Monday, November 30, 2009

Sacred Places Part II

Whoops, somehow I hit "publish post," and I wasn't quite done. Hence, Part II.

By choosing to place our intention and attention on the parts of our reality that we love, we make our own life a sacred place. So, what does sacred mean?
The Dictionary says:
sa·cred adj
1. dedicated to a deity or religious purpose
2. relating to or used in religious worship
3. worthy of or regarded with religious veneration, worship, and respect
4. dedicated to or in honor of somebody

I am not attached to the deity or religious parts, as that consciousness is of the Piscean Age when "God" was man and lived above us, telling you what to do. We even talked about "fearing God." However, the "dedicated to or in honor of somebody" resonates with me. However, the only way in which the dedication and honor can stay free of worship is if we are first dedicated to and honor our own true Multidimensional SELF--the "deity" that we ALL are in our higher dimensional expressions.

When we find the sacred place within our own SELF, within our own Life and our own choices, then we can freely find those sacred places in others, including Gaia. Of course, as we becoming increasingly fifth dimensional, the term "others" begins to lose its meaning. When we are all ONE, what is an "other?" It is a good thing that we are all downloading our Light Language, as third dimensional language cannot speak or understand multidimensional language. Maybe when we visit our sacred places, Gaia will teach us how to speak fifth dimensional Earth Language.
I send you all blessings from the redwoods, and from the place which still protects them.

Sacred Places

Good Morning from Morrow Bay, California,

I am on my way to Big Sur, the sacred land of Lemuria, redwood trees and all. Big Sur is one of my favorite places on Earth. The energy there is so pure and ancient, the very energy which I am endeavoring to awaken within myself. I have been trying to get back up there for a year, so maybe that is how long it has taken me to really ready to connect with my own pure energy and ancient being. I heard an inner calling to "return to Lemuria" last summer. I was able to go the Santa Barbara and connect with my Bird Tribe there. In fact, the last colony of unpolluted Lemurians was on one of the small islands off the Santa Barbara coastline.

I am sure that all of you are beginning to feel the call to visit the Power Places close to your location, and I hope that you all are able to do so. Of course, where our consciousness is, there we are also. Therefore, if we focus our consciousness on the sacred areas close to where we have been guided to live, we will be able to absorb, as well as unconditionally love those areas in return. In this manner, we deepen our bond with Gaia.

Recently, I have been led to send unconditonal love to any person, place, situation or thing that appears to be causing conflict or challenge. The results are quite amazing. These results are not instant, likely because of me. However, slowly and surely, the situation transforms without any effort or worry on my part. We are now in the position to daily choose the reality we want to live by attending to what we love and releasing the rest.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good Morning,
Have you noticed how fast reality seems now AND how tired we are! Actually, I have found that I am only tired when I am doing third dimensional things where my mind is constricted to a mundane task. On the other hand, when I am being creative, walking in nature, meditating, being with a loved one, the fatigue is gone.

Yes, the frequency of our earth vessel is rising. Have you noticed how carefully we have to be about what we eat? I keep hearing that we won't be eating for too much longer. Instead, we will absorb light. I think that we will eat at first for fun, like when we eat in Faerie. However, the fuel for our Lightbody is light. Just like the fuel for our 3D body comes from 3D Earth, the fuel for our Lightbody come from our 5D Earth.

For 40 years I have read everything I could get my hands on about the "great change." Always, this change was some time off in the distant future. Now everything I read says that we are in the midst of that change now. I can feel it, but only if I trust myself and keep my consciousness up. I am becoming so protective of my consciousness. I don't want to do anything, go anywhere, read or watch anything or be with anyone that lowers my consciousness.

It feels too wonderful, peaceful, joyful and loving to be in this state of consciousness that I don't want to lose it. I don't want to go back to what life was like before with all the fear that I held within me and felt around me. I think that we are creating 5D Earth in pockets of light. We can tell when we enter one of these pockets. We can also tell when we leave it. I am so blessed to live in a pocket of light, as well as work in one. I live by the beach and drive along the beach to my office.

Nature, that is the Nature that humanity has not been harmed by humanity, holds many pockets of light. Hence, the Elementals are happy. When we are happy and of a fourth or fifth dimensional state of consciousness, our inner Elementals (4D earth, air, fire and water) are happy. Then, when these Elementals touch our world through our aura, they share their happiness with all the surrounding Elementals, who share their happiness etc., etc. Hence, just going into our daily life with 5D consciousness serves to raise the frequency of our entire area. The challenge, of course, is to maintain that state once we leave our "pocket of light."

This is when we take a moment to expand our aura, and its innate Lightbody, to create a forcefield that holds our high frequency of light, as it also dispenses that Light to areas of darkness. We don't have to DO much to change our reality. Instead, we create that change by remembering to BE our true SELF, even if we have to re-calibrate again and again. Sometimes, when we are tired or sick, we don't have the energy to re-calibrate in the midst of daily life. Then we just need to go home, or to a place that feels like "Home," and re-calibrate our self back to the multidimensional consciousness of our SELF.

I think that we also need to come out from the deep cover that we had to create when our world was so filled with darkness. Everything I am reading now is that the Illuminati are on the run. Yes, they are desperate and will try any trick they can to scare us--swine flu as an example. But it is not working. All over the world people are saying, "NO, I will NOT be mandated to take your shot that you just made up yesterday without even testing it." The thing is, one of the main Symptoms of Transformation into Lightbody is sensations that feel like the flu. So, if a lot of us get the flu, that means that a lot of us are transforming. Do you think the Illuminati know that and put some scaring name one it??

I was with my grandson a few weeks ago when he had the "flu," which had symptoms exactly like when I had my first download of my fifth dimensional SELF. We even had a conversation about moving into the Light, waiting for each other, and going as ONE. In fact, he said, "Grandma, please wait for me." I said, "Honey, it is more likely that you will have to wait for me." He said he would because he didn't want to go alone.

NO, I don't think any of us will go alone. How can we go alone into the Unity of the ONE? Besides, we will take with us every person, place, situation and thing that we LOVE. That is how we will move into and furnish our New Earth. Whenever I move I have a "no junk" law. This means that anything that I am complete with in my life, I leave behind. Now, we will leave behind, fear, sadness, anger, wars, violence. I think we will also leave behind our old concept of money, work and technology. However, we will not lose anything. Instead we will re-create in a higher frequency.

I wish you all a good day. I hope/know that you will all enjoy creating your new life,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Posting a Comment

Good Morning,

As I said before, I am new to blogging. Hence, the controls were not set the way I wanted. Several people emailed to say they couldn't post a comment. We have now changed the set up. It is not necessary now to have an account to post a comment. Just scroll down to the bottom of the post and click on the link that says "Comments". This will take you to the Comments Form where you can type your comment and post it.

I hope you all have a great day. I will post another blog soon,

Monday, November 9, 2009

From where I am now, I can look back at a long life, for me anyway, which I can barely remember. Yes, there are many snapshots of my life, but they are not in sequence and disconnected from each other. I feel a great change coming to us all. I welcome this change, yet also have to keep releasing the fear, again and again. I am endeavoring to live in the NOW where there is seldom fear. If there is fear in the now, I/we are so busy taking care of whatever is happening, or we imagine is happening, that we fall out of the NOW. So, I guess, there is NO fear in the NOW.

I remember when I felt great influxes of emotions, like tidal waves overtaking me, and long bouts of obcessive thinking over which I had no control. Fortunately, these experiences are memories to which I no longer hold an attachment. It is not that I don't worry and battle fear, it is just that it doesn't FEEL as strong and I KNOW it is an illusion. At least, I think I KNOW it is an illusion :) I spent the day studying about the Mayan Calendar and some possible fearful things that are said to soon happen. I don't want to discuss these possible realities here, as they will likely not happen in the NOW. That is, if we are in the NOW, they won't be fearful--I think.

I don't know for sure what will happen as we are creating our reality as we go. However, there are so many wonderful awakening ones that I have talked to that I have confidence that we will create/return to our fifth dimensional resonance. Create and return to only make sense when we think fifth dimensionally where there is no time or space. Without time and space, we can go and come at the same time and live many realities at the same time. I think that there are actually many realities right now that we are creating/entering. What creating and entering have in common is our state of consciousness. Our state of consciousness will create and enter the reality that resonates to that frequency of consciousness.

Therefore, it is my thought/desire that we create/enter fifth dimensional Earth as softly as a morning breeze and as gently as we hold a newborn. It is my belief/expectation that our path will open under our feet, but we will only know where we are and not where we are going. There is no "going" without time and space. There is only HERE, NOW. So, I guess that means that we are not creating or entering our new reality for we can only enter it through the Flow of the ONE, which is only HERE in the NOW. Now isn't this a silly post, trying to talk about a multidimensional event beyond time and space with the language of the third dimension.

However, there are signs everywhere that most everyone wants to be constantly united with everyone they care about--face book, twitter, email, cell phones, texting etc. etc. I have read, or heard inside, or both, that societies/realities that are on the cusp of the fifth dimensional ONE and NOW create many machines to do what they don't know that they can do without the machines. I mean, if we can invent all these machines, aren't we smarter than the machine?

Can we let go of our machines of unity, "drop our crutches," and walk on our own? Can we have enough confidence in our SELF to let go of all that we have known to BE, all that we have wanted? I struggle with that question. Do you?


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Great Race

Dear ONE,
Last night I had another "trying to break away from my captors" dream. This one was so strong that I stayed awake for a while so that i wouldn't go back to that dream/lower astral reality. Please assist me.

Dearest Suzille,
We are the Arcturians, your true people. The countless lifetimes since you entered (re-entered) Earth at the fall of Atlantis, you have vanquished from the lack of light in your reality. The darkness of the physical world trapped you in the clutches of illusion and captured your Spirit in the 3D Game of separation from your true SELF. Now, as you, Gaia, and your entire reality are nearing "end game," you, and many other lightworkers are serving in the lower astral plane to rescue the portions of your SELF that are still trapped there, as well as any other Souls who are asking for relief.

We realize that this experience is very difficult as it robs you of quality sleep, but there is too much work to be done to do it all in your waking hours. We have asked you to share this message with you blog because there are many other brave Souls who sacrifice their quality sleep to help the ones still trapped in the Lower Astral, as well as retrieving their own lost fragments of Soul. All of you who are giving this service are greatly assisting Gaia in Her ascension by creating tunnels of light through Her wounded aura--Her Lower Astral Plane.

Those of us in the higher dimensions and in the many cloaked ships that fill your fourth dimensional space as also working to clear this ages-old darkness. However, there are certain elements of that darkness/fear that can only be cleared by the actual occupants of the planet. From our perspective in the upper fourth and fifth dimension we see more and more glorious tunnels of light being created each day. Soon, these many tunnels will expand more and more until they unite to clear ALL fear and darkness.

At this point, Gaia will be free to make Her ascension and bring her dedicated inhabitants with Her. As you know, there are many non-human inhabitants who strive daily to clear the age old fear and darkness from Gaia's aura so that she can fully take in the Unconditional Love, Divine Intelligence and Infinite Creativity that is being sent the Her from the Galactic Center. The trees, plants, waterways and even the very earth are joining the animals, cetaceans other beings who swim the oceans and fly the skies. What a joyous picture we see from our viewpoint.

We wish to send our congratulations to ALL the many inhabitants of Gaia's Earth who feel the NOW of the ascension moving closer and closer. Like long distance runners at the end of a long journey, you may feel like you cannot take another step. Yet, you do, again and again. One more time, and then another, you reach deep within to find enough light to continue one more step. The vision of the finish line spurs you on. We hope that you can hear the cheers of the many spectators here in your higher dimensional skies applauding your great race Home.

To all you brave ones who receive this message, we send you unconditional love to boost your Spirit and encourage your memory of SELF. We are here, ALWAYS, supporting you and sending you love and light. We speak for ourselves, the Arcturians, as well as the many members of your Star Family.

Hurray! YOU are the winner!