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Remembering to Remember Your Multidimensional SELF

Remembering to Remember
Your Multidimensional SELF

The Arcturians through Sue Lie
Dear Arcturians, 
Do you have a message for me today?

Of course, we always have messages for anyone who asks us. However, too many of our grounded ones who have chosen to take a physical form on Gaia’s Earth, have forgotten that they are members of the “Galactic Family” who resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. 

In fact, these grounded ones once decided to take an earth vessel to assist dear Gaia to expand/return to Her innate, fifth-dimensional Planetary SELF. We say “expand/return” because once you expand your perceptions of SELF to encompass your fifth dimensional  Galactic SELF, your memory of life on Gaia’s fifth dimensional Earth will slowly, or quickly, return.

For one thing, you will eventually be able to remember that you are among the many Galactic Ones who chose to take a third dimensional form on Gaia’s third dimensional planet to assist  humanity to remember to remember.

Before, you took your present earth vessel so that you could walk among the third dimensional ones to educate and assist them, you vowed to “remember YOUR Innate fifth dimensional SELF.”

Within that NOW, you had no idea how difficult it could be to remember your own Fifth  Dimensional - Multidimensional Self  while you were wearing a third dimensional vessel. Hence, you chose to join the “Ones Who Have Remembered” their fifth dimensional and beyond Galactic SELF.

In fact, once you remember your Galactic SELF, you are also able to remember why you chose to take a human incarnation during this NOW of Gaia’s great need for assistance.

Yes, there are many challenges that are occurring on Gaia’s Earth within this NOW. Therefore, we, your Galactic Family, wish to assist you to remind your of your “inner call to duty,” which is VERY REAL.

We, your Galactic Family, understand that there are many of you who do not fully understand some of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are coming into your awareness. 

The reality is that these thoughts, feelings and emotions have always been within your physical consciousness, or unconsciousness, but it was not yet the NOW for you to receive your “inner call to duty.” 

The reason why we, your Galactic Family, are calling you at this personal and planetary time is because the 
“That NOW is Dawning.”

What we mean by “That NOW is Dawning,” is that there are certain issues regarding Gaia’s planetary health, welfare, and most important, Gaia’s return to Her true fifth dimensional planetary frequency, that will arrive in your consciousness. 

These issues, which have been largely ignored by humanity, need to be addressed NOW by Gaia’s humans. 

The main reason why the humans must address these issues is because the main problem to be addressed by the humans is how the humans are treating their planetary home of Earth! 

Another primary issue is, how too many humans have become so lost in “human issues” that they have forgotten that if Gaia is NOT cared for, the humans will no longer have a third/fourth dimensional planet on which they can live!

Without a healthy planet, the humans will no longer have a safe place on which they can remember, learn, and address that FACT that every being needs to be healthy in their Heart and Soul before they can expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension of Gaia’s ascending Planetary SELF. 

It is vital that the humans realize that if Gaia is not healthy and well cared for by Her human population, (who are the ones who are harming Gaia’s planetary body the most), these humans will no longer have a healthy planetary home on which they can live. 

Humanity’s mistreatment of Gaia has been increasingly worse as humans have focused more on fame, money, success, power over others, and other humans that are close to them. However, if Gaia is no longer habitable for humans, their fame, money and success will mean nothing.

Of course, to change one’s behavior to consciously assist Gaia rather than to unconsciously harm Gaia, one needs to activate their higher states of consciousness in which ALL life is alive, and ALL of Gaia is united with all that lives on Her planet. 

Long ago, humans worshiped, cared for, and sent unconditional love and dedication to the Earth that gave them a place to live, water to drink, and trees to shade them, and make houses in which they could live. 

On the other hand, the “primitive ones” were more aware of the process of Planetary Ascension than the “modern people” of today. How did this occur? 

Once, long ago, the humans often reached very high peaks of art, architecture, farming and living on the Planet as ONE with Gaia. However, bit  by bit the humans learned about “competition” in which one person, place or thing was “better” than another. 

When the humans began to compete rather than unite, they lost their sense of Unity with other places and people, as well as their sense of Unity with Gaia. Without a sense of unity with Gaia, humans had no problem with destroying Gaia’s land and tainting Her water and air.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, have come to many of you in your meditations and dreams, and many of you have warmly responded to our message which was subliminal to your third dimensional self. 

However, when you awoke in the morning, or rushed off to your busy day, many of you forgot the important messages that you had received from the Higher Beings. Also, too often, your higher dimensional messages became lost in the hustle and bustle of your third dimensional reality.

How can you remember to maintain your “growing sense of Unity”? How can you remember to remember that YOU are NOT ALONE. How can you find a manner in which you can “remember to remember” that which you experienced during your connection with your Higher SELF and the Higher Realities? 

Of course, each of you must find your own way to maintain this connection.
We, your Galactic Family will remind you of our incoming messages. 
However YOU will need to listen to our reminder.  

We tell you now that it is vital for you to assist Gaia NOW!

Also, if you think about a time and place that you wish to put aside to meditate, go inside and your own Higher Consciousness to commune with your Higher Self, and take care of your personal and planetary body,”you will begin to think about Gaia more and more each day.


Dear readers, I am not posting as many Blogs now because we are on vacation. 
I hope that many of you are on vacation as well.
Blessings to you all,
Sue Lie and the Arcturians

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Inter-dimensional Knowing and Unconditional Love -- The Arcturians through Sue Lie


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Inter-dimensional Knowing and Unconditional Love 

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,
Do you have a message for me and my readers today? 

Yes, we always have a message for anyone who wishes to communicate with their own Higher Expressions of SELF. Yes, you ALL have higher expressions of your third dimensional self because you are allMultidimensional/Interdimensional Beings. 

Yes, you are our dear volunteers to take leave of your true, fifth dimensional and beyond  SELF in order to wear a third dimensional earth vessel. We say “earth vessel” because you are NOW wearing the vessel that allows you to take an incarnation on Gaia’s planet, which is usually known as Earth. 

However, you made this decision while you were wearing a fifth dimensional and beyond vessel. Therefore, you dear warriors for the Light, you made the great sacrifice of lowering your innate fifth dimensional and beyond resonance of your Lightbody SELF into your third/fourth dimensional physical self. 

Why did you make such a sacrifice?

You made this personal sacrifice in order to assist the Planetary Being Gaia, or Earth, because your Galactic SELF knew what a loving, beautiful, and very old planet called Earth, was in grave danger. This danger was coming, not from other planets, but from the human inhabitants of Gaia’s Earth.

Fortunately, many Galactic Beings who have evolved to resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond, have taken a third dimensional, human form to better assist dear Gaia.  Gaia is usually known as Earth to the humans, but known as Gaia by Her Galactic Family. 

The reason why these Galactics made the huge sacrifice of wearing a third dimensional human form was because too many, if not most of the “human beings” on Earth, were unaware that the planet Earth on which they live is a Living Being.

Hence, because many of the humans who are living on Gaia’s Earth during this NOW are not aware that they are actually living on an ALIVE Planetary Being. 

Therefore they feel free to:     
           --leave trash on the street, or the yard… 
            --to pollute the air with the many cars that they drive… 
            --to throw trash into the water ways…
            --and not notice that they are responsible for the bad air, polluted water …

“What is happening on Earth?,” we ask from our fifth dimensional perspective.
“It must be time to ask our Galactic Volunteers to to take an earth vessel and become  humans on Earth. 

However, none of our Galactic Volunteers could imagine how much damage the humans were actually creating. Also, many of the rulers of Earth, such as the Presidents and other leaders, are more concerned about their own life, and do not seem to care about their planet. 

The base of this behavior is that too many people get too addicted to what “money” can buy them, as well as how much power their “money” can give them.

We Galactics had no idea what this substance called “money” was.  Therefore, some of us, in fact, now more and more of us, have decided to take an earth vessel in hopes of educating the humans who seem to care more about money and power over others then they care about dear planet Gaia on which they live. 

Fortunately, there are some humans, most of them of Galactic Heritage, who usually do remember, or can, at least remember that the planet on which they live is becoming more and more damaged each day. 

In fact, some of the highest leaders of Earth, have chosen to forget the promise that they made before they took this earth vessel. These “frightened leaders,” as we call them, are so involved in the “power over people” and “power over the very planet on which they live,” that they have totally forgotten the “Birth Contract” that they made before they took this incarnation. 

In the Galactic NOW in which they made this promise, they were wearing a higher dimensional, usually higher fourth or fifth dimensional, Galactic Vessel.  None of these brave Galactics could even imagine how “lost in personal selfishness” many of them would become.

We Arcturians and Pleiadians remember the shock of first taking a third dimensional human form. We had never experienced fear in the manner that the Earth Humans do, and we had not had any wars for many, many millennia. 

Males and Females were not separated from each other, and there was NO hierarchy as to one gender being “better” than another gender. In fact, there are many fifth dimensionals (as we call them) who have chosen to take on a form which has no gender. 

In our fifth dimensional reality, “reincarnation,” which humans call “birth,” is quite different than on a physical planet such as Gaia. In our fifth dimensional/inter-dimensional expression of SELF, we all resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond.

In fact, we Galactics live within a higher dimensional/multidimensional reality which we have chosen in order to experience within the NOW of the ONE in which there was a “Unconditional Knowing” of our “Multidimensional Being.”

Therefore, we Galactics do not experience “time” and “space” in the same manner as the beings on Earth. We say “beings” rather than “humans” as many of us have chosen to take on incarnations in which our form could not be named via your human knowing, and/or, we may not have any form at all. 

Yes, we feel your confusion about this statement. All of you who are known as third dimensional “humans,” are also “Higher Dimensional Beings.” Some Higher Dimensional Beings have chosen to take on a form, and some of the Higher Dimensional Beings have chosen to be formless.

The formless ones are sometimes experienced by humans as “an inner voice,” or as “a very special feeling that is filled with happiness and a sense of “deep knowing.” The formless ones can take on a form, and occasionally, very occasionally, they reveal their “form” to humans who are on the cusp of resonating to their own fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

This resonance of one’s Fifth Dimensional SELF can only be experienced when that human, or Galactic, has filled it’s being with Unconditional Love and Interdimensional Knowing. 

The power of Unconditional Love assists that Being to “Love ALL Life,” and also gives them the ability to experience the many differing manners in which they can experience, know, and share that which they have experienced.

It is vital that when one receives these gifts of Interdimensional Knowing and Unconditional Love, that they pass it on into the heart of the reality which they are experiencing.

Interdimensional Knowing, is the ability to “know, understand, look for, receive and accept” information that they “somehow” understand is coming to them from a higher frequency of reality. 

How do they know that? The answer to that question would likely be expressed in different ways via different people. However, the “feel” of Interdimensional Knowing surrounds the heart and mind to leave a strong feeling of “deep inner knowing.” This deep knowing will best be understood if the receiver of that gift allows the “knowing” to be free—that is without a cost or need to pay for it in some manner.

This Inner Knowing often feels like a memory of something that you always knew, but for some reason forgot. Likely this “forgetting” was a symptom of remembering. Yes, we know that statement is confusing to third dimensional thinking. However, remember we are taking about “Interdimensional knowing,” which is quite unique to one’s third dimensional brain.

This is were the Unconditional Love comes in. In fact, the first Unconditional Love that comes in is Unconditional Love for  your own SELF. Yes, we mean your “Higher SELF,” but we also mean your “physical self.”  

Your physical self holds the great honor and responsibility of “grounding the Unconditional Love into your physical form and into all that you perceive around them. With the Unconditional Love grounded, your Interdimensional Knowing activated, one can more easily slip into a physical form.  

Yes, humans often believe that only their brain “thinks,” but as you remember your own Multidimensional Body, you realize that the “fuel” for your Multidimensional Body is the Unconditional Love that your “essence” remembers to give to your inner, higher, and Multidimensional SELF .

 Yes, it is true that most humans do NOT know that they have a “Multidimensional SELF hiding within their physical body.” In fact, many times humans get so involved with their search for Unconditional Knowing that they forget that the body is what grounds their Multidimensional SELF and Unconditional Knowing into the being of Gaia’s planet.

In fact, too many humans do not think about their “knowing,” as they are too busy searching for the “being” that they wish to experience. However, there is no separation between the Unconditional Knowing that listens to and integrates the messages from one’s own  Multidimensional Being.

“How can one person do all that?” we hear you ask. Did you forget about your Unconditional Knowing that can answer all your questions if you allow your SELF to acknowledge, experience, and attend to your own Multidimensional SELF. Your Multidimensional SELF is not limited to just one frequency of reality at a time.

In fact, your Multidimensional SELF, as well as your Unconditional KNOWING, are NOT bound by third dimensional rules, or even fourth dimensional day dream. Unconditional Knowing is actually the core of your ability to recognize that you are NOT limited to the third dimensional form that you are wearing on Gaia’s surface.

We say “Gaia’s surface,” because the Core of Gaia is the entry way to an entirely different expression of Gaia. Just as your human inner being is often something that you do not share with others, Gaia’s planetary inner being (Her planetary core) is quite different from Her Planetary Surface, and seldom shared with third dimensional human. 

Yes, we ask you to look into your own “unconditional knowing,” that allows you to remember what you did not know – until, somehow, you remembered it. In fact, if you consciously ask your Multidimensional Self to remind you of all that you KNOW within your Multidimensional Being, you just may find that you Unconditionally Love your SELF. 

Is there a better gift than your remembering your own Multidimensional Being who gave you the Unconditional Knowing of “How to LOVE your own Personal and Planetary SELF!”

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The Power of the "Primitive ONES" The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

The Power of the “Primitive ONES”

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie
Dear Arcturians,
Do you have a message for me to share with all the many awakening and awakened ones?

Dear Grounded Ones,
We always have a message for any of Gaia’s Grounded Ones who are now wearing an earth vessel on Gaia’s Earth. We are very pleased to observe how more and more of Gaia’s humans are beginning to remember, or never forgot, that Gaia’s planet is a living being. 

Planet Earth, known by the Galactics and awakened ones as “Gaia,” is in a “state of transition.” The reason that Gaia is in a “state of transition” is because many humans, who have been known as one of the most evolved beings on Gaia’s Earth, are beginning to remember that Earth is a living being. 

When humanity was “primitive” the beings of Gaia were VERY aware that the planet on which they lived was a Living Being. In fact, these “primitive ones” worshiped Gaia, and took on the responsibility of protecting Her, and having many rituals to Honor their Mother Gaia.

These “primitive” ones knew that it was their responsibility to take care of their planetary home, and to have regular rituals in which they fasted, meditated, and gave offerings to Gaia. 

They also had rituals to remind themselves of the great responsibility that they had to protect the elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, which were vital for Gaia, and for Her humans' survival.

But then the “primitives” became “modern man” who had largely forgotten that their Mother Earth was a living being who needed Her human inhabitants to take good care of Her Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These four elements were needed for humans to survive on Gaia’s Planet. 
Gaia’s Planet is now also known as Earth. However, when the Sirians came to Earth, they did not Love Gaia’s Earth, Air, Fire, or Water. They came from their distant homeworld to take from Gaia what they needed, or wanted.

Worse yet, they took from Gaia without any concern for the fact that Gaia was/is a living being who needed all her third/fourth dimensional elements and elementals, in order for Her planet to thrive. 

When the Pleiadians became aware of the damage that the invaders from Sirius were doing to Gaia’s body,they decided that they, too, needed to visit Earth to assist Gaia to send these destructive invaders back home to Sirius. 

At first, the “Pleiadians,” were very successful with banning the Sirians from Gaia’s Earth. But, then, the Pleiadians had problems in their area of space and could not give Gaia all the assistance that she needed. However, as many Pleiadians as possible stayed on Earth to assist Gaia to stave off the dark ones. 

These “Dark Ones” were harming Dear Gaia’s pristine planetary body. Many of these Sirians took the form that was known on Gaia as “humans.” The Pleiadians, who were Gaia’s protector, also took human forms when they went to Earth. 

Then there was the challenge of experiencing power over others, fear and anger. On their Pleiadian Home worlds, they only experienced “unconditional love and power within.” However, the Sirians, who had also come to Gaia, lived by “power over others.”

It was then that the battle between LIGHT and MIGHT began. The Pleiadian Homeworld was based on Light and Power Within, and the Sirian Homeworld was based on Power Over. Now that “Power Within” and “Power Over” civilizations lived on the same planet Earth, many things began to change!

Before the dark ones came to Earth, sweet, beloved Gaia could easily maintain Her loving essence of a beautiful Earth to live on. Gaia was filled with abundance. There was always clear air to breathe, enough tree branches to offer shade from the Sun and old, broken logs to create warm fires, as well as abundant lakes and waterways to drink of the water, and to travel on boats from place to place.

All was good! Gaia was happy, and so were most of Her human inhabitants. Gaia’s plants, animals, waterways, and Sunlight allowed the inhabitants of Gaia’s planet to live in abundance and peace. 

But then the dark ones discovered Gaia’s pristine planet and decided that they wanted to take it for themselves. The “Dark Ones,” as they were named, did not worry about keeping the water clean, or the sky clear, nor did they allow Gaia’s earth to choose what plants grew where. 

These dark ones even polluted the sky with the fires that they used to clear off the forests so that they could make their houses. They also sullied the fresh waters and the air was tainted with the many fires, as well as the forest fires, so that the was no longer blue and clear.

These Dark Ones were later named the “humans.” The humans were actually Galactics who had come to inhabit, honor and protect Gaia from the vast destruction that they could feel would soon threaten Gaia’s pristine world. However, too many of the “humans” became greedy about the many beautiful parts of Gaia and wanted to keep them just for themselves.

Who were these “humans,” and why were they eventually called “the dark ones?” Initially, the “humans” were the very Pleiadians, Antarians, Venusians, and all the members of the first Starships that landed on Gaia and claimed that land as their own.

It was the “claiming Gaia as the property of the landing Galactic ones” that began Gaia’s demise. At first, the Sirians began to fight with the Pleiadians about who got what land, what water, what woodlands etc. Eventually, the formerly peaceful Galactics, fell into “different” Galactic Groups.

It was the “difference from each other” that began the beginning of Gaia’s demise. All the different Galactics from different areas of space wanted a part of Gaia’s land. Therefore, they began to fight over who got what land. 

At first, there were meetings, and civilized talks between the different Galactic Beings.
However, something happened that they never thought would happen. Gaia was NOT just a planet made of rocks, water, sunlight, and massive waterways.

The planet Gaia, was (and still is) a LIVING BEING. “How can a planet be a living being?” we hear you ask. 

Our first answer is that Gaia’s innate frequency is of the fifth dimension. Therefore, while Gaia was still resonating to Her innate fifth dimensional frequency of love, light, community and instant forgiveness, She was able to depend on the innate function of the living trees, that communed with the water, who cooled the air and kept the earth fertile.

As long as Gaia was a “living planet,” all of Her inhabitants could live together in a peaceful, loving manner. However, when the first Sirian invaders came to Gaia’s planet, everything began to change because “power over,” “greed,” “possession,” and eventually, WAR came to Gaia’s pristine planet of LOVE and LIGHT!

You can imagine Gaia’s grief. The human ones, who were supposed to be the most evolved species on Her planet, were harming Her beloved Planetary Self. It is sad to tell of all the damage that was left on Gaia, as the humans had more and more wars,  as well as other means to greatly harm dear Gaia’s body.

However, Gaia had grown loving feelings for Her humans. She had observed how humans sought to evolve their physical forms, and love and protect all the beings who lived on Gaia’s loving planet. 

Within some eras the humans learned/remembered that Gaia was a living being. During those eras of “enlightenment,” humans were experiencing a “peak society” in which love, light, studying and deeply engrained concern for Gaia’s Planet was magnified by the people with their love, dedication, and ability to revere ALL life.

There were no life forms that were better than or worse, then, as all the humans, animals, fish, birds, and all the beings were components of Gaia’s Planetary Being. None of Gaia’s people were better or worse. Dear Gaia was a Planetary Being who echoed and expanded the energy field, Unconditional Love!

Unfortunately, as more and more humans came to Gaia’s Earth, the humans forgot that Gaia was a living being. Or, perhaps, they did not care whether or not Gaia was a living being as long as they could take what they wanted. AND, they took and took and took…

The “primitive ones” were forgotten, as were all their powers. All the “primitive ones” could do was try to protect their family, their selves, their land and their water from the “human beings,” who seemed to have come more and more from other planets, such as Sirius, that cared more about conquering than they did about loving.

Then, the “long dark nights” of running, hiding and trying to survive became much more common than sitting around a fire and singing a happy song. “What has gone wrong?” asked the “primitive beings,” who were actually much more intelligent than the “invader ones,” but they did not have the weapons to protect themselves.

“Why did this happen?” cried the ones who had only been trying to warm with their guests from the sky. They received no answer, and as their lives became more and more dangerous, there was no time for questions.

Fortunately, every now and then a Master came to assist them, but these Masters were often killed by the very ones that they had tried to assist. We see that you, the reader, is becoming a bit depressed by the truth of this story. However, we ask that you remember to remember that YOU have something that the “lost ones” cannot find.

You, the Ones Who are Ready to Remember, can decide to Remember that there is LOVE and there are Higher Beings who have come to Gaia’s Earth to assist Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants to remember how it was and how it can be again.

If faith in Unconditional Love dies, you, the awakened ones, will lose a vital thing that does occur, which is Faith in your SELF, Faith in your friends and family, Faith in the Higher Beings that you will recognize more and more as you have “Faith in your SELF.”

This “SELF” is not just the human form that you are currently wearing. This SELF is your “Multidimensional SELF” who resonates not just to the challenges, but, to the joys of your physical life. This Multidimensional SELF that you ALL have, even if you do not know it, or refuse to believe it.

You ALL have a Higher SELF whose resonance is NOT limited to the third dimensional earthly reality. Many humans are only using about 10% of their brain's full capacity.

However, if you can connect with the innate Unconditional Love that is constantly being sent to you via your own Multidimensional SELF, if you can Unconditionally Love even 10% of your true Multidimensional SELF, YOU will greatly evolve your consciousness beyond the limitations of only using 10% of your higher potential into even 50%, or more, of your innate inner powers of: 

Remembering your Higher Dimensional SELF, deciding to expand your consciousness down into the Core of Planet Gaia. You all wrote your “Ascension for Gaia Plans” before you took your present earth vessel. 

And, if you can believe that the Third Dimensional YOU, and/or your Third Dimensional consciousness, expands beyond the limitations of your physical world, you will have the JOY and Honor of meeting with your own Higher SELF. 

You innate higher dimensional expression of SELF is the core of your being. A Multidimensional Being. You have chosen take a third dimensional earth vessel so that you can better understand how YOU can assist dear Gaia, who is also a fifth dimensional planet, but currently limited by the overflow of humans only perceiving their third dimensional body.

What if the humans allowed themselves to wonder, “Hmm, I realize that I have had many experiences, challenges and victories while only using a small capacity of my innate brain power, as well as using a small capacity of my innate “Heart Power.”

“Hmm,” you ponder. “What if I expanded my Brain Power, and maybe even expanded my “Mind Power?” In fact, what it I expanded my Brain Power and my Heart Power by only 10%?

What would happen then?


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Being a Multidimensional BEING The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie
Dear Arcturians,
Do you have a message for me and my readers today? 

Yes, we always have a message for anyone who wishes to communicate with their own Higher Expressions of SELF. Yes, you ALL have “higher dimensional expressions of SELF, as well as your third dimensional self, because you are all Multidimensional Beings. 

You, are our dear volunteers who chose to leave your true, fifth dimensional and beyond expression of SELF, in order to wear a third dimensional earth vessel to better assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

We say “earth vessel” because you are NOW wearing the vessel that allows you to have an incarnation on Gaia’s planet, which is usually known as Earth. However, you made this decision while you were wearing a fifth dimensional and beyond Galactic Vessel. 

Therefore, you brave warriors made the great sacrifice to lower the frequency of your innate fifth dimensional, Lightbody SELF into your present third/fourth dimensional physical self.  Why did you make such a sacrifice? 

Your true Galactic SELF knew that the loving, beautiful, and very old planet of Earth was in grave danger. This danger was coming, not from other Galactic Beings, but from the human inhabitants of Gaia herself.

Fortunately, many Galactic Beings who innately resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond, have come to the assistance of the planet known as Earth by the humans. However, she is known as Gaia by Her Galactic Family.  

The reason why Gaia needs assistance is because too many “human beings” are living on Gaia’s Earth body during this NOW who are not aware that they are actually living on an ALIVE Planetary Being. In fact, many, if not most of the humans, have no idea that Planets are alive.

We, your Galactic Family, do not understand why humans, who are living beings, cannot realize that they chose to incarnate on the living planetary being, known as Earth in the third dimension, and known as Gaia in the higher dimensional worlds. 

The higher dimensional worlds such as the Pleiades, Venus, Mars, and other planetary beings are fully aware of, and interact with, the planets in their Solar System. All the planets within any given Solar System are connected, much as a human family may be connected. 

In fact, each planet in your Solar System has its own energy field and specific contribution to their joint Solar System. Because most humans cannot –yet—think of planets as living beings, they do not respect these planets in the manner that they deserve. You can all see the great damage that has been done to dear Gaia by her third dimensional humans. 

Fortunately, the third dimensional humans are beginning to awaken to the higher dimensional abilities that they have had during many incarnations, but seldom attended to or used. It is for this reason that we, the members of Earth’s Galactic Family, are now reaching out to the humans who are awakening, or are fully awake, to their own innate “Galactic SELF.”

Just like a family member who was not able to recognize and embrace other member of their family, humans have largely been unable to recognize that just as they have a human family, the planets are part of their Galactic Family.

Fortunately, as the humans realize more and more that Gaia/Earth is a living being, they will be able to ponder if maybe the different planets within that Solar System are also family members.  We, your Galactic Family, are happy to say that bit-by-bit the humans are beginning to activate and use more and more of innate brain power.

Human brains have many, attributes which most humans are now yet aware. However, as more humans expand their brain power to activate more and more of their innate, fourth and fifth dimensional abilities, some of them (and more each day) are beginning to remember a reality that they forgot about when they entered their third dimensional earth vessel during their physical birth.

Some of the Earth humans have been able to get the attention of, and even communicate with, their own higher dimensional expressions of the SELF. These humans who are remembering, and even communicating with, their own higher dimensional frequencies of SELF are activating more and more of their innate brain power.

“The human brain is complex. Along with performing millions of mundane acts, it composes concertos, issues manifestos and comes up with elegant solutions to equations. It's the wellspring of all human feelings, behaviors, experiences as well as the repository of memory and self-awareness.

“So it's no surprise that the brain remains a mystery. Adding to that mystery is the contention that humans "only" employ 10 percent of their brain. If one could tap that other 90 percent, they too, could become savants who remember to the twenty-thousandth decimal place or perhaps even have telekinetic powers.”

What would happen if humans were able to activate 50% of their brain, or even 80% of their brain? 
Some humans may become VERY uncomfortable and not be able to be so “different” from other humans. In fact, some humans may use their higher dimensional powers to gain “power over others.”

On the other hand, more and more humans are using more and more of their innate brain power to assist with creating a reality based on Higher dimensional thoughts, actions, and desires

In fact, these humans are starting to remember the other components of their innate Multidimensional SELF. Most important, these awakening humans are beginning to remember the higher dimensional frequencies of their own human self. 

There are geniuses and great benefactors who are beginning to be able to realize that many of their third dimensional concepts of separation, power over others, selfishness, negative desires and frightened behaviors do NOT exist in the higher fourth and fifth dimensional realities 

Why isn't there more evolving humans? The answer to that question is that there are more and more of “these evolving.” However, this humans are in a process much like that of a butterfly. It will take a while before the human can remember how to use their "wings."

Of course their innate higher dimensional abilities and actions are within their humans ability, but they have kept it as a secret, not only a secret from others, but often a secret from the human who has that ability.

Also, they often keep their "secrets to themselves," as they fear that the knowing of the higher dimensional components of one's self could be too frightening for too many humans. Some humans are afraid of  sharing any of their information, as it may make things would worse instead of better.

The polarized reality that dear Gaia has had to deal with for eons and eons could also become damaging and/or become even more frightened and more dangerous. Therefore, what is the solution?
Yes, that question is the primary challenge that the evolving humans on Earth will need to confront.

Yes, there are more and more humans, animals, and other areas of reality that seem to be "changing."
There is still a large percentage of humanity who are many incarnations away from expanding their innate Brain Power, or inner innate Heart Power.

However, more and more members of Gaia’s dear Earth that are awakening to an “inner knowing” that is sending them comfort, love and information. It is the comfort and love that assists the receivers of this gift to dare to: "Step into the unknown of the higher dimensional thoughts, emotions, actions, and knowings."  

If each person who feels they have received a higher dimensional message were to share it with others, or even just one person, Gaia would eventually have a “feeling” of safety and love that hopefully would, heal the fear and anger with the antidote of love and courage.

There is something that is very special that is trying to occur. However, we, the human inhabitants of beloved planetary Gaia, will be called upon to “Pass it Forward.” What if every one, or just 10%, or even 1% of humanity “Passed Forward Unconditional Love?” 

How would that influence our reality? Also, what if we began to allow ourselves to remember our own fifth dimensional Galactic Selves? How would that influence our reality? 

It is the NOW for the grounded ones to remember making a vow that they made before they left their higher dimensional life in order  to assist their friends and family wearing an earth vessel on Earth to remember their “true, Multidimensional SELF. Then, once they have remembered their Multidimensional  Self, they can fully  share the Wisdom, Power and Love that is innate to their Multidimensional SELF.

Long ago in the early 1980’s I, Sue Lie, had an inner direction to “make a website.” I did not even know what a “website” was. However, I had been listening, and if possible, following my inner guidance for many years. Therefore, I made the Website.

Recently my Website crashed. Yes, it is still "sort of there," but also a “deeply wounded Website.” I don’t know why I brought that up, but I think the Arcturians (who were the ones who told me to “make a website”) are telling me to not be too attached to what I have done so far. Life in the third dimension is a bit, or a lot, of a roller coaster ride.

Therefore, we need to chill back when things seem too difficult, and find out where the latest adventure is meant to take us. How do we determine what we should continue to do and what is best to “just let go?”  I will leave that as a question for you the reader to ponder, as I do not have an answer. In fact, the Arcturians  are not offering an answer either.

Sometimes we do not know WHY until we have “walked a mile” with that situation. And, sometimes, we need to “just let go” and allow our own Higher Dimensional Self to assist our third dimensional human self to remember.

“To remember what?” you may ask. I do not have the answer, as each person must find their own answer to “remembering what we need to remember.” There is also the flip side of “releasing that which appears to be over.”  

Maybe that something will come back new and happy, or old and forgotten. Maybe that something will not be missed and easily replaced with something better. Maybe the “moving on” will guide us to new and exciting adventures, or even challenging situations. 

However, if we can ALWAYS remember that we are not alone, even if our guidance seems far away or high above. Maybe, just maybe, we can remember that we are Multidimensional Beings who are NOW being called into active duty to assist our dear planet Gaia to transmute Her third dimensional planet into a fifth dimensional, higher dimension of reality. 

Is that why we answered the call to take an incarnation during this NOW?
I do not have the answer. 
Do you?

Friday, November 8, 2019

Remembering Your Higher Dimensional Expression of SELF--Arcturians through Sue Lie


Remembering your Higher Dimensional Expressions of SELF

The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie

Dear Readers, I share the below information that I received for myself because I believe that many of us are going through the same experience, but in our own individual way.

Dear Arcturians, 
Do you have a message for me today?

Dear Suzille,
We, your Arcturian family, are always with you. You are our brave ones who took a third dimensional vessel during this challenging NOW on Gaia’s Earth. In fact, even when you feel like you are alone, confused, or unable to connect with others, we are with you. In fact, when you are within the above type of situations it is often when you are in the process of expanding your consciousness into a higher frequency of reality.

If you had spent much of your life in a desert and suddenly found yourself in a huge forest, you would likely be confused and wonder how you suddenly had such a unusual experience. It is in this manner that you may be feeling like you do not know why everything appears to be different than it has been before. 

It is not that you do not have people who care for you, and who are willing to assist you when you need it, what is different is that you are having trouble remaining within the same time/space as before. 

Let us explain what we mean by “the same time/space.” Yes, you are aware of the physical time and physical space. However, there is often something that is confusing your perspective of how you fit into the time/space of this often changing reality. 

Therefore, some memories may be difficult in your 3D world because you are constantly being bombarded by higher dimensional information that you cannot easily fit into your daily 3D life. Yes, you are in your 3D life, and yes, you can still function there. 

However, more and more, there is confusion in your consciousness in that there is a “something else” that is within, or seemingly above you, that is difficult for you to integrate into your brain/mind. 

We say “brain/mind” because your mind is perceiving higher and higher frequency waves of reality that your brain has not yet adapted to. Because your brain has not, fully adapted to the higher frequencies of reality, it is difficult to fit these higher frequency into your daily life. 

For example, you may feel as though something is wrong because you seem a bit “out of sync” with your old perceptions of reality. Yes, more and more of you, the grounded ones, have had many of these “new perceptions” since you were a child.  

However, then you could put these perceptions into the category of “my imagination.” However, more and more your “imagination” seems to be more “real” than the reality that you are perceiving around you.

For example, your thoughts do not always match your perceptions. As an example, you may be busy driving, taking a walk, being at your job, and other daily activates, but your increasingly expanding “imagination” is experiencing something that is totally out of sync with your physical life.

In fact, sometimes you may feel as if you are living in two realities within the same NOW. One reality is your familiar third dimensional self in which you take care of your daily obligations, have times with friends, conversations with others, and spending alone with your own SELF.

It is often within your “alone time” that you are beginning to hear, see, feel, or even know, that something is VERY different. You may not understand what is different, or why it is different, but you have a growing feeling that it is the NOW for you to really focus on these moments of “difference.” 

When you focus on these “moments of difference,” you can more easily integrate these seemingly new thoughts, feelings, and even physical sensations that seem to be arising within your daily life. 

Of course, these “moments of inner perceptions” are not calling you in a manner such as your child calling you, or you calling your child. There is no “calling” with these feelings because it seems more like remembering something that you always knew, but forgot.

The key point here is that you “always knew.” Yes, you have always known what seems to be coming into your consciousness as new information. However, you have not always known this information from the perspective of a higher frequency of consciousness.

Quite often, this higher consciousness cannot be shared with others. Or, perhaps you do not think that you can share your higher states of consciousness with others. Therefore, you do not dare to share them. You do not dare to share them because you know that these thoughts, emotions, dreams and imaginations are NOT about your third dimensional life. 

In fact, you are beginning to remember what you have ALWAYS known, but FORGOT! You have always known that there is much, much more to the reality around you than your daily perceptual field can accept as real! 

Uncountable times a day you are consciously, or unconsciously, remembering that there is something that is trying to enter into your 3D life, but your 3D brain cannot accept it as “real.” You may feel that this information, or visions cannot be accepted as “real” because it seems to be too much like a Science Fiction book or movie.

On the other hand, you are also beginning to remember thoughts, dreams or moment of “imagination” when you realize that there is something new, different, and most likely impossible. 

You may think this “something” is impossible because your 3D brain cannot compute this information as “real.” Therefore, your 3D brain pushes away this inner, higher, somewhat frightening, feeling and/or information that seems to tell you that something very different is occurring. 

You may, or may not, think that you have received information from within your “expanding imagination,” which could not be possible in the “real physical world.” You are correct in that thought, as most of the people you may wish to share your inner/higher “imagination” with, may wonder what you are talking about.

On the other hand, the percentage of humans who are allowing their “imagination” to be “real” are having inner, sometimes outer, experiences of a reality that is quite different than the reality that is limited to the third dimensional physical life. 

Hence, many people who are having “higher dimensional experiences,” are keeping these experience to themselves. In other words, they are worried that if they shared their “higher dimensional experiences” with others, they would be laughed at, or thought of as “a bit crazy.”

However, from our Arcturian and Pleiadian perspective of the higher fourth, fifth and beyond frequencies of reality, it appears a bit “crazy” to shun inner information, thoughts, visions and dreams that seem to be too “out of sync” with your third dimensional life. 

From our higher perspective, we can observe, and visit, other frequencies of reality which feel might feel very “weird,” to our grounded ones on Earth. However, more and more of our grounded family are beginning to “imagine” something that seems very “familiar.”  

In fact, when these grounded ones allow themselves to relax into what they think of as their imagination, something happens inside of them. We say inside of themselves because they have allowed that which had formally been “above them,” to begin to seep “into them.” 

Therefore, their dreams and imaginations may feel more like a possible reality that is higher, or at least, very different from the reality that many, if not most of the people around them could not—yet—even imagine to be “real.”

However, exactly what does “real” mean? Your dictionary says that “real” is what you envision, dream, suppose, visualize and/or conceive. But what if you are the only one around you who can envision, dream, suppose, visualize and/or conceive what is entering your mind, your imagination, your dreams and even your daily thoughts?

What if more and more of the grounded ones were to have daily thoughts about things that others would think of as “weird,” “just a dream,” or even “just their imagination?”  

What if the ones who have not YET allowed themselves to perceive their own “imagination” as “real,” began to believe that maybe, just maybe, their “weird thoughts,” “dreams,” and “make believe” was, in fact, Higher Dimensional Information.

Then they may begin to put their “dreams, imaginations and make believe” into the category of “a possible reality.” Before this ensuing NOW, they may not have been able to embrace such a “weird” concept as speaking to, listening to, or even “channeling” higher frequency information. 

Those who have been able to embrace this higher dimensional information, often feel that they need to “keep this information to themselves,” because it is too “weird” to be true.”   They may even think that there is no such things as higher dimensional realities, or Space Ships that are flying around Earth to check out how the humans are doing. 

However, what if there IS such a thing as “Space Ships,” which are often called “Star Ships,” filled Gaia’s skies? In fact, if one could gain access to all, or even a few pages, of the hidden information that is stored in many hidden places on Gaia’s Earth, they would see that many, many people have seen Starships, and have had the experience of being on Starships, or pilots who have seen Starships fly right past their airplane. 

“Oh NO, that is just all made up!” some may say. These people may be those who are not yet ready to even imagine that there are beings, many of whom appear to be very human, that live on Starships. In fact, sometimes these Starships may be close enough to Earth to be seen, and have frequently exposed themselves to pilots of regular 3D planes. 

Our Arcturian question that we have for the many humans who still cannot, and/or will not, believe that there could be beings who are so advanced beyond the humans on third dimensional Earth that they have a Starship is: 

“Why do these people think that these higher dimensional beings, who are much more evolved that earthly humans, would want to harm any one, or even any thing?” 

The answer is that these humans are afraid of what is more advanced than they are because they cannot conceive that a society can be advanced beyond fear, and beyond the need to have the power over others that many humans still suffer from.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, have great compassion for the many humans on Gaia’s Earth who have not yet evolved enough to remember their own Higher Dimensional SELF. 

Many of these “humans” have become so lost in the fears of “power OVER others” that they cannot conceive—yet—that they too are often members of our Galactic Family, but they have become lost in the hardships of the third dimension.

As these “lost ones” awaken, they will begin to remember that the Galactics have evolved beyond fear, and beyond the need to have “power over others” or “power over” any living beings. 

Because the Galactics innately resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond, they are free of the many fears and illusions that humans face everyday. In fact, many humans were once Galactic Travelers who came to Earth to assist Gaia in Her process of Planetary Ascension. 

In fact, many of these brave saviors for Gaia took human forms so that they could walk among the humans and show them how to remember their true, Higher Dimensional SELF. Unfortunately, some of these brave leaders were killed, harmed, and/or became lost in the challenging “power over others” reality of third dimensional Gaia. 

These brave warriors for Gaia who became lost from their own Higher Dimensional SELF, became humanoids on Earth who could not remember their true fifth dimensional SELF.

“CAN THESE LOST ONES EVER REMEMBER THEIR TRUE SELF?” we hear you ask. The answer to that question is YES! One can remember that they too are members of the Higher Dimensional Worlds of the fifth dimension and beyond.

When a human can remember their higher dimensional expression of SELF while they are wearing a third dimensional earth vessel, they can establish an ongoing relationship between the human and Galactic members of their greater SELF. 

This greater SELF exist, not only above them in the higher dimensions, but also WITHIN their current third dimensional body. When their third dimensional self is ready to remember WHY they chose to take an earth body during their present incarnation on Earth, they will begin to remember their own Higher Dimensional expressions of SELF.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, will hold that wonderful moment in our Multidimensional Mind so that we can fully assist ALL humans who are ready to remember their true SELF!