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Your NEW Sense of SELF--The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Your NEW Sense of SELF

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie
Dear Ones,

There are many initiations that accompany ascension. Because you are not concerned with your personal ascension and are working for Gaia, there are certain dispensations that are available. For one thing, because you have put the needs of the planet before your personal needs you consciousness will greatly expand, as will the scope of your creative sharing.

We the Arcturians are commending you because many of you have not taken your “time” to commend your self. We want to remind you that there is no “conceit” in the higher frequencies. In fact, the dark ones created the concept of “conceit,” so that people would not understand and accept their own higher abilities.  

We want you to know that the darkness is losing its choke-hold on the people. Many people on your world were never aware of the dark underbelly of their country. All they knew was what the propaganda on the television and public media told them.  

The masses accepted the media information as the “truth” because it was normal to have the few rule the many. However, we Galactics are here now to remind you all that there is no need for any ”ruler-ship” in any country. However, the force of habit is strong for humanity, and there have been rulers for most of humanity’s incarnations. Hence, it is normal and expected. 

Fortunately, in the fifth dimensional reality to which you are awakening, everyone is a sovereign being and are able to “rule” themselves. Furthermore, they do not consider the concept of “ruling others.” Instead they perceive an organized system to which all the members of their society can contribute and share.

Fifth dimensional societies know that everyone within that frequency of reality and beyond is capable of ruling them selves. Without the polarity of light and dark, there is NO victim and NO ruler. Instead, everyone lives within cooperation.

Since each being feels complete within their own fifth dimensional expression of self, they do not need to take from others or have power-over others. Everyone is connected in unconditional love. We know that this concept is almost unimaginable for our ones who have spent many incarnations living within the constrictions of a third dimensional reality.

In fact, many whose consciousness is still limited to the third dimension still believe in “death.” They have not yet remembered that when one dies they return to their higher dimensional expressions of self. Unfortunately, when they decide to take a third dimensional incarnation, they usually embrace the third dimensional concept of death.

We wish to tell you that your greatest enemy is not the dark ones. Your greatest, and perhaps only, enemy is that when you take an earth vessel you often forget your true Multidimensional SELF. We want you all to know that “remembering” your Multidimensional SELF is THE most important key in your ascension process.

As you, our grounded ones, continue with your current incarnation, or take another incarnation; you will find a very different Earth. Those who will remain on Earth during the escalation of the Gaia’s frequency rate will be joyful to experience the steady rise in the baseline frequency of Earth.

In reality, there has been a rise in frequency that has been occurring for the last 2000 years, but the acceleration was so minuscule, and you were all so busy “keeping your nose to the grindstone,” that you did not notice.

There have also been times when Earth was traveling through lower frequency energy fields. In these eras, civilizations there were enjoying a “peak society” quickly declined into “fall.” During these times declining energy fields, most humans could NOT expand their consciousness into higher frequencies, and some societies were totally wiped out.

During these eras, humanity was unable to conceive of the planet as a living being and greatly disrespected, even murdered, many of Gaia’s land, plants, animals, and other humans. However, these dark times are coming to an end because Gaia is now traveling through a very high frequency energy field.

Of course, the humans who have greatly profited from the dark energy fields are still trying to have “power-over” others. However, even though the many dark ones are doing everything they can to maintain their “power-over” others, the higher energy fields are “feeding” higher light into those of you who are able to accept it.

It is mainly during the eras in which Earth is moving through cosmic areas of higher light that you, the members of humanity, are able to realize that, just as humans are experiencing the impact of higher frequencies of light, so does the planet.

With the awareness and acceptance of the higher light, especially if it is a conscious acceptance, the illusions that ruled Earth during the darker times are revealed. The main illusion that is NOW “melting” under the higher frequencies of light is the illusion that one person could have “power-over” another.

As these higher frequencies of light enter your Pineal Gland/Crown Chakra you are slowly, or quickly, regaining your multidimensional memory. As this expanded memory comes “online” in your daily life, you have the opportunity to regain an ever-expanding understanding of and intimacy with your own Multidimensional SELF.

This expanded relationship with your SELF give you great courage because your “SELF” is not limited to the third-dimensional earth vessel that you are wearing. With this freedom they can consciously connect with the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Your conscious connection with the fifth dimension allows you to remember that you can always gain guidance from your Galactic friends and family who are constantly sending you unconditional love from the higher dimensions. Once you can consciously receive this blessing from the higher frequencies, it greatly assists you to remember the “reason why you took this embodiment.”

Best of all, once you establish a constant, ongoing relationship with your fifth dimensional self, your “sense of SELF” expands beyond your physical world and into your higher dimensional realties. As your “sense of SELF” continually expands to include your higher dimensional selves, create a conscious ongoing communication with your higher frequencies of reality.

This personal relationship with your SELF is very beneficial because you can continually receive the “higher perspective” of what is occurring within your third-dimensional reality. Hence, you are greatly freed from the lies and illusions that are constantly being sent out into your physical reality.

Your expanded sense of SELF serves as an “antidote” to all the lies and illusions because your own inner truth and revelations overrides the myriad third dimensional illusions and lies. At first, it may appear that you are floating above your physical self, or that your physical self is limiting in some manner.

You may even go through a period of confusion as to “which self is my real self.” However, as you gain the courage and commitment to share these higher messages in your daily life, you will find that many others are having similar experiences.

Your new Sense of SELF is “returning” to your true form of Lightbody. In fact, you are remembering more and more of your fifth dimensional visits and “dreams” in which YOU ARE Lightbody! Then, when you return to the physical plane, you remember to wear your third-dimensional earth vessel.

From our higher perspective, we observe that many of you are feeling the Kundalini Fire rising up your spine in preparation for your transmutation into Lightbody. This sends a feeling of bliss and affirmation that you are much more than a physical person struggling through a changing world.

More and more of you are remembering when and how you volunteered for your “away mission” to assist planet Earth. On the other hand, many Galactics have never had an Earth incarnation, but have assisted Gaia from our higher dimensional realities.

When Gaia was still a young planet, we Arcturians worked with the Pleiadians and the Sirians to assist Gaia during her early eras of human occupation. We use the word “occupation” because humans were also young in evolutions. Hence, many of them/you were more inclined to “occupy and dominate” the planet rather than to unconditionally love and support it.

It is for that reason that many of you in the higher worlds volunteered to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia. We send this message to you now because we wish to call you into active duty.

By “active duty” we mean that Gaia is ready for Her return to Her higher frequencies of expression and needs SHE needs your assistance. How do you assist a planet? The answer is that you send Gaia Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

Unconditional Love is the healing force of the multiverse and can heal ALL life. The Violet Fire is the power of transmuting a person, place, thing,  planet and/or a reality into a higher octave of resonance.

However, in order to send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire out into your world, you must allow it into your own self—Chakra-by-Chakra. It is for this reason that we spent an entire month assisting our grounded ones to love themselves unconditionally.

Since this process is unconditional, it is free of time and can be experienced in whatever NOW you choose. If you have not prepared yourself in this manner, we suggest that you do so.

Unconditional love for your self gives you great courage. It also greatly facilitates your memory of SELF, as well as your dedication to remain connected to your own higher expressions within the NOW of all your “time” on Earth.

Blessings to all,
We are HERE NOW to assist whenever you call.

The Arcturians and Your Galactic Family

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The Connective Mind --The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie


The Connective Mind
The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear ONE,
Please continue speaking about what I woke up with. It was a message…

It was a message from the connective component of your SELF. There are many, many, elements, elementals, personas and multidimensional versions of your Multidimensional SELF whose primary purpose within this NOW is “tasting” your fifth dimension expression.

By “tasting” we mean that you are increasingly receiving a quiet glimpse, a random thought, an unspoken word or physical picture of that which is in-between what IS and that which is BECOMING.

In fact, you are peeking into the “in-between” that was always invisible to your third and even fourth dimensional dream-self. You are beginning to receive a “quiet glimpse,” a “distant voice,” and/or a “vague memory” of something that has never occurred in your third or fourth dimensional reality.

You are “day dreaming” about something, waking up to something, and trying so very hard to remember something. But it resonates just beyond the threshold of your current perceptions. However, much like an astral ghost, the something calls you from your heart, flickers in and out of the corner of your eye and whispers softly into your ear.

We know that this can be quite frustrating because when you turn to directly address these phantom thoughts, visions, sounds, and/or feelings, they seem to float just beyond your perception.

Actually, these perceptions have always been there, but your consciousness did not resonate to a higher enough frequency for you to perceive them with your third dimensional consciousness.

However, now that your consciousness is expanding beyond the fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension, you are “just now” beginning to consciously perceive that which resonates to the threshold of your fifth dimensional consciousness.

In fact, these messages, visions, feelings, and/or thoughts are urging you to expand your consciousness “just a bit more.” These semi-conscious messages are calling you to remember that there is a memory, and/or a communication, from the fifth dimension that your physical brain cannot yet fully grasp.

You are “ON THE THRESHOLD” of remembering, perceiving, understanding, and embracing the components of your Multidimensional SELF that the consciousness of your third dimensional self cannot yet grasp. However, you are becoming aware of that which you cannot, yet, consciously perceive.

Please remember that your human brain was meant to “filter—out” all perceptions that resonated to the fourth dimension and beyond. However, as your consciousness continues to expand, so does the frequency range of your perceptions.

Therefore, that which was once invisible, inaudible, and impossible for your conscious mind to perceive is now tickling your heart, whispering into your ear and flitting across your vision.

Fortunately, you can “feel” higher-dimensional perceptions in your physical body and glimpse them as you awaken, complete a meditation, look out into nature and contact you in ways that are different for different people.

You see, you are all getting just a small component of the “big picture,” but when you communicate with others you find that their experience was the missing component of your own experience. You all are getting different pieces of the same “ascension puzzle,” because you all have different life experiences.

These life experiences have told you what is real and what is not real. That is, what is real or not real to YOU. Another person will have a slightly different perception of reality. And, all of you are correct. Each of you perceive the same planetary transition from a slightly different perception.

However, if all of you share your “weird,” “phantom,” “surrealistic” experiences with each other, you will see that each of you are perceiving a part of a cosmic jig-saw puzzle that you are all putting together with your ever-expanding consciousness and perceptions.

Many of you have been having these experiences for many years, or even for as long as you remember. Others are just beginning to be “conscious” of these experiences. We say “conscious,” as you have always had these experience with your “unconscious mind.”

However, you were told that only the third dimension was real and you were “weird, crazy, or mentally ill” if you thought these experiences were real. There were, of course, some of you who were told that these experiences were real, but you learned as children to keep them to yourselves or “they” would think you were crazy, or worse yet, different.

Of course, you always knew you were different, but it was too lonely to live that way. Therefore, you tried to fit in with “them.” Many of you “faked it” for many years, especially those of you who were born just after WWII when the brain washing was extreme.

The Zeta Reticuli ETs have come to Earth. In fact, they spoke with Eisenhower, which was helpful. However, Rockefeller was listening, which was damaging. The Zeta Reticuli, who had been working with the Nazis to exchange advanced technology, such as the Nazi rockets, for human DNA, came to Washington DC.

They knew that Germany had lost the war, so they came to America who had “won” the war. Of course, the war continued on in a silent manner that only the government knew about while the people of America celebrated their “great victory.”

The economy was up, and when the Zetas offered highly advanced technology in exchange for human DNA, Rockefeller saw dollar signs. Since the Illuminati was well in control of much of what was occurring in the United States at that time, their personal wealth was far more important than the welfare of the people.

We are NOT saying that the Zetas were bad at all. However, the Zetas were desperate. Long before, they had had many wars, just like Earth. Except the very technology that they offered “the winners of WWII,” was the technology that had destroyed their world by using it.

Then, the Zetas were forced to live underground to avoid the radiation from the very weapons that they offered the US in trade for human DNA. Of course, Eisenhower was wise to this, but the money from the “Illuminati” families had been used to “win the war,” which the Illuminati had secretly created to gain more power over the members of the “free” United States.

Within that NOW, America was so happy that they “won the war,” that they went along with anything the government said. After all, the Rockefellers were their “friends” who had offered their money to assist with the war effort. 

Of course no one then could even imagine that those who “helped” with the war, were members of the very Illuminati who “created” the war in the first place. However, the adults at that time had been children during the Great Depression, which was also created by the Illuminati, and did NOT want to ever be poor again.

Therefore, if the deal looked like money, the answer was YES. Besides, what did it cost them if “taking a bit of DNA” terrified people? Besides, these people were taken into the fourth dimension for the “procedure”, so who would remember? 

Besides, this great new technology would bring money to the country, or at least, to the Illuminati of whom the Rockefellers had always been members. Of course, not all these family members were members. However, if there were not, they were outcasts, or if the knew too much, they just disappeared.

We are not being negative, but you are all “adults” now within your awakening and need to release the veil of illusion that has kept you from knowing the truth. The truth may not be pleasant, but it will set you free.

The truth will set you free of the illusions that keep your consciousness and perceptions “stuck” in the third/fourth dimensions of your reality. These illusions tell you that you are
“just physical” and that you need “be like them.”

Even though you, the fully awakened ones, never wanted to “be like them,” you did want to have a happy life. Therefore, you followed the 3D rule of believing the illusions and ignoring the truth, for as long as you could.

However, our volunteers to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia, could often consciously perceive the fourth dimension and, sometimes, even the fifth dimensions. However, you learned very young to keep these perceptions to your self or you could be considered “crazy.”  

Therefore, you tried to lie to yourself so that you could fit into a dimension of reality that was actually too low of a resonance for your state of higher consciousness. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the constant state of “knowing the truth” which no one else would speak about made you depressed, anxious, angry, lonely, and sick.

Besides, many of those who were abducted were children when it started. Who would listen to you? Well—no one, especially not your parents who had risked his or her lives to make the “world safe for democracy.”

Most of the above took place in the United States, but Europe had been devastated by the war, so they were not the Illuminati’s problem. The Illuminati could not allow humans to believe they were “the winners.” That would make them too hard to control.

Therefore, they created weather change that created “the dust bowl” and the “great depression.” Therefore, by the onslaught of the Second World War, people were desperate and easily manipulated into “getting the bad guy,” and “making the world safe for democracy.”

But NOW, in spite of the Illuminati’s best efforts, YOU, the humans of Earth are waking up to the fact that YOU are the creators of your reality. YOU are realizing that the only power you can trust is the “power within” your own Multidimensional SELF.

Now, YOU have this “power within” because your third dimensional self has chosen to remember your Multidimensional SELF. In remembering your Multidimensional SELF, you are remembering more and more about your fifth dimensional expression that already resides on fifth dimensional Earth.

Regaining the conscious memory of your Multidimensional SELF activates your Multidimensional PERCEPTIONS and your Multidimensional MEMORY. Within the ever-expanding perception and memory of your SELF, you are remembering the “Reason why you took this embodiment.”

You are also remembering how to expand your consciousness into your fifth dimensional gamma waves so that you can perceive BEYOND the fourth dimensional astral plane and into the higher and higher dimensional expressions of your SELF.

In other words, dear volunteers to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension, you are remembering your SELF. In fact, you are remembering the myriad versions of your higher dimensional SELF who NOW exist within the HERE of the fifth dimension, and beyond.

In fact, our beloved volunteers to assist Gaia, you are remembering your Multidimensional SELF, your life on your Starship and/or Homeworld and, most important of all, you are remembering the MISSION that YOU chose before you took this embodiment.

Therefore, we end this message by reminding you that your morning messages, meditations, moments of reverie and/or flashes of insight are bits of the NOW that your  “Connective SELF” has merged with your third-dimensional perceptual field.

Please remember dear volunteers to assist Gaia’s ascension, YOU are the collective of the many, elements, elementals, personas, and multidimensional versions of your Multidimensional SELF whose primary purpose within this NOW is “tasting” your fifth dimension expression.

With every “taste” you learn more, remember more and perceive more. The path from third/fourth dimensional Earth into Gaia’s fifth-dimensional planetary expression is paved with Unconditional Love to show you the way, and the Violet Fire to continually transmute you into higher and higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

You are returning to your fifth dimensional SELF who is guiding you Home.
Listen with your High Heart,
And see with your Third Eye.

The Arcturians 

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Heart of the Matrix and FREE Book Download - Suzanne Lie

Earth Day


By Suzanne Lie
Dear Ones,

I am IlliaEm, Elohim of Arcturus. I am with you today to remind you that separation is now obsolete. Hence, you are in union with ALL the multidimensional levels of your SELF.
For this reason, it will take only a few moments of meditation for you to feel my Essence, as well as the Essence of the Arcturian Group Mind, within your Soul, your consciousness, your aura, your physical body, and within the physical body of Gaia.
All is ONE. Therefore, it is “time” for you to train your Desire Body for its new purpose. Desire’s old purpose was to assist you in “achieving” what, where, and who you wanted.
Please tell Desire that is has been re-assigned. Desire’s purpose NOW is to remember—“I AM Everything, Everywhere, And Everyone for I AM “The Heart and Seed of the Crystal Matrix.”
The Heart of the Crystal Matrix is in our Heart Chakra, 1⁄2 octave in frequency above our physical heart. It is the kernel of the Three Fold Flame upon which the power of our life-force burns. The Seed of the Crystal Matrix is in our Crown Chakra, 1⁄2 octave above our pineal gland in our physical brain.
The seed of the Crystal Matrix is the entry point of the higher dimension into our physical earth vessel, whereas the Heart of the Crystal Matrix is where we integrate the higher vibrations into our transforming physical body.
The Crystal Matrixes are the main processing center for the “experience” to which you are choosing to calibrate. Dearest Ones, I say “calibrate,” as there are myriad experiences occurring all the time and everywhere. All of these experiences are occurring in the Flow of the NOW.
When you are only resonating to the third dimension, this calibration is unconsciousness, and many of your experiences are “chosen” by the “Core Beliefs” that were activated in early youth or “past lives.” You had to “work hard” to release these limitations and replace them with “less limiting” limitations.
Now there are NO limitations, as you are NO longer separate from All That Is. You are presently grounding your Soul/SELF into your third dimensional earth vessel so that you can merge your fourth and fifth dimensional Selves with your third dimensional body, as well as the physical body of Planet Earth.
During this merging, your senses are being re-calibrated to the perceptual channels of the fifth dimension and beyond. This re-calibration will greatly assist you in your transformation from physical body into Light Body.  
When your fifth dimensional Soul/SELF first enters your physical form, it is common to experience a great sense of “overwhelm,” as your ego is not accustomed to such expanded perceptions.
This sense of overwhelm can create FEAR, which, in turn, can make it difficult to stay connected to, and live from, the Soul/SELF you are downloading. It is important to remember to surrender this fear to you Soul, as that which is difficult for your ego, your Soul can easily manage in Peace and Calm.
Fear to third dimensional perception is a monster of tremendous power. On the other hand, from the perception of your Soul, fear is an annoying fly that must be brushed away. Do not deny your fear or try to ignore it, or that one “fly” can multiply.
Brush away each moment of fear with your Hand of Soul. Fear is NOT your reality, but it may even be a warning. In that case, you can acknowledge with a grateful nod, and then release the feeling of fear from your attention before it takes root in your Desire Body.
Once fear is activated as “your protector,” it serves to warn you to be wary of certain situations. However, as you have learned, fear can become a habit and infiltrate your EVERY desire and manifestation.
Because your fifth dimensional Soul/SELF, who resonates beyond the illusions of “need” and “danger,” NOW protects you, your Desire Body is no longer in need of fear for protection.
Once free of the need for protection from fear, your Desire Body can direct ALL its intention in one direction: THE FULFILLMENT OF YOUR MISSION. Your personal Mission is the reason for which you took embodiment in this time/space reality.
There are so many of you on Earth now who have awaited this day, and you’ve even created petitions to show how your birth could best serve Gaia. The Service that you promised in your petition is your Mission; the Mission that YOU chose before your embodiment.
However, this is not a new Mission, as you have been working towards it, life after life, since you first “logged-on” to the 3D Game. In the last turn of the Galactic Completion, during the fall of Atlantis, Gaia had too much darkness on Her form, and nearly self-destructed. Most of you were there then to assist.
During this Galactic Completion, Gaia has called in Her loyal humans who have served Her for many lifetimes. Your Mission now is likely similar to the Mission that you had then.
Just as you logged-on to the 3D Game as a human, Gaia logged-on to the 3D Game as a Planet. Through your process of playing this Game with Her, you, too, have become a Planet.
Via the rules of this Game, once you are born, most of you forget your personal “puzzle piece” of the “Great Puzzle” of Planetary Ascension. However, you are now beginning to remember. Many of you are also becoming aware that this will be your last assignment in a physical form.
Once this materialization is completed, your physical body will complete its transformation into Lightbody. Most of you have volunteered to culminate this final transformation in conjunction with Gaia, as a catalyst for Planetary Ascension.
Your Lightbodies have been slowly and safely developing within the encasement of your physical shell. The casing of this “shell,” which is ruled by your ego/self and is perceived as your physical body, grows thinner and thinner as the seed of your Lightbody germinates and grows within the Heart of the Crystal Matrix.
As this seed sprouts within your Crystal Matrix, it sends shoots into every cell and atom of your physical body, where the germination begins again. When each off-shoot sprouts in each cell and atom, your “junk DNA” is activated and your physical earth vessel displays symptoms of transformation.
Your scientists have not found the purpose of this particular DNA because it is beyond the limitations of their beliefs; hence, the term, “junk DNA.” The scientists cannot perceive what they cannot believe is possible.
That is why, dear transforming ones, you must release the “concept of impossible” from your consciousness. “Impossible” is a third dimensional concept, and one that is now obsolete. ALL is possible from the insight of your Soul/SELF.
While your Soul/SELF traverses its Home vibration of the fifth dimension, it is aware of, and interlaced with, many different experiences, realities, and lifetimes that are all occurring within the same moment of the ever-present Now.
Your Soul/SELF is now implanting itself within one of its many experiences, realities, and lifetimes—YOU. Consequently, you and your fifth dimensional SOUL/SELF are entering into a joint venture.
You are not yet accustomed to the expansiveness of Soul’s reality, while Soul Is not yet accustomed to the limitations of your reality. Nonetheless, the TEAM of human ego/self and spiritual Soul/SELF are beginning a partnership of Spirit into Matter.
Long ago, when you first entered the 3D Game, you wanted to learn how you would fare being separated from the All That Is. You wondered how it would feel to “BE” matter without a conscious connection to Spirit.
Within the myriad games/lifetimes that you have played/lived, you have learned much about the separation of polarities. Primarily, you have learned that once Spirit and Matter are separated, masculine/feminine, light/dark, good/bad, and love/fear are also separated.
What have you learned in your polarity games? Take a long moment of the NOW to answer that question. Ask your Soul/SELF for assistance, and please, ask us—the Arcturians—as well.
In the NOW of your “time,” it is important to answer the question, “What Did You Learn?,” for within the answer hides your Mission. When you find that answer, calibrate your Desire Body to LIVE that Mission.
There is only one outcome of “living your Mission,” and when it is completed—as a person, a family, a community, a state, a nation, a continent, a hemisphere, and, a PLANET—the partnership of YOU and Gaia will ascend.
Dear Students, Readers and Friends,
I woke up this morning with a message that to honor Gaia on Her “Earth Day” I was to “give-away” my book, “What Did You Learn?” I wrote this book, including the above introduction, over 15 years ago. It has been waiting in my computer long enough.

This book is about being “conscious creators of our reality.” Today, Earth Day, is a perfect day to remind us all that WE ARE THE CREATORS OF OUR REALITY.

Creating our reality is a great responsibility for us ALL because, not only do we personally create our OWN reality, collectively, we create Earth’s reality!

What have we learned in our many incarnations on planet Earth? In fact…

By Suzanne Lie

Happy Earth Day

Sue Lie

(which is a picture/story book that says a lot with few words)