Friday, February 26, 2021

How can we confront that which we cannot see?

 Feb, 26, 2020           

                                     How Can We Confront

What we cannot see?

How can we remember

Who we are meant to be?

This is a NOW 

To remember HOW

We came to be within this NOW

We realize that something, somehow

Has changed our world, in an invisible way

That we must deal with every day

How do we deal with this unknown

 If we search inside, 

Will we be shown?

At least if we look deep inside

We'll know that we aren't

Trying to hide

Hide from what?

We ask above

Can we face this NOW

With Faith and Love?

We cannot hide,

From this unknown

But if we look inside

We may be shown

"Shown what?"

We ask, in our own way,

"How can we see our SELF 

Each day?"

As we move throughout

Our daily life

We are finding ways 

To face this strife

Is Gaia calling us to say,

"Please heal my planet

In every way"

"Dear Humans who

Live on  my WORLD"

"I, your Mother ask you to show

How each of you will

Join the Flow"

"The Flow that I, 

Your Mother Earth, "

Is calling you from deep inside,

"Do not run and do NOT hide!"

"The answers to your questions 

Are found down deep inside!'

Inside your Mother Earth 

The planet of your Birth

It is the NOW 

to Remember HOW

YOU are Gaia

In your Heart and Soul

When you remember that


Remember that the Ascended Masters are


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Transmissions from the Antarians

This message was first received 9-17-17 



Through Suzanne Lie

Feeling Completion By Going Back To The Beginning

                                    This article was first received on May 27, 2019

Note from Suzanne:

The below information channeled to me about the Antarians started on 7-4-14. I have been called to send it out, bit-by-bit via my Blog for all of you to experience. Antares is found within the greater star system of Scorpius (often known as Scorpio). Please see the Star map for Antares above. Then, perhaps you can look up into the night sky to find Antares.

(Suzanne Lie speaks:)

As I come toward the conclusion of the Pleiadian books, I am coming towards the conclusion of many other areas of my life. Primarily, I recognize how the outdated behaviors of my third-dimensional self lowers my consciousness. Third dimensional behaviors have always limited our consciousness, but we could not identify them quickly enough to see the connection. Then, a long “time” after that behavior we would realize the cause of the situation that we had created. 

Now we are seeing how our thoughts and emotions lay down the foundations of that which will soon be our creation. We are catching our self in the act of reacting to life in a third dimensional manner. Now, we can often observe how our reactionary behaviors create the same kind of situation again and again. 

Fortunately, we are beginning to consciously connect the dots of our old patterns of “unconscious” creation. As we consciously identify our reactions and interactions, we are realizing that we can choose to Let Go of our reaction and allow the unknown to enter our consciousness. 

This letting go has repeatedly been displayed in our life over the last six months or so. Therefore, we have been much more “conscious” of our unconscious creations. The wonderful lesson we have learned is that when we allow our self to LET GO of 3D reactions, interactions, judgments and conflicts, something always manifests that is much better. 

In other words, when we LET GO of my 3D reactions, a more creative and higher frequency energy field replaces that which we just released. With this realization, one may think that we would instantly “let go” of any third dimensional reactions to any person, place, situation or thing that is lowering my consciousness. 

However, before we can Let Go of all 3D reactions, we have to identify our third dimensional behaviors and/or habits that are tenaciously creating the very reaction that has NEVER worked. Why would we hang on to old behaviors that lower our consciousness and hold us in the lower frequencies?

The answer is because it has become “normal” to accept, behave, desire and/or react to life in a third-dimensional manner. As long as these behaviors are normal, we cannot see the portal of light that is quietly glimmering through the trees. This light is calling us to be aware of our both my reactive 3D self, as well as our Multidimensional SELF who constantly reminds us to LET GO of third dimensional challenges. 

In other words, our inner voice is whispering, crying, shouting to LET GO of old patterns of engaging in the now extinct third-dimensional dramas. Yes, these dramas are extinct, but many of our perceptual channels are tuned to a version of reality that only exists within my own unconscious self.

Fortunately, and often uncomfortably, we are NOW recognizing that these old tapes are no longer of interest. Our third dimensional desires are diminishing along with our third dimensional dreams of fame and recognition. Yes, we still like to feel as though someone is observing our life, however, as we stop judging our self, we are less and less concerned as to whether or not others are judging or acknowledging us.

Most important, we are beginning to KNOW and trust that we are always protected. We know that we are protected because we are able to “feel” our higher guidance above and within us. Of course, there still are “Initiations” in which we have chosen to confront any inner darkness that is ready to fall from our aura and be transmuted into light. 

Through these Initiations we are able to understand that we are actually being giving another chance to live the higher path of multidimensional light. We can choose this higher path by releasing our fear reactions and interactions with the illusions of the physical world. 

Since I joined Sandy and Jason in their process of merging with the elementals, there has been a huge shift in my consciousness. I am floating in and out of time in an embarrassing way, with lots of excuses as to why I appear so disoriented. But, the main change has been in my relationship with the elementals. My backyard is forging its way into the fifth dimension with the growing trees, abundant flowers, myriad insects and hummingbirds.

Many of us have decided to LET GO of our corporate jobs or that fast paced life of the big city. More and more of us want to walk in nature and enjoy our friends, family and the new life we are creating. We are discovering our inner abilities of manifesting the life we choose. Therefore, money, and the lack of it, has been as issue for so long that it has lost its value. 

Meanwhile, we are refusing to participate in a reality based on fear and lies. We can make this refusal NOW because we are remembering the WE are the “higher self.” This realization allows us to remember that we can only create a loving life we love our self. Loving our self is not easy because we have been trained for myriad incarnations that something is wrong with us. Or, maybe, we just weren’t “good enough.”

Why did we never stop to consider just “who was judging us and why. We were far too busy “trying” to be good enough for “them.” That is one of the main things that are changing. Because we are not judging our self, we are not be affected by the judgment of others.

As I am moving into the next phase, I find myself looking back to my first inter-dimensional and inter-galactic communication. Since these communications seemed so weird, so different and so unacceptable to almost everyone I knew I hid these files
 in the bowels of my computer.

Computer after computer held these early secrets that I kept from others and even tried to keep from myself. However, as much as one part of me was sure I was insane, another part of me KNEW that what I was experiencing was real. This process began when I first met the Arcturians, and they encouraged me to move through the “vortex.” Some time in May or June of 1995 I began to receive the below transmissions from Antares:

Greetings, We are from Antares.

We have come to communicate with you because you have formed an ancient alliance with us.  You did not remember this alliance until the Orion implant was removed.  This implant was placed in your etheric field when you were taken prisoner by them.  

You have served in our legions during many incarnations. You have not been able to recognize this portion of yourself as you have placed it in the darkness and judged it as “wrong.” Before you can move through the gateway of Arcturus, you must make peace with your warrior.

We have asked you if you would be willing to channel information for us.  We have messages, which we would like to relay to the people of Earth that are willing to hear.  We feel your doubt and fear to put your self in a vulnerable position.  This fear is ungrounded.  You are a great warrior.  The word warrior in you language means one who is at battle.


We translate the word “warrior” as one who is brave and unafraid of battle.  Battle is not the first choice, but it will be taken if necessary.  However, we on Antares have resolved the term battle into evolutionary terms instead of devolutionary terms. You are very connected to us because you were a Norseman and as a Celtic.  Do you now remember your bravery?


We came to your planet in the late 1980’s to assist your Gaia as She expands into her higher frequency expression of form. We have been working with humanity’s immune system, which has been very taxed by the pollutants within your biosphere. 

Some of the pollutants were released from Earth and others were a part of a chemical warfare that was occurring in the sky above your planet. The apex of this battle at that time was above your city of Los Angeles.  This is why we have come to communicate with you. 

It is time now for you to open your memory to us. To assist you with this process, we will recount the “dream” you had on our first meeting:

You were in your Light Body flying above your city.  The vibration of your Los Angeles is much like the vibration of Atlantis during its fall.  Our commander, Radulan, a name with which you are familiar, came to great you.  There was a facsimile of a space ship created for you so that you could feel more comfortable.    

When you entered the ship you met with many old friends from past, future, and parallel realities. We are a very dynamic people. Our energies are very different from the Arcturians with whom you have formerly communicated.  

We are very tall to your earth standards, about ten to twelve feet tall.  Our skin appears copper in color to you and we enjoy long hair, much like the Celtic pictures which you have collected.  

You have taken on a body this life that carries much of the genetic codlings of our people. Your line of heritage is Northern Europe. You felt our energy strongly when you where in Norway and Ireland. You have also taken a Norwegian husband. None of these incidents are accidental.  

You have been being prepared for many lives for this task. Yes, we feel your hearts pull to Arcturus.  It is indeed the planet of your ascension. However, at this time of our first meeting you need to align your energies with our race for the tasks that you are to accomplish. 

First you had to come to peace with the Warrior within you.  It was the final step necessary for the opening of your heart. We have assignments for you that you volunteered for very, very long ago from your measurement of time. Of course, time is not as you would measure from your third dimensional world. When you have made the transition from duality to unity, you will be living in the NOW. 

In fact, we speak to you from the omnipresent NOW. It is our task to assist you to understand the functioning of the NOW, so that you do not become confused by the many ensuing changes you are facing. For example, you are becoming someone new at the same time that you are becoming the person that you have always been. 

You are moving into the future at the same time that you are moving into the past. In no time and no-space there is no separation between future—past or new—old.  All simply IS.  As you have learned before, your planet is moving into the IS, NOW and BEING of the fifth dimension. Feel this Isness, Nowness and Beingness about you as you communicate with us. 

We use the word “US” because we are no longer in duality and no longer perceive ourselves as beings separate from each other. Again, when we say “no longer” there is an inference of time. It is difficult to communicate in your language without the inference of time or space.  

One the techniques that will allow you to expand your consciousness is to communicate with us by using a language free of references to time or space.  Within the NOW, language is NOT laid out in strings of letters or sounds such as we must now do to communicate with you.


One the techniques that will allow you to expand your conscious is to communicate with us by using a language free of references to time or space.  Within the NOW, language is NOT laid out in strings of letters or sounds such as we must now do to communicate with you.


Imagine now that we are with you.  See our form.  Yes, we are very tall by your standards.  We have taken on a denser form than we usually wear to facilitate your vision of us. Do you now see two beings standing behind me to my right and my left? They are emanations of myself.  

All is a spectrum. I am a band of energy. In order to communicate with you, I place my consciousness at a particular vibration upon that spectrum.  My “wings,” which appear to be two other people standing behind me to my right and left, are the bands in my spectrum.  

Imagine a long ribbon that is elastic. It is anchored at two distinct points.  The points of anchoring are the edges of the spectrum. Now these “edges” are actually an illusion. However, we choose envelopes of operation such as your envelopes of light and sound. 

At the point within this band or envelope that I place my consciousness, there is a peak of activity that fans out and behind me in both in both directions from that point of consciousness. 

Experience yourself now as a point on your spectrum. Put the past at one end and the future at the other end. Now move your consciousness towards the “past” portion of the spectrum and experience Atlantis.  Feel your consciousness moving along the band of the spectrum and view some of the other lives that you have remembered.  Your Atlantis life has a “niche” on the spectrum, as it was the point of your entry into duality.   

Now realize that this spectrum is actually a circle, as is all life.  As you see the band as a circle you can match up the resonant point of your entry into duality with the point of your exit from duality. As you see this spectrum as a circle, you realize that there is no beginning and no ending, no now and no later because you can travel around the circle many times. 

Also, you can go in either direction on the circle.  Therefore, you can begin again and again, or end—again and again.  You, however, are not the point.  You are spectrum.  The point of your consciousness is just a tool that you can use at this point of your remembering until you can embraces more of your emanations.  

In actuality, you are the entire circle and can exist in all “spaces” on the spectrum at the same “time.” You do not have to learn this process. You need only to remember it. We see in your mind the graph of the light spectrum and the points of it that are visual to a third-dimensional human. 

That is a good example of what we are saying. Now place that spectrum into a circle by connecting the “ends” of the spectrum. We ask you to practice expanding that spectrum of visibility until you can see all of it at once.  

How do you do this?  You move to a point of perception above the circle of Light. After you have achieved the ability to see the entire circle, practice becoming the circle and moving your point of awareness around it. 



We see that you struggle with the wounds of your long battle on Earth.  Release that struggle now and allow those wounds to heal. Your life shall be calm and simple for a portion of your time so that you can come into a complete healing.  Your body is undergoing a great transformation, your emotions are being healed in a deeper level than you ever imagined possible, and your mind is being expanded beyond of all of your lives on Earth.  

(Note from Sue, It is interesting that I was guided to read this message now. It has been 19 years since I received this message and I am just beginning to enter the healing and that the Antarian is speaking about here.)

Allow yourself now to enjoy this process. The Light will care for your needs. Release that old belief that you have to struggle in order to survive. You will always survive because you are Spirit.  Spirit is infinite.  

You are very blessed to be able to have this experience of transformation first hand.  For many lives you have been prepared for this experience.  Remember to use your Merkaba.  Draw it out and meditation on the drawing. The integration of you higher selves into your current reality will greatly assist you.  

Finish all that you have begun and BE patient. All is proceeding just as it should.  Remember, there truly is no time, as you know it. Therefore, there is no impatience.

To Be Continued 

by Commander Malteese

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Me and my Higher SELF Through Suzanne Lie


Me and My Higher SELF 


Through Suzanne Lie   


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Many Changes

 Feb, 17, 21  

                                                           MANY CHANGES

There will be more and more changes within this NOW

The changes that we are facing within this NOW will likely continue to change in more and more different ways. 

"What are these different ways?" we may ask. However, change is more something that we can look back at to understand than to look forward to see what changes will occur. 

Of course, there are always  people who try to look into the future to see if they can predict that the changes will be.

Some people may wish to "stay in the past," whereas others would rather ignore what is going on rather than to compare the past that has now become the present. 

Some may wish to remain in the past which they feel comfortable, whereas others are eager to rush into the future.

Also, the comparison of past and present is often sought to prepare one's self for how their life will change. Of course, some people  do not want change and try to forget that change is inevitable, and sometimes difficult. 

On the other hand, change can also be very happy and/or refreshing. At least for a while! Once changes have begun they can often lead to create more excitement and happiness, OR fear and sorrow. 

So how does one prepare themselves for change? And/or, how can one understand how to respond to change. Some may fight the changes as they are accustomed to life the way it is.

On the other hand, some people welcome changes and look forward to something new. However, it does appear that changes are in the process of CHANGING, whether or not one is ready. 

Why is this chance becoming so persistent? Part of that answer is likely that the planet Earth on which we live is changing. 

Yes, humanity has had a LOT to do with the changes on Earth, and unfortunately, many of these resent planetary changes have not been   for the better. For many, many decades, humans have treated the Planet Gaia like She was indestructible! 

But NOW, humanity is realizing that, YES, human have caused great destruction to the planet and to the Skies, the Waters, the Land, the Air, and on, and on.

Unfortunately, for many, many years, the "civilized" persons on Earth have treated dear Planet Gaia, not like their Mother, but like their own possession that they can do anything they want to, even it greatly harms Gaia.  

It is the NOW that this Illusion that humans can continue to destroy the planet without any consequences is coming back to them.  Fortunately, more and more humans are realizing that Gaia is a living BEING, and that Gaia can, indeed, be gravely harmed in the same manner in which the humans can be harmed. 

The awake and aware humans are vital to the restoration of Planet Earth as the sleeping humans, who are NOT awake, continue to destroy beloved Gaia more and more each day.

These people do not realize that Gaia is Alive and like all Alive beings, She can be harmed, hurt, and destroyed. 

"Oh no, we hear the humans cry.  We are just humans. We could not destroy an entire planet!!" However, that is just what the sleeping, uncaring, and/or materialistic humans are in the process of doing right now!!

All one has to do now to get the prof of that destruction is to read the news to see  all the ways in which Gaia is calling to the humans to awaken. If you listen you may hear Gaia calling... 

"Please, dear humans, you MUST take better care of me, your Mother Gaia! If you take care of me, I can create a wonderful life that you humans will greatly enjoy. But many humans no not hear Gaia's call.

These humans do not hear Gaia is speaking to the humans and telling them:



However, instead of Humanity remembering to protect me, their Mother Earth, they have greatly harmed me. Of course, there are AWAKENED humans are NOW remembering that they chose to take a human form on MY Planet Earth so that they could protect ME!






Sunday, February 14, 2021

Remembering Love

February 14, 2021

                                                       REMEMBERING LOVE

Today is Valentine's Day, 

Which is a day we have created a to remember LOVE!

Remembering Love should be something this is totally normal and a feeling which we all wish we could carry within our hearts at all times. 

However, too often we can forget that love is a gift that we all strive to "give away for free." What a wonderful world we would have if we all "gave away love for free." 

Yes, unfortunately "giving away love for free" is forgotten in the midst of our very busy and often demanding life. But, if we can remember that,"LOVE IS FREE" and remember that, 

"Love is a gift that keeps on giving"

We may also remember to take a few moments to let someone know how much we love them. In fact, wouldn't it be a wonderful gift if we all contacted our loved ones and told them that we love them? 

But, we may "be too busy" to remember to say, "I love you" to those whom you love. In fact, how often do we hear ourselves saying the words, "I love you?" 

Maybe we say, "I love you" in special occasions, but forget to say those three words as we walk through our every day life. Also, how often to we say, "I love ME?"

Yes, love is a gift that we give away for free. In fact, it is important that we give that love to ourselves FOR FREE. How many times a day do we remind ourselves that, "I love ME!" 

 In fact, do we ever remember to say those words to to our own self?

                 How often to we remember to say to ourselves...

I Love ME!

Can we take a moment NOW to say to ourselves

"Dear SELF, I really DO love ME!"

And I do not just love myself because I am "good enough," or because "someone else loves me." 

No, I am now ready to unconditionally love my self because I "deserve to love my self!" 

Then we will be more and more aware that loving our own self is the key to remembering to love others.

Just as we can more easily say, "I love myself," we can more easily say to others, "I LOVE YOU!"

What if you decided that today is the day that we will remember to say to our loved ones, "I LOVE YOU!" In fact, today can be the day that you look in the mirror and say:

Happy Valentines Day

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Working Together as People and Planet

 Feb, 11, 2021

Working Together as People and Planet   

The Galactics through Suzanne Lie


It is THE NOW for People and planet to

work together as ONE being.

Of course, we, your Galactic Family, realize that many Third Dimensional Humanoids do not--yet--think of themselves as, "Members of Gaia, " who is also known as Planet Earth!  

It is more likely that a third dimensional human may think of themselves as human beings who "own" a certain amount of land, houses, and other "things"or "places." Fortunately, there are many humans who take good care of that place that they "own."

However, we the members of your Galactic Family, do not think that we "own" any part of Mother Earth, in the same manner that a child would not think that they "own" their parents or their parent's home in which they live.

In the same manner that an adult would teach their children to "take good care" of their Home and Yard," your Galactic Family reminds you that Gaia is a living being who needs ALL of her human guests to take good care of their third dimensional planetary home.

Of course, it is quite obvious that there are many, many humans who do NOT take good care of the living Being of Gaia, who is known as Earth to most humans. 

In fact, that is not many third dimensional humans who are awakened enough to  even think of Gaia as a living being. For most humans, planet Earth is thought of as a "thing," or maybe something that they "own" in some manner. 

However, we Galactics only think of Gaia as Mother Earth. To us, the Galactics who have traveled to as well as lived on, many planets have discovered that Gaia is an exceptional planet because She (planet Earth) radiates a sense of Love and Light.

Of course, only the humans who are able to love themselves, their friends and family, and themselves are able to understand the concept of "loving a planet," and/or "living on a planet that seems to resonate love to those who are willing to acknowledge and  experience that sense of Unconditional Love that resonates from the many beautiful areas of Gaia's planetary body. 

Yes, Gaia does have a "planetary body," and Yes, she is awakening to something more wider, more intensively caring which in a similar manner to which awakened humans who live on Earth can feel that something is changing.

Of course, "The darkest night is just before dawn," which means that one must be willing to find out exactly what needs to be healed, changed and/or uplifted so that humanity can begin to remember that there is another HIGHER DIMENSIONAL REALITY that has always around and above them, but they forgot about that reality as they were so very distracted by all the "daily issues and problems."

The key point is whether or not the humans can remember that they--the humans on Earth--are in some level connected to the higher dimensional Galactics. In fact, in many chases, these higher dimensional Galactics are actually humans who have volunteered to leave their beloved higher dimensional realities in order to assist the dear planet Gaia who is deep need of SPECIAL LOVING CARE?

How can a human being give "special loving care" to an entire planet?

The answer to that question must be sent to your own Higher Dimensional SELF via whatever manner you and your own Higher Self have learned to communicate with each other. 

If you do NOT have the answer to that questions now, 

Then perhaps you should start searching for it!

Just remember that YOU are the creator of your reality 

and only YOU can remember how YOU can communicate 

with you own Higher Dimensional Expressions of SELF!

As a hint, try to remember to ask you own Higher Dimensional SELF!

If you have not been communicating with that YOU lately

You might want to start out by putting aside a special time

and a special place  where you can go 


To find the YOU that was always there within you


When you find that YOU, your Galactic YOU

You will begin to 



Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Our Galactic Family

February 9, 2021


Through Suzanne Lie

More and more of humanity is beginning to remember their Galactic Family. Your "Galactic Family" is your higher dimensional expressions of self that resonates to a higher frequency of reality. 

However, most humans think of themselves as being "just humans." Fortunately, more  humans are beginning to realize that they are Multidimensional Beings whose consciousness can resonate to the third, the fourth, the fifth and even the sixth dimension. 

On the other hand most of humanity has still forgotten, or have never been aware that they have higher dimensional expressions of their, true Multidimensional SELF. Your Multidimensional SELF is the you that connects you to your physical reality on your physical planet to Earth, while it simultaneously attaches you to your their dimensional physical self.

In fact, many, if not most, humans, have no idea that there are many frequencies of reality on the planet known as Earth. These many versions of reality are all existing within the same NOW of what humans call "time." However, each being can only consciously perceive the frequency of reality which is the same as their own frequency of reality.

Therefore, just as a third dimensional human can perceive that a bug has landed on their arm, the bug is not likely to recognize that it had landed on a person's arm. In the same manner, a fifth dimensional being may be walking beside a third dimensional human, and even having a conversation with that human, but your third dimensional self will not be able to perceive that interaction.

On the other hand, if you are meditating and allowing your self to think about, and call forth, a fifth dimensional being, or beyond, you may be able to "FEEL" that there is a higher "something" that is near to your third dimensional space on Earth. Also, when one is having a dream, or a higher dimensional mediation, they often can more easily connect with a higher frequency.

Just as humans can have a "dream" that seems to tell them something very important, or a meditation that assists them to remember or to "think in a higher frequency,"they can also choose to believe that there are higher frequencies of reality that have higher frequency participants in that reality. 

In fact, if one is able to believe in these "feeling of a higher frequency," document what they have received from these higher beings, and even call forth to ask to communicate with this being, they may be able to start a communication with this being. 

In fact, they may even begin to remember that this "higher being" has been with them before. In fact, they may even discover that they have been in contact with this higher being for many incarnations, and are just now remembering that they have always had a "higher being" around and even within them, but they "forgot."

Why did they forget? Likely they forgot because knowing this "higher being," made them feel different from all the other humans. Unfortunately, they did not know that there were many, many other humans who knew this higher beings, but they did not want to tell any one because the other people may judge them, or even call them "crazy."

Fortunately, this is when they're or maybe even your, inter-dimensional experiences began to occur more and more often. More and more often you had dreams, or were they memories, of being on a Starship, or of talking with a Being of LIGHT that spoke to the inside of you. From this inside of your self you began to remember your Higher SELF, who was, and is, a frequency of your human self that could remember that you are "not just human!

Then you began to get direct messages such as, "Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up" or, go to a certain place at a certain time, then read something spiritual, and then close your eyes with you fingers on your computer or your pencil on your paper to "await the message that is coming to you from the Higher Frequencies of Reality!

At first you may not know why you feel that it is very important to follow these INNER and HIGHER instructions. However, if you can stay with it, if you can listen to your Inner/Higher SELF and follow The Path of "Your Inner Higher SELF" you will remember that 




Sunday, February 7, 2021

Now It Is The Time To SEE


Now it is the Time to see!                                                                                                                                                                          

Now it is the time to see 

The ONE that we have chose to be

We may not know, or fear to show

The ME that is the part of WE

We are, of course, within the ONE

Who chose to come here from the Sun

This Sun within is how we see

The ONE that we have come to be

“What is this ONE, we hear you ask?

Why are we here, what is our task?

The answer is of course unknown

But with our faith it will be shown

But what is faith, we hear you ask

That seems to be too big a task

Can I release the need to ask

And merely complete my chosen task?

And once that task has all been done

I may believe it was great fun

But what is fun in world gone wild?

It was never like this as a child

I thought that when I was all grown

My mission would be quickly shown

Instead, now that I have grown

I am more confused by the world I’m shown

It there a way to find the past

And bring it back, so it will last?

The promises came, and we were glad

But soon that glad turned into sad

However, now that I have spoken

I feel a pledge that can’t be broken

What is that pledge that lives inside me

Can I bring if forth so I can see?

See the me I was meant to be

And know a life that’s free of strife

But “free of strife” has never been

So I often feel I cannot win

But when I allow that though to show

I find that that will make it grow

I do not want to hold my worry

And think that life is only “hurry”

What if I thought the I could see

The ONE above I’d like to be

Could I just choose to look above

And KNOW that I will still find LOVE?

Could I think that I could be

The ONE that I have sought to see?

Could it be that what I wish for

Is knocking at my own front door

I do not know if that could be

But I WILL believe, it CAN be ME