of the Starship. I see Light Language control mechanisms, which are activated by the thoughts of those who are aligned with that component of the operation of the Starship.

I am unable at this time to make any sense of these letters, as my physical brain is not able to understand the images. However if I move into my High Heart I find that I have a feeling about what these images are, what they stand for, and how to activate them for the benefit of the Starship and all of those who are in it. (I realize that at this time I begin to speak in first person as Kepier, rather than my physical self on planet Earth). I realize that even though we have our assigned duties, all of us are able to do all duties if necessary, which is possible because of the unity of our collective consciousness.


Within our collective consciousness, we can connect with all the information of any person who has an expertise is in that area. In this manner, all of us are able to care for every function of flying the Starship. It is for the experience of cooperation that we are assigned our individual duties. It is also that we are assigned these duties because they are the areas of our greatest proficiency. My area of expertise on the Ship is similar to my expertise in my physical reality. Therefore, I serve in a more psychological capacity. However, psychological has a very different meaning in a community of collective consciousness, as well as within a community of persons from many different areas of the Galaxy.

I suddenly have another vision in which I find myself at a small meeting. We still hold individual forms within this level of the fifth dimension, however, as I have said before, our consciousness is merged. There are perhaps nine or ten of us sitting around this table. We still choose to use our voice on many occasions because we interface with our grounded ones and with other galactic beings on a regular basis. However, before each of us gives our presentation we all touch the tabletop. When we touch the tabletop, the specific information of our presentation is downloaded into the consciousness of all those around the table.

In reality, everyone aboard the Ship would be able to connect with that information, as the Ship is much like a huge computer. The difference is that third dimensional computers exist outside of you, whereas our computers exist within us. Much as you would go to a search engine to gain information, we use our thoughts to search our inner computers to gain any information that we wish to receive.

I will now talk about the report that I am giving. Part of my job aboard the spaceship is to be in constant communication with the energy fields of the humans and other life forms of planet Earth. Since within the Earth's time frame of May 2011, there have been major downloads of light. I am about to give my report regarding the effects of this light on human consciousness. I speak in terms of human consciousness because the consciousness of Earth’s nonhuman life forms already live within unity that is quite beyond the unity of the humans. On the other hand, unity consciousness among humanity is greatly increasing every day.

Our conversations aboard our fifth dimensional starship are not limited to individual words put into sequential fashion of a sentence. Instead, we speak in images which accompany our telepathic communications and whatever voicing we choose to share with others. Therefore, I will send to humanity my report regarding the effect of light of consciousness via images in my mind. (On the Ship, I just sent the images, and we talked about them later.)


I see humanity in terms of the collective consciousness of humanity. This collective consciousness looks somewhat like one of your oceans At the top of the ocean there is the most light and highest level of consciousness, which gradually has less light and a lower state of consciousness and it moves towards the floor of the ocean, where there is very little light and a very low state of consciousness. Within your reality there are basically three groups: Multidimensional consciousness, third/fourth dimensional consciousness and selfish consciousness based on Service-to-self.

At the top-level of the ocean, multidimensional consciousness, there are those who have been able to integrate the light into their consciousness and physical forms. I see beings as being able to easily receive the light into their ever-expanding consciousness. However, their bodies are suffering symptoms of transformation. These symptoms of transformation occur because the frequency of light is far beyond the frequency of the Earth vessel. Fortunately this light is activating the 98% of their “Junk DNA” is the hard drive for transformation into Lightbody. This transformation from Earth vessel to Lightbody is a switch from the density of physical molecules within the earth vessel into the crystalline molecules that make up the awakening Lightbody.

This Lightbody has long resided within the Core of your spinal cord, brain, chakras, heart and High Heart. It is a challenge of you, the grounded one, to allow the light to enter into your physical bodies, and to direct it into your Core of which I have just spoken. Since your Core is the grounding force that connects your Lightbody to you physical body, it can easily accept the higher frequencies of the energy. Once these energies are stored within your Core, it can gradually be released into the physical, earth vessel, thus diminishing the symptoms of transformation. However, this transformation is immense and symptoms will be felt.

With the second group of third/fourth dimensional consciousness, the light is still surrounding the humans, but they have not yet learned/remembered how to accept it. For these humans there may be many changes in their external world that have forced them to look within and to ask for guidance from the higher frequencies of reality. When they choose to turn their attention into their inner worlds, which allow them access to the higher frequencies of spirit, they are increasingly able to allow the light into their consciousness. Once the light enters their consciousness, it is able to gradually enter the cells of their body, as well.

Every human has agreed to a certain flash point, an earthbound time, in which they will fully awaken to their Multidimensional SELF. It is at this flashpoint that they will be able to begin the process of transformation either gradually or all at once. Either way, the group of Lightworkers at the top-level has spent most of their lives preparing the way for those that have not yet awakened. Because of their contribution, it will be easier for mid-level group to accept the Light when they are ready and/or when it is their “time.”

The third group of consciousness, which would be correlated to the bottom of the ocean, selfish, service-to-self consciousness, is comprised of people have enjoyed the separation and power-over-others of the 3D Game and don’t want it to end. Some of the members of this group are suddenly realizing that they no longer want to live in in fear and domination. These ones are looking up, as they are not yet able to look within, in the hope of finding more light and love in their lives. It is this light and love, which will open their hearts. As their hearts open, they feel themselves beginning to transform, as well.

The other members of this group have a form like small parasites. The fight is forcing these myriad small parasites to leave their host, and they are swimming away as quickly as possible. It is within this vision that there is a realization that these parasitic beings are not members of Earth. Because Earth is moving into a higher vibration, these parasites are in the process of leaving your reality in search of yet another one.

Since I am in the process of merging with my grounded one, it is part of my duty to share this information with those who are open to this type of information. I realize that there are many grounded ones who may be not be comfortable with this information. It is to them that I send my fifth dimensional, unconditional love.

Thursday, July 21, 2011



I am El Morya, here today to take you through the portal into the Moon. The Moon was once a spacecraft, but is now inhabited by the higher fourth dimensionals who wish to be protectors of Earth.

To begin this journey, find the Moon inside your self, for that is the True Reality. Can you see it? Each of you may carry the Moon in a different area of your body. In fact, your Inner Moon, which is the Portal to Gaia’s Moon, can change locations with your emotions.

I ask you to close your eyes for a moment of the NOW and feel the power of your Inner Moon. Do you feel how the power of your Inner Moon is different than the power of your Inner Sun? It is calmer and subtler. It is not as steady as your Inner Sun, but waxes and wanes with your state of consciousness.

In fact, your Inner Moon IS your state of consciousness. When your consciousness is expanded, your Inner Moon is huge and fills your entire body with its peace and truth. Then, when your consciousness is trapped in the mire of physical life, you Inner Moon can feel dense and far away.

Therefore, take a moment to take some slow breaths to connect with your Inner Moon…

Once you have connected with your Inner Moon, allow your right hand to slowing rise and touch the place on your body where it is at NOW…

As you connect with your Inner Moon, allow its light to project the Path into Gaia’s Moon…

Slowly, you float upon the Path as you allow the Moon the pull you into Her embrace. As the Moon approaches, you know that you will easily move past its surface via the Portal of your Inner Moon. In a flash, you are inside the Moon.

The beauty inside the Moon is indescribable, and looks like a combination of Lemuria and the Land of Faerie in their peak expression. Floating above what appeared to be the grounded area (as the “ground” is inside of an orb), are many magnificent beings of the higher fourth dimension. In the very center of this reality is the Moon’s Violet Temple of Transmutation.

I, El Morya, must tell you that now you are on my own, for only those who can resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond could find their way to enter the Temple. Therefore, just relax into the unconditional love that you have felt for your self and for others. It is through the energy of your unconditional love that you shall find your Way.

As you relax into the flow of your unconditional love, you easily float up to the three stairs before the Temple entrance. You feel the innocence of purity of your Divine Child and know that state of consciousness will grant you the ability to climb these three stairs. You can see now that this Temple is made of pure violet light, and that its shape can change with your expectations. It is you state of innocence and purity that allows you to hear the manner in which you can climb these stairs.

Your consciousness is free of fear, or you would not be approaching this step. However, to climb the first stair, you must release ALL fear from every cell and atom of your physical form.

Inside, you hear the Mantra:

I NOW release ALL fear from every cell and atom of my physical form

And replace it with Unconditional Love.

Say this Mantra three times, or as many times as you need to until you can believe it is true. Is it not a glorious feeling to experience your body completely free of fear?

To step upon the second stair, know and fully believe that YOU are the creator of your reality. Knowing that all you need is “enough” frees you from the toils of the third dimension. In the fifth dimension, you create only what you need for the NOW and allow it to return to the ONE for redistribution once you withdraw your attention from it. As you use this fifth dimensional thinking in your grounded life, it grants you complete independence from third dimensional worries. This independence comes from your total believe in the next Mantra:

“I ALWAYS have Enough.”

As you move toward the third step, you hear, “What will you forget?” To your surprise you answer,

“I will forget nothing. I carry with me the memory of every life, every experience, every sorrow, joy, fear, anger, love and lost love that I have ever experienced in any of my third dimensional incarnations. I, a speck of the ONE, entered the individuality of the third dimension to gain experiences, which I vowed to share with the ONE. Therefore, I now place every earthly experience I have ever had upon the Threshold of this Temple, so that I may share all that I have known.”

As you place your earthly experiences on the Threshold, you hear the third Mantra:

“I now place every earthly experience I have ever had on

the Threshold of Ascension, so that I may share them with the ONE.”

With the last Mantra, you float into the Temple and are instantly surrounded by every higher dimensional Being you have known during your many sojourns on third dimensional Earth. You listen calmly as they tell you that you are now, and have always been, an Ascended Master.

As you return to your mundane life, you hold the memory of being surrounded by my many Guides and higher expressions of your SELF who are bathing you in their unconditional love. You vow to Gaia that you will retain an earth vessel for as long as necessary, so that you can contribute your Light to Her Planetary Ascension. You know that something important is happening, and you will maintain your presence on the body of Gaia for as long as she needs you!

You are not yet aware how this process will influence your life, but you vow to remember the three stairs:

I NOW release ALL fear from my earth vessel.

I KNOW that I AM creating “enough.”

I share all my physical experiences with the ONE.